How Much Does a Kangal Dog Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Kangal Shepherd Dog puppy price how much does a Kangal Dog cost

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is a livestock guardian breed that originated from Turkey.

Although not as popular as other breeds, they are extremely valued as intelligent working dogs. This is why many dog enthusiasts are curious to know just how much they need to own one.

Like with any other pet, having a Kangal dog will require careful budgeting. Aside from the initial purchase price, there are other expenses that come with maintaining these loyal and protective dogs.

If you are interested in the Kangal dog price, this article will give you the full cost details and tips for the money-savvy dog lovers among us.

The Average Cost of a Kangal Shepherd Dog: How Much Does a Kangal Dog Puppy Cost?

A Kangal Shepherd Dog puppy from a reputable breeder costs around $800 to $1,300. If you are looking for a Kangal puppy that comes from a superior bloodline, expect to pay around $1,700 to $5,000.

Of course, the final price of a Kangal dog puppy will still vary depending on several factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the dog’s pedigree, and more.

Kangal dogs are typically bred as guardian dogs for livestock in farms and ranches.

They may not be as popular as other companion breeds, but they are desired by many farm owners due to their hardworking nature and herding capability.

Here’s how a full-grown Kangal dog from a reputable breeder looks like:


Because of their practical purpose, they are often priced higher, especially when they are from a superior bloodline. Of course, there are other contributing factors that increase the final cost of Kangal dogs.

Are Kangal Dogs Expensive? Factors Affecting the Cost of a Kangal Shepherd Dog

Kangal Shepherd Dogs are definitely not a cheap breed. As consumers, it’s hard not to question how breeders price their Kangal puppies.

When you’re paying for that much, it’s important to know where your money is being spent.

To help you better understand the different factors that affect the price of a Kangal dog, I came up with a comprehensive list below:

  • Dog’s Pedigree: One of the main reasons why a Kangal dog is priced higher than normal is because of its blood lineage. If their parents are bred to join conformation shows and performance events, they are most likely to be more expensive. On the other hand, companion dogs fall in the normal price range.
  • Breeder’s Reputation: Professional breeders take years of practice to learn their expertise. If they have been in the business for a long time, they probably acquired recognition and became members of different kennel clubs. If the breeder is also known for breeding champion dogs, their puppies will be more expensive.
  • Gender: Female Kangal dogs are more costly than males due to their birthing capability. When the new owner decides not to spay their female puppy, they can generate revenue from their litters. Many breeders start their breeding business through this method.
  • Appearance: Kangal puppies are priced lower or higher depending on their coat color, markings, and other features. If they adhere perfectly to the kennel club standards, they will surely be pricier than those who don’t.
  • Health Guarantee and Certification: A reputable breeder usually provides a health guarantee for congenital diseases as well as registration papers. These are also added to the final price of the puppy.
  • Disease and Genetic Testing: The breeder has their puppies tested to ensure that your puppy is free from any congenital health issues. Upon the request of the owner, they can also get a DNA test to learn about their dogs’ ancestry and origin. This is also included in the cost of your Kangal puppy.
  • Training: Breeders normally train their puppies to socialize and adapt to a home setting before they are given to the owner. Requesting for special training will make the buying price even more expensive.

As you can see, there are several aspects to consider in coming up with the final price of a Kangal puppy.

Most of the breeder’s expenses go to health checks, tests, and training needed to ensure that your puppy is healthy and well-adjusted.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Kangal Dog From a Shelter or Rescue?

For others, adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization not only saves them a lot of money. They are able to help dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, and abused to be rehomed to a new, loving family.

On the other hand, most people are hesitant to adopt because they are afraid that the dogs are unhealthy, aggressive, and have other behavioral problems.

However, these organizations make sure that their dogs are medically treated and emotionally supported by their volunteers before being put up for adoption.

The typical fee for adopting a Kangal puppy ranges from $300 to $400 depending on their age. This excludes shipping fees and other requested services.

Initial Cost of Kangal Dog Ownership

Two Kangal Dog puppies from turkey

Purchasing your Kangal dog is only the first step in your journey of being a canine parent. Once you are ready to accept this responsibility, you need to prepare your finances accordingly.

