How Much Does a Shar-Pei Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

How Much Does a Shar-Pei Cost? Average Prices and Expenses

Shar-Peis are distinct looking dogs best characterized by the folds in their skin. These folds give the illusion that they’re wearing a bulky coat. Back then, this breed used to be watchdogs and pit fighters.

Because of this, Shar-Peis are inherently independent but overly protective when it comes to their owners. Sadly, they almost became extinct in 1970.

However, a man named Matgo Law poured all his effort into saving these furries and succeeded by breeding them with passion.

They will likely fend off other pets that come near you because of their fighting instinct. However, Shar-Peis can be sociable if given the proper treatment. This is the reason why I decided to get one. I found that they do well with owners who treat them carefully.

Through the years, I have gained knowledge and understanding of how to properly raise a Shar-Pei dog. Because of their independence and aloofness, others seem to have a hard time taking care of them.

Also, some prospective owners simply want to know the average price of Shar-Peis in the market to get an idea before buying.

Thanks to my research and comparison with other experienced owners as well as connections with breeders, I have made estimates, tables, and lists on the costs of a Shar-Pei.

How much does a Shar-Pei puppy cost? Estimated Shar-Pei prices taken from reputable breeders range from $1,000 to $2,000. Champion bloodlines of the said breed can exceed $3,000, and this is due to their show quality.

If considered, other factors could also come into play, but don’t worry, because this article will tackle all of them. Apart from payments made to cover the cost of the puppy, we also need to look at other expenses.

These expenses include initial item payments, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, and additional services that you or your dog might need.

All of those mentioned things appear in lists and tables in this blog. This article was written to educate prospective owners like you on projected costs so you’ll get a good grasp on your Shar-Pei adventure.

What Factors Affect the Average Cost of Shar-Pei Puppies?

Going for a Shar-Pei requires dedication, patience, and money. Prices for such breeds go for as low as $1000, but there are many factors that could raise the market price.

Being highly independent watchdogs, they need a lot of training and socialization at an early stage. Here are some considerations that might alter the cost of your Shar-Pei puppy.

Breeder Reputation

With a history of almost becoming extinct, Shar-Peis should be raised with the utmost care and diligence. A Shar-Pei source does the heavy lifting on pre-ownership care, and it is highly important that you choose the right one.

Usually, high-quality breeders charge more than lower quality ones because of the services and security that they offer. The different types of Shar-Pei breeders will be discussed in this article for you to have a better grasp of choosing.


A Shar-Pei’s genetics will greatly affect their temperament and health. Well-trained parents produce pups with good traits, making them more suitable for ownership.

Because of the desirable genetics, the price of Shar-Pei puppies could increase. Show-quality or champion-quality Shar-Peis have parents who have won contests, and this could increase their price to up to $3000.

Kennel Club Papers

As future Peis owners, we are highly concerned about our dog’s breed purity. To assure this, a breeder can present genetic testing certificates to assure your pup’s quality.

Organizations such as the American Kennel Club could also give these certificates, and they could even offer separate ones for each of the parents and the puppy. More breed certification means higher prices and better quality.

Health Testing

As a breed requires intensive amounts of breeding to avoid extinction, Shar-Peis are prone to some unusual health issues. These problems include eye problems, glaucoma, dysplasia, and even hip bone defects.

To ensure that your future Pei is free from such issues, a breeder uses different medical evaluations and tests which will cost them some money. These tests are then charged to you as pre-ownership care.

Additionally, you might also be presented with the parent’s health papers to ensure genetic quality. While this might look like an additional burden in your finances, you should see it as an investment because it’s for you and your dog’s benefits.


It’s a big turn-off to see ticks and worms in our future pets. Breeders can get rid of them as an additional treatment for quality control. Furthermore, they could also infuse your puppies with the primary vaccine shots they need.

Some even include microchip placement to ensure that you never lose your puppy. Again, such costs will be added to you as pre-ownership charges, but they are good investments as a future owner.

Great Shar-Pei sources make use of all the factors which I laid out. From certificates, tests, and even additional treatments, they guarantee that your dog is in tip-top shape.

When I purchased my Shar-Pei, it cost me $1200. This might look a bit pricey, but my puppy had all the appropriate papers and documents with him. I was confident that my puppy was of high quality, and the documents helped me feel secure.

Types of Shar-Pei Breeders: Where to Get Your Puppies and What Are the Prices?

A very important part of being a Shar-Pei owner is finding a good puppy supplier. There are many of them out there, yet only a few are genuinely capable of raising a Shar-Pei with proper nutrition.

I made a list of the different types of puppy outlets graded from the worst to the best.

Puppy Mills

A potential owner should never pick puppies out of a puppy mill. Such businesses, who operate as plants, do great harm to the puppies of this breed.

