14 Places to Find Cane Corso Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

Black Cane Corso puppy

If you are an experienced dog owner, a Cane Corso could be the perfect dog for you. This Italian dog breed is the perfect family dog which has been very good in guarding properties.

Given its family-only personality, this dog may not be too friendly to strangers. With its active lifestyle, a Cane Corso needs constant physical and mental stimulation.

Looking at several houses in my neighborhood, I dreamed of having my guard dog. My choices include a German Shepherd, a Doberman Pinscher, and a Cane Corso. Aside from these choices, I have also consolidated several websites where you can find a perfect Cane Corso for your family.

Understanding the Different Types of Cane Corso Breeder

Over the years, I’ve found several online sources that I will be citing in this article for you to lookup. These sources were the ones I have trusted for several years already and some which you need to be cautious of.

As you will be excited to get your own Cane Corso, you will encounter several postings that offer one for an incredibly low price. When this may look very tempting, you should watch out for backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are individuals with little to no knowledge of breeding. They are individuals or groups whose breeding is considered substandard.

Each breed of dog needs a specific type of care molded from years of experience. These backyard breeders operate on a small scale and usually do not have certifications or partnerships with veterinarians and experts.

Puppy Mills

Another source of dogs that Cane Corso owners should look out for is a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding facility that is heavily focused on profit-making.

Aside from strict health monitoring, puppies also need socialization at the early stage of their lives. In a puppy mill, puppies are not screened regularly and are kept in cramped dog prisons.

With the high volume of animals in each cage, some of the puppies even obtain injuries or become aggressive. Buying a Cane Corso from a backyard breeder or a puppy mill is surely less expensive but future complications may arise given the nature of how they are raised.

Reputable/Responsible Breeders

As a pet owner, I always make sure that my furbabies are in excellent health condition before I buy or adopt them. Most of the time, I buy these dogs in reputable breeders to ensure that they are purebred and clear of diseases.

Aside from these, reputable breeders also train these dogs and ensure that they are complete with the necessary age-appropriate vaccinations. 

The American Kennel Club has stated that responsible breeders should raise the animals with the intent of producing healthy dogs and making sure that they will be adopted by responsible pet owners.

Places to Find Cane Corso Puppies for Sale: From Best To Worst

Looking for these reputable breeders personally is a tedious job and may not be ideal especially if you have work. One-click online will lead you to hundreds of sources, but ensuring they are not raised by backyard breeders and puppy mill owners is another job.

I’ve consolidated a list of reputable breeders and sites where you can find Cane Corso puppies for sale with my experience in looking for trusted online sources.

These sites have already achieved a good reputation in breeding quality dogs over the years. In most cases, they have accreditation and certificates which they usually present to prospective dog owners to gain their trust.

Here are some of the responsible Cane Corso breeders which you can look up online:

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The American Kennel Club is a breed registry of purebred dogs like Cane Corso. Like I mentioned earlier, having a Cane Corso is suitable for experienced dog owners. It requires much more attention, especially on its diet and exercise.

As a very trusted source, AKC also promotes sports and events for the dogs that they breed. It is known for its annual event named ‘Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.’

It is the largest registry of purebred dogs in the United States as well as the most well-known and most influential in the field. For a purebred dog to be registered, the dog’s parent must be of the same breed. If you are a pet lover who is very particular with your dog’s breed, AKC is the perfect source for you.

Searching for a Cane Corso on the AKC website will also provide you comprehensive information about the breed. From its personality, energy level, to the breed-specific care for a Cane Corso, AKC also provides recommendations for similar breeds which you can also add to your list.

AKC is famous for its Breeder of Merit Program which recognizes reputable breeders with a minimum of five years involvement with the club activities. These breeders are regularly monitored.

They are also required to indicate necessary information about the parents of their dog and the number of years of breeding. This will ensure that the breeders are not random individuals selling their pups online.

So the next time that you want to look up for responsible dog breeders online, you can search for their AKC accreditation. If there is none, then adopt at your own risk.

Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA)

The Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA) is the official American Kennel Club (AKC) Parent Breed Club for the Cane Corso in the country. It is the largest Cane Corso Club in North America dedicated to preserving the breed in its purest form.