It’s never cheap to own a pet, let alone a big dog like the Kangal Shepherd.

To ensure that your puppy will grow healthy and well-rounded, you need to purchase these essential items before you bring your Kangal puppy home:

  • High-Quality Dog Food: As puppies, they need to get the right nutrients to build their bones and muscles. Feeding them premium dog food like kibbles will help them grow healthy and strong. High-quality dog food will cost you around $85.
  • Food and Water Bowl: Your Kangal puppy also needs a good quality food and water bowl to eat from. Having an appropriate food bowl will ensure that they are getting the right serving of food every day. You can get a 2-in-1 bowl for as much as $20.
  • Leash and Collar: Daily walking is a good form of exercise for a developing puppy. A well-made leash and collar for your Kangal dog can be purchased for roughly $20. Aside from dog walks, these are also useful during training.
  • Training Treats: Speaking of training, you would want to buy some treats to reward your puppy. Positive reinforcement is always the best method to teach your dog basic commands. A variety of dog treats can cost you around $25.
  • Chew Toys: While chew toys are great to keep your puppy entertained, they are also needed to make their jaw and face muscles stronger. During the teething phase, chew toys can help prevent unnecessary gnawing on random objects in the house. You can buy chew toys for approximately $25.
  • Dog Crate: To help your pup feel right at home when they arrive, you should purchase a dog crate. This will serve as their little sanctuary when you aren’t around and if they want to rest. A sturdy crate typically costs around $44.
  • Dog Bed: A comfortable resting place is needed for your dog to have a good sleep. You need to spend at least $40 on a normal dog bed.
  • Dog Brush: Kangal dogs are heavy shedders. Regular brushing is needed to remove loose hair and keep the fur healthy and shiny. A dog brush usually costs around $15 at your local pet store.
  • Canine Shampoo: A dog-friendly shampoo will help prevent your puppy from developing fleas and maintain their hygiene. Dog shampoos formulated for sensitive skin and flea prevention are priced at around $10.
  • Urine Cleaner: While your puppy undergoes potty training, you need to clean up after him. To easily remove urine stain and odor in your house, buy an effective urine cleaning solution for $25.
  • Poop Scooper: Aside from urine, you need to deal with your dog’s excrement every day. For a hassle-free clean-up, you need a poop scooper that you can get for around $20.

For easier reference, you can check the table below with the list of items and their average price:

Type of ExpenseAverage Price
High-Quality Dog Food$85
Food and Water bowl$20
Leash and Collar$20
Training Treats$25
Chew toys$25
Dog Crate$44
Dog Bed$40
Urine Cleaner$25
Poop Scooper$20
Total Initial Cost$329

The total initial cost of owning a Kangal puppy is more or less $329. This covers all of the basic products that you need for your dog to settle in and start a new life with you and your family.

First-Year Expenses of Owning a Kangal Puppy

Adult Kangal Dog cost of ownership

After getting through that first month of owning a Kangal puppy, you should allocate the annual budget for their ongoing expenses.

As a dog parent, you should consider the cost of veterinary expenses, medications, and emergency treatments.

Here is a list of important expenses that you should include in your annual pet finances:

  • Pet Insurance: Getting insurance for your Kangal dog is a good investment. If your dog needs to get emergency treatment, your insurance can cover the expenses. Insurance with basic coverage typically costs $240 per year but depending on your policy, this figure can increase.
  • Vaccinations: If your breeder doesn’t cover vaccination, you need to spend around $100 for your pup to receive the necessary vaccine shots.
  • Deworming: To prevent parasitic infections, deworming should be performed on your Kangal puppy. Breeders usually include this in their final price but in case they don’t offer this service, you will need to pay another $50 or more for worming medications.
  • Neutering/Spaying: Most breeders sterilize their puppies before handing them to their new owners. In case they didn’t, you should allot around $200 for the procedure. This can be lower or higher depending on the vet or center you take them to.
  • Flea and Tick Medication: Monthly flea and tick regulations should be made to ensure that your pup won’t suffer from these parasites. You should allocate around $200 for yearly preventive medication.
  • Vet Visit: Monitoring your dog’s health should always be a priority. Annual visits to the vet are never cheap so you need to prepare at least $400 from your budget.
  • Dog License: Make it easier to track your dog in case they get lost by getting them a license. Your municipal office can provide you with an ID tag and dog license number for $20.

