Are Dachshunds Color Blind?

Are Dachshunds Color Blind?

A lot of people wonder about the perspectives of a dog. They look so fun when training them with throwing the ball and bringing it back to us. However, the way they look at the ball they are about to catch is different from ours. Why is that so? Are Dachshunds really color blind?

Dachshunds are not totally color blind. They cannot see the red-green color that is also known as “Dichromatic Vision.” Dachshunds cannot distinguish between red, orange, yellow or green. Those colors are just one shade of yellow for them.

It is surprising to know that they identify objects differently. If you let them catch a green ball in fields with grass, they have surely done the searching not in a similar way as humans do.

Why is their eyesight dissimilar to us? Despite the contrast, can we do something to care for their eyes? Let us find out the answers to these questions together.

Why Dachshunds’ Vision Is Different

Humans have Trichromatic vision in which we can receive three channels for color information. On the other hand, Dachshunds has two cone types or sensitive cells. They have a Dichromatic vision that could only see two primary colors.

Dachshunds are not color blind. Yet they do not have the same view as humans. They can still see more than black but not as expansive as humans have. 

Despite that limitation, they can be our best buddies during the night. Dachshunds have superior night vision. 

What Dachshunds Use to Catch Up

Since they could not see colors totally as humans do, they used the other ways. That is the reason why they are better at tracking movement than we are.

Seeing fewer colors does not mean that they can do just little things. They have a powerful sense of smell that makes them very detailed with what they interact with. Dachshunds observe things through motions as well. 

They have a strong sense of smell. When we imagine ourselves to seeing food, we only recognize it because we smell the whole thing. But Dachshunds are different. They smell and sense every ingredient included in that dish. 

Dachshunds are very specific when it comes to details.

Although limited, giving attention to another type of avenue on how to track things can be their strength.

Maintaining Your Dachshunds’ Eye Health

Although Dachshunds do not see colors as humans do, taking care of their eyes still needs to be taken notice. You can take care of them by performing a visual check-up, and to take them to their vet regularly.

Regardless of how they see things, it still plays a significant role in the outworking of their system. Therefore, taking care of the needs of their eyesight will help a lot. How can we do that?

  • Perform a visual check-up: Before going out to the field or to their regular check-up with their vet, make sure that you also do your role. Visually inspect your Dachshund’s eyes to see if there are some signs of potential eye disease. Look for redness, swelling, or unusual discharge. Your Dachshund’s eyes should be clear and bright. It’s lining to be pink and healthy. 
  • Feed them foods that are good for their eye health: There are a lot of foods that you can include in their diet to improve their eyesight. Make sure that it contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, Lycopene, Lutein, Beta Carotene, and Omega-3. Examples are carrots. blueberries, broccoli, salmon, tuna, sardines pumpkins, and tomatoes.
  • Provide Routine Maintenance: There will always be good to come when there is someone who will check your pet. Veterinarians are great when it comes to checking hidden factors for an unhealthy body for your Dachshunds. Buying out time for them to see their vets regularly will generally check if something is happening inside as they age.
  • Avoid trauma to the eyes: A lot of objects and foreign bodies are waiting when you allow your Dachshund to be going outside. One of the examples is dust, sand, and glass particles. You avoid that by keeping your windows closed to keep your house free from dust. This will prevent them from catching anything while they are playing. In other cases, when they are outside the field, make sure that you keep them checked. 
  • Trim hair around the eye: Hair can cause irritation to the eyeball when it is failed to notice. Thus when the hair has grown so much, it could touch the eyeballs. Remember also that the whole day their hair was exposed to playing around outside the fields. For that reason, when hair touches your Dachshund’s eyes, the infection that it holds could affect the whole eyes.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: A clean place is a safe place. When you maintain things organized as they are, you will be able to avoid getting you and your Dachshund’s life in danger. Dogs love to roam around. When you keep your home and where your Dachshund is usually going, being neat and tidy will keep you away from spending more money in the future.

Always remember to be consistent. Your Dachshunds familiarize what you do for them. They love learning. When you are doing, in the same way, to be training with them over time, they use their eyes as an asset.

Common Eye and Vision Health Problems for Dachshunds

You should beware of the possible eye diseases of your Dachshunds. When failed to notice, it might worsen the situation and might be too late for your Dachshunds.

When your Dachshund is getting old, they would inevitably possess problems with their own system, including the performance of their eyes. At times, they would acquire it when it is failed to notice. Let us consider some.

When there is too much thickening from the air, it will not be adequately moisturized. This will cause Dry Eye Syndrome. In scientific terms, it can also be called Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca. For that reason, it has a reduction of tear production that is not healthy for your Dachshund’s eyes.

A Cataract is also a widely known disease both for humans and dogs. When you notice that the dog’s eyes have thin, cloudy lining formed on the lens of the eye, it is best when you immediately do things to prevent it from getting worse. 

There will be a danger when it is overlooked. Gradually, it will block the light from your Dachshund’s eyes. There will also be an imbalance of water and calcium that could spread all over their eyeballs. 

Be watchful that your Dachshund will not possess Glaucoma. It is the buildup of fluid within the eye. It is characterized by red and cloudy bulging.

Although this disease is not life-threatening, it will still cause discomfort for your dog and may prevent them from having absolute fun as they live along with it. 

We want the very best welfare for our Dachshunds. That includes our desire for them to know what to do as we keep their eyesight healthy.

They do not see colors like ours but it does not give any difference to their performance. Either way, keeping our Dachshund’s eyes well will surely lead to their comfort.

What Foods You Can Feed Your Dachshunds For Healthy Eyesight

Aside from the regular checking up for your Dachshund’s health, we should also remember that they are what they eat. It is clearly manifested whenever your Dachshunds ate healthily or not. 

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and Beta carotene needed for your Dachshund’s healthy eye condition. This will maintain their healthy eyes as it recharges with its needed nutrients.

You may be surprised by the power of Blueberries which are rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin. This is eye nourishing Phytonutrients to support your Dachshund’s night vision. 

Broccoli is best known as an excellent vegetable for your Dachshund’s eye health. When you mix it to their food served to be minced, it could provide them wonders in their system.

Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines are some examples of Coldwater fish. They are rich in Omega-3 which is an essential fatty acid.

Thinking about Pumpkin? Their bright orange packed could certainly show they have carotenoids with them. Its role is to neutralize free radicals on your dog.

Lastly, Tomatoes are not only useful to be with humans but dogs can benefit from them too. They are known as “superfood” and are rich in Lycopene and Lutein that is good for your Dachshund’s eye health and maintaining good eyesight when they grow old.

Final Thoughts

Having a different view will not make your Daschund a less-valued pet. Instead, it will make you love him more because of their usage of the strength they have available.

Keeping your relationship with them makes them feel appreciated. That is what really matters.

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Are Dachshunds allowed to watch television?

Dachshunds could identify images of other pets among pictures. They are allowed to watch TV. But just like other things, there should be balanced and limited usage of it to maintain good eyesight with your Dachshunds. 

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