Do Labrador Retrievers Like Cold Weather?

Do Labrador Retrievers Like Cold Weather?

Labrador Retrievers are known for their outgoing personalities. However, a lot of people wonder if they still have the same energy no matter what the climate may be. Can they stand during winter?

Do Labrador Retrievers like cold weather? Yes, Labrador Retrievers love cold weather and they don’t mind walking in the snow. They are one of those special dogs who have a very thick coat that enables them to protect it from both cold water and weather.

Yet, many owners tend to be overconfident that they can stand to any kind of cold weather. Let us find out why these Labs can be good at it. We will also figure out the signs that they need to be warm inside again, and what should we do next.

The Reasons Behind Their Love For Cold

Their breed originated in Newfoundland, Canada. This place is known to be one of the coldest in the world. During summer, they will have just warm to cool summer. Living in Newfoundland will be a cold living for sure.

Why Origin Matters?

Before they were known as Labrador Retrievers, they were also known to be St. John’s Water-Dog. They are the favorite dogs of the fishermen due to their ability to stick and work with them in the cold water. 

Labradors are part of the fishing industry. They will not only stand with fishermen but also jumps into the frigid water to get the fish that was just caught by the hook.

Given their tolerance for cold water will save up energy to the fishers they are with. For that reason, no wonder why they love these Labrador Retrievers so much.

Traveling back and forth to where they go for fishing may also be cold for them. Because of their immunity, they will be a great help to the people working on the icy waters and to be a friend to them.

Water can be cold. Since they naturally love being in the water, they are used to being exposed to cold temperatures. For that reason, they do not bother walking on thick snow.

Temperatures They Can Stand On

They can hold from 15° (59 Fahrenheit) to -3.9° (24.98 Fahrenheit). However, extremely chilly weather may affect their health. 

Every Labrador Retrievers has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the way they were cared for. 

When they have grown up in an environment in which they were playing outside the snow, they may have bigger possibilities to be surviving from the cold. Labs who have developed otherwise may still tolerate cold, but not like the maximum one.

How Do You Know They Need Help?

When we are out with our Labs, their health still should be our top priority. We should be prepared for their possible wellness occurrence.

  • Showing signs through their paws: The first part of the Labrador Retriever’s body to show a sign for excessively getting cold is their paws. They will eventually feel it underneath and lift them just a few minutes.
  • Dampness: As you play with them, there will be instances that they will go slightly wet. When they have bitterness or a part of their bodies be hard to touch, they should stay inside to avoid getting chills.
  • Low tolerance because of the weight: Labrador Retrievers vary in weight according to how regular they exercise and how controlled their diet is. When you discern that they are finding a hard time to carry themselves, it is best to give them double assistance during winter seasons.
  • Sickness: Dogs, in general, are usually vulnerable when they get sick. They may also become easily be affected by different illnesses from their surroundings. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, when you detect some symptoms, it will be helpful to consult the veterinarian or keep them inside your home to stay warm.
  • Age: The Labrador Retriever’s ability may deteriorate as time goes by because of age. Awareness of their limitations will help you assist your Labs’ needs. Their tolerance to cold may decrease. When you observe that they are easily exhausted when you walk them outside, it shows that they need to have extra help.

Things You Can Do to Prepare Them for Winter

  • Monitor their health: You will determine the quality of health according to their performance. Maintaining their regular routine keeps its vigor to stabilize.
  • Prepare supplies for them: A shrewd pet parent may see the danger and conceal the possible dangers ahead. Getting prepared for the things they need will aid both you and your Labrador Retrievers to avoid getting anxious during your journey. Getting ready ahead of time will help you be organized to your personal needs and at the same time. 
  • Be careful and cautious of their signals: Staying alert to what they need will save up so much time. The earlier the problem solved, the better. They also give gestures as a sign of threat. When they give you signals, observe your surroundings to make sure everything is going on well. 
  • Rinsing their feet and bellies: Ensure that you keep them from letting chemicals they got outside to be out of their physical contact. For that reason, those harmful substances will not spread in the long run.

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Labradors

We surely want to show that we care for our Labrador Retrievers. We may query what we can do to keep our labradors warm and safe.

Here are some tips for doing so:

Avoid heaters: Sudden drying or cooling our dogs may cause damage to their skin. Think that Labs might think that the closer the heat, the better. This will cause them to get burned. If you are planning to include them on the list, you might want to reconsider once more for your Labs.

Use insulated kennel and covers: This will withdraw them from acquiring Hypothermia. It will keep their bodies at the right temperature during rest. On the other side, Insulated covers can be a great help to ensure that they will be kept warm during winter. However, we should remember that we should not use it to punish our Labs by covering them in the body intentionally.

Brush them out regularly: It is vital to do the brushing regularly to your Labrador Retriever in any type of weather. This will help them get rid of dandruff, dirt, and dead hair. During winter, there might be chemicals spreading throughout their body due to exposure from the surroundings outside. Regularly brushing them will clean them up and maintain the cleanliness and health of our Labs.

Limit the time outside: Labrador Retrievers do not mind going out in cold weather. However, too much exposure may keep them from doing great performance because of the harmful substances outside. Remaining balanced when to let them out and keep them warm inside our home will maintain their good physical condition. 

Give them a soft place to stay: This will keep them warm as they rest during the night and will keep their structures to relax. When they feel in pain, giving them crate mats will relief them from suffering. You Lab will replenish his energy as he gained ease in his place.

Beware of frostbite: Even the healthiest dog is not exempted from frostbite. Keep them safe when you travel and know the signals.

It comes from three degrees:

First Degree They feel irritation in their skin.
Second Degree Has blisters but there’s no damage.
Third Degree Involves all part of the skin and causes permanent tissue damage.

The first sign will be seen in their skin to be very pale and half a bluish-white hue due to the lack of blood flow. When we already discern that their energy than the usual may look different, it is better to check them up early.

My Final Thoughts

To sum up, Labrador Retrievers not only like the cold weather–they love it. The reason behind it is because their breed comes from a freezing place in Newfoundland, Canada. They exist to be the fisherman’s companions going into the frozen water to get the fish.

Regardless of their background, we should not be complacent with their abilities and do not forget to prepare for possible circumstances for their health and to give them physical provisions. Proper training and exercise will get them ready to stack energy and agility. 

Being mindful of their readiness will sharpen their intelligence as we get ready with them.

Using the tools and working on the things we need to avoid or use will help not only our Labrador Retrievers but also our time and money.

These Labs definitely love companionship. Being with them in any weather, especially winter, will keep your relationship with your labs strong.

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