Are Siberian Huskies Easy to Train? 4 Simple Steps to Train Them

Are Siberian Huskies Easy to Train?

Siberian Huskies are very charming and intelligent dogs. They are loving and gentle dogs which make them good for families with children and the elderly.

However, they need tons of exercise and training due to their energetic and outgoing personality. The commonly asked question by dog lovers is, “How easy is it to train a Siberian Husky?”

According to professional dog trainers, training a Siberian Husky is not an easy task. They are full of energy and are always ready for playtime and other physical activities. Therefore, it is difficult to control such an energetic dog, and training them can be a painful experience for some people especially first time owners.

However, the good news is that with the consistency and right approach, you can train your Husky easily. You have to learn some dos and don’ts for effectively training your dog.

Why Are Siberian Huskies Difficult to Train?

Huskies are very energetic dogs. They are always ready and curious for playtime. They are good companion dogs but, at the same time, they are very stubborn. You need to understand its behavior: why it acts strangely under certain conditions.

Siberian Husky was bred as the sled dog in the winter. They are very resilient and hardworking dogs. The tough nature of Huskies was essential for their survival in below-freezing temperatures. At the same time, these dogs have a loving nature.

Therefore the stubbornness and tough nature are reflected in modern-day Huskies, which is inherited from their Arctic ancestors. They work in packs and follow the pack leader. The leader should be strong and admirable. If the leader shows any weakness, it can be challenged by other dogs for the position.

Therefore, Husky owners who lack confidence in training their dog are usually ignored by the dog. The dog surpasses and disobeys their instructions. You need to use a more authoritative tone in order to control your Husky.

The tremendous amount of energy the Husky possesses needs to be drained out through physical activities. Unfortunately, the backyard spaces are not enough for releasing their energy and executing the physical activities because they can get bored with small space and repeated activities within the house.

Therefore, it is a challenge for the dog owner to provide the essential time to go outside and train his dog. Although a very stubborn dog, Huskies are very noble, loyal and loving breed. Huskies can be a great addition to your families and will fill your life with energy.

4 Effective Ways to Train Your Siberian Huskies

Considering its stubborn nature and high energy, dog owners need to take extra care while training their Huskies. You also require patience and consistency in training because it cannot be achieved overnight.

It might take you a few months to have complete control of your dog. But results are worth the efforts. The dog will be very loyal to you and will prove to be a beautiful addition to your family.

You can train you Husky by following these simple steps:

  • Declare yourself as the leader of the pack: Your Husky must see you as the boss of the house.
  • Teach them the basic commands: You can control your dog by these commands so it is essential for your dog to learn those.
  • Reward them for good behaviors: Rewards encourage your dog to participate in training with full devotion.
  • Punishment: Physical abuse is not allowed; however, you should use other techniques to make the dog feel guilty.

Step 1: Declare Yourself as the Leader of the Pack

It is the temperament of Huskies to follow all the instructions of the leader of the pack. Being loyal to the leader of the pack used to be essential for sled dogs to succeed. The pack leader needs to be confident, admirable, and strong enough to lead the pack.

If the pack leader is not strong enough, Huskies will sense it, and they will stop obeying the weak leadership. This is natural for Huskies to replace the weak leadership. If the leadership fails to impose the decisions, Huskies love to implement their own decisions.

Therefore, the Husky owners need to act as pack leader and show full confidence. The use of authoritative tone and showing disappointment on unwanted attitude is essential for instilling obedience in Huskies.

This might seem simple to become a leader; however, very challenging in practice.

You need to take the following steps in order to establish yourself as a leader:

Show Confidence

Confidence is the key. You need to present yourself as the most confident and daring person in the room. No sign of anxiety should be shown in front of the dog. Husky is a very smart breed; it can easily sense any sign of lack of confidence. 

Before facing your dog, practice your attitude over and over again to perfect it and make Husky believe that you are super confident and ready to lead.

Be Superior

If you try to give your dog equal rights and expect that they will follow you, then it is a mistake that most Husky owners make. You need to be superior to your dog. Act like a leader because Husky follow the leaders. 

Always differentiate your position with the dog. You must Instill the feeling in them that you are the boss of the house, and nothing can be done without your permission.

