Are Beagles Lazy Dogs? Beagles Temperament

Are Beagles Lazy Dogs? Beagles Temperament

When it comes to choosing a dog as a pet for the home, the best breed that comes to mind is the Beagles because of their friendly-nature and other awesome qualities. But what’s so special about Beagles? Are they lazy dogs? Or do they have good traits that would fit a perfect pet for the home?

No, Beagles aren’t lazy dogs. In fact, they have awesome traits that’ll definitely blow you off: friendliness, high tracking instincts, ideal size for the home, etc.

There are stereotypes with but there are so many good things about Beagles. Beagles have many traits that make them loving companions. Please keep reading as I will explain each of the Beagle’s traits so you’re able to understand just how these energetic and playful dogs could change your life.

Living With a Beagle

The Beagles is a distinct dog breed, usually short-legged and has the body color of white in combination black and brown, which are mainly groomed because of their high sense of smell and detection instincts.

Beagles are very intelligent, friendly, and small in size which explains why they are usually used as detection dogs for safeguarding agricultural foodstuffs during scrutiny in several places around the world.

No wonder you see them being used in security checkpoints, airports, and import duties points on a daily basis in several locations.

Due to their moderate-size, soulful expression, and friendly nature, people tend to find them appealing as a pet at home. However, they usually need more exercising to maintain a healthy size which explains why you see so many fat Beagles.

While most people that have Beagles as pets keep them in their apartment, it’s way better if they are kept outdoor (or at least a fenced yard) since they need frequent long walks to stretch their legs efficiently.

Also, because of their high sense of smell and tracking instincts: Beagles can be very good for hunting and can wander off if left unmonitored as their fascinating smell keeps them moving even when you call them back.

It goes without saying that you should keep your trash cans or even plate of food away from their reach as they are chowhounds and can dig virtually anywhere their sense of smell guides them to.

Did You Know?
Beagles actually get along with cats and even other dogs. This makes their breed very fascinating and makes them a good pet in the home. Also, Beagles are considered to be “mouthy” and display a high level of energy especially when they are with children. So, don’t fret when you see them “mouthing” your child’s arm when playing. It’s actually their nature.

Lastly, they are usually stubborn and create distractions a lot which would need you to consistently train them on respect and co-ordinance.

A good rule of thumb is to offer food as a reward for the Beagle but note that this will only cause the Beagle to obey you only when you have a cookie in your hand.

In other words, Beagles is the perfect dog for you if you need a dog that:

  • It is convenient in size, strong, and energetic.
  • It is natural in appearance.
  • Loves outdoor activities like exercise or play.
  • It is friendly and easy-going with everyone.
  • Has a distinctive doggy odor.

What’s So Special About Beagles?

Beagles have the following characteristics and traits which is important you’re apprised with if you intend to have them as a pet:

  • Fluctuating temperament: while it’s expected that Beagles would be a breed that’s stable and reliable but it’s worthy to note that they are not as most behavioral consultants have found that most Beagles are usually fearful and sometimes timid. This explains why you might need to check the temperament of the parents of a Beagle puppy if you want to go for a puppy or access the adult Beagle properly with several tests before bringing it home.
  • Comfortable with exercising: Beagles tend to be exercise-friendly as they tend to naturally move around which explains why they easily get bored, noisy, and sometimes destructive when they don’t get enough exercise. However, Beagles actually need frequent exercising to stretch their legs, keep them healthy and fit. Please note that you might need to watch them closely as they can wander off by following where their sense of smell guides them to.
  • High fence security: Beagles are very clever when it comes to maneuvering fences as they can easily go over (and sometimes even under) fences, climb chain links, and even open flimsy latches to aid their free movement. So you would definitely need to ensure that your fences and gates are high enough and also sink wire into the ground to prevent them from digging.
  • Very noisy: Beagles are usually very noisy since they bay and howl loud especially when they are left unsupervised. In other words, you should not allow them outside your yard without watching them closely since you wouldn’t want your neighbors to call the cops to report you.
  • Usually Stubborn: Beagles are usually very stubborn and have this natural tendency not to listen to you when you tell them what to do They have these independent thinking instincts which cause them to really care about pleasing you but doing what they want. While you can play on their intelligence by using food to control them, you don’t want a dog that only obeys you when you have a cookie in your hand. Establishing the right relationship between you and your dog is usually a good rule of thumb which has several benefits.
  • Have doggy odor: Beagles have a distinct doggy odor and also shed more hair which is very similar to most scent hounds.
  • Health problems: While Beagles usually have a good life span of up to 15 years on average but it’s worth noting that they are easily susceptible to health problems like itchy skin conditions, heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, ear infections, and hypothyroidism. This explains why proper exercising of your Beagle dog is very important to keep from being obese, ensure they are healthy and fit.

Characteristics and Traits of Beagles

Here is the summary of the Beagle’s characteristics and traits.

Level of Affection High
Human Friendliness High
Needs for Exercise High
Playfulness High
Level of Energy High
Barking Tendency High
Intelligence High
Body Shedding Rate Medium
Ease of Training Medium

10 Tips to Keep Your Beagles Energetic and Healthy

Most dog owners actually neglect the fact that taking care of their dog is one of the main priorities they should focus on to keep your dog safe and sound without having any health issues.

