How Much Do Belgian Malinois Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

How Much Do Belgian Malinois Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

The Belgian Malinois is a pretty famous dog breed. Thanks to blockbuster films starring the breed such as the movie “Max,” many people including me are attracted to this breed.

Usually employed as K9 units or security dogs, Mals are not your typical family dog. However, with proper training, they can be trained into one as they are highly intelligent in nature.

Through my experience as a Mal owner, I saw that many first-time owners find it hard to raise them properly. Additionally, many want to know their mean price in the market.

As time went by, thanks to my research and exchange of information with other owners, I have determined the estimated costs of a Mal puppy.

How much does a Belgian Malinois puppy cost? Average Belgian Malinois prices bought from reputable breeders range from $1,000 to $2,500. If taken from a pure breed or a champion bloodline, the prices for these dogs could double. Also, buying a pre-trained adult Mal for the purpose of protection increases the price significantly, starting from $20,000.

For me, I got my Belgian Malinois puppy from a respectable breeder for a price of $2,300. This might look a bit high, but various Mal puppy sources will be discussed further in this article.

Apart from the initial payments, a future Mal owner should also be wary of additional expenses for maintenance. These items include common Mal products and consumables that fit your dog’s traits and characteristics.

This blog post is meant to guide you on the anticipated expenses in your journey as a Belgian Mal owner. I have created various lists as well as tables to guide you on your high-energy Mal adventure.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Belgian Malinois Puppies

Opting to go for these unique pets requires lots and lots of commitment and cash. While the lower prices of Belgian Mals could go for as low as $1000, some factors such as medical tests and other treatments could increase them.

Dubbed as one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, it takes patience to raise a Mal from being a puppy. Here are the factors which would affect your future Mal’s cost upon buying.

Type and Reputation of the Breeder

As puppies require utmost care and training, the type of breeder is a factor that future owners should always look upon. A Mal’ source takes up a huge part of their price.

For example, respectable breeders which ensure that your Mal is at its peak quality would price more than those who neglect important dog traits.

High-quality breeders are good steppingstones in beginning your journey as an owner and are always a good investment. This will be discussed more in future sections.


Belgian Malinois dogs’ temperament levels are passed on from their parents. You can take note of this when buying your dog from any source.

Due to this factor, Mal coming from generations which have won from previous competitions would likely have their price doubled.

These are called championship bloodlines, and they are very expensive. The result of a good bloodline is puppies which require less effort to train due to selectively bred traits coming from their parents.

Kennel Club Papers

As dogs are priced high, it is important to see your puppy’s documents before buying. Breed certification is one of these papers, and they help prove or confirm your dog’s authenticity.

Breeders that provide such documents will of course charge higher because it confirms the dog’s quality as future pets. A famous organization responsible for certificates is the American Kennel Club.

Health Tests

With a very active lifestyle, it is problematic for a Mal to have health issues. Some common problems include eye cataracts and bone defects.

To ensure that your puppy meets all possible health standards, breeders employ health tests for proof. This can cause prices to go higher, but it is usually a bang for your buck.

Don’t see this as an additional burden to your wallet. See it as an avenue for investment in your future pet. It is always better to be safe rather than to be sorry.

Other Treatments

Ticks and worms are big yikes for any owner. To counter this, some breeders employ pre-ownership deworming and tick removal which increases Mal prices. Worry not, because owners like us greatly benefit from this in the long run.

I recommend inspecting your prospective Mal puppy before buying it, even to the point of also checking out their parents. Make sure to also check every document they give out and discuss the puppy’s temperament thoroughly as it will have a great impact on your journey.

Any Mal that costs $200 below is most likely a scam, so don’t fall for them. We should always look at the long-term expenses rather than short-term ones.

Types of Belgian Malinois Breeders and Their Respective Price

You can see Belgian Mal sources everywhere. They could lurk on websites, in local shops, or even some trainers. In choosing your pet Mal, it is important to know common sources, as well as their pros and cons.

I have compiled a rank-slash-list to help future owners like you determine the best sources.

Puppy Mills

You should never get a Belgian Mal in puppy mills. These types of establishments act as animal factories and pose great harm to puppies especially of this breed.

Like herding dogs, raising a Mal from the stage of being a puppy requires intricate care and knowledge of the breed as well as its physical needs.

Puppy mills do not consider a breed’s special demands, as they are only concerned with quantity rather than quality.

The prices of Belgian Mal bought from puppy mills have significantly lessened. They only range from $300 to $500. Because of this, you may be tempted to buy from them as you think that your initial expenses become lower.