Be a Nay Sayer

Dogs usually run around and play with things. They will start digging holes whenever they get the chance. However, you need to fix this behavior. Teach your dog to get familiarized with the word “NO.” So, whenever you say NO in an authoritative tone, it means that you want them to stop the activity they are doing.

 Interrupt them every time you see them doing the stuff which you would not allow them to do. In this way, gradually, it will create a sense in them not to do those activities even in your absence.

Do Not Allow Violence

It is very natural for dogs to bite on things and fight with fellow dogs or other pets. Huskies especially have the tendency to exhibit violence to declare themselves as the boss in the room. 

You need to stop this violent behavior from the very beginning. Some people allow their puppies to fight with other pets and think that it cannot harm them. It is one of the biggest mistakes. Because this habit will grow, and when they are adults, you would not be able to stop them from doing that.

Therefore train your Husky puppies to not bite or fight with other pets. If you are successful in instilling this behavior, the chances are high that they would not show violence once they are grown-ups.

Step 2: Teach Them the Basic Commands

Once, the Siberian Husky has accepted you as the pack leader. Now it is easier for you to train him. You should start by teaching them the most basic commands.

There are four basic commands that your Siberian Huskies should know how to react on them:

  • Stop
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay

These four basic commands are a good starting point for any dog. These are the foundations of all pieces of training Husky’s is going to get. The combination of these four commands and the right incentives can result in effective training.

Step 3: Reward Them for Good Behavior

A right incentive can motivate your dog to do more for you. If you praise your dog behavior, it instills a passion in them to carry on that good behavior.

Some of the most effective ways to reward your dog are:

  • Spend quality time with your husky: Spending dedicated time with your Husky is one of the best things for your dog. These dogs are attention grabbers and love to spend time with their owners. One of the ways to spend quality time is to play with them. These are very playful animals. You can take them to a park and play different games with them. One of the favorite game is Frisbee, through which they can release a lot of their extra energy.
  • Praise them by showing affection: Praising your Husky is one of the best rewards for them. You can rub their belly and hug them. These are the best way of showing love to your Husky. Always show them your love whenever they do something good.
  • Do not hesitate to give treats: Treats are the mood boosters for your Husky. Whenever your dog is afraid to do some task or cannot gather the motivation to do so, you can always offer some treat. It would help the dog to gather the energy to perform that task. Treats acts as the purpose of performing a particular task. Huskies tend to give their best when there are the right incentives involved. Therefore, at least during the training sessions, always give your dog treats to perform tasks.

Step 4: Punishment

Just like rewards, punishments are also critical for the training of your dog. However, it does not mean that you have to beat or hurt your dog. Physical violence can damage your dog mentally and physically. And your dog might start getting afraid of you or hating you.

The proper way to punish a misbehaving Husky without hurting them are:

  • Stop praising your husky: If your Husky is misbehaving and ignoring your commands, you should stop giving attention to your dog. Huskies can easily sense the disappointment by their masters. These are attention seeker dogs, and ignoring them can be one of the most significant punishments for them.
  • No physical violence: Never use physical violence on your dog. It will only demotivate your Husky to participate in the training. Huskies might also start hating you and considering you as an enemy. So, it can exaggerate their negative behaviors, which may lead to destruction.
  • Stop interacting with your husky: Sometimes, you should teach a lesson to your dog in a harder way. If your Huskies are showing continuous lousy behavior, you need to stop interacting with them until they calm down. You can designate a specific place in the house where no one can interact with the dog. This might make your dog feel guilty and might change his behavior as well.

My Final Thoughts

Siberian Huskies are very energetic and playful dogs. They can, some times, get out of control and disobey you. It is due to the lack of training and weakness in your leadership capabilities.

You need to make sure that your dog considers you as the pack leader. Proper training from day one can help instill good behavior in your dog. This breed is full of energy and requires a considerable amount of physical activity to release their extra energy.

However, some instances can occur when you do face an overly excited Husky. You should be ready for such situations by adequately training your Husky from the very first day. Use different techniques to control them. Make sure they obey the four basic commands in every situation.

Never allow violence by your dog. Similarly, never punish your dog physically because it can have adverse mental and physical effects. The exhibition of confidence and the use of authoritative tone is essential to have complete control over your Husky.

Because this intelligent breed can easily sense the fear in you, and they do not follow a fearful person. You need to act daring in front of your dog and become the leader of the pack.

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