The members of the said association are encouraged to join their regular activities and functions which promote awareness regarding the breed. Given its wide scope and a great influence on Cane Corso owners, it also provides a breeders list which you can navigate.

In times when I want to explore responsible breeders near our area, I always search for a specific breed association accredited by AKC. Most of the time, the breeders that they provide already have years of experience in raising a specific breed.

Aside from the list, the association also provides tips in looking for a reputable breeder. The CCAA does not recommend buying a Cane Corso from a pet store. As you can see, pet store dogs are mostly enclosed in their small cages until they will be sold.

In my years of taking care of pups and researching these reputable breeders, most of them do not limit their services to just selling the dogs. They also host several activities, shows, and even have specific training for each breed.

The association recommends taking time to research, make phone calls, visiting breeders, attending shows and events, and gathering as much information about the breed before purchasing one.

It is the ultimate responsibility of the buyer to make sure that they will be buying or adopting a dog from a reputable dog breeder. As a buyer, it is important to build a relationship with your breeder.

Reputable breeders are not one-stop shops that start and end on buying. Necessary follow-ups and strict home screenings are done by these breeders to make sure that the pups will be in good hands.

On a similar note, the prospective dog owner also needs to regularly screen the pups on partner vets of these breeders.

CastleGuard Cane Corso

The CastleGuard Cane Corso is one of the most accredited dog breeders listed in the American Kennel Club (AKC). It is also accredited by Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA), Orthopedic Foundation For Animals and three others.

If you want to go directly to a reputable breeder, you can check the website of CastleGuard Cane Corso. With their 24-year experience in raising Cane Corsos, they are confident in offering their pups a 26-month health and temperament warranty.

The group claims on specializing advanced puppy techniques. When I first visited the website, I am amazed by its history and expertise in raising Cane Corsos. It also claims to raise traditional breeds of Cane Corsos originally from Italy.

They are well affiliated with AKC and provide a lifetime AKC Unite Microchip Activation, AKC Registration Papers, and are eligible in all AKC events, programs, and education throughout the nation.

Responsible breeders like CastleGuard Cane Corso care deeply about where the pups will go. Expect lots of questions especially about your home. They also openly disclose the medical history of the puppies including their parents.

If necessary, you can ask them for medical certificates from health screenings and vaccinations which I always do. Buying a purebred Cane Corso will require almost a thousand bucks.

A simple verbal assurance from the owners that the puppy is healthy is never enough.

Blue Kings Cane Corso

Another Cane Corso breeder you can check online is the Blue Kings Cane Corso. Although not yet accredited by American Kennel Club (AKC), Blue Kings has been on the industry for more than ten years already. It claims about breeding family-friendly Cane Corso puppies with stable temperaments.

Before deciding to look for a Cane Corso, I already have experience with companion dogs like Japanese Spitz. Responsible breeders usually inquire about these types of experience.

A Cane Corso is not suited for everyone. If you qualify to have your own Cane Corso, the breeders will still give you ideas with breed-specific training and socialization.

Blue Kings website provides pictures and videos of their homegrown Cane Corsos. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia so if you are near the place, you can take a quick visit and look for your future Cane Corso.

PrideNJoyz Cane Corso

PrideNJoyz is an AKC accredited breeder and a member of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association. PrideNJoyZ started breeding Cane Corsos last 2010.

They are famous for their preservationist and natural rearing techniques. This technique follows a Puppy Culture Method which limits vaccinations and focuses more on the appropriate diet for the Cane Corso.

More importantly, the breeder adheres to two breeding standards: the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard and the Ente Naziononale della Cinofila Italiana (ENCI) of Italy where the breed originated.

If you have hesitations about the breeder’s reputation, you can visit their breeding facility in person. Breeders should only sell puppies that are eight weeks or older. Beware of “rare” or unique colors in dogs for they might be a result of a genetic defect.

Additionally, avoid purchasing ‘hybrids,’ which can result in several congenital health issues. The Cane Corso is a high maintenance dog that requires daily attention from its owners.

They will eventually turn into a large dominant dog and making sure that they are healthy and trained from a young age to adulthood is very important.

Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso

Red Rock Canyon is a well-known dog breeder based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dog breeder is accredited by AKC and has won several achievements in their 17 years in the industry. Their puppies are in such high-demand and prospective dog owners need to wait for months before getting their own Cane Corso.

