7 Places to Find Pit Bull Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

Pit Bull Puppies

After thorough research, you finally decide that your first (or next) dog will be a Pit Bull. So, congratulations! Pit Bulls are an amazing type of dog. Now, there’s just one last step left: actually buying your pooch.

There’s a great variety of places where you can buy a Pit Bull. Each one has its own benefits and level of risk. You can choose from the well-known American Kennel Club Marketplace up to the less verified but cheaper options like Craigslist. Before your final decision, you should deeply analyze all the possible options.

To help you in the most critical process of owning a Pit Bull, I thoroughly researched the places for you to buy your new furry friend. And now I’ll show you the best options I could find!

Places to Buy a Pit Bull Puppy: From Best to Worst

It’s finally time to know the sites that best adequate to our considerations!

American Kennel Club Marketplace

The most evident downside of this website is that they don’t list some important Pit Bull breeds.

Keep in mind that several dog breeds are considered Pit Bulls such as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, for example, is not recognized by the institution. Therefore, its marketplace obviously doesn’t include it in the listings.

What could be the best place to find a seller with approval from the AKC other than the actual AKC website? Yes, the institution has a division solely for connecting breeders and customers.

The American Kennel Club is the best-known registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. If you want to find a well-raised Pit Bull puppy, it’s vital to look for the most amount of connections to this institution possible.

The AKC Marketplace provides you with multiple breeder options. You only need to enter your favorite breed in the search box. When the results show up, click in one of them to show all the details. In this section, you’ll be able to contact the seller once you register on the site.

There’s always a chance of finding puppy mills among the listings. However, the careful selection criteria of the AKC Marketplace makes it one of the hardest spots to find those scammers. Some breeders are also awarded distinctions based on their expertise.

Bull Terrier Club of America Breeder Directory

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a Bull Terrier. The Bull Terrier Club of America (BTCA) is a parent club member of the American Kennel Club. Therefore, they’re an extremely trustworthy association.

The BTCA has an extensive directory of trusted Bull Terrier breeders. It provides you with detailed contact information for each one of them and their state. There are a lot of states included in the list, so yours will likely have at least one representative.

Apart from the US, there are some kennels from Canada and New Zealand too! As you probably may have guessed, the main advantage of the BTCA breeder directory is that it is extremely reliable.

Every single breeder is handpicked by them and manually written in a spreadsheet. And since they’re a trustful corporation, it’s almost impossible to fall into a scam.

Perhaps the only con of the BTCA is that it isn’t straightforward to get a dog. You first need to contact the breeder, ask them personally for information, and only after a long time, get to see the dogs available.

However, the trust you’ll get by buying a dog in these spots completely compensates the time you’ll need to wait.


  • Link: PuppyFind
  • Risk: Moderate
  • Filtering options: Breed, state, size, upkeep, purpose

The second spot on our list is a website called PuppyFind. Although its arrangement looks a bit outdated, it is still an incredibly reliable spot to find Pit Bull breeders.

The process of finding a dog on this site is simple. On the homepage, just search for the desired breed, and the matches for your search will appear.

When you select the result you want, Puppyfind will show you all the information you need about the breed even before showcasing the listings.

The following steps are pretty intuitive. After browsing all the puppies, look for their basic details on the listing pages.

But never forget to ask the breeders for further information, since you need maximