11 Places to Find Belgian Malinois Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

Belgian Malinois puppy lying on the grass

Belgian Malinois need to grow in an environment where they are properly cared for and because of this, any future Belgian Mal owner would desire a breeder who can provide healthy, well-raised pups.

However, finding a reliable Mal source can prove to be a difficult task due to the numerous number of breeders available in the market.

As a veteran Belgian Malinois enthusiast, I have learned about the best and worst puppy sources on the internet. I acknowledge the fact that great breeders act as excellent foundations in dog ownership, so I want to help you with this task.

Over the years, I have created a list regarding these sources and my goal is to guide you in finding the perfect Belgian Malinois breeder.

Understanding the Different Types of Belgian Malinois Breeders

Belgian Malinois breeders can be split into three major types: puppy mills, backyard breeders, and reputable breeders. Each of these types has its disadvantages and advantages. I will explain each of them in this article.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are unarguably the worst Belgian Malinois source. These people have zero concern for the well-being of the breed, and they are only interested in creating profit and revenue.

They operate by mass-producing Belgian Mals, then selling them off at a low price. This cheap market costs could tempt unsuspecting buyers.

At first, victims might think that they have saved a lot of money, but they will eventually face severe financial problems in the long run due to medical expenses.

Puppy mills do not administer necessary health tests and treatments such as deworming and vaccinations to the pups. They treat dogs as mere money makers, and these businesses should be avoided at all costs.

Backyard Breeders

Another puppy source that you should steer away from is backyard breeders. These are people who have no sufficient experience in handling Belgian Malinois breeding.

They only become puppy sources due to experimentation or unexpected happenings such as dog pregnancies. These individuals do not have the credentials to breed Mals, as they have little to no certifications and documents.

Due to their inexperience, they might end up harming a Belgian Malinois because of neglect in medical attention. Furthermore, they can never provide the best Belgian Malinois living conditions since they do not have the skills nor the tools to do so.

Reputable Breeders

The only sources that can reliably give you healthy Belgian Malinois puppies are respected or reputable breeders. These are people who have taken up dog breeding as a profession.

They are experts in the field, and they have complete certifications and affiliations. Reputable breeders know every nook and cranny of proper Belgian Malinois breeding and raising, as they have sufficient training for it.

They provide necessary medical tests and treatments to address breed-specific health issues. Additionally, they can even offer championship or show-quality bloodlines. Reputable breeders are the best puppy sources available in the market, and you should always seek them.

Places to Find Belgian Malinois Puppies for Sale: From Best to Worst

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

AKC, or the American Kennel Club, is an organization for dog lovers in the United States. Founded in 1894, the group has certified thousands of members and breeders and has helped promote and encourage the well-being of canines.

The organization’s site offers a great marketplace where affiliated breeders can post their pups for sale. The risk of getting unhealthy Belgian Mals in the AKC Marketplace is significantly low due to their strict member screening process.

As a protocol for transparency, it is compulsory for reputable breeders to post pictures of their Belgian Malinois pups for sale. This can help identify dominant physical dog traits such as color, marking, build, and physique.

To add, AKC breeders can also showcase championship bloodlines that they offer. If you are looking for a show winning Belgian Malinois, the AKC Marketplace should fit your tastes.

The benefits of browsing through the AKC Marketplace’s extensive library of pups for sale does not end there. They also offer a clean navigation system with different search options to complement your efforts.

You can choose between gender, distance, availability, breeder distinction, even club affiliates for a more specific searching experience. AKC also includes the awards that a breeder has won in his journey in the industry.

This enables future owners to see their full credentials and capabilities. Medical tests are not a problem in the marketplace, as health guarantees are placed on the offered Belgian Malinois.

The best thing about AKC Marketplace is that they allow you to verify breeder authenticity. If you have doubts and hesitations, you can always call their hotline to review whether a specific breeder is still a member of the club.

As a source with countless advantages and little to none disadvantages, the AKC Marketplace deserves being ranked as a very low risked site. If you desire Belgian Malinois that can accompany you for many years to come, then this site will satisfy your needs.


If you live in a European region, Europuppy can be advantageous for you. The website offers hundreds of Belgian Malinois for sale, and they are all grown by respected breeders in the continent.

Europuppy takes extra steps in verifying puppy health through their vets. They are also very concerned with the methods used in raising a puppy, so any inhumane act is greatly condemned. This makes them a reliable Belgian Mal source for aspiring owners.

The organization’s main operating office is in Hungary, so it can be helpful for those who reside near the area. As the American Kennel Club, providing dog pictures and necessary information is required for any breeder who posts their pups for sale.

The site also has a useful search engine that has several options to choose from. In here, you can scroll between breeds, age, and genders. This can help in finding a puppy that best suits your tastes.

Some top-tier pets in the site indicate a 10-year health guarantee, and this can quickly put a sense of security for prospective buyers.

The Europuppy website has a Best Picks category where you can find high-quality puppies in the site and help ease your search for great Belgian Mal pups. To add, they also have a puppy alert system that allows notifying subscribers when new puppies are posted.

The Europuppy site is not affiliated with any kennel club. However, it still has many advantages compared to the disadvantages. Because of this reason, I rate it as a low to moderate risk source.

Aside from the American Kennel Club Marketplace, Europuppy can surely provide healthy and robust puppies for future Belgian Mal owners, especially for those who are living in Europe.

Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is a high-tier puppy posting site where breeders can put up dogs that are available for the public. Many puppies from the site come from Delaware and Pennsylvania, and it can be very beneficial if you come from these areas.

Additionally, medical tests provided are included in the description, but there’s still a need for a thorough background check. As I scrolled through the site, I saw most Belgian Mal pups there are priced from $1,000 to $1,500.

I also noticed some pups in Lancaster Puppies are registered with the Continental Kennel Club, while others remain uncertified. This could cause some issues in breed purity, so future owners must be cautious.

The search options in Lancaster Puppies are efficient and effective, and visitors can take advantage of the name, size, sex, and registration selections. This can help in faster and more responsive inquiries regarding your preferred puppies.

As with any other dog posting site, it is required for breeders to include pictures and descriptions in all the pups posted on the site.

Lancaster Puppies is not affiliated with any major kennel club, and this can cause puppy mills or backyard breeders to lurk in the site. Due to this, I consider the site as a moderate risk source.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies has over 50+ available Belgian Malinois puppies in their site at the moment I write this article. However, everyone with an account is eligible to post the pups that they want to sell, so this could be a lurking place for puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Greenfield Puppies, as a precautionary measure, claims to send their photographers to take pictures and verify the conditions of the pups that are up for grabs. Prices of Belgian Malinois puppies on this website can range from $500 to $1,500.

With different search options to search from, site visitors can quickly get results according to their preferences. There are tabs for the breed, state, price, weight, and even activity levels for better site navigation. If you are looking for health guaranteed pups, there is a tab available for such choice.

A feature that I am fond of in Greenfield Puppies is its comprehensive badge system. Through this, prospective buyers can quickly identify the services that a breeder has provided to a puppy. Such services include vaccination, deworming, socializing, and kid-friendliness training.

Despite the excellent interface and easy navigation, I still consider the site as a moderate risk source due to the meager prices of some Belgian Malinois.

This could indicate the presence of puppy mills or backyard breeders. If you are a keen and observant buyer, you may get a healthy Belgian Mal pup from the site.

Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets operates as a dog posting site designed as a free for all system, so anyone with an account can post their pups for sale. Because of this, it can be a common area where puppy mills and backyard breeders reside.

Before transacting, you should always do background checks and verifications. If you fail to do so, you might end up with a pup with numerous health problems.

There is a standout feature on the site called the Puppy Match system, where Next Day Pets can connect you to 5 suitable dog breeders by just identifying your lifestyle and location.

You can also make use of their search options where you can choose your preferred gender, breed, and age. With this, you will be able to find a puppy that is tailored to your preferences.

Before filling up certain forms on the site, remember to be careful when sharing personal information as it can be used against you. If you insist on getting Belgian Malinois puppies from Next Day Pets, you should be aware of the corresponding consequences.

Never be tempted by unrealistically affordable Malinois prices, as it could mean issues down the road. With no affiliations from kennel clubs, I consider Next Day Pets as a high-risk Belgian Malinois source. 


Kijiji is an internet-based ad posting site that is gaining traction in Canada. In here, registered users can post their items for sale, and this includes certain dog breeds such as the Belgian Malinois.

Everyone with an account can post items for sale without any restrictions, so it can be riddled with mills and backyard breeders. Additionally, Kijiji has no way of verifying a breeder’s authenticity, and this can pose problems to unsuspecting buyers.

Kijiji includes Belgian Malinois in their Dogs and Puppies category. Through this section, you can browse different locations such as Belleville, Hamilton, London, and Toronto.

Sellers are required to post pictures of the dogs that they are selling, but those pictures could be easily faked or falsified. There is always a chance of getting scammed on these types of sites, so always be cautious.

Breed certificates are seldomly attached to the pups for sale, and this can be a tell-tale sign of breed impurities.

