Do Labrador Retrievers Bite?

Does Labrador Retriever Bite

Innocence can be deceiving. Most people are in danger because they tend to be overconfident about something they thought are harmless. Awareness will help you to avoid risks.

Do Labrador Retrievers bite? Yes, Labrador Retrievers do bite. The damage caused by their bite may cause severe injuries. They are known to be aggressive and energetic. When they exert their energy in the wrong way, it will lead to dangerous consequences if not prevented.

Aside from their abilities, there are several reasons why they are moved to attack. Identifying the factors that might threaten them will help us withdraw things we do when we play or interact with them. 

Why Do Labrador Retrievers Bite?

These are some of the reasons why do Labrador Retrievers bite:

  • Labs are recognized to be working along with hunters. They progressively learn how they should handle their prospects. For this reason, they always practice their vigilance. It will trigger them if you don’t treat them well since they will believe that you are an enemy.
  • Labrador Retrievers are also known as service dogs. They are an addition to the family that every member may go along with. When they recognize you in their point of view as a hazard to the family he’s into, they will attack you for defense.
  • They are trained to be used as search and rescue dogs. There are specific things they should recognize as good and bad. When they discern that you are doing something unusual or unfamiliar, you might be surprised by their attack. While Labrador Retrievers are easy to be trained, they already have temperaments that may cause them to bite their potential enemies eagerly.
  • Labrador Retrievers are highly intelligent and display single-minded focus. Their natural instincts of what is right and wrong may move them to believe that you are a threat to them.
  • Labrador Retrievers are spontaneously hyper. Their playful attitude can go around in circles when they are out of control. When they are excessively energetic and feel threatened at the spur-of-the-moment, watch out for their attack.
  • Labrador Retrievers have a deep attachment to their owners. They are loyal to the people whom they treat like family. Following their fur parents is one of their top lists. So when you train them to avoid something bad, they will be obedient to what you say. When they desire to enjoy the company of their pet parents, and they failed to get the attention that they want, their wants lead to biting to show that they need your company.

Communication with your Labs will prevent them from thinking that biting is a signal to get their attention. 

Aside from their personality and nature, they have the physical ability to attack. They use their fortes like their weight to make sure they take their attacks captive. They possess self-direction that focuses absolutely on one target.

Muscular built attained by these Labrador Retrievers should not be underestimated. They exercise every day, and it boosts their stability. When they attack, they will surely have a tight grip on their collected agility.

Labs attain very subtle strength that we might now know: their innocence. They usually look like they are in favor of our presence. But they actually use their senses to observe you. Be cautious about how they move so you can prepare to flee when such an attack occurs.

What to Do When They Bite?

When it already happened, it is good to know what should we do to be aware of our responsibilities and the one bitten.

Even if your Lab has bitten someone intentionally or not, their capacity to take responsibility is still limited. The owner is the one responsible for the damage he has caused. The owner is obliged to shoulder the medical charges of the injured victim.

When bitten by any dogs, you should do the following:

  • Take pictures: Capturing the wounds it has caused after the incident happened, including the background where it happened. This will build a piece of strong evidence that it was bitten by the recognized dog and to find its owner.
  • Get the information of the witnesses: You will be unconscious of your surroundings when you get bitten by dogs. But people who saw it will help you to let the owner take responsibility for it. 
  • Get medical attention if you need it: Your health is your top priority. When you discern how severe is the injury, do not hesitate to ask for help from medical authorities.
  • Get the name of the dog’s owner: Once you identified the dog and his pet parent, make sure to take note of his or her contact information to settle matters, especially on medical care.

These are some of the injuries of the bite:

Type of InjuryDescription
AmputationSurgically cutting of an affected limb.
Laceration & Puncture WoundsTearing a soft body tissue caused by the sharp teeth of the Labrador Retriever.
Loss of FingernailsVaries on the force of the bite.
ScarringA mark of the deep wound.
Nerve DamageIt occurs because of the strong jaw and the long teeth that can penetrate deep to the victim.

How to Prevent Them From Biting?

It’s not too late in paying money for injuries. You can prevent your Labs from making injuries to someone. Readiness for future occurrences can save more money.

 Labs have the tendency to be aggressive, especially during their growing-up stage. When they are mouthing, they tend to bite aggressively and more often. Giving them practice from infancy will prevent them from biting spontaneously to just anyone.

Labrador Retrievers need to exercise daily if possible. It will not only make them physically healthy, but it will also help them to sharpen their thinking ability.

Playing games with them will also help them not only to have fun but to learn more about their surroundings. Rather than thinking of their environment to be dangerous, they will consider it to be fun going around.

If your Lab thinks that biting is part of the game, he will continue to feel that way until adulthood. So while you are playing with him, make sure that you also help to learn that biting is a painful step.

Giving your Labs proper training will help him to learn good canine manners. They will loyally obey what you command. Gaining control over what they do will prevent them from harming others as they follow you.

During the time of training may also boost their interaction with different surroundings and activities. They will become familiar with the things they needed to learn to be harmless. 

Remember, the Labrador Retrievers are growing so quickly. Early training for them will ensure their best personality as time goes by.

Do not worry because you will not be alone as you train them. You can use tools to train them effectively. Consider the following:

  • Dog toys
  • Chew toys
  • Dog treats (But not too much, it may cause obesity.)
  • Taste deterrent spray
  • Leash

Knowing your Labs will help you determine what you should teach him the next time and try to improve it one day at a time. It will also boost your sense of security, as you will discern what actions he is about to do when others perform certain activities.

Mistakes are part of learning. But when Labs have lapses, do not punish them. It will not help them to learn, but they will instead draw away from you and disobey you since they will be terrified by your presence.

One way to let them know that they are not doing the right thing is to ignore them. Recognize that they are friendly and outgoing. When they feel disregarded, they will feel sad. They will realize that they have done the wrong things.

Positive techniques of giving them discipline will be way better for their progress. 

Your Labrador Retriever’s way of defending you against any potential threats indicates how much affection he has for you. The love you give is directly proportional to how they treat you. 

Taking attention to their needs and preparing them for their upcoming challenges in the future will benefit both the pet parent and your Labs. 

When there are unusual actions that are still shown by your Labrador Retriever, it is best to consult your veterinarian to check for their actions.

My Final Thoughts

Remember that they may have the same personalities, but they will prevent biting and causing damage if they are well-trained. Regular exercise will help them to boost their immunity and to sharpen their thinking ability.

In case you are bitten by a Labrador Retriever, you may do well to take steps to let the owner take care of your medical charges. Or, if you’re the owner, being aware of the steps on how to handle the steps can save you time and money. 

Most of all, cultivating a relationship is a great help for them to familiarize their surroundings as you play, train, and learn with them. Being able to recognize how they can learn fast and be disciplined effectively will not cause any burden on your part.

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