The following table summarizes all expenses during your first year of owning a Kangal dog:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
Kangal Shepherd Puppy $800 – $1,300
Chew Toys$230
Training Treats$300
Pet Insurance$240
Vaccinations (optional)$100
Deworming (optional)$50
Neutering/Spaying (optional)$200
Flea and Tick Medication$200
Vet Visits$400
Dog License$20
Total Yearly Expenses$3,485 – $3,985

The average range for the first-year expenses of your Kangal dog is between $3,485 and $3,985.

While this seems like a huge sum of money, it includes all of the necessary services needed for your pup to grow a healthy and long life.

You can reduce this amount if you choose to buy from reputable breeders who cover vaccination, deworming, and neutering or spaying in their fee.

Monthly Cost of Owning a Kangal Dog

Since it might be overwhelming to know the yearly cost of owning a Kangal dog, it’s only fair to make a monthly breakdown of your possible expenses.

The monthly costs of having a Kangal Shepherd usually consist of food, treats, toy replacement, and health needs.

All of these items and services are summarized below:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
Pet Insurance$20
Flea and Tick Medications$17
Miscellaneous Supplies$10
Total Monthly Expenses$182

The estimated total monthly expenses of your Kangal dog are around $182. Of course, it is always the owner’s choice to select premium or more affordable products when shopping for their dog’s needs.

Lifetime Expenses of Owning a Kangal Dog

Having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Providing your Kangal dog’s needs until old age might hurt your bank account but it will definitely be rewarding.

The average lifespan of a Kengal Shepherd Dog is around 10 to 13 years. Considering the computed average yearly expenses to be $2,685, we can assume that the lifetime cost of owning this breed will be around $21,480 to $34,905.

Of course, these expenses can be significantly lower by keeping your Kangal dog healthy and by carefully picking out products that are affordable but offer the same quality.

Other Potential Expenses

Kangal Shepherd Dog sitting on grass in a village

Throughout your dog’s life, there might be situations where you will need a particular service.

Emergencies can also happen at any point that will require immediate attention. Including these unexpected factors in your dog budget is also something you should consider.

The list below shows all of the possible expenses that you might need to pay for unexpectedly:

  • Dog Walking Services: If you are at work or you simply have a busy schedule, you can hire a dog walker to ensure that your pup doesn’t skip their daily exercise routine. You can expect to pay around $15 for this service.
  • Daycare Services: There might be times when you need to travel and there is no one in your household to look after your dog. To make sure that your Kangal dog is in good company while you are away, you can pay for daycare services. They usually charge $15 depending on the length of your pup’s stay.
  • Medical Treatment: As your dog ages, they become more vulnerable to diseases. Treatment for any chronic illness is expensive. You may need to cash out around $150 to $1,000 depending on the medication or treatment method required by the vet.
  • Kennel Club Registration: Having your dog registered at a kennel club is a great advantage. This will allow them to compete in conformation shows and agility competitions. You need to allot $90 to sign up for your dog.
  • Pet Grooming Services: Grooming your dog at home is not always a pleasant experience. To lift the burden from this task, you can go to a professional grooming salon and leave it all to the experts. Since your Kangal dog has short, dense hair, the service will cost only around $35.
  • Training: If you want your dog to learn a special skill or improve its behavior, you can enroll them in training classes. To get the most effective results, you can choose a registered and reputable trainer. The minimum fee for these trainers is around $100.

Common Health Issues of Kangal Dogs and Their Cost of Treatment

Kangal dogs are favored by many farmers due to their strong resistance and generally good health. They can live for up to 12 to 15 years on average.

However, they can still experience several health issues in their lifetime. The cost of treatment for these conditions can add up to the cost of owning a Kangal dog.