If you insist on getting a pup from the said site, then you should have sufficient knowledge of common internet fraud tactics. Anyone can fall prey to such sinister acts, and this can prove to be harmful to you and your future pet.

As much as possible, steer away from these types of sites, as they could cause you trouble. The dangers of Belgian Malinois breeders from Kijiji are great, and this makes it a high-risk source in my list.

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly functions the same way as Craiglist and Kijiji. This is a location-based ad posting site, and everyone who has an account can sell their products and services here.

This might be good for regular items, but for dogs such as Belgian Malinois, it could be a red flag. Hoobly is a common ground for puppy mills and backyard breeders, and this is evident in some low puppy prices on the site.

You should avoid buying pups at unrealistically cheap prices as the breeder may neglect some important tests to lower the prices. So it is crucial to verify and check the breeder information by yourself since Hoobly has no way of doing this for you.

The site does not have many search options. You are only given a text box with various states to choose from. Additionally, dog posts can be very disorderly, as Hoobly, in all of their items, requires no specific format.

Yes, breeders are required to post photos of their dogs, but this can always be faked.

As with any other classified ad dog posting site, I will not recommend Hoobly as a reliable Belgian Malinois source. There are many dangers in navigating the site, and scammers can victimize you.

If you insist on getting a pup from this site, then you should exercise extreme awareness and cautiousness. For me, there are better alternatives to Hoobly, and you should avoid buying Belgian Malinois puppies from this site.

Belgian Malinois from Rescues or Shelters

Breeders are not the only Belgian Malinois sources. You can also acquire these dogs from rescue centers or animal shelters. This activity might be fulfilling, but you should be aware of the possible consequences.

Rescued animals do not have 100% health guarantees since they might have experienced neglect or trauma due to improper treatment by their previous owners. If you are up for the challenge, then here are two pet adoption sites available for you.


Adopt-a-Pet.com is a non-profit organization that desires to provide a better life for rescued or abandoned animals. Through getting various pets for adoption from different rescue centers and animal shelters, they can offer new families to once neglected Belgian Malinois.

It only takes an adoption process as well as a small adoption fee to have a Belgian Malinois as your companion. Just be aware that choosing to go for a rescued pet requires determination and commitment for you and your family.

The matching system on the site can quickly help you find a puppy that best suits your preferences. Furthermore, it also has good search options to choose from, such as location, age, gender, and distance.

Remember to treat your newly adopted pet with love and care, as they deserve no less than that.


Petfinder is another non-profit organization that aims to reintegrate abandoned pets to families that are able to take care of them. They provide adoption listings from various shelters and centers across the country.

Adopting a Belgian Malinois is a noble task, but it has its fair share of commitment. Make sure to engage in adoption only if you are capable. You would not want to return the poor dog to a shelter or rescue center just because of a change of heart.

In the site, there is a comprehensive guide to help decide whether dog adoption is really for you. Similar to other pet selling platforms, they also have a puppy match system to help you find your perfect Belgian Malinois pup.

Other Sources for Belgian Malinois Puppies

  • Pet Stores: Pet stores are capable of providing high-quality Belgian Malinois puppies given that they have complete registrations, certifications, health tests, treatments, and vaccinations. If they do not, then you should look for alternative sources.
  • Word of Mouth: Word of mouth can be an effective way of outsourcing Belgian Malinois breeders. If you happen to encounter Mal owners who are members of the American Kennel Club, you can ask them for suggestions on where to get high-quality and healthy Belgian Malinois puppies. This could be a great referral system if used properly.

My Final Thoughts

Searching for a competent Belgian Malinois breeder might be difficult, but with this guide, you will be better equipped. After this tedious task, you should verify and fact-check your breeder’s credential to ensure that you will be provided with a healthy and robust Belgian Malinois puppy.

Remember not to be tempted by cheaply priced Mals, as these could come from puppy mills and backyard breeders. Build rapport and connection with your breeder as they will be a great stepping stone in your pet ownership journey.

Related Questions

How much does a Belgian Malinois puppy cost?

Belgian Malinois puppies can be pretty expensive. If taken from a reputable breeder, their prices could range from $1,000 to $4,000. However, rescue centers put them up for adoption for only around $200 to $600 to cover for maintenance costs.

What are the best Belgian Malinois sources?

Best Belgian Malinois sources are breeders who have sufficient registrations, certifications, and affiliations. They must be knowledgeable of breed-specific procedures which can help in maintaining a Belgian Malinois health. These people are mostly found in the AKC Marketplace or other trusted sites that are affiliated with kennel clubs. If you want a great and robust Belgian Malinois as your life companion, then you should always seek for reputable breeders.

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