Are Australian Shepherds Easy to Train?

Are Australian Shepherds Easy to Train?

If you want your Australian Shepherds to obey your commands, you need to provide some basic obedience training. Once you get it done, the results are totally worth the time. But, are Australian Shepherds easy to train?

Australian Shepherds are incredibly easy to train. They are super intelligent and will learn new things with incredible ease. Even for beginners, it’s easy to perform this task. You might face very few difficulties teaching your friend.

If you are an Aussie owner and want to train him, keep reading as I will be telling you everything you need to know to train your Australian Shepherd.

Considerations Before Start Training Your Australian Shepherds

Before you start, be prepared for what you are going to face. Even though Aussies are faithful and easy to train, you need to know what you will come across. Proper preparation will make the training process much easier.

First of all, you should opt for reward-based training. When you are training your Australian Shepherd and he does exactly what you want, reward him. This will make him understand he needs to repeat this action to receive another gift!

Don’t punish him when he doesn’t behave adequately. In addition to being cruel, this reaction will make your friend feel sad. He just started to learn. Everyone makes mistakes, so your dog will as well.

Socializing your pet with other people is extremely important as well. Doing that, he will be less scared to interact with strangers. Also, it prevents him from reacting aggressively while walking in the street.

The best period to do this is when he is between 1.5 to 4 months old. During that time, get him to meet new people, such as your friends. You can also bring him to other homes, so he will reach even more people.

You also have to socialize him with other dogs.

You can do this by letting him play in a park, for example, with his friends. They will exchange happy moments together. That way, he will accustom to live with other dogs. That is important if you don’t want him to be aggressive with them.

When to Start Training Your Australian Shepherds?

You should start training your Aussie as soon as possible. The best age to do it is when he is still a puppy.

That’s because younger dogs learn new lessons more quick and efficiently. This happens with humans as well. In just a few years, babies need to understand a lot of basic life lessons, like how to speak. Older people, on the other hand, need more time to learn.

The sooner you start training your Australian Shepherd, the better. The commands he learns at the start of his life will be part of his “roots.” He will take this knowledge until the end of his life.

Start with Priorities: Potty Train Your Australian Shepherds

Before starting to train your dog, you need to prioritize what you want him to do. Your first priority should be potty training your Australian Shepherd.

If you are not aware, potty training means how to train a dog to know where is the “washroom.” I think now you know its importance, right?

Any dog needs to know where to defecate and urinate since puppies. Imagine a grown dog doing his needs in the wrong place… That’s disgusting!

Define the potty place: The first thing to do is to find where you want the potty zone. You should choose an area of easy access. That’s because it will be used a lot in the training process.

Also, choose a place that is easy to clean. You definitely don’t want stress in this area. Your Aussie will permanently associate the smell of feces and urine as his washroom.

Due to that, you must pick the zone carefully. Convincing him to do his needs in another place in the future will not be easy.

Choose the command: The next step is to teach him the word you will say when they have to go to the area you established. Since this is one of the first commands you are teaching him, pick something easy to understand. “Go,” for example, would fit perfectly.

Repeat that command whenever you want him to urinate or defecate. He is going to learn it pretty quickly after some repetitions. However, make sure you give the command only when you want him to. This will prevent the confusion of your dog.

Show him when he is right or wrong: You need to give feedback on his actions when “using the washroom.” If he defecates or urinates in the wrong spot, reprimand him. After this, show him again the place he must go.

On the other hand, if he does everything in the right place, give him a reward. It can be either a food he really likes or even more time to play with his favorite toy. He will start to associate the place he needs to go with rewards and understand where is the right zone.

Teach Him Some Basic Commands

The next step to train your Australian Shepherd is to train him to obey your commands.

As I mentioned before, you must start with easy things. Luckily, the most useful instructions are the easiest ones. The commands you should teach your Australian Shepherd first are:

  • Sit
  • Follow me
  • Stop
  • Heel
  • Off

This type of instructions, as you probably guessed, are useful to maintain order. For example, “sit” is a command any dog owner uses a lot. The fact that your friend is an Australian Shepherd gives more importance to it because they are really agitated dogs.

You also need commands to guide him in the street. You need to make him walk properly. This is important if you someday want him to walk with you without a lead. “Heel,” for example, will make him follow you in these situations.

Don’t worry, in the future, he will learn more complex instructions. Like any other learning process, it has to be done slowly. As he grows up, he will acquire new mental abilities and you can finally teach him harder tricks. 

Exercise with Your Australian Shepherd

If you want your Aussie to really enjoy the training, don’t forget to do physical exercises with him.

Australian Shepherds love this kind of task. They are outdoorsy dogs. Due to that, don’t forget to play with him and to walk him in the street. The more you exercise with him, the happier he will be.

You can’t expect to train your furry friend only by assigning him boring training. He needs some time to do the activities he likes! In the schedule, always include periods to go out daily.

Be Consistent!

You probably have heard this a lot before, but I have to repeat it. If you want to achieve success training your Aussie, be consistent.

You need to repeat the lessons multiple times. That way, he will always be in contact with the new information he needs. As you can imagine, the learning process will be easier.

Make sure to repeat the exercise every day. If you miss the schedule even for only one day, he may lose valuable concentration. From then on, he may be tempted to skip it once more, and this can cause a domino effect.

Final Thoughts

You should have no problems training your Australian Shepherd since they are relatively easy to train. Even for beginners, this should be an easy task. Before starting it all, however, study in depth what you need for the training to be successful.

First, you need to start training him right now. The sooner, the better. The perfect timing is when he is still a puppy. But this may not be possible for you, so start right away.

After that, organize yourself to train him the commands in the right order. You should prioritize what is more important and teach him the most important one first. Start with the basics. Then, you can evolve the process a bit.

Although Aussies are intelligent and easy to train, you will still need plenty of energy and persistence. This is a basic requirement to train any dog.

Don’t forget you can always call a professional dog trainer as well. If you don’t have the condition to train your Aussie adequately, a senior dog trainer will surely be useful. You just don’t need to panic and everything will be going smoothly.

People Also Ask

Is crate training a good way to train my Aussie? 

Yes, it is. Many people think crate training is rude, but that’s not true. This method is natural and is an excellent way to make your Australian Shepherd more obedient. It can also create a sense of safety, security and comfort for your dog. It’s best to do this when he is still a puppy.

Is it normal that my Aussie wants to herd people? 

This is a common problem among Aussie owners. They were originally bred to herd, so he may try to do this with people as well. The most common cases of herding are against children. But don’t worry, soon he will learn this is a bad attitude. Training him not to do this is easy as well.

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