How High Can Chihuahuas Jump?

How High Can Chihuahuas Jump?

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dogs in the entire species. They got their name after their place of origin in Chihuahua, Mexico. Chihuahuas usually weigh around four to six pounds, a height around six to ten inches, and a life span of 12 – 20 years.

Chihuahuas are very much adored because of their size, and how easy they are to carry around. But despite their height, they can jump. How high can they jump?

Chihuahuas can jump from 2 ft to 10 ft (0.6 m to 3 m) as it grows. They are natural-born jumpers that do not require intensive training. Chihuahuas can jump as high as they intend to. The bigger they get, the higher they can jump. If you are thinking of getting yourself a chihuahua and put them in playpens, make sure that the playpen is high enough that they will not attempt to jump over it.

Aside from chihuahua’s unique ability to jump high despite their size, there are a lot of things that we probably do not know about them. The American Kennel Club recognizes them as toy dogs because of their size and weight. 

Why Does a Chihuahua Jump?

Chihuahuas are one of the breeds that get way too excited. They tend to become hyperactive, which becomes a bit bothersome to their owners. Once they get excited, it would be hard to make them calm.

That is why they would run around the house, jumps on the couch, or hops in front of you, and even if you notice them, they will not stop.

There are also times that this jumping behavior is not showing happiness; it might be because of energy explosion, frustration, or boredom. The best decision is to have them visit their vets.

Now, knowing that there are several reasons for chihuahuas to get all jumpy, let us enumerate some of it and how to fix it.

(These are the external factors that could hype up a Chihuahua.)
(Some tips on how to calm them down.)
Chihuahuas get along so well with children. However, chihuahuas could not tolerate constant touching, getting randomly picked up, loud voices, and constant running. This would cause an explosion of stored energy in them.Set limits to the kids’ interaction with the pet, provide chihuahuas with their own private and quiet space and observe your chihuahuas behavior around children.
Chihuahuas are good watchdogs, but it would impose frustration on them if they always have to be on guard. This happens when their toys or play area and food gets near foot traffic.Find a good spot in the house where the toys are away from people, and place their food bowls away from people or find a place where they could eat without getting disturbed.
Despite their size, chihuahuas have an enormous amount of energy that even they found it hard to dispose of. If they do not have enough activities to apply the power they have, it could cause them to be restless when they see their owners.Give them two or three walks a day. It is an excellent way to walk off all the energy that your chihuahuas have. Also, remember to use a harness instead of a collar, it is a lot easier to do brisk walk with them using it.
Being a guard by instinct, chihuahuas tend to be active at night and could not relax. It might be because they feel territorial, or they still have tons of energy to release.Make sure that they have enough amount of walks, exercise, and playtime during the day to release energy. You could also give them signals that it is time for bed — signals like closing the doors, windows, and dimming the lights.
They get easily pumped up. This happens before or during the walk. Chihuahuas tend to get super active when they see other dogs, cats, birds, people, and squirrels. They would hop and bark non-stop.
The regular walks would get the problem fixed. It is a matter of getting used to the place and the environment. If they get used to seeing birds or other outside stimuli, then they would generally calm down.

These triggers much summarize why chihuahuas get jumpy. The common jump scenarios are like jumping to the couch, to your bed, or dancing at you to notice them. They don’t just jump at you randomly, and they have their reasons too.

Admittedly, there are still a lot of reasons why chihuahuas get hyper. As a responsible owner, you must observe how they behave around you and others.

Moreover, give them enough attention and make them feel secure inside the house; this will help lessen their defensive instinct. Lastly, allow them to be alone sometimes. They often feel tired of what they do, and when they choose to sit and rest, let them be.

Chihuahuas’ Traits

Despite their size, they are most definitely one of the recommended watchdogs by experts because of their intelligence, agility, and obedience. Let us point out some traits of this breed to understand them better.

  • They are highly adaptive in their living environment. They are one of the suggested breeds for novice owners and those living in an apartment. However, like some dogs, chihuahuas cannot stand being alone for too long, and too cold or too hot weather does not sit well for them.
  • Chihuahuas are very friendly dogs. They are an excellent choice for families who have kids, but not toddlers. They are not good with other dogs or other pets and strangers.
  • Grooming them is not a problem. Chihuahuas only require minimal grooming since they are small and do not shed much; they are unlikely to drool, get sick, and gain weight.
  • It would be easy to train Chihuahuas because they are intelligent, obedient, and agile, and has a low tendency to bark or chase cats around.
  • Chihuahuas have an average energy level and do not need to exercise that much. But they are very playful, and their playtime could serve as their exercise already.
  • Chihuahuas are not the kind of breed who quickly catch diseases. But they are prone to hereditary diseases which is alarming. Although they are most of the time healthy, have them checked with the vet every once or twice a year.
  • Like all other dogs, chihuahuas should be fed according to their size. The right amount of dry food will help maintain the physical health of your furry friend.
  • They can get attached to one person, like all other dogs. As an owner, you need to give them enough amount of socialization with other members of the household.

The Good and Bad Side of a Chihuahua

Getting a chihuahua is not all rainbows; it also has its pros and cons. But this would still depend on how you raise them or how you train them to be.

Some owners enjoy all the boon and others who get all the bane. Let me reveal some of it.

They have a variety of coats and colorsDue to their size, they are fragile and require close supervision and monitoring.
They are quirky and funThey tend to break some things in the house.
They are loyal to their dog-parentsThey easily get startled which triggers them to bark.
They do not require much exerciseThey are experts in driving you insane if not trained well.
They have a longer lifespan than others of the same sizeThey could get bad behaviors if they are spoiled too much.

10 Fun Facts about Chihuahuas!

  1. Due to the size of their heads, Chihuahuas get Caesarian sections when giving birth to their pups.
  2. “Chi” has become their unofficial nickname.
  3. They are prone to separation anxiety and weary of unknown dogs.
  4. They hold the record for the most massive brain to body ratio of the entire breed, which often puts them into leading the pack.
  5. In other parts of the world, stories about selling fake chihuahuas happened. There was one case documented that a naive person paid a tremendous amount of money after being told that it was a chi pup when it was a rat.
  6. Despite having a thin layer of coat, chihuahuas cannot stay away from the snow. Chihuahuas love to play outside in the snow. It is suitable for as long as they do not spend more than 20 minutes out.
  7. As they say, size does not matter, when chihuahuas proved that they could be good service dogs and could help you with dog therapy.
  8. Don’t mess with their heads. Chihuahuas have a soft spot in their heads, just like babies, and they are susceptible to it.
  9. Never take them lightly for their cuteness. Chihuahuas are one of the aggressive breeds towards people and other dogs if not adequately trained to socialize.
  10. Columbus thought they were mute when he first saw one. Later on, he realized that he just met a very shy chihuahua.

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