Are Beagles Loyal to Their Owners?

Are Beagles Loyal to Their Owners?

Many people are looking for a perfect pet nowadays. The biggest expectation is that the pet should be loyal to the owner.

When it comes to adopting a loyal pet, dogs are on the top of the list because they are not only loyal to their owners but also protect them if required. So, are beagles loyal to their owners?

Yes, Beagles are very loyal to human family members and make for a fantastic family pet. Beagles are naturally affectionate and their instinct makes them want to love and be loved. They are loving creatures and give us unconditional love every day.

An owner should always take care of the inner hunting instinct of Beagles and how it affects their loyalty towards the owner.

Although Beagles are lovely family pets and can guard the house with everything they possess, they generally do not do well with any other smaller animals (unless they are other dogs).

A Brief History of Beagles

The Beagle breed has existed for centuries and is one of the most common races in the world. According to historians, Beagles came into existence as early as the 1400s.

Beagles descend from hound packs used by hunters in England, Wales, and France. A variety is known as “pocket Beagles.” They were used for hunts on horseback because of the size of the dog. They were extremely loyal to their masters.

They stood less than 10 inches tall and could fit in a coat pocket to the start of the hunt. They were best known for rabbit hunting. However, the breed also has been used for hunting bigger animals like jackals and pigs. Some Beagles are still used individually for hunting purposes, but most Beagles today are loveable house pets.

Are Beagles Really Loyal?

Beagles are super friendly and very loyal to their owners. Regardless of their age or purpose (older pet or Beagle rescue dog), this breed is ultimately easy to win over. Creating a rapport with the breed and enjoying time together shouldn’t be too hard.

Did You Know?
Beagles are great with kids, which makes them ideal family dogs. They are very friendly with other family dogs. If you are meeting with your beloved pet for the first time, it might not be an enjoyable experience, but as you get familiar with each other, it results in an everlasting relationship.

There are thousands of stories related to friendships of Beagles with children. Parents are also very comfortable letting their children play with Beagle because of small size dog. And these dogs are also being purchased for watchdog purposes. They have proved their loyalty off and on.

Beagles don’t make excellent guard dogs; however, the watchdog role better suits the Beagle temperament.  The hunting is in the genetics of Beagles; that is why an eagle will easily bark and howl when there is someone unfamiliar entering the house. Barking and seeing what they’re sensing, will help protect you from the unexpected.

What Makes Beagles So Loyal?

It is a matter of giving and take. The more love you give to your Beagle, the more loyal they are going to be. It is in the nature of the breed because they were breed to live in packs.

That pack is the family of them; therefore, they consider the owners their pack and are very much committed to the family.

Beagle’s weight ranges from 20-30 pounds. They are a relatively small dog, that is why many apartment owners consider them as a perfect fit for their lifestyles.

However, if these apartment owners think that Beagles are going to be loyal if they do not give them time and space. Then, unfortunately, this is not going to happen in the first place. Beagles require your attention and affection.

Beagles are very high energy pets, and the loyalty element is only accurate if pet owners are committed to hitting the park twice a day or hiring a dedicated dog walker for this purpose.

Living with a dog in an apartment is not considered ideal because Beagles require a lot of space to wander around. However, if the apartment has a comfortable amount of space for both of you, it is still doable.

You should not be tripping over each other all of the time and should not always be in the way of each other.

Beagles are very energetic, and it is recommended to have a play area in the backyard where they can play.

This high energy means they create a lot of mess, and the apartment would require regular cleaning to avoid any spread of disease as Beagles are very sensitive to bacterias.

They need a clean environment to live in. If you can handle this issue, then adopting a Beagle is highly recommended.

It is even observed that the Beagles who live in a bigger house and with children are much more loyal and happy. This provides them an opportunity to showcase their true nature.

Tips to Make Your Beagle as Loyal as Possible

Beagle is a very stubborn pet and can create problems for you. There are a lot of occasions where Beagles do not act loyal to the owners. But this problem can be solved for disloyal as well as partially loyal Beagles.

There are four ways you can make your Beagle much more loyal, like:

  • Socialization
  • Exercise and outdoor time
  • Proper training
  • Taking care of diet


Socialization is critical because it provides an opportunity for your dog to learn and grow. If your pet is not exposed to a particular environment from an early age, it will be tough to adapt later on in life.

You can groom your puppy is by visiting a dog park or puppy training classes. This way, your Beagle will meet other dogs and people in a more comfortable and dog-friendly environment.

Of course, you need to train your Beagle, and they should be socialized with other dogs from a young age to learn excellent characteristics of sharing and playing.

Usually, Beagles do not have any trouble when it comes to getting along with other dogs and people. They are super-friendly and enjoy attention and playtime. Most of the Beagles often thrive around children and families because of all the extra freedom and care they can get.

Exercise and Outdoor Time

Beagles love outdoor walks and playtime. They are fond of sniffing and following scents. You can notice that your Beagle is much happier if you let him have time every day for sniffing. For this reason, experts recommend having an enclosed yard so that he remains within the boundary.

They have moderate exercise needs. That is why it is essential to take your dog for a walk every day. Daily exercise will help Beagles to keep their weight in an optimal range. It not only improves their ability to stay calm but also keeps the digestive system in excellent condition.

However, you also need to take extra care of your pup. You need to follow your Beagle and ensure their safety. Otherwise, Beagles tend to hurt themselves often.