Raising a Shar-Pei from puppyhood requires intricate care due to their history of near extinction. Puppy mills are more concentrated on quantity rather than quality, so they’re never able to tell what a Pei puppy needs.

Instead of living beings, they treat dogs as mere commodities. Their price ranges from $400 to $600.

Most of their sales come from the idea that you save a lot of money when you buy from them. Though it is a very enticing offer, there are still more drawbacks than advantages.

They do not give out papers and documentation for the puppy. You should expect pets riddled with health issues when you buy from them. These businesses are highly abusive toward animals, and we should never support them.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are another form of Shar-Pei suppliers. They are not that experienced, and most of them are beginners in breeding dogs. They’re just selling puppies because of unforeseen happenings.

These situations may come in the form of their pets’ unwanted pregnancies. They try to sell them off if they can’t take care of more dogs as additional responsibilities. Prices from these stores range from $600 to $1000, which is somewhat lower than the average price.

Sure, their motives may be good, but it still doesn’t change the fact they’re inexperienced. For dogs who need intense attention as puppies, Shar-Peis require the best environment for growing up.

I urge you to not buy from them as, due to the lack of pre-ownership facilities, you could also spend more money in the future.

Reputable Breeders

Reputable breeders know the art of raising Peis by heart. They are trained and experienced enough to what’s best for these furry creatures.

They know the common problems which could arise from the breed and they have solutions ready. To add, these people also give out complete documents to guarantee their pup’s quality.

Most of them are also affiliated with the American Kennel Club and are licensed to operate by the government.

Their rates could range from $1,000 to $2,000. Many breeders might even recommend championship breeds with prices of up to $3,500.

Despite the huge prices, this is a great investment, as you will be confident in the future health status and traits of your puppy.

My purchased from a reputable breeder is a good experience. No health issues appeared before me, and the breeder was kind enough to show me what my pup’s parents looked like so that I’d have a better idea on my journey.

Initial Cost of Shar-Pei Ownership

The common puppy sources and puppy prices were presented above, and I’m sure that you are curious to see some additional expenses that come with your puppy purchase.

Let us take a look at some one-time buys that your Pei will need.

Item TypeCost
Top Grade Food$60
Initial Pet Insurance Fee$80
Dog License$10
Interactive Toys$30
Harness and Leash, Bowls$80
Initial Veterinarian Visit$150

This initial cost will always be based on you and your dog’s preferences. As time passes by, you will become more acquainted with your Pei and you will learn the products best suited for them. This table is just a detailed estimate for prospective owners like you.

My First Year Expenses as a Shar-Pei Owner

Your first-year expenses will consist of the puppy price, starting items, as well as some additional expenses such as training and vet visits. I have created a comprehensive list of my expenditures as I began taking care of my Pei.

It is a given that your first-year spending will be greater than the succeeding ones. Don’t worry, this will eventually decrease since you won’t be buying stuff such as beds and leashes unless your dog destroys them.

Also, medical issues are not a problem if you got your dog from a great breeder. A healthy and high-quality dog leads to lesser expenses in the future.

Item TypeCost
Shar-Pei Puppy$1,200
Vet Check$300 (3 vet checks)
Pet Insurance$300
Dog License$10
Doggie Items (Toys, Bed, Lash, Collars, Shampoos)$180
Flea, Tick, and Deworming$40

It is clear that a large portion of your first-year expenses come from the puppy costs. Thus, there is a need to check your puppy source before buying.

Here are other adjustments that you could employ to lessen your expenses.

Lesser vet checks: While my Pei exhibited good health, I still went to the vet thrice in my first year. One specific breed issue of Shar-Peis is called Shar-Pei fever, so I always give my dog a general check-up.

You could choose to lessen your vet checks depending on your discernment. Doing so could cut up to $100 in your expenses.

As for me, I wanted to be safe rather than to be sorry; and that explains why my vet visits section costs so much.

Opt for a cheaper insurance plan: I could have opted for a cheaper insurance plan for my Pei, but I thought that my chosen program was very suitable for my dog.

It was an $80 initial payment with a $20 monthly installment, totaling to $300. Prices could also vary depending on your region, as busier cities charge more than rural areas.

Regardless, it is your prerogative to choose a plan that fits your budget and your Shar-Pei’s need.

Lessening treats. Shar-Peis, with their history as pit fighters, could be stubborn at times. Thus, I use treats as a way to control my Peis behavior. As an owner, you could choose to shave off some cash by lessening on treats.

For me, I choose to spoil my Pei in this aspect, as I see that his attitude greatly improves when I use treats as positive reinforcement.

Shar-Pei Average Monthly Cost

From the high and jaw-dropping initial payments, my monthly maintenance only consisted of food, insurance, and treats. Here is the breakdown of my monthly maintenance costs for my Shar-Pei.

