Do Poodles Burp a Lot?

Do Poodles Burp a Lot?

We’ve read the strangest things on the internet. And it’s funnier when dogs are the subject! One scenario is about the lady who owns a Poodle and it would get right into her face just to burp.

It’s true that when human burps, it looks gross, but when dogs do it, it’s very alarming and seems unnatural, isn’t it? But what about a frequent burp? What kind of dogs do this, and do we have to raise our concern if they do? The main question is, do Poodles burp a lot?

Poodles, just like any other dogs, burp. This is only natural, especially when they’ve eaten so fast and wasn’t able to digest all the food at once. But when they do this frequently or continuously, observe if something isn’t right. And if it bothers you, you can do something about it.

As funny as it sounds, we’re going to talk more about Poodles and burpings in this article. But it doesn’t stop there! We would also get an insight into the Veterinarians, Dog experts, and Pet owners’ study and suggestions about it.

Why Do Poodles Burp (A Lot)?

A simple burp or belch is when you release gas out of your stomach or escaping from your esophagus. It happens when you swallow air along with food, or you drink carbonated beverages that have bubbles on it. 

This serves both for humans and Poodles.

In our case, when we burp, it means we inhaled or took a lot of gases. This can sometimes happen when we eat or drink too fast or when we use a straw.

The more you drink through it, the extra air you take in. And the more you have an excess air you have in your stomach, the more burps come out.

Eating and drinking too fast can cause air to get trapped in the stomach. This could be the ‘Aerophagia’ or the ‘Flatulence.’ And the only way we can release it is by burping (or even farting).

Here’s how it goes:

Eating and drinking (too fast) ➼ (too much) air gets inside the stomach ➼ release through burping

According to Dog Veterinarians, Poodles (and any other dogs) burp a lot when they eat too fast, gets irritated by the food or drinks they gulped, and if there’s an abnormality in his pharynx from the air, food, and medicinal allergy.

Other factors, such as their age, breed, and environmental conditions, can cause bloating as well. But when they burp, this means that they are releasing that excess air in their stomach. 

In other cases, dogs who are deep-chested and large breeds such as Poodles, they tend to get bloated. So rest assured that when they burp, everything is fine.

How to Prevent Excessive Burping of Your Poodle?

Dogs eat fast due to many reasons such as competition against their fellow dogs. They have this instinct to get competitive with or without dogs around. It could also be a sign of fear and anxiety. 

The key is to make your Poodle eat and drink slowly. This means that when they are thirsty, don’t give them too much to drink or, better yet, always keep water nearby, so they don’t get dehydrated, at least. 

Avoid making them hungry, use a time schedule on the appropriate hours they should eat. Feed them with a ‘slow-feed blow’ that is specially designed for dogs who eat (very) fast.

It’s like a bowl-puzzle for dogs. This would bring more chances of digesting foods that would help prevent gulping. You can also feed them a small portion three times a day!

As stated by the Animal Arc Veterinary Clinic in Chicago and written by Petful Veterinary Team, burping could be linked to a diet. This means that you have to do something about their meal to prevent them from burping a lot.

Buy foods and drinks that could be easily digested and is low in fat and fiber. Other Vet also recommends digestive enzymes and other dietary additives to be added to your dog’s diet. 

But make sure to consult first their personal Vet before removing or adding ingredients to their food.

Did You Know?
There are some cases where a Poodle who was once diagnosed with severe bloating, had a recurring issue. Surgery is required to prevent these recurring attacks. 

Signs of Trouble

When you watch videos online about dog’s burping, or you see them burp personally, it seems really funny. But what not is when you noticed that it’s not normal or they continuously do so.

Veterinarians say that some dogs burp because of a food allergy or other medical causes. 

Observe and see the way your dog eats and drinks. If they gulped anything with just several seconds or a few minutes, burping would be normal.

But if they chew on almost anything they put their mouth on, be alarmed, as this could be a sign of something serious, other than normal belching.

Digestive Issues of Poodles

The most common Digestive (and dangerous) Issues of Poodles are what we call ‘bloating’ or ‘Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV).’ But we aren’t medical experts here so in Layman’s term, GDV occurs when a dog’s stomach is bloated and stretches than its normal size.

This can cause severe abdominal pain to your dog which can also lead to the twisting of the stomach. This twist could cut their oxygen and blood supply, resulting in death! (which we hope will never happen!).

Not only your Poodle can experience abdominal pain, but this could threaten their existence. It is said that a Poodle with diagnosed and undiagnosed GDV will die in just a matter of hours if safety measures are not met. 

Another digestive issue is the ‘Gastric Reflux Problems’ or commonly known as the ‘Acid Reflux’ on Poodles. One factor causing this issue is when your Poodle chews almost anything they see.

These objects, items, or different types of foods are too difficult for their stomach to digest, and these may cause irritation and allergies for Poodles.

The acid in the stomach moves to the esophagus damaging the mucus lining and the esophagus itself.

Other than these two worst cases, your Poodle could be suffering from the following:

  • Stomach swelling that could be Peritonitis (rupture in the dog’s intestine or stomach due to different causes), Cushing’s Syndrome (overproduction of cortisol hormone), Ascites (too much accumulation of fluid in the abdomen), and internal bleeding.
  • Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract due to viruses, bacteria, and parasites inhibiting your dog’s body and other dietary issues and abnormalities.
  • Excessive bacteria formation that happens when your Poodle overeat that they have difficulty in digesting. This would ferment the bacteria in their stomach, leading to burping and other abdominal pain.
  • Aerophagia is the excessive swallowing of air.
  • Other tummy aches that are less severe are Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), mucus in stool, diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomach. 

Like we said before, it’s always best to take precautions in your Poodle’s meal and movements to prevent damages that can cause (unusual) burping. Observe and be alert to any significant changes within their habits. 

If there are no signs of neither vomiting food nor coughing up blood, there’s a chance that the stomach may not be the culprit.

However, all alternatives and treatments should be discussed with you Vet for proper diagnosis, locating what causes it, and discovering the most appropriate solution possible!

My Final Thoughts

Even our beloved Poodles with stylish hairdos and impressive behavior can eat or drink too much causing them to burp.

The only time we have to worry is when it gets frequent than usual, there’s a foul smell with their breath and even the gas they release, and when there are other symptoms shown. 

We also have to look out with the meal’s dietary ingredients and the way they eat and drink. Do something to prevent any digestive or stomach problems caused by foods and liquids. Observe and be vigilant at all times!

Followed with the possible illnesses that they may experience and the causes, go with your guts! If you think it’s time for them to see a Vet, then do so immediately!

Don’t wait until they’re about to suffer and experience the worst pain there is. Any history, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment should consider by the Veterinarian. 

Related Questions

Besides burping, how do Poodles release gas in their stomach?

Like humans, they also burp and fart to release any gas they still have, and it’s normal. But noticing the release of excessive gas is something to think and observe.

Do Poodles fart a lot? 

Yes, they do! A canine release gas (or fart) at least 10 to 50 times a day. Any increase in these ranging numbers is a sign of gas or digestive problems.


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