Beagles are very sensitive dogs and this requires that you take your time to care for them which most dog owners usually neglect.

To keep your Beagle dog healthy and fit, you need to ensure you incorporate the following care tips in your daily routines:

  1. You must do daily grooming for your dog because Beagles typically have short, water-resistant coats with a moderate level of shedding which explains why basic grooming is important to ensure your dog appears sharp and neat. Fortunately, their skin coat doesn’t pick up much debris which is a good thing as you won’t need to give them several baths on a daily basis.
  2. Ensure you keep their gloppy ears clean at all times to prevent them from harboring ear infections which cause ear problems to their eardrums and inhibit their sensitivity to sound.
  3. Trim their nails periodically to prevent overgrowth which can affect the gait of Beagles. Also, you must also brush their teeth frequently, usually 3 times per week, to keep their oral hygiene perfect and reduce tooth decay in Beagles.
  4. While Beagles may look lazy when you see their countenance on the surface, they are usually full of energy and definitely need regular exercise to ensure they use it up to keep them from being fat and obese. So you would need to take your dog for a walk daily so it gives them the opportunity to run, stretch their joints, and play around.
  5. Make sure you watch them closely when you out for a walk as Beagles have a very high sense of smell and would usually go wherever he scents a smell. Beagles are known not to stop wherever they perceive the scent of any interesting prey their instinct guides them to.
  6. Place an identification collar or chip on your Beagles for easy identification just in case they escape from home as that may occur once in a while.
  7. While Beagles can be very stubborn to train as they are usually defiant when you command them to do something. You might need to make it fun and a little interesting when telling them what to do so they can easily obey and this would build a cordial relationship between the two of you.
  8. Beagles are very friendly which makes them awesome companions and great family dogs especially when you give them the right training and care they require.
  9. Make sure you don’t allow your dog to free-feed since Beagles are known to always eat as long as there is food available which could make them get obese pretty fast. In other words, you must limit their food intake and offer healthy meals for their optimum growth.
  10. Ensure you always take your dog to the veterinarian for proper checkups and immunizations as this can help prevent some of the genetic diseases that Beagles are prone to before they get worse and affect the health of your dog. Once a month for the periodic checkups is a good rule of thumb you can incorporate it into your schedule.

Common Health Problems of Beagles

While Beagles usually have a very low rate of health issues (since Beagles are very healthy and energetic dogs) especially when you give them the right diet, ensure they stay hygienic, and give them proper exercising.

Sometimes, some hereditary health issues may surface in the breed which includes:

  • Epilepsy: This is a neurological disease that causes seizures in dogs.
  • Hypothyroidism: This is a health condition caused by insufficient thyroid hormones in the bloodstreams of dogs.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease: This is a condition that occurs when the discs between vertebrae bulge and press on nerves.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): A genetic disease characterized by the bilateral degeneration of the retina.

6 Reasons Why You May Consider Getting a Beagle as Your Pet

If you need any conviction to keep a Beagle then here is a list of 6 reasons you may need to consider which makes it the perfect pet for you:

Beagles Are Not Lazy and Always Very Energetic

Beagles are generally always energetic and playful which explains why you may see them playing with other dogs without displaying any form of aggression which is very common in other dogs.

Obviously, you must have seen someone’s dog snap at other dogs or display food aggression. Well, Beagles don’t do that as they are always playful, friendly, and energetic.

Beagles Always Love Kids

If you’ve kids and want to keep them happy, then you would definitely need a Beagle as they are usually friendly and love playing a lot with kids.

This is beautiful as you wouldn’t want your dog to be snapping or barking at your kids or when other kids visit your house since that would scare them away from coming to your house.

So make your home a place of fun for your kids and your family by keeping a Beagle and you would definitely have a peaceful home.

Beagles Are Very Intelligent

Beagles are extremely intelligent animals as they are quick to learn things pretty fast despite being stubborn.

You can easily teach a Beagle that’s even 4 months old to sit in one day, unlike other dogs which would take more time for them to do that. Yes, Beagles are that intelligent.

Beagles Have Low Maintenance Coats

While Beagles could be very playful and love to wander about due to their high sense of smell and instincts, they usually shed their coats at a moderate rate and always don’t bring dirt back home.

Beagles Are Good at Hunting

It’s no longer news that no other dog breeds have the kind of sense of smell and distinct instinct for tracking which makes them perfect for hunting. This explains why you see security agents in several places make use of Beagles for quarantine and doing another scrutiny.

They can sniff out things that are buried in virtually anywhere they find themselves as their sense of smell guide them.

Beagles Love To Cuddle

Beagles always love to get that close to their owners as they tend to get separation anxiety and would definitely cuddle with you on the bed.

Final Thoughts

Beagles are awesome in various areas and would definitely fit any home you can ever imagine since they have beautiful traits and qualities that are actually welcomed in the home.

So, if you’ve been wondering which dog breed you should keep as a pet, then Beagles is the perfect one for you.

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