However, in the long run, you will eventually run into problems especially in health. These problems will cause your wallet to be ripped apart since puppy mills don’t include tests and certifications upon dog purchase.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are another form of Belgian Malinois source. These types of people have zero to little experience in raising Belgian Mal, and they only acquire extra puppies because of unforeseen circumstances.

An example circumstance is their dog being pregnant which leads them to sell the puppies to shave off some responsibility. They are not experts in the field of proper dog breeding.

While their intentions remain pure and unquestionable, it is still clear that a breeder needs the right qualifications and experience to raise a Mal.

Their possible lack of knowledge could again pose threats to the dog’s health and temperament which are fundamental factors to consider when buying.

Price of Malinois puppies from this source usually range from $400 to $800. As stated, I don’t recommend this source too much, so I’d rather have owners buy from respectable breeders.

Reputable Breeders

These are the most reliable sources when getting a Mal. Reputable breeders are breeders who have garnered a reputation throughout the years to prove their ability to raise puppies.

When getting your Belgian Mal puppies from here, you will be guaranteed the highest quality of health and traits from your future dog.

They also have all the documents or tests you need as proof of the breed and health check of the puppy.

While their prices could skyrocket from $1,000 to a whopping $2,500, they are really worth the price. A good foundation with you and your dog’s relationship is built when you obtain them from respectable breeders.

My Mal was also bought from one of them, and it cost me $2,300. However, I am still satisfied with the price as I did not run into any notable issues in my journey as an owner.

Initial Costs of Belgian Malinois Ownership

Upon seeing the initial considerations in the section above, I’m sure that you already imagine a fun-filled, energetic life with your soon-to-be Belgian Mal. Before that, let us take a look at some added costs which you would spend aside from your puppy’s price.

With the help of my experience as a Mal owner, I can give you the estimated price of one-time buys for your beloved Belgian Mal.

Item TypeCost
Top Grade Food$80
Full Grooming$50
Pet Insurance$40
Dog License$10
First Vaccination$100
Bowls, Harnesses, Leash$150
Deworming and Flea$50
Initial Veterinarian Visit$70

While these values are only estimates, they can at least give you a glimpse of possible future expenditures with your Mal. As with any other product, it also depends on your preference as well as your dog’s.

Some products here could cost lesser and it’s up to you to find the best item suited for your needs.

My First Year as a Belgian Malinois Owner

Apart from the initial costs incurred which came with buying things for my Mal, maintenance cost also appeared in my first year of ownership. Again, I have made a guide for future owners based on my experience and expenditures.

Of course, these prices will be lowered as each year passes by. As you and your dog grow together, you will be able to determine the most affordable and suitable products for them.

Also, since you won’t buy products such as leashes, beds and toys for the second time, your yearly expenses will be reduced. Usually, you won’t be bothered by many medical expenses if you get your Mal from a reputable breeder.

Here is the list of my first-year experience in Malinois ownership.

Item TypeCost
Belgian Malinois Puppy$2,300
Vet Check$150
Pet Insurance$120
Dog License$10
Doggie Items (Toys, Bed, Lash, Collars)$300
Flea, Tick, and Deworming$80

This is all dependent on your preference and even your location. Here are also other adjustments that could have lowered or increased my first-year expenses.

Not going to a doggie training program. Belgian Malinois dogs are very energetic and prey-driven pets. Without proper training, raising them can be problematic as they can show destructive behaviors.

In my first year as a Mal owner, I found it hard to deal with my dog’s hyperactivity. However, when I was employed in a program, I learned positive reinforcement, which is the correct method of Mal training.

If you think you could deal with training your Mal by yourself, then your first-year costs will lessen significantly.

Cutting on treats cost. I really love to give my Mal treats. As intelligent dogs, I use treats as a method to train them properly and give them rewards after my basic commands.

By buying cheaper treats, you could save up your budget. In my case, I prefer giving my all to my Mal, because I think he deserves it. This article will tackle the most suitable treats for your Mal in the following sections. 

Average Monthly Cost of My Belgian Malinois

The initial costs of my Mal raising did not stay the same. In fact, it lessened over time as I gradually got to know my dog more and more.

As time passed by, my monthly budget only consisted of food, treats, some grooming costs, and monthly insurance.

Here is the list of items I pay each month:

Item TypeCost
Protein-Based Food$80
Treats and Toys$60

Belgian Malinois are very active herding dogs. They tend to run around, and they require a more outdoor lifestyle. Because of this, food intake is higher than usual compared to other large breeds.

Mal puppies have great nutrition needs, and they are fed up to 4 times per day. This could cause their food reserves to deplete easily. Protein is the name of the game for Mal, and this sustains them throughout their energetic day.

Compared to other dog breeds, Mals do not shed too much thanks to their short fur. However, I like treating my dog with a trip to the salon for relaxation, so I still employ grooming expenses monthly.

