Can Welsh Corgi Eat Eggs?

Can Welsh Corgi Eat Eggs?

Welsh Corgis are often seen whenever Queen Elizabeth II is around. They are known to be with her with their sassy and fabulous styles. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of their kinds outside the palace.

We do well to find the best source of nutrients to keep them healthy until they grow up. One of the best options is eggs. So, can your Welsh Corgi eat eggs?

The answer is Yes. Welsh Corgis can eat eggs and they actually need it. Nutrients like proteins and vitamins in the egg are very beneficial to both dogs and humans. This incredible ingredient can only be in good use when it is taken in moderation. With the proper balance, it will be advantageous for your dog’s health.

Despite its benefits, some people are still skeptical of including eggs on their Welsh Corgi’s diet. It depends on how they have grown to be having different kinds of diet. 

Does Welsh Corgi Need Eggs?

They usually weigh from 25-27 pounds and could be 10-12.5 inches tall.

Depending on how they have grown up, age, metabolism, and level of activity, they need to have the right amount of nutrients to keep their healthy lifestyle and prevent potential diseases from getting attached to them. 

Welsh Corgi varies. Some of them could not take an egg and some love to have it even daily. As long as they are not allergic to it, they are free to consume eggs. If not, there are some alternatives, like giving them specific vitamins that eggs have.

7 Nutrients in Eggs That are Beneficial to Your Welsh Corgi

Since Welsh Corgis are herding and hunting dogs, they need to have a lot of supplies when it comes to energy and dietary needs for other activities.

They often go out and help their pet parents to accomplish something and to go home productive at the end of the day.

Surely these Welsh Corgis need to recharge after such a long day. Eggs can help as they possess to own a lot of vitamins they need.

Vitamin A

Eggs have a retinoid form of Vitamin A. This helps a lot for the healthy eyesight of your dog. They have this Dichromatic vision, yet including eggs on their meals could help them maintain their healthy sight and excellent performance either inside or outside the home.

Not only that, but also giving your Welsh Corgi a healthy growth over time. You will see the difference as it Vitamin A gives them wonders on having radiant growing that comes from the inside and, as a result, could shine every part of it. 

Vitamin B12

This will help your Welsh Corgis to maintain proper function for their nervous system. It includes the purpose of their brain and body system that affects all areas of their life since the brain controls everything that they want to do. 

Aside from the excellent use of their nervous system, it is also beneficial for the growth of their blood cells. For that reason, it will prevent them from getting sick as they have the proper circulation that affects so much on their energy.


Riboflavin affects so much on their metabolism that keeps their system to be healthy and easily wash out that dirt inside them. 

Just like human beings, dogs in general needs to have a proper taking in and taking out the food and its wastes to maintain the vigor and increase the possibility of longer life.

When wastes are already excreted from them, this will reduce the likelihood for them to get stuck in the system and would cause harm.

Folic Acid

This is very beneficial to their cell membranes. Folate has something to do with its small intestine that is also very important for their metabolism.

Folate has always been a rescue when it comes to coming off the potential health issues for dogs. Since it works both ways, this will be an excellent help for immunity and, at the same time, endurance as it tries to fight the upcoming potential sickness.


One of the most critical factors in someone’s life is to have the breath of life. Oxygen surely has a significant effect on it. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.

Everything is affected when there is no oxygen. Therefore, including eggs to your dog’s meal is undoubtedly a great help.


It has been known that having Selenium for your dog’s body is good for their hair growth. This is a great help especially when they need are aging. 

Interestingly, they do not only assist when it comes to your Welsh Corgi’s physical attributes but also prevent them from attaining cancer. Having cancer is very costly and could trigger your dog’s life. Eggs have 22% of Selenium and are already an excellent aid for its prevention.


Egg whites contain Avidin. It inhibits biotin essential for cell growth. When you boil the egg, it does not remove any of the nutrients. Being a great source of nutrients will help your Welsh Corgi to keep its vigor. 

Shells are included in the nutritious family. They are a great source of Calcium that is very beneficial for their bones and teeth. It can be served in different ways. Pet owners usually put them in the coffee grinder and make it as powder as to mix them in every meal for their dogs. 

The Danger of Feeding Your Welsh Corgi Eggs

Despite their benefits, moderation is still the key if you want to get the best of getting any nutrients that your dog needs.

Eggs are high in cholesterol. Dogs from time to time increase the level of fat in their blood. When it happens, cholesterol could be a trigger since it would cause them to block the flow of it. Besides, it will be one of the causes of upsetting your Corgi’s stomach and would make them obese.

One of the common problems for taking eggs is when you give it to them raw. It has a lot of potential bacterias inside. This will be a source for getting Salmonella infection.

Raw eggs contain bacteria that actually do not take them for the disease. Instead, your dog might have diarrhea and will need extra attention to keep free from dehydration. 

There are rare cases in which they get Anaphylaxis. It could be life-threatening when overlooked. This is an excessive allergic reaction that affects both your dog’s performance and the inside system to be deteriorating. 

Thankfully though, there are signs that enable us to know for earlier symptoms of allergies:

  • Dry Skin
  • Itchy Skin
  • Redness
  • Sores

When such signs occur, it is up to your discernment if you would go to their vet.

Make sure to give them the right amount of egg per day. They are prone to obesity. It could be burdensome for them to take. They might have back pain and hip dysplasia. Keeping the right weight will be convenient for them. 

How to Cook Eggs for Your Welsh Corgi

The first thing you may consider is frying them. Although this is not the best option, you can still do it. Just use a minimal amount of oil and make sure to cook both sides to avoid spreading bacteria that may affect your dog’s health. 

Scrambled egg for your Welsh Corgi is maybe good. But if you want to be sure and safe, avoid cooking it that way. This way of cooking requires some of the herbs and spices that are actually fatal for your dog’s health. 

It is best served when they hardboiled. That way, it will remain most of their nutrients. At the same time, having this method does not include putting any other spices that could be dangerous to your dog’s health like using red onions.

Eggs can also be used as a healthy treat for your dogs. They surely like its taste and will be helpful for you when they are undergoing specific training.

Related Questions

Are eggs safe for puppies?

The decision will depend so much on you. Some pet owners would recommend allowing them to eat at 3 weeks old, some also would want to take 4-6 months before they could give such kinds of other alternatives for their puppies. 

However, things would be depending on the way you know your puppies. If you feel like they are healthy enough to get to another kind of food, there will be no problem with that. 

How can you determine that eggs are okay for them?

One of the most useful things to do is to let them try it. From the start, give them one egg first. Their reactions are evident, and you will quickly recognize if they like it or not. 

When you observe that no factor changes the mood or the performance of your Corgi, then it indicates that it is just fine. But if it causes him to be weak, lazy, and not doing his usual things, then it is better to stop to be safe. 

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