By looking at these websites, you must make sure if a Cane Corso is really the right fit for you and your household. Cane Corsos are considered guard dogs but they can also be companions and protector dogs by training.

Responsible breeders take into account the proper training for their Cane Corsos. Training at the comforts of your own home will not be a problem as these dogs are loyally devoted to its owners and are highly intelligent.

Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets is an online classified listing of puppies. It shows individual profiles of dogs instead of breeders. I ranked it high risk since it’s obviously a home for backyard breeders with no specialization on how to raise high maintenance dogs like a Cane Corso.

Anyone can post their listings on the website without proper screenings and necessary certifications needed. Looking at these random sites, you should be very careful about how these breeders are breeding their dogs.

If the breeder is not accredited or listed as a reputable breeder, ask for the certification and medical documents to make sure that your Cane Corso is a purebred, healthy, and complete with necessary age-appropriate health screens and vaccinations.

Hoobly Classifieds

Just like Next Day Pets, Hoobly Classifieds provides a listing of random Cane Corso from backyard breeders and puppy mills. On rare occasions however, reputable breeders also list their dogs on this website because of its wide reach.

But if you are looking for top-quality guard dogs, you might consider not looking on these websites despite its tempting offers and low prices. Investing in a purebred Cane Corso is more cost-efficient in the mere future.

If you are not confident with the breeders on these websites, you can simply search the breed of the dog and your state to find breeders in the vicinity.

Nothing beats a personal transaction with the breeders for you to see where these pups are fostered. An excellent breeding environment equates good rearing.


Craiglist is a website used to re-home pets for small adoption fees. The puppies posted here are not for sale. The link provided is just one of the many location-specific sites of Craiglist to find a Cane Corso.

It is basically all text with no pictures and necessary information on the medical and health of the Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos From Rescues or Shelters

Adopting a Cane Corso is a wonderful way to gain a family guard dog. It is less expensive and more charitable than buying one.

However, all sites in adopting rescue dogs should be approached with utmost care as it is more challenging to keep a pet with a little medical history and are often subjected to traumatic environments.

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc.

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. is one of the most famous rescue organizations listed in the Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA). It is also a member of bigger posting sites like Petfinder.com.

Since 2005, the organization was able to rescue more 1,000 Cane Corso dogs and is now at the comforts of their new families. If you are interested in helping these abandoned pups a home, you can contact the organization at 1-814-682-6776.


Petfinder is an online resource where you can search for adoptable Cane Corsos. It is home for thousands of animals rescued and hoping to find a new home. Just like other rescue organization sites, Petfinder is a high-risk source since it will not guarantee the history of the dog that you will get.

Other Sources for Cane Corso Puppies

  • Local Dog Shows and Events: These events can be a great avenue to meet pet professionals and enthusiasts and can give you reliable recommendations on where to get your Cane Corso. Referrals from these persons can also direct you to reputable breeders near your area.
  • Pet Stores: Although not highly recommended for its high risk, pet stores can be a go-to source to get your Cane Corso. Some pet shops feature responsible breeders but most of them get pups from puppy mills so buy at your own risk.
  • Word of Mouth: Guard dogs are highly in demand, a large proportion of individuals in the country own a pet and a big chunk of these pet owners are dog lovers. If unsure about where to get your Cane Corso, you can ask your friends or neighbors who own a guard dog.

My Final Thoughts

Cane Corsos need specific care from experienced dog owners. With inappropriate breeding, a Cane Corso can be aggressive and unresponsive. Before getting your own guard dog think of your experience as a dog owner and the attention that you can provide in your future Cane Corso.

Adopting one requires vaccination, spaying and neutering, and equipment like leashes, toys, and more. It is also good to make sure that they are given proper medical attention at an early life stage. Disregarding this fact may lead to more expenses in the future.

Related Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a Cane Corso?

Buying a Cane Corso from a reputable breeder will cost you anywhere between $900 and $2,000. However, adopting one will only cost you around $300 depending on the requirements of the shelter.

Where is the best place to buy a Cane Corso puppy?

Purebred traditional Cane Corsos originated from Italy. Nonetheless, you can also buy a purebred Cane Corsos in the country by checking the breeders listed in the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA).

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