How to Potty Train an Australian Shepherd Puppy – A Quick Guide

How to Potty Train an Australian Shepherd Puppy - a Quick Guide

One of the first lessons every puppy owner has to teach him is potty training. In the first place, you need it to stop your friend from dirtying your house as soon as possible. In addition to it, this is a knowledge that will be crucial for him forever.

If you have an Aussie puppy, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you a simple guide on how you can potty train him effectively. Australian Shepherds are an easy-to-train breed. However, you still need to have patience and pay attention to the steps to achieve success.

Potty training will be one of the most stress-relieving lessons for you. After a couple of months of training, you will be satisfied with your puppy’s new habits.

What Is Potty Training?

Potty training is one of the first things every puppy should learn. It is the technique of teaching the animal to defecate and urinate in the correct place (i.e., where the washroom is).

I think you realized how important potty training is. Potty training your Australian Shepherd should be your first priority to focus on before training him other commands. 

As an owner, you don’t want to see him completely messing up your home. It is one of the principles that will allow him to understand important future commands.

When you completely potty train your Australian Shepherd, you will have given him a good brain exercise as well. From then on, he will more easily know how to grasp new information from you. Also, he will recognize you as a leader and will start to respect you.

Potty Training vs. Crate Training

Crate training is a similar procedure to potty training. It consists of training your dog to recognize his crate as his “house.” Due to that, many owners even teach their friends the two techniques at the same time.

However, I do not recommend you doing that. Even if the concept is similar, learning two things at the same time isn’t good. It’s like if you were to learn Italian and French simultaneously, for example. You aren’t going to do great on both.

I advise you to potty train your Aussie first. When you almost finish teaching him, proceed to the next step. This is the best way for him to learn.

Simple Tips to Potty Train Your Australian Shepherd

After you know how to start, it’s time to potty train him, in fact. Before starting it all, there are some facts you need to have in mind:

  • You need to understand your dog’s needs;
  • You need to keep an eye on him;
  • Your house will be messy until he fully learns the lesson;
  • Potty training takes a couple of months;
  • It is also a large occupation in your routine.

#1 Confine your puppy to a defined space: This may sound rude, but it is actually a crucial step. You need to assign an area of your home for your Aussie and maintain him there. Doing that, you prevent him from defecating or urinating on the living areas.

You need to limit him with fences, crate or even a lead. When he wants to go to the washroom, he will always do it in the same spot. Since he is still very small and didn’t explore a lot of your house, being limited to a tiny space won’t be a big problem.

#2 Keep an eye on your dog: Monitoring your Aussie is a very important aspect of potty training success. You need to see what he is doing. If you see him behaving inadequately, interrupt and force him to urinate or defecate in the correct place.

You should keep your Australian Shepherd in a place where you can watch him all the time. If you allow him to go to the washroom in the wrong place without punishment, he will think what he is doing is right. If there’s a situation you can’t monitor, like going to the street, leave him inside his cage.

#3 Praise success, but rebuke fails: If your puppy urinates or defecates on the right place, praise him. When you show your satisfaction with something he likes, like a tasty treat, he will love it. Then, your dog will associate doing his needs in that place with something good and will repeat the act.

On the other hand, you need to reprove when he fails. If he goes to the washroom in the wrong place, interrupt him and say the word “no” in a firm way. Your Aussie will not like that. Therefore, he will try to change this habit.

But, please, don’t try to scare your puppy. You should show your dissatisfaction every single time he does behaves bad, but in a reasonable way. Excess of aggression is terrible for him. Your Aussie is still trying to identify what you want, so let him take his time to learn.

#4 Regularity is key: This part is commonly forgotten by new dog owners. However, it is still indispensable in potty training. If you break a good habit, even if it is just for a day, this can completely destroy your chances of success.

First, you need to establish a routine for your Australian Shepherd puppy. Go for a walk, give him food and water, train him and do every other activity at the same time every day. Also, use the same command to teach him whether or not it is the washroom.

Doing that, he will get used to a tidier routine. This way, we will do his basic needs on the right spot much more often.

#5 Assign him a balanced diet: Young dogs still don’t have a developed organism. Due to that, you need to be extremely careful when feeding your Australian Shepherd. Don’t force him to eat big portions of food. Instead, give him 3 small meals throughout the day.

If your dog feels bad, his body will be negatively affected. He can even lose control over some important functions, including where to urinate or defecate. He may be unable to hold it and make a mess in any site.

#6 Clean accidents quickly: If you perceive your puppy urinated or defecated in an inadequate place, rush to clean the mess. If you leave it there for a time, he will follow the smell and may want to do it again in the same place.

When cleaning, avoid products with ammonia. Urine has a strong smell of this compound. Therefore, it can attract your dog the same way as if it was his regular excretion. Prioritize enzymatic cleaners and finish with vinegar to completely repel your friend from the spot.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train an Australian Shepherd?

In general, Aussies take up to 3-4 months to fully know the lesson. However, this time may vary a lot. It strictly depends on your dog. If you are teaching him for that long but still can’t see any change, don’t worry. Wait a bit more to see if he responds adequately.

A reasonable period to wait is up to six months. However, if you think your furry friend is really struggling to learn, don’t hesitate to bring him to a veterinarian. It is never bad to do a full checkup. The professional can tell if this bad behavior might be due to health issues.

If your puppy is taking more than 7 months to learn the lesson, then it becomes a real concern. No dogs have this level of difficulty to know where the washroom is. In addition to it, Australian Shepherds should learn with even greater ease.

My Final Thoughts

I hope now you have a better idea of how to potty train your Aussie puppy. Never forget to provide him with pleasing activities while teaching him those new lessons. You can’t expect good results undergoing an exhausting drill without any funny moments.

Going to the park may still not be adequate for your friend. It depends on his age. This doesn’t impede, however, to play with him in your yard, for example. Aussies should never be left with no physical activity. Always exercise to refresh his mind and get the best results possible.

If you follow the instructions correctly, potty training your Australian Shepherd will be a simple task. Aussies have great trainability. In case of any difficulties, schedule a veterinarian for him or call a dog trainer. At the end of the day, you will have a lovely and obedient pet!

People Also Ask

Why is my Australian Shepherd eating his feces? 

Don’t panic, this is a relatively common behavior among puppies. It’s called Coprophagia. Although it may look nasty for you, it isn’t harmful to your dog. This condition may be caused by several different factors. To prevent him from acting like that, train him. The concept is similar to potty training.

What is the right age to potty train my Australian Shepherd? 

You shouldn’t start too early. Remember, recently born dogs have weak mental abilities. Teaching him anything on the first 8 weeks of age is useless. Your Australian Shepherd still can’t fully control his bladder and bowel movements. The best period to start lessons is around 3 months old.

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