How Fast Can a Dachshund Run?

Are Dachshunds Fast Runners?

Nothing is better than the company we share with the ones close to us. This statement is true when we have time to share with our Dachshunds whenever and wherever we might be going. You love to run, and you love to run fast. But, will your Dachshund be able to catch up?

How fast can a Dachshund run? Dachshunds are fast runners. They are deceptively fast. Amazingly, they run as fast as 15-20mph for short bursts. When Dachshunds are well-trained, they run for 24-32kph, especially during marathons.

They surely are good to be our running companions. Dachshunds are given to be good runners even in long-distances. Despite their natural abilities, it will always be improved through proper training and diet.

However, there are possible health problems that might hinder them from running fast. The good news is you can train them and avoid certain foods and activities to keep them running more quickly. 

Why Do Dachshunds Run So Fast?

Dachshunds are also known to be hunters. They need to be cautious and display aggressive acts with their attacks to get a successful catch. One of their necessary skills is to run and act fast. 

Dachshunds are energetic. They have a lot of vigor to exert that when they use it for running, it shows that it is good. This ability can never be ignored. 

Do not underestimate their short legs. Even though small, those legs will help them to go fast compared to the other breeds. 

Recommended Training for Your Dachshunds

There will always be a first time for everything. Getting your Dachshund started for training may also be challenging. For your dachshunds to be used to their routine, they should have a regular exercise of 30-60 minutes a day. 

Taking into consideration the puppies from 3 months old, 15 minutes at a time will help them to be trained as well. You can start teaching them during playtime. 

Below are some ways that are proven to be effective to make your Dachshund run fast:

Earthdog Trials

Dachshunds are known to be good hunters. Given their size and their initiative to solve the problems on their own–Earthdog trials will help them exercise their intelligence. 

As they dig through and keep in mind the instructions given to them to reach an animal, it will help them focus on their goal to run fast in the field. This helps them to get directed and increase their ability to run faster.

Field Trials

With the help of a rabbit as the best option for attack, Dachshunds will be trained to follow on the track to where they need to be in. Do not worry because there will be no animals harmed during this training. They are caged during the practice.

When your dachshunds do this training, they will gain self-control to where they are going. This will also enable them to be trained to be obedient to their owners as they follow instructions on what to do, whom should they attack too, and where will they start.

Given the ability to know when they should enter, it will help them to maintain their ability to run fast because of their sharpened memory.

Agility Training

This is an exciting dog sport. It will be fun not only to the Dachshunds being training through it but also to you as you watch them jumping around and running with a focus in a short time. 

Due to the involved wide area of skills to learn during the span of training, it will help to run fast because they can survive around open areas.

With added exercise during the agility training, they will know the blocks ahead of them, and they will face those things with confidence of getting pass through it. 


This training preference will vary from Dachshund to Dachshund. Some like it, some don’t. Yet, if your Dachshund seemed to be into swimming, it will help their whole body to move, which is a great exercise to make them stay active. 

Dogs will naturally kick their legs when they are in the water. Swimming will help their muscles to move easily and has a significant impact when it comes to strengthening their joints.

Either they will like the water or not, they get tired easily since they use almost all parts of their body. Being watchful will protect them.


Climbing up the mountains and high places will help their legs to go out of their comfort zone. This has something to with their cardiovascular health. The more they go out to climb, the better their performance is in their running.

You can get started by walking them regularly to their neighborhood. It is one step at a time. Sniffing through the woods will help their lungs to be in peace and will help them relax as they go down after the hike.

Dachshunds are fiercely loyal. The best time to train them is not during their grown-up stage but when they are still puppies. As mentioned earlier, they are known to be solving their own problems.

Dachshunds also tend to choose what they want to hear or see. Therefore, telling them what is right and wrong from infancy will give you the kind of loyalty and obedience you want them to have. 

Train Your Dachsunds to Run Faster

Maintaining their strength by avoiding potential health issues, a healthy diet, and proper training will help them to keep running fast. You can do so by coaching them through in different fields like Earthdog trials, field trials, swimming, hiking. 

Dachshunds love to be vocal when they need something. It could be showing that they are happy, disappointed, sad, left out of just wanting some attention.

During training, when you notice such characteristics, you can prepare some ideas to help them control their emotions. 

When speaking of human terms, they are one of the extroverted breeds you might know. You will not find it hard to get along with them as they want to be outside to play. 

Keep them hydrated at all times. Choose the right foods that would strengthen their building muscles. They certainly love food but help them to have self-control in all aspects. 

Be careful since Dachshunds block messages they do not like to hear. Their eyes will tell you if they do not want to be you. Proper discipline during training will help them see that you have authority over them. 

Dachshunds are also high jumpers. Do not be deceived on how short they are. Take note that they are hunter dogs and they need to have the jumping skills to attack someone. They use their energy rights and well-trained strategic skills. 

When you are aware of what they do, you will help your Dachshund to keep their physical and mental state healthy. 

Common Health Issues of Dachshunds

Despite their popular running skills, we do not forget that they are also prone to certain health issues. Especially that they are always active outside the field. 

With short legs, they carry their long back which makes it heavy for them. That is the reason why they are prone to back pain. 

Dachshunds will always signal that they are starving. When they feel like it is their comfort zone or a rewarding time when they eat, it could cause them obesity. 

Dachshunds are naturally energetic. It will cause them to exert a lot of strength they have inside and also sweating. When failed to notice, it could cause them to dehydration. 

However, despite the possible health issues they might attain, you can do something to prevent them. With proper training, you will not only maintain the physical health of your Dachshund but also get them well-trained for running.

They may also attain the following:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Patella Luxation

Final Thoughts

Dachshunds are fast runners. They have this ability since their breed is designed to be hunters who need to be quick at responding to potential threats or seeing their attacks. 

Do not underestimate their short legs. They might be little, but its strength has excellent abilities in doing every activity, especially when it comes to running. 

They are loyal and vocal about what they feel. When they want to try to signal you for needing certain things, be quick to respond for proper training for them.

We surely love our Dachshunds. Aside from considering running as part of the essential abilities that they have, still, nothing beats their relationship with you. Giving them love and attention are the first things they need to keep on being driven to their fortes. 

Lastly, Dachshunds vary in personalities. Know them well including their strengths and weaknesses. It is good to read details about them, but each one of them is unique and possesses different talents depending on how you made them grow. 

Consider your Dachshund as your best friend. Keeping the right perspective will keep you going. Reward them when they run fast. Discipline them when you see the need for them to learn a skill. Doing so will show that both of you have affection for each other.

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