Are Poodles Suitable for Busy People?

Are Poodles Suitable for Busy People?

We all love dogs. They are loyal, adorable, and protective of their man-best-friend. In the 2018 dog ownership statistics, it showed that there are about 900 million dogs in the whole world.

Almost everyone owns a dog or two to take care of. But we are down with a question: Is Poodle suitable for busy or working away from owners?

No, Poodles are not suitable for busy people but there are still others who can make it work. Not everyone can take care of a dog, especially Poodles. Poodles are the type to be clingy and they require a lot of care, attention, and affection, which a busy person would find it hard to keep up with.

As real as it may be, if you are a person with a tight schedule and has no spare time, it would not be a wise move to get a Poodle. Yet, there are those persistent ones that would want to have a fur buddy.

Before getting a Poodle or any dog, you have to consider their traits and personalities. Below are Poodle’s characteristics that you may want to check. 

Poodle’s Temperament and Personalities

Poodles are well recognized for their intelligence and ease of training, as they are formerly known to be one of the hunting breeds in an elegant coat.

They are one of the most playful, active, and fun types of dogs to have, but they are also attention seekers. They will bark out of irritation if they are ignored or left alone in the house.

Although they are bred to hunt, they could be the sweetest dog you could ever have in your home. They are easy to be loved by the family because of their charm and wit. Poodles are also loyal ones once they know that they are a part of the family.

They tend to be shy with people they just met, not the one to be aggressive only when encountered with dogs they do not like. Aside from the ear-popping barks, there’s nothing else that they could annoy you.

5 Easy Tips to Keep a Poodle as a Busy Owner

Poodles are one of the high maintenance kind of dog. They do not only need your money, but they also need your time, attention, and affection.

If you are a person of a hectic schedule, yet you really wanted to get a Poodle, here are five easy tips that you could follow:

Bring them to the office

Many full-time workers bring their Poodles and other dog breeds to work at least once a year. They say that bringing dogs can actually improve employee’s performance since dogs are natural stress relievers.

They bring out the happy hormones in us, making us productive at work. But if you are working at home, then you could pet them 24/7.

Keep them entertained

It goes to all of the dog parents who are always away the entire day and could only spend time with Poodles at night. Now, as mentioned before, Poodles tend to bark when left alone.

The best thing to do is to keep them occupied. Give them toys that they could play with while you are away and make sure that they have enough food and water that would last until you are home.

Avoid separation anxiety

The following are the common signs that your Poodles are having separation anxiety.

  • Pees or poops inside your house even after you trained them.
  • Running around the house.
  • Constant annoying barks.
  • Licking themselves too much.
  • Chewing up your furniture at home although they have toys to chew with.

Busy owners are recommended to tire them out in the morning before you leave.

You could give them exercise like walks in the morning, playing ball with them, brisk walking, or jogging. It proves that they get so tired in the morning, the tendency for them to sleep most of the day is high.

Did you know?
Did you know that the “the King” Elvis Presley had a soft heart for Poodles? Yes, you read that right. Elvis grew a unique love for the dogs when he started building a pack of his own with different breeds. When he was in Germany, he owned a Poodle named “Champagne.” He also channeled his love of the race by giving some Poodles to his girlfriends before. Of course, he gave his wife, Priscilla, a Poodle too, and named it “Honey.”

Hire a walker

Another way of making sure that your Poodle has enough exercise each day, but cannot walk them, is to get a professional dog walker. It will not only get your Poodle moving, but it will also allow your Poodles to get enough water and potty breaks.

Although this is convenient, it is still better to spend enough time with them. This will strengthen your bond.

Do not be guilty

Most dog parents feel guilty about leaving their pets at home while they are at work. Well, good news, you should not be! Why would you feel guilty about going to work to get paid to buy your dogs’ needs?

Honestly, leaving them at home is not an act of cruelty, especially if you leave them with enough food and water. Have a look at them to make sure they are alright before closing the doors.

These five tips only serve as a guide for busy owners, and it would still be up to them how they would manage to have a dog despite their busy schedules.

If you want to keep a Poodle, you should be ready for commitments, responsibilities, and a lot of fur in your house.

How to Keep Your Poodles Busy While You Are Away?

  • Let your Poodles watch TV. You can turn on your TV to animal channels like Animal Planet before leaving. The barking sounds of dogs or meowing sounds of cats will stimulate their brains, and they actually enjoy watching it.
  • Provide ways for your Poodles to look through windows. You can open the window curtains so that your Poodle can see what is going on outside. They enjoy watching people and cars moving around and birds flying around.
  • Give your Poodle a dog puzzle. We love puzzles, and your Poodles will love them too. Dog puzzle is an interactive toy designed to keep your Poodle busy while you are away.
  • Get your Poodle a brother or sister. You can adopt another dog as a companion for your Poodle to prevent them from getting bored while you are away. You allow both Poodle and the new dog to socialize and play together, and you save a life!

7 Steps to Fit Your Poodles Into Your Busy Life

There is this one thing that all busy dog owners wish for, for their dogs to be working while they are away for work. Well, good thing that we came in prepared.

  1. Train them on how to clean up their toys. Teach them how to put their toys back in their toy containers or to their beds.
  2. You can also use stuffed toys. Stuffed toys that look like food or other animals could surely kill their boredom, making your couch or shoes from a horrific chewing crime scene.
  3. You can let them do light tasks like getting the newspaper, fetching slippers, or bring something from the fridge. Poodles love getting jobs to do. This makes them feel that we need them to do things at home. You only need a lot of patience to achieve it.
  4. Teach your Poodles to play fetch. Fetch is a well-known game for dogs usually played outdoors, but you can modify the game and have it performed inside. This will keep them occupied, and they could get some exercise. You could also let them chew on the fetched item as a reward.
  5. Create an indoor obstacle course. This will not just give Poodles exercise; it will also provide entertainment for them. You can let them go through the obstacle course first before they could have their meals or treats.
  6. Have a monthly play date. If you have friends that have dogs or if your dogs have dog friends, you can invite them to your house for your dogs’ game. Having a playmate will keep them busy, make sure to give enough toys to nibble with.
  7. After a long day, the best therapy that we can give them is cuddling therapy. You can both lay on the couch and cuddle each other. This does not only pamper you, but it will also be relaxing for your dogs.

Final Thoughts

If you can fulfil their needs, may it be their physical health or their emotional stability, then congratulations, my friend, you are ready to be a dog parent!

You know the responsibilities and tasks that you will do to ensure that your Poodle could live with you harmoniously and lovingly.

Just a quick reminder, make them feel loved, and they would treat you like the only human who has ever lived on land. It does not matter how caught up you are with work or with chores, always find time for them.

A quick play will not hurt your laundry. Play with them, give them your attention, and love them like a real family.

Related Questions

Do Poodles get mean when they get old?

No, they will not get mean when they grow old. Poodles would usually have a change of behavior when they are considered seniors, but this does not make them shabby. Instead, Poodles become more sensitive and more attention seekers.

How long do Poodles live?

The average life expectancy of a Poodle ranges from 12 years to a maximum of 15 years.

Is blindness common in Poodles?

All dogs are born with healthy lenses. But as time passes by, their vision starts to degenerate, which would sooner lead to visual impairment and blindness. One illness that could affect around 60 dog breeds’ vision is a hereditary cataract, which is specifically common for Poodles.

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