Proper Training

Training your Beagle is much less about teaching them commands and more about how to live with them. The behavior of a dog is developed the way you are living with him. It depends on the messages you are sending to your dog.

If you are sending the right messages, you will not face any problems with your dog. However, sending the wrong messages will create a lot of problems.

Beagle owners should train them as puppies instead of during adulthood. The reason is that Beagles require more time to train the other breeds. Once they develop a habit, it is difficult for their owners to change because of the stubbornness of Beagles.

Traning at a young age can be very beneficial as it allows the pet to establish a strong relationship with the owner. Training must be early and consistent so, Beagle can adopt this as a habit. This requires a lot of patience from the Beagle’s owner.

Taking Care of Diet

Diet is an essential factor because a proper diet is a mood buster. And a good mood strengthens the relationship with the dog owner. If your Beagle is not receiving proper nutrients through his food or is suffering from a health problem, it could affect their temperament and personality.

If your pet is not acting normally, then something may be wrong with the health. In that case, you should take your pet to the vet for a checkup.

However, regular checkup once a month is highly recommended by many nutritionists. In that way, owners can have a complete track record of their Beagle, and precautions can be taken timely.

You also need to control the diet of your Beagle, because they have a hard time controlling their food intake. If you are not controlling their diet, they can overeat every time and can become overweight, which leads to many health problems. Therefore, you have to provide them a healthy and balanced diet.

How to Tell if Your Beagle Is Loyal to You?

Key personality traits of Beagles are:

  • Loving
  • Curiosity
  • Friendless

If your Beagle is not behaving per these three traits, then he is not loyal to you. It means that something is missing. You have to figure out what is wrong with your pet.

It is not very common for a Beagle to be aggressive or savage. Although they have a boisterous voice and are famous for their deep howls. You need to make sure that your Beagle is getting enough physical activity and attention so you can combat any problematic behavior.

The other thing is that you should understand the temperament of the Beagles. They are typically loyal, friendly, and gentle. This breed is neither too aggressive nor too timid, but even-tempered.

With medium energy and a smaller build, Beagles are “happy-go-lucky,” and loyal. They are also famous for their soulful expressions.

But if their behavior is the exact opposite of the temperament, they are not acting loyal to the owner. So, this temperament act as a framework for you to judge whether your Beagle is loyal to you or not.

Beagles were initially meant for hunting purposes in packs, and consequently, Beagles get along very well with other dogs and prefer companionship.

Beagles started looking to their owners and families as their new “pack.” For this reason, they make fantastic family dogs because they love to be surrounded by love and attention.

However, despite giving much attention and love if the dog is not paying back to you. It is a sign that the loyalty factor is missing. You have to identify the signals from your dog and the reason behind his ill behavior.

Becoming a watchdog is a good option because of their boisterous voices and howling. They were bred for a long chase during the hunt, and they are very determined dogs.

This characteristic can be difficult to handle when Beagles ignore you in favor of something that he has set their mind to. Furthermore, this can create issues during the training of your dog.

Like other hounds, Beagles could have select deafness. It is very beneficial during a hunt because the dogs stay focused on the scent trails. However, it also creates a problem for owners who are trying to communicate with their dogs to come to them.

This select deafness translates to selective hearing; therefore, you can never be quite sure whether your dog is ignoring you or not. Hence, training your Beagle from a young age to gain respect is very critical. The training plays a pivotal role in developing loyalty in them.

Beagles’ Loyalty During Separation Anxiety

Being a pack animal, Beagles can be prone to canine separation anxiety. This condition can lead to some unpleasant effects because the Beagle will then likely attack things around them during the bout of anxiety.

They also bark and howl for quite a during separation anxiety. This can create quite a disturbance for neighbors when Beagle’s owners are away.

During the separation anxiety, the loyalty of the Beagle is effected because they get panic. It is not in the control of the dog, as well. The Beagle owner should understand this condition.

Extra care should be taken care of, and regular visits to the vet are compulsory because this anxiety is hazardous to the mental health of Beagles.

Loyalty Depends on the Type of Purchase

If you expect a hound to live like a coach dog and be loyal in that condition. Then it is like comparing apple and oranges. Because a hound cannot live like a regular dog and gets frustrated over time. And expecting loyalty from a frustrated dog is useless.

For this reason, you should take extra care while purchasing a beagle. The purpose of buying a Beagle should be apparent, whether it is for hunting or as a coach dog.

If you are going to buy a Beagle, it is essential to take into consideration two factors:

  • Beagle’s bloodline
  • Breeder

 If the breeder is breeding the Beagles for hunting, then your pup will likely require more outdoor activities and playtime. Therefore, this type of Beagle will be unfit as a regular dog. You need to purchase the Beagles who are raised to be calmer and laid back.

You need to share your lifestyle with the breeder. You have to tell them the desired traits you want in your new friend. So, he can gauge your requirements and fulfill that following that.

They are professionals and would be able to tell you if their dog is a good match for you or not, or they might also recommend any other breed that matches your requirements.

Beagles are very delightful dogs and get along very well with other dogs, children, and owners. They are happy to go lucky and cheerful pets.

Final Thoughts

Aside from all of their perks and oddities, Beagles are, above all, great companions. If a rewarding relationship with your dog is what you’re looking for, a Beagle is a wonderful choice.

Beagles are widely considered as good with other dogs and children. They are cheerful dogs and are affection seeker. If Beagles are taken care of properly, they are very loyal to their owners.

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