Are Siberian Huskies Good with Kids and Babies? A Guide for Parents

Are Siberian Huskies Good with Kids and Babies? A Guide for Parents

Siberian Huskies are generally very energetic and good dogs. They are quite big, therefore bringing home a Husky raises some concerns for parents. Whether these dogs are safe for kids or not is the commonly asked question by parents. So, are Siberian Huskies good with kids and babies?

Whether or not Siberian Huskies good with kids and babies highly depends on how you train them. Siberian Huskies are very charming dogs, and their personality is a good match for owners with children. These dogs get along great with children and babies if they are properly socialized and trained.

Huskies are exceptionally delightful and friendly dogs. This is a very loyal breed of dogs and very loyal to families, including kids. However, it is not a good idea to let an undertrained Husky interacts with kids.

What Makes Siberian Husky Good With Kids and Babies?

These dogs have a fantastic temperament that makes them a perfect pet for kids. Despite their vast size, these dogs are very charming, and kids love to spend time with them.

There is a number of reasons why these dogs get along great with kids:


This is one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. One of the best temperament qualities of Huskies is loyalty. These are big dogs and can safeguard your children in your absence. Due to their protective nature, these dogs are one of the best choices for parents who want a guard dog for their kids.

However, Husky’s protective nature does not mean that they do not like having fun. They will make sure that your kid is being entertained. The high energy level and playful nature of this breed can make the best friend of your kids. 

Huskies can never hurt your family members intentionally. Some people mix the loyalty aspect with the disobedience. Although your dog can show some stubbornness, it does not usually mean that they are not loyal.


This is the most friendly dog breed you will ever find. Aggression is not in their nature. All they want is to play with humans and other dogs. These are very curious about people and develop great relationships with their owners.

This socialization and being friendly trait resembles with the kids. That is why both kids and Huskies make a very strong friendship bond. These dogs love to spend time with kids and will spoil no opportunity to play with them.


Huskies are famous for their high energy. Whenever the Husky is around, owners feel so much energy. 

They are always ready to play, which makes them a perfect match for kids. Because kids also need a partner whom they can play. Because of the playful nature of Huskies, kids enjoy their company.

If your kid is dull and boring, and you want him or her to be active. Then bringing a Husky home can be of very much help. Being an active dog, Husky can force your kid to play with him. Husky will make your kid tire at the end of the day, which can make your life much more comfortable.

Raising Siberian Huskies With Babies

If there is an infant (toddler or small children) in your house, then you should consider some things before bringing back a Husky home. The best part is that Huskies do not make much noise. These are quite dogs and not big barkers. 

Loud noises can make your child uncomfortable and can even cause anxiety in them. So, bringing a big barking dog is not a wise thing to do. However, Huskies are much of howling dogs. This can also make your baby upset.

You need to train your Husky to howl as less as possible. You can achieve this goal by providing those incentives for not howling and barking. Also, teach them to stop howling whenever you signal abruptly. 

How to Introduce a Siberian Husky to Your Babies?

You should keep a close eye on your Husky when they are interacting with your baby. Pay attention on how your dog reacts with your babies. It does not matter how well trained the dogs are; their behavior can change in the case of infants. 

Siberian Huskies are very cheerful dogs, and the chances are high that they will love your child. So, proper training and a close eye on their activities can prevent any problem from occurring.

You can introduce your infant with a Husky and make them comfortable by following some steps:

  • Before the baby arrives, gradually decrease the playtime with your Husky. In this way, Husky will not consider your baby the cause of less playtime, and it will be normal for your dog. Huskies can get jealous easily.
  • Dog’s nose can pick up slightest scents. So, before your baby arrives, start adding new baby scents around the house corners (like baby powder, lotion, etc.). In this way, your Husky will get familiar with the smell, and the scent of the baby will not be a strange thing for the dog.
  • You can also play audio of crying and laughing babies. So, your Husky can get familiarized with those. This will give your dog some time to adjust themselves to the sounds.

How to Introduce a Siberian Husky to Your Kids?

Huskies are the best friends of kids. They love to entertain and play with children. Both of them share similar characteristics, i.e., high energy, social and lively.

However, It is not a wise thing to let the Husky with your child without proper training. You need to develop some key traits in your dog, as well as in your child. So, they both can live together without causing any issue.

It is important to train both your kids and Huskies so that they get along well without any problems.

