Can Siberian Huskies Be Left Alone?

Siberian Husky looking outside through the window alone

People who are planning to own a Siberian Husky ask a question. Is it okay to leave the Siberian Husky alone at home or not? It is a good question because there come specific points in life when you have to leave your dog alone for a few hours.

It is not a good idea to leave your Siberian Husky alone for an extended period. These dogs are very much attached to their owners and cannot live without them. They also need the proper playtime with the family to release the energy.

I will guide everything you need to know about Siberian Huskies if you are planning to leave them alone. So, you can be prepared and take the necessary precautions before leaving the house.

Reasons Not to Leave Your Siberian Husky Alone

Siberian Huskies are born to live with humans. They are very charming and loving dogs who are very loyal to their owners. They are originally sled dogs who used to cover long distances in freezing temperatures and helped their owners to bring food and other essential things.

This dog has been accompanying humans for decades, and living without a human company is almost impossible for them.

These are the reasons why Siberian Huskies cannot live alone:

  • Need a partner to play
  • Isolation Agony
  • Separation Fear

Need a partner to play

Siberian Husky is a very energetic breed and requires a lot of playtimes to release the extra energy. They require someone who can help them during playtime and other physical activities. Because they can play alone up to some extent, but after that they become bored.

It is recommended by experts to take the Siberian Husky outdoor walks at least 2 times a week. They love to play Frisbee and football with their owners. By keeping in view the intense physical needs, it is not viable to leave your Husky alone on its own.

Isolation Agony

Siberian Huskies can become distressed when they find no human or a dog around. This distress can pile up and not good for the health of your Husky.

Once they see a human or another dog, they become happy and calm. Therefore, leaving Husky alone for a long time is not recommended.

This disorder is common in many dog breeds. However, it is more prominent in the Siberian Huskies. It is a temporary disorder that can be reduced by proper training.

However, it is recommended to accompany an undertrained Husky, because they are the most vulnerable to this disorder.

Separation Fear

This is a more severe disorder than isolation agony. Some Siberian Huskies are extremely attached to their owners. They cannot think of living without their masters, even for a few minutes. They start howling if they do not see their owners around them.

Even if there are other people and dogs around the Husky and only the owner is missing, Siberian Huskies can start howling. This situation can make them stressed and upset. It also disrupts the daily routine of the dog owner.

However, with the proper training and incentives, this disorder is curable. You have to introduce a few other people of the family to your Husky. And make sure that your dog gets used to them as well. So, in case if you are not present, your Husky can be entertained in the presence of other people.

For How Long Siberian Huskies Can Be Left Alone?

All dogs are not equal. The amount of time a Siberian Husky can be left alone totally depends upon its tolerance level. Different Huskies possess different tolerance levels; therefore, there is no thumb rule for it. You can run a small test to check the tolerance level of your Husky.

Leave your do for 1 hour alone in the house and come back to gauge the situation. You have to observe the mood of your dog and check whether it damaged anything by chewing. Ask your neighbor whether your Husky was howling during your absence.

If everything seems fine, then you get the idea that your Husky can live at least for one hour, all alone. Now increase the time span from 1 hour to 2 hours and then 3 hours.

You will get to a point where you will find its tolerance level. For example, your dog might show odd behavior after 5 hours of living alone.

Do not conduct the test within a day. Give the space of at least 2 or 3 days between repeating the test. You should observe the change in their behavior and the state of the house.

You can also take help from a professional dog trainer who can tell the exact tolerance level and might give you tips on how to increase it.

How to Leave a Siberian Husky Alone for a Longer Time?

You cannot spend the whole day with your dog because you have a life outside the house where you cannot take your dog with you. Therefore, Husky owners are recommended to learn the ways to leave the Husky alone for an extended period of time without making them sad.

I have jotted down some ideas to leave your dog alone for an extended period and keep them engaged as well.

Bring plenty of toys

If you have to leave your Husky alone at home, make sure to keep it engaged with something. The best way is to provide them plenty of dog toys. Siberian Huskies can quickly become bored if there is no enough variety of toys. Therefore, you must bring as many toys as you can.

Make sure that toys are durable as well as chewable. Because this is a very energetic breed and low-quality toys is not an option for them. They can easily break those low-quality toys. The size of the toys should be big enough so that your dog might not choke on it.

There are many reported incidents in the past, where the medium size dogs swallowed the smaller toys and choked on it. Huskies have the habit of chewing on things that can provide them smaller size toys is not a good option.

Purchase a dog crate

Putting a dog in the crate is one of the right options. However, you need to train your Husky for that. Because if you want to leave your Husky for an extended period of time, then make sure that your Husky is used to live in a crate.

The size of the crate must be large enough so that Husky can feel comfortable in it. The dog should consider a crate as a safe place where they can spend hours in comfort.

You can find crates of all sizes in the online and offline markets. Check which crate size is the most comfortable for your Husky.

Provide all the essentials in the crate. Do not let them dump waste inside it. If you are planning to leave them for 5 to 8 hours, do not do it in the first go.

Train your pup to live in the crate for 1 hour first, and then increase the duration gradually. So it seems natural to your dog.

Get another dog

This is one of the hardest options; however, it is the best one. Siberian Huskies are looking for some reliable partners whom they can play. This a pack dog who used to live with other dogs. So, Huskies feel most comfortable with fellow dogs.

If your daily routine does not allow you to spend enough time with your Husky, and you often have to leave them alone in the house.

Then it is recommended to own another dog and train your Husky to become comfortable with the fellow companion. 

Because it is possible for the new dog to spend all of its time with the Husky, it is healthy for your Siberian Husky and can make your life easy as well. However, you need to instill the right behavior in your dog.

What to Do When You Are on Vacation?

There comes a time when you cannot take your dog with you on vacation. In those circumstances, you cannot lock your dog in the house for days. You have to handover your pup to a close friend or some family member. So, they can take care of their essential needs. 

The transition should not be abrupt. Take your Husky to their house for a few days. So, your dog can become comfortable with the new person and the house itself.

Teach your friend all dos and don’ts with the dog and handover the premium food you want them to feed your Husky.

Provide the food yourself because your friend would not be able to provide the same food in the first go. And the premium quality of food is an essential part of the dog’s diet.

The best way is to convince your friend or family member to live in your house during your vacation. This will be helpful for the dog because it will not have to pass to such dramatic transitions.

And Huskies are also comfortable with the temporary owners; however, you need to introduce them to your dog properly.

My Final Thoughts

Siberian Husky is a very charming dog, and leaving them alone is not a good option. You need to give your dog proper training so they can live alone for a specific time period. It is recommended not to leave them for an extended period in the first go.

It is not possible for the dog owners to spend all of their time with the dog. Therefore, they have to use different techniques to keep the dog engaged.

You can bring a new dog home so that your Husky can get a companion to spend its time with the newcomer. Provide them plenty of good quality and the right size of toys. Locking your dog in a crate is also an excellent option.

However, it is not okay to leave your dog alone for an extended period, and you also need to train your Husky to become comfortable with it.

The size of the crate should be right, and the dog should feel safe in it if you are planning to go on a vacation and cannot take your Husky with you.

Then you should hire a caretaker. You can ask a close friend or a family member to care for your pet. Make sure your Husky is familiar with them and their house.

If possible, ask your friend to live in your home, so your dog does not have to pass through such a drastic change. 

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