How to Potty Train a Siberian Husky Puppy – A Quick Guide

How to Potty Train a Siberian Husky Puppy

It is the foremost responsibility of the dog owner to potty train the dog. You need to instill the right behavior in your dog from the very beginning. So, you can make sure that it does not make your house dirty when grown up.

Siberian Huskies are hard to train dogs. The best way to potty train them is to teach them from their childhood. You require a lot of patience in the process. However, with consistency, you will achieve success in instilling the right behavior in your Husky.

In this article, I will guide you on how to potty train your Siberian Husky. By following simple steps, you can teach your dog to keep the house clean.

What Is Potty Training?

Potty training is also known as toilet training. It is the process of teaching your dog to use proper places for the elimination of bowel and urinate. This training is very crucial because a properly potty trained dog will keep your house clean. Otherwise, it can make your life miserable.

You need to teach the important commands to use the proper washroom. In the case of Siberian Husky, it is extremely important from early childhood because it is very difficult to train a fully grown Husky.

Effective Ways to Potty Train a Siberian Husky Puppy

It is very disappointing for dog owners if their dog is creating a mess in the house. It disturbs their regular routines and makes the house unbearable to live.

Therefore, you need to train your dog to use the washroom or other places for bowel elimination. Bowel elimination is also known as defecation. It is a process in which a dog excretes the waste products of digestion.

Here are some effective ways to potty train your Siberian Husky:

  • Schedule the eating time
  • Fix a bowel elimination area
  • Schedule the bowel elimination time
  • Learn to know the signals from your dog
  • Crate train your Husky
  • Don’t let your Husky run in the whole house
  • How to handle if Husky eliminates accidentally

Schedule the Eating Time

It is extremely important in the case of Siberian Huskies to feed them small portions of meals 2 to 3 times a day. The stomach of the Siberian Husky is designed to consume and process small portions of the meal. Therefore, strictly following a schedule and taking care of diet is extremely important.

You should know how much time it takes your Husky to digest the food and release the bowel so that you can keep an eye on your dog to use the proper place for bowel elimination at that time slot. This will help your Husky to develop a routine that will be very beneficial when they are grown up.

Fix a Bowel Elimination Area

Whenever Husky feel uncomfortable and feels to pass on the bowel, take them to a fixed area. Allow them to pass on the bowel and urinate in that particular area. It should be done from a very early stage so that your pup gets familiar with the area.

Do not allow them to make a mess in the house. Show some disappointment on this behavior and use the authoritative tone to make sure they get the message. This breed cares about its owners. And a disappointed attitude will make them feel guilty, and they will try not to repeat the action.

Keep a close eye on your Husky and regularly check the specified area. So, you can make sure they are eliminating bowel in the designated area and not somewhere else.

Schedule the Bowel Elimination Time

It is beneficial to fix the time for bowel elimination. It helps you to track the bathroom requirements of your dog. When your Husky gets used to the schedule, it turns into its habit. They try to pass bowel in that fixed time slot.

This is a very effective potty training technique. It allows the owners to check the dog at a particular time, and they do not have to worry about their dog all the time. You should strictly follow the schedule so that your puppy gets used to it. This will help them to adopt it as a habit.

And when the dog is grown up, the habit remains with it. So, there will be nothing to worry about regarding its bowling needs.

Learn to Know the Signals From Your Dog

Dog owners need to get familiar with the bowel elimination pattern of their dogs. You should learn to know that your puppy needs to use the bathroom. A good owner must be able to understand from the expression of its dog that it needs to eliminate the bowel.

The expression of the Husky changes and they start to look for the right pooty area. Its body language will indicate that it is ready to eliminate waste.

In this case, quickly take your dog outside to the designated elimination area. Teach them to follow you whenever they need to use the bathroom.

Crate Train Your Husky

It is often observed that dogs eliminate bowel on one side of the crate and sleep on the other end. It is a very alarming situation because it can ruin the habit which you want to instill in your dog. The biggest reason for this odd behavior is that they consume a lot of time in the crates.

You should not keep them in the crate for more than 6 to 8 hours a day. Give them some breathing space and allow them to use the designated elimination area. Never let them eliminate waste in the crate. Teach them to call for you in case they need to use the bathroom.

You must also be able to check on their routine. You should know the timings in which they usually need to eliminate. A right schedule can fix this crate problem.

Don’t Let Your Husky Run in the Whole House

It will be challenging for you to control your Husky if it is running in every direction. You need to put some limitations by creating some no go areas for your dog. This is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your dog.

You can use baby gates to make sure that your dog is eliminating outside the house. This training should be started from the very beginning because it will have a psychological impact on your dog. They will only move in the designated area of the house, which can make your life easy.

How to Handle If Husky Eliminates Accidently

It is usual for a puppy to eliminate accidentally. Because they are too small to control nature’s call. However, you should not ignore this, because this is the best time to train them and instill the right attitude in them.

It is highly recommended not to shout on your dog because they have not done this intentionally. Also, shouting and abusing have severe psychological effects on your dog. They start hating you, and frustration starts building in them. This will only hinder the process of potty training.

When your puppy eliminates inside the house, you should remain calm. Take them outside the house to the designated elimination area, point your finger to that area to show them to eliminate in this area. Spend a few minutes at the elimination spot with your puppy so they can eliminate the remaining waste.

This exercise will make your puppy realize to use only the designated spot for bowel elimination. Your dog might repeat to produce waste inside the house more than one time. However, your patience and consistent training will help it to adopt the right behavior.

Tips to Potty Train a Mature Siberian Husky

It is challenging to potty train a fully grown Siberian Husky. However, it is not impossible. It is achievable through the right attitude and consistency.

Here are some tips which you can potty train a mature Siberian Husky:

  • Do not confuse your dog by teaching it a lot of commands. Try to teach a few commands like sit, poop, or pee. Always use the particular word for each action. Keeping the command short allows the mature dog to act on it comfortably.
  • Just like puppies, schedule the eating and elimination of your dog. This will allow you to track their pattern to eliminate.
  • Use the correct size of the crate and put them in the crate for not more than 8 hours a day. Try to give them enough time in between to eliminate the waste in the designated spot.
  • Hire a pet sitter who can make sure that your dog eliminates at the designated area. If you have locked the dog in the crate, ask someone to unlock once during the day so that it can use the eliminate.
  • If your dog is facing difficulty in understanding what you want to teach it. You can seed its waste at the elimination area to give it the idea.
  • Reward your dog for the right behavior. Whenever your Husky eliminates waste in the designated spot, appreciate him with high-value dog treats.
  • Always clean the indoor space where your Husky eliminated. You should use effective cleaners, so there is no sign of their waste. Otherwise, Huskies can use the same space for the waste, and you might lose this battle.
  • Understand the behavior of your dog. There might be some other reasons for its odd behavior, like marking its area, or it is not comfortable with the designated elimination spot. Try to resolve the issue to make your dog comfortable.

My Final Thoughts

Siberian Husky is a charming dog breed; however, it is hard to train them. If your dog is not well potty trained, your life will be miserable. Therefore, it is essential to potty train the Siberian Husky.

The best way is to teach them from a very early stage. Because puppies are much easier to train as compared to a fully grown dog.

You need to teach your puppy some essential commands and help them to identify the elimination spots. The area should be in reach, and your dog should be comfortable going to that spot alone.

It is a long process, although you need to show patience and help your dog to understand what you want him to do.

Keep track of the diet of your dog and schedule their elimination time. IN this way, you can have peace of mind. Your dog will also develop this habit to eliminate at scheduled time slot only. Never abuse or shout on your dog and help them to improve their behavior.

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