Train Your Husky to Be Around Kids

Before letting your child play with Husky, make sure that the dog is in your control and obeys all your instructions. You can train your Husky to be around your kids by following certain steps:

  • Declare yourself as in charge. Make yourself as the alpha of the pack. In this way, Husky will tend to obey you because it is their temperament to follow all the guidelines of alpha of the pack.
  • Never tolerate their bad behaviors, which means you need to show some disappointment. In this way, you can instill discipline in your dog.
  • Teach them some basic commands like sit, stop, and get off. So you come over the difficult situations by giving the command to your Husky.
  • Reward them for their good behavior and never use violence. Giving rewards is the best way to instill the obedience trait in your dog.

Train Your Kids to Be Around a Husky

Dog training is essential to make sure the safety of your kids. In the same way, you also need to train your kids as well as how to be around a Husky

Your kids need to learn the acceptable and non-acceptable things while playing with dogs. Huskies are very tough dogs and can face difficult challenges. Some kids can unintentionally abuse the dog, which can gradually be built tension in them.

If Huskies are consistently abused, they can react in an aggressive manner. Therefore, it is extremely important for children to know what to do and not to do with their dogs. This aggressive behavior of Huskies can be minimized by teaching your kids the following steps:

  • Never pull the dog’s tail or ear.
  • Never sit on dogs back for a ride.
  • Never disturb the dog when he is eating the meal.
  • Do not put your face too close to the dog.
  • Never yell around the dog.
  • Teach your children never to get panic.
  • Do not run away from the dog.
  • Never beat your dog; he might attack you back.
  • Never point sharp things towards your dog.

Always supervise your kid in the beginning and never leave them alone with the dog. Make sure that your kid knows all the commands to control the dog, and the dog also considers your kid as part of the pack. Teach your child to call you for help in case of any mishap.

It might take some time, maybe a month or two, but in the end, they will get along with each other and will become very good friends.

Is Husky a Right Choice for Family With Kids and Babies?

The question remains the same, “should you adopt a Husky if you have kids in your house?”

And the answer is that “it depends.” It depends on how much committed you are to make your Husky safe for your young ones because it requires patience and hard work to train your dog.

It requires consistency in training to instill the desired behavior in your Husky so that they become the best friends of your kids. You need to take care of their physical activities and make sure that your child is also aware of dos and don’ts with the dog.

Once you are successful in training your dog and your kid in how to behave and instilling the right attitude in them, you can then rely on them that no issue will occur. Never allow your kid to play with a strange Husky (the one you’ve never seen before).

Never allow your kid to pinch or poke; otherwise, the playtime can convert into an act of aggression. However, a well-trained Husky is of even temperament, which means their moods do not switch abruptly like some other breeds.

The personality traits of a Husky is almost similar to a kid. Both are always ready for playtime and full of energy. Huskies develop a special bond with those who spend more quality time with them. And playtime is the most enjoyable time for them, and therefore they develop a special relationship with kids.

Many households consider the Siberian Huskies because of their friendly nature and friendship with their kids. And especially young kids (not infants) enjoy the fun time with the dog. 

Activity and Exercise Needs of Siberian Huskies

These dogs are high in energy. They can plan all day long and never get tired. If you are not providing them enough time for their physical activities, it can have adverse effects on their health. Hence you need to make sure that they release their extra energy.

If you are not providing them enough time for physical activities, it can built-up anxiety in them. This anxiety can cause bad behaviors that are not safe for your kid.

Experts recommend to provide at least 3 hours every day for physical activity, so they can release their extra energy and stabilize themselves. If this playtime is not given, you can face crazy behaviors from your dog. 

Some owners are not able to take their dogs outdoors because of time constraints. In such cases, you need to build a play area in the backyard. It will unload the burden from your shoulders as well.

Because your Husky will remain in the boundary of the house and you will not have to hustle for taking him or look after him outdoors.

My Final Thoughts

Although it is a tough decision to let a dog interact with your kid and choosing one is the most critical decision for parents. Considering a Siberian Husky as a playmate for your child can be a very wonderful choice only if you instill the right behavior in them.

Use the techniques to familiarize your Husky with your young ones and make sure to declare yourself as the pack leader because the temperament of the Husky is that they are very obedient towards their leader.

Teach them to obey your commands and make sure that your kids also know what commands to give to the dog. Teach your child the dos and don’ts with the dog and have a close look at them in the beginning during the playtime.

Siberian Husky is an excellent choice for your kid. You need to set some ground rules in the beginning and make sure that they are being followed, and then you are good to go. It is highly recommended to arrange a play area in the backyard of your house.

In that way, you do not have to go through the hassle of taking your Husky and kids out for a walk and playtime, and you can easily have an eye on their activities as well. It is very convenient and provides peace of mind as well. 


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