Here is a list of common Kangal dog health issues and their treatment cost:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Large breeds like Kangal Shepherd Dogs are prone to have hip dysplasia which is characterized by the deformity and dislocation of the hip joint. In severe cases, your dog might need to have a total hip replacement surgery that can cost between $3,500 and $7,000.
  • Entropion: This genetic eye condition is marked by the abnormal development of a dog’s eyelid. Entropion causes the eyelid to roll inward, causing the dog’s fur to rub into the cornea. Veterinary surgeons can charge $500 to $1,500 for corrective surgery.
  • Lipoma: When your Kangal dog reaches middle age, it can suffer from lipoma. This is a benign tumor consisting of fat that can grow anywhere in your dog’s body. Although this is not a life-threatening condition, it can still cause discomfort and should be removed. Owners should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 per lump or mass.

By purchasing from a breeder that ensures the highest quality of health for your Kangal dog, you wouldn’t need to worry about these expenses.

Places to Find Kangal Dog Puppies for Sale or Adoption

Two Kangal Shepherd Dog puppies for sale

Finding a Kangal dog is indeed a time-consuming task. It also requires effort to verify if they are trustworthy or not.

Luckily, you won’t need to be skeptical about your search because I’ve come up with a list of reputable Kangal dog breeders in the United States.

You can contact these breeders to know if there are any upcoming litters:

  • Chippewa Valley Kangals – This kennel is run by a veterinary technician who began to have a passion for Kangal dogs in 2014. The breeder is also a member of the Kangal Dog Club of America. All of their puppies are given early training and necessary vaccinations and health checks.
  • Skyfiber Kangals – This Kangal dog breeder from Washington specializes in breeding livestock guardian dogs for farms. Their Kangal puppies are all DNA health tested and OFA hips certified. 
  • HexenWald Ranch – This is another breeder from California that breeds Kangal dogs alongside other farm animals. All of their dogs are bred for work and companionship. They are also UKC registered.
  • Evans Mill Cattle Company – This is a farm located in Kentucky which breeds both cattle and guardian Kangal dogs. One of the owners is the current president of the Kangal Dog Club of America.

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If you want to consider adoption, you can reach out to this rescue organization to inquire about an available Kangal dog:

  • Kangal Dog Rescue Project – This is a national organization that provides medical services, transportation, and fostering of Kangal dogs until they are ready for adoption. They have been operating since 2000.

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Money-Saving Tips for Kangal Dog Puppy Parents

Every dog owner wants to save some extra cash. Luckily, there are ways to avoid spending too much money on your dog’s needs without having to sacrifice their health and well-being.

While these tips are helpful, they may not apply to everyone. Nevertheless, they are still worth looking into:

  • Adopt from a rescue or shelter. Rather than buying from a breeder, you can choose to adopt a Kangal dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue near your area. This will definitely cost less than buying from a breeder. The adoption fee covers all medical treatment and costs of rehabilitating the rescued dog.
  • Train your dog at home. Instead of spending a ton of money on hiring a professional trainer, you can try teaching them basic skills and tricks at home. Trainers often charge expensive fees depending on their expertise and the frequency of training needed.
  • Look for discounts. When buying essential items like dog crates, beddings, and toys, try to search for shops offering discounts. Online pet stores also offer promo codes that you can apply during checkout. You can even shop secondhand if you can.
  • Buy dog food in bulk or prepare raw alternatives. Buying kibbles in bulk can save you a lot of money. Similarly, you can start a raw diet for your puppy which is also a cheaper alternative. Check this video on how to prepare a raw meal for your dog:
How To Start Your Puppy On A Raw Diet - The Ultimate Guide
  • Groom your dog at home. Learn to groom your dog by yourself through online videos to save the cost of going to a professional groomer.
  • Find an affordable veterinarian. Ask your fellow dog owners if they know vets who have affordable rates but provide professional service.

Final Thoughts

Dog ownership requires emotional and financial preparedness. Money matters when purchasing a Kangal puppy and especially when it comes to maintaining them.

As with other breeds, having a Kangal Shepherd Dog calls for responsible budgeting to meet all of their basic necessities.

It’s best to take the more practical path while still ensuring that your dog is getting what he needs as they grow up. Make their health your top priority so you won’t have to spend a lot on expensive medical treatments.

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