Irish Wolfhound Shedding: How Much Do They Really Shed?

Irish Wolfhound Shedding

All dog breed shed to an extent. Some dog breeds shed all over the year while some shed heavily in different seasons. One way or another, you will have to deal with shedding unless you buy a hairless dog. The extent of shedding depends on the breed and individual dog.

So, do Irish Wolfhound shed? And how much do they really shed?

The amount of shedding in Irish Wolfhound is typically low to average and not excessive. Irish Wolfhound is not different from other kinds of dog breeds. They shed throughout the year and the only difference is that Irish Wolfhound does not have seasonal shedding. So you do not have to worry about heavy shedding in spring and fall.

There is a common misconception out there that Irish Wolfhounds do not shed. The reality is far from it.

Just because Irish Wolfhound does not shed in fall and spring heavily like some other dog breed, it does not mean that they don’t shed at all. Their shedding is low to moderate and spread on throughout the year. 

Why Do Irish Wolfhounds Shed?

Shedding is a natural process of losing dead hair to give way for the new coat. This process happens in all of the dog breeds, including Irish Wolfhound.

American Hairless Terrier is the only dog that does not shed, and that is because of an obvious reason. The reason is that this dog breed is hairless. 

Irish Wolfhound falls into the category of low shedding. While the amount of shedding totally depends on the individual and it can vary within the same breed.

The low shedding breeds require typically to be clipped, stripped, or scissors. Irish Wolfhound needs to go through the same process as well. Irish Wolfhound loses their hair at a very slow rate. 

Most of the dogs have seasonal shedding, unlike Irish Wolfhound. They have this shedding because of the change in temperature and to prepare themselves for upcoming weather.

Dogs that live inside of the house most of the time lose the sense of change in weather and may shed all over the year. Shedding all over the year might be substantial, and this is not a good situation to deal with. 

Irish Wolfhound Coat

Irish Wolfhound has medium to long hair. They shed a fair amount of strands, and you should not be surprised at all if you find your Irish Wolfhound’s hairs stuck to your furniture and clothes. Their coat comes in different colors, but grey is the most common. 

Grooming should be done twice a week for your Irish Wolfhound to keep their hairs beautiful and healthy. Grooming can take care of most of the shedding. If you take out time on a daily basis to groom your dog, then you might not have to deal with hair at all. 

At least two times in a year, you will have to take your Irish Wolfhound to the professional grooming center. This to ensure that they pluck out the dead hairs from your dog and keep the coat in a healthy and good shape possible. 

How to Prevent Shedding in Irish Wolfhound?

There is a normal shedding in Irish Wolfhound if it does not have any medical condition. You can always combat normal shedding by staying ahead of the game.

There is a simple rule to be on top, pick all the hairs before they hit your ground or furniture. There are some other ways to control the shedding in your dog. Here are some useful tips to follow.


Good news for the owners of Irish Wolfhound, they do not require a lot of time to spend on their grooming. Some dog breeds need to be brushed on a daily basis. While brushing two times a week should be enough for Irish Wolfhound. 

Brushing is the fundamental thing to do when you want to combat shedding in dogs. In this process, you collect all the loose and dead hairs before they land on the floor. The more hair you pick from the coat, the less there is to shed. If you follow this simple formula, your life will be much easier.

Not all the tools are suitable for all the dogs. Some dogs require specific tools to brush and using the wrong tools on the coat can have a harmful impact.

You are most likely to torture your dog with the wrong brush and might damage their skin or hair. Here is the list of tools to be used on Irish Wolfhound.

  • Pin Brush.
  • Slicker Brush.
  • Deshedder.

Take your dog to the vet, and the vet would tell you what tools you exactly need for brushing your dog. Nowadays, there are hundreds of brushes available in the supermarket.

Just because they are cheap and readily available, does not mean that they will do the job. It is best not to make any compromises on your dog’s health.

Invest in Supplements

You are most likely to find online that Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the best supplements to reduce the shedding in your dog.

While this is accurate to some degree, some of the dog foods in the market are already filled with Omega 6. Overdose of anything, including Omega 6, can have an opposite impact on your dog. 

Your dog might be receiving too much of Omega 6 and almost none of the Omega 3. Always try to maintain the balance even in the supplements. If you are unsure, then consult with the vet about what supplements should be given to your Irish Wolfhound. 

Train Your Irish Wolfhound to Be Vacuumed

You can always try to train your dog to be vacuumed. If your dog likes the hairdryer, then there might be a possibility that you can use a vacuum on the dog. The only difference is the inward motion of the air. 

Make sure that the vacuum you are using is clean and not heavy duty. If your dog does not mind this, then your life is going to be easy as this process will make a lot of difference in shedding. 

