Do Siberian Huskies Bite? 5 Easy Ways to Stop Them From Biting

Do Siberian Huskies Bite?

If you ever faced a biting dog, then you will know that it is one of the worst experiences. Many dog lovers who are considering to adopt Siberian Husky are worried about whether they bite people or not. So, do Siberian Huskies Bite? And how to stop the biting?

Yes, Siberian Huskies can bite people when they feel threatened and scared. Another reason they bite people is they want to protect something that is valuable to them such as their owners, toys, foods, and puppies.

It is their natural dog instinct. This biting habit is inborn and cannot be wholly taken out. However, you can minimize their biting behavior through different techniques and training, which should be instilled in your dog from the very beginning.

In this article, I will teach you how to handle a biting Siberian Husky and what is the reason behind this action. You can minimize the problems caused by your dog, who is fond of biting people.

Why Siberian Huskies Bite?

Huskies are highly energetic dogs so you need to exercise them every day. However, if they are not able to get that considerable amount of playtime, they tend to bite on things and even people to release that energy.

There are many reasons why a Husky would bite and here are some situations they may bite:

  • They bite to declare their position.
  • When they are bored, they bite to grab some attention. 
  • When they feel that they are in danger.
  • When they are in stress and biting provides a way to relax them.
  • When they consider a stranger a threat for the owner.

Declaration of their position: Siberian Huskies are very competitive dogs. Their ancestors used to work in teams and consider their team as family. However, each team must have a leader to guide the pack. The leader must be strong and admirable so that other dogs can follow him.

If there is a lack of confidence in the leader, other dogs can challenge the leader, and biting is one of the ways to beat the opponent. This characteristic is still prevalent in the modern-day Husky. When the owner shows a lack of confidence, Husky tries to take over them and can attack them with a bite. It is a way to establish themselves as the leader of the pack.

When they are bored and they want some attention: This breed can quickly get bored. They need to be continuously entertained in order to stay active. When there is nothing new to do, Huskies use their mouth to explore new things. They can also sometimes bite the owners to grab some attention.

This characteristic is very much prominent in Husky puppies. At first, the biting of the puppy may seem harmless. However, it is the best time for correction. Because as the puppy grows old, it becomes a potential threat for others. 

When they are in danger: Husky is a very loving and charming breed. They love to play with children. However, certain instances can occur when Huskies can confuse a play with potential danger.

In that case, there are chances that they can bite the kids. This is, however, unintentional, but the consequences are disastrous. Therefore you should not let Huskies play with kids without the proper training and know-how of the play.

When they are in stress: Biting is a great way to release stress. This breed is highly energetic and requires a considerable amount of physical activities to release their energy.

If the dog owner is not providing enough time for the physical activities of dogs like play with the dog, running, and visit to do parks, this can cause anxiety in Huskies.

It is very harmful to a dog’s mental and physical health. Consequently, Huskies can end up biting different things, even humans.

When they consider the stranger a threat: This breed is very close to his family. They create an everlasting bond with kids and the owner. Therefore, they become protective of them.

Whenever they see some stranger in the house, they become curious about him. And sometimes they can also consider that stranger as a threat to his family. And in order to protect the family, Huskies can attack the strangers.

This situation is not desirable, because they can attack anyone coming to your house. The consequences are disastrous in this case as well. 

How to Stop Your Siberian Huskies From Biting?

Here are the five simple ways to stop your Husky from biting people: 

  1. Use of NO command
  2. Show disappointment
  3. Train them when they are puppy
  4. Enroll them in obedience class
  5. Bring the toys to bite

Use of NO command: You can teach your dog the meaning of ‘NO’ command. Whenever you say the word NO, your dog stops the action abruptly. It seems easy theoretically, however, a bit hard practically.

You need to train them on a daily basis, by providing different tasks and applying the NO command on those tasks. You can add rewards each time they obey you. This will instill the importance of the command. 

By associating the reward with the NO command, you make an impact on their subconscious. This, in turn, becomes natural for the dog to stop whenever the command is used.

Show disappointment: You can also use the disappointment trick for their misbehavior. Huskies care about their owners a lot. It is not acceptable for them that their owner is disappointed at them. This triggers an internal signal that their act is not acceptable.

To keep their owners happy, Huskies might not repeat the same act. However, it is not an overnight success. You need to be persistent and show disappointment each time they repeat the action. In the end, the Husky will realize that biting makes you sad, and they will leave this habit.

Train them when they are puppy: The best time to train your Husky (not to bite) is when they are small puppies. This behavior might seem cute to you. However, the same cute puppy will grow up in the coming years and will bite like a monster.

At that stage, it might be very difficult for you to stop them from doing this. However, the situation is in your hands when they are young. You can instill the right behavior in them. By interrupting them biting and taking notice on every bite, will create a sense in them that this act is wrong.

Young Huskies are eager to learn, and it is easy for them to grasp any attitude or behavior which you want to instill in them. You associate good behavior with some rewards, like taking them out for a walk or giving them a treat.

Treats and rewards can have a positive impact on them, and they will consider biting as bad behavior, which is not acceptable by their owners. 

Enroll them in obedience class: Some times, the situation is out of your hands. You cannot control the behavior of your Husky. They are grown-ups, and it is almost impossible for them to renew their habits. 

This is an alarming situation for the dog owner because their dog becomes a potential threat to society. These dogs can bite anything and anyone. In such cases, the best way is to take help from the dog training centers.

The certified dog trainers can help to improve the biting behavior of your dog. There are thousands of cases in which the biting behavior of dogs was changed, and they became safe to live in society again.

Bring the toys to bite: There is a variety of biting dog toys available in stores that your dog can bite. You can also provide them the right type of bones, which can solve the biting problem and can also provide the essential nutrients to your dog. 

You have to train your Husky to bite on the toys and bones only, nothing else. It is one of the best ways to stabilize your dog. It will give you some relief as well. You can focus on other stuff by having peace of mind that your dog is playing with toys.

However, the size of the toys should be big enough for your dog. So, these might not get stuck in their throat. They can consume energy in biting the toys and can release their stress on it. 

My Final Thoughts

Siberian Huskies have the habit of biting things and people. However, it should not be a deal-breaker for people who are planning to adopt them. Biting is a natural dog instinct. This can be controlled by proper training of the dog from the puppy stage. You have to instill the right behavior in your dog.

This can be achieved by associating the right behaviors with reward and lousy behavior with disappointments. Teach them to follow the NO command, so every time they try to bite someone, it can be stopped with a single command. In this way, the situation is always in your control, and you can prevent disastrous consequences.

You need to provide a considerable amount of physical activity to your dog so that they can release the extra energy. It can reduce the stress level in them and a great way to ensure a happy mood. 

However, if the situation is out of your control, i.e., your Husky is old enough that it cannot be trained, then you must take the help from a professional dog trainer. These certified trainers can help to instill the right behavior in your dog.

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