As time goes by, you will be able to learn how to groom them yourself, causing this section to only consist of dog shampoos and stuff such as clippers.

Because of my Mal’s healthy disposition, I thought that a $40 dog insurance would be enough. You can opt for higher-cost packages to better fit your Mal. As for me, I chose a cheaper one since I was confident in my breeder’s pre-ownership care.

Furthermore, it is always a good thing to set aside some cash for emergency purposes. This way, you won’t be caught off-guard by accident.

In my case, I wasn’t able to meet any life-changing problems, thanks also to the quality of my Mal coming from a good breeder. $30 or above could be a good emergency fund monthly, but I did not include it on my list since it is your discretion to have one.

Additional Expenses

Other costs could also arise in your journey. Since I did not make use of these things, I did not include them on the list. Regardless, here are possible additional expenses for your Belgian Malinois.

Dog daycare services: As very active dogs require up to 90 minutes of exercise every day, Belgian Mal should always have a companion at home.

Getting a caretaker is an option if your work requires you to be busy during your Mal’s active hours. Always remember to get someone who is familiar with your dog, as they can be aggressive towards strangers.

Someone you trust is always a good choice as it requires extra caution to accompany a Mal.

Travel and shipping fees. If your breeder is far from you, you could opt for dog delivery services. However, I do not recommend this since your dog could be faced with bad experiences during travel.

Another option is traveling towards the breeder to get your pet, but this will also require additional expenses.

Personally, I recommend a reputable breeder within your region only, as it is always a good thing for you to inspect him or her personally, as well as your future dog.

Finding Products for Your Belgian Malinois

Most Mal products are created specifically for the breed, and they consider your dog’s traits. It is important to get items which would match a Mal’ high energy levels and biting capacity.

Here is a list of common Mal items you need to get for your future puppy:

  • Large dog bed
  • Mal shampoo
  • Portable crate
  • Interactive training leash
  • Comb/brush
  • Durable toys

At first, it was hard for me to find the best Mal products. However, as my experience grew, I was also exposed to the best websites which recommend appropriate items for our dogs. These sites offer items scientifically created for Belgian Mal. These are also loved by Mal owners around the globe.


The website Breedsy offers the best food regimens for Mal. They have food choices that greatly consider the high energy levels of a Mal. They also emphasize the reason why protein makes up a large portion of a Mal’ diet, as well as other requirements such as fat, fiber, and fruits.

For maximum benefit, the site also displays a suitable food composition for Mal age ranges. They have separate food recommendations for Mal puppies, adults, as well as older ones.

In this site, overweighing and bloating are also considered so that you will have the perfect food equation to fit your dog’s needs.

Personal favorites of my Mal include the Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, which is a jam-packed protein complete with chicken, lamb, and salmon.

The product is priced at $60 per 30-lb bag. An alternative to this is the Ziwi Air Dried Lamb Food, which uses all natural-lamb meat. Each bag of this said food pack is priced at $40.


When buying your Mal items, you should always consider size and durability. As very large and active dogs, you don’t want to end up buying items again and again just because they were destroyed so easily.

The site Dog Gear offers the best Mal products designed for the protection and leisure of our dogs.

For collars, my dog’s personal favorite is the Rechargeable Dog Shock collar which is very suitable for training. This product can be used to teach our dogs tricks as well as basic commands. It is also waterproof for the best usability.

The bed which my Mal uses is the Laifug Memory Foam Orthopedic bed, which employs modern technology to support a dog’s body.

Belgian Malinois dogs like to spread out when they sleep, so it’s always great to consider large beds for them. The product is priced at $110, but there are always cheaper alternatives.

For toys, my Mal is in love with the StarMark interactive dog toy which also serves as a treat dispenser. The product helps my Mal to be stimulated mentally and physically, and it only costs $12 to boot. Additionally, you can buy biteable plushies for your dog to play with.


Treats play a large part in Mal raising. They could be used for rewards in positively reinforcing your Mal in its training process. The best Mal treats are those that are all-natural and rid of sugar which could increase their weight.

My Mal likes to be treated with the Healthy Treats Chicken Flavored snack. Priced at $15, these are soft and chewy treats at only 4 calories per piece. It also is a mixture of fruits and chicken which my dog always craves.

I like buying this treat in bundles to be sure that I’d be able to provide my dog with the appropriate reward. 

Final Thoughts

Belgian Malinois are not your typical home dogs, but with the proper training and care, they could be perfect for you and your family.

By following this guide in Belgian Malinois expenses, you will be better prepared for a pet-lover life. Be ready to do energetic activities with your future Mal!

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