Hair Loss in Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound and other dog breeds are always at the risk of losing their hairs because of various reasons. Some of the reasons are obvious and can be dealt with straight away while some require medical attention.

Some of the reasons are mentioned below, which can cause hair loss in your Irish Wolfhound. 

What Is Hair Loss

It is highly important to understand what is hair loss. Some people might confuse this with shedding. These two are totally different conditions and should be dealt with accordingly.

Hair loss is the condition where a dog loses its hair in one area of the body or sometimes on the entire body of the dog. In medical terms, this condition is known as Alopecia. 

Causes of Hair Loss in Irish Wolfhound

A variety of conditions can cause hair loss in dogs. The following are the common reasons that cause hair loss in your Irish Wolfhound.

Skin Parasite

Fleas, mites, and lice cause hair loss in many dog breeds including Irish Wolfhound. Hair loss is caused by itching when one or more of these parasites are present in the dog’s skin.

Because of the irritation, your Irish Wolfhound will start to scratch or chew the affected part of the body. This chewing and scratching make the skin moist that leads to more skin infection and hair loss.


When pets are allergic to something, their skin and ears are the parts that show an indication of allergic. Just like skin parasite, Allergies cause skin irritation that leads to chewing and scratching. Your Irish Wolfhound can be allergic to the following

  • Food allergy caused by soy, wheat grain, milk, or yeast.
  • Pollen, cigarette smoke, or perfume can cause allergy. Avoid spraying any perfume or bodyspray directly to your dog.
  • Irish Wolfhound can get allergy because of coming in contact with a chemical from your deck or treated carpet.


A poor diet will not only affect the skin of Irish Wolfhound but his health as well. If you want your dog to stay in excellent mental and physical health, then a proper diet filled with nutrients and vimanas is the essential thing. 

As mentioned earlier, Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the supplements to give when you want to minimize the shedding in a dog. Fish oil is also useful in this situation.

But before giving anything to your Irish Wolfhound, always check with the vet. The vet will explain properly what should be given to your dog and in which quantity.

Blood Flow

Hair is a living element connected to the skin of your Irish Wolfhound. If the blood does not circulate properly, the hair will not grow and might start to shed. A condition of blood pressure or weak heart can cause this condition in the Irish Wolfhound.


A simple change in hormones can trigger hair loss in Irish Wolfhound. Always make sure to take your dog to the vet if you notice any signs of hair loss. You might not be able to diagnose the problem at home, and medical help is the best option to treat your dog. 

How To Clean After Shedding?

As we have already established that Irish Wolfhound is going to shed all over the year. Let’s move to the part where you have to clean after shedding.

Let’s face it, keeping and loving a pet is easy, but it’s hard to deal with all of the cleanings. Luckily, we have some of the tips to help you on the way. 

Textured Rubber Gloves

Your Irish Wolfhound’s hair is most likely to stick on the carpet, couch, and your clothes. A vacuum is the first thing to deal with this hair, but when you do not have time to use a vacuum, you can simply wear the textured rubber gloves and wipe off the surface.

Hair will come straight to your hand, and you can simply walk to the trash can to discard it. 

Use Pumice Stone on Carpet

As we said, earlier hair is more likely to be stuck on the carpet, and the more you walk on it, the more it gets settled. Then it is hard for a vacuum to pull out the hair once it has been embedded.

Using a pumice stone in this situation can pull the hair out of the carpet without damaging it. This is an ideal solution when the hair does not come out quickly.

Using a Dryer

Your clothes are covered in hairs, and now you are thinking about what to do. Try putting your clothes into the dryer for ten minutes without turning on the heat. Then wash normally. Don’t forget to clean your lint trap after you have done washing clothes.


Velcro picks up almost everything, including dog’s hair and fiber. Buy some large rolls of Velcro to use it after Irish Wolfhound shedding. It is a cheap and easy solution to deal with the hairs. Use a big roller of Velcro to get easy access everywhere.

Lint Roller

Just like Velcro lint roller is a lifesaver when you are in a hurry. Lint rollers are readily available in the supermarket and affordable. Try to keep a good stock in your home as you never know when you are going to need them.

Cover Your Furniture

When there is no time to spend, and you are way too much busy, then this is the last option. Cover your furniture with some dog-friendly blankets.

Whenever you feel like cleaning it, just throw it in the dryer and then in the wash. This solution is best when you are short of time, and the guest is coming over.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Irish Wolfhound is a great dog that is suited to cold climates. There is a plus side of having this breed as they are not a seasonal shedder.

Instead, you have to deal with low to moderate shedding throughout the year. You will get a lifelong companion that will not bother you with heavy shedding. 

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