Type of ExpenseCost
Premium-quality Dog Food$60
Insurance Monthly Fee$20

Shar-Peis may look lazy due to the folds in their skin, but they require moderate amounts of exercise. These dogs need to be taken to a walk regularly and on a daily basis.

Because of this, they can easily get their energy levels depleted. To sustain their needs throughout the day, it is recommended that they eat 3-4 times a day.

Shar-Peis are huge food consumers, and they could deplete their food reserves if you don’t oversee them carefully.

Usually, I buy two food packs per month. One for consumption and the other for reserve. If the reserved pack doesn’t get used, then I will keep it for next month’s consumption.

Shar-Peis are not heavy shedders, so a brush three or four times a week is sufficient for them. Their fur is also dirt and dust repellant, so there is less need to bathe them.

Usually, I bathe my Pei twice a month or if he gets stuck in hard to remove dirt such as mud.

Nail clipping routines can come after their baths, but you need to be careful not to hurt them. It is also recommended that you check their ears for infections on a biweekly basis.

You can make grooming a good experience by giving them treats after cleaning up. Generally, I had no problems in Pei grooming so I was not able to use professional grooming services which could have increased maintenance costs.

Having an emergency fund is a must especially due to Shar-Pei’s inherent medical sensitivity. You never know what could happen, so it is always good to always be prepared.

For me, $30 is a good sum of money for unexpected bills, but you could always increase or decrease yours. I did not include this item in the list since I wasn’t able to make use of it.

My dog was really healthy from puppyhood to adulthood, so I did not face any major health issues. My breeder played a huge part in this factor. He helped me have a good steppingstone in dog ownership.

Additional Expenses

Aside from the things mentioned above, you can also make use of additional services in your journey. These services add costs to your expenses, but they can help you in taking care of your pet.

Dog daycare: Shar-Peis are dogs that require moderate exercise once a day. This could be in the form of a morning walk or afternoon stall.

Some owners don’t have extra time for this due to the nature of their job schedules. To make up for it, you can employ dog daycare services so that your dog is not neglected while you work.

Just make sure you hire someone you trust as a caretaker so you don’t put your dog at risk. Shar-Peis are also inherently aloof, so your dog must be well-acquainted with the carer.

Travel and shipping costs: My Shar-Pei was bought from a local breeder so I don’t have to pay for dog shipping services. However, there are cases in which the breeder is far from the future owner, and this requires them to meet through traveling.

Airfare and accommodation towards the breeder could cost as much as $600, and you’ll have lesser time in examining the puppy. Try to get as many local Pei breeders as possible.

It’s more advantageous than far away ones since you will have a longer time looking at your pup or even the parent’s characteristics.

Finding Products for Shar-Pei

The best Shar-Pei products are those that consider the breed’s traits. We should always find items that could endure the Shar-Pei’s weight and help them be positively enforced for obedient.

Here are some common Shar-Pei items that we need:

  • Collars
  • Food and water bowls
  • Interactive toys
  • Biting toys
  • Bed and crate
  • Hygiene items
  • Protein-based food
  • All natural-treats


Pei food, like any other dog food, needs to meet standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Furthermore, protein food is necessary to sustain our beloved dogs throughout the day. They should also be natural with no preservatives to avoid health problems.

My Pei’s favorite food is the Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food. It is a combination of salmon, chicken, and lamb meat.

This protein combo helps sustain Pei nutrients in a day’s work, and they taste good since my Pei loves it. The price goes at around $50, but it can change depending on your location.


Shar-Peis can get very aggressive when they see other dogs. Thus, there is a great need for leashes, collars, or harnesses. Some advanced collars employ technology for better dog control, while harnesses provide greater comfort for dogs.

The PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness is my Pei’s choice. It helps prevent neck problems, as well as choking and gagging. It is highly suitable for your daily Shar-Pei walks, and it allows owners to steer their pets properly without harming them. The harness is priced at $40 and works great with leashes.

You can choose between a bed or a crate for your dog’s safe spot. Beds cost from $50 to $60, while crates could go as high as $40 to $80.

An example of a good medium-sized crate is MidWest homes for pets which ensures that your dog won’t roam around that much.

For toys, a flavored bone chewable such as the Benebone Real Flavor toy could help keep your Shar-Pei at bay. It’s a flexible chewing toy priced only at $20, and it could also help on your puppy’s teething stage.


Zuke’s Mini Natural treats helps maintain my Shar-Pei’s obedience. It is an all-natural training treat that is made from duck meat and other essential vegetables.

Priced only at $15, my dog can’t get enough of this treat. His heart races just by hearing the sound of the packet opening.

Final Thoughts

The best way to reciprocate our dog’s loyalty is to give them the best that we can. With this article as your guide in Shar-Pei ownership, you will be ready for the adventure of loving them.

Use this guide wisely as a stepping stone, and don’t forget to enjoy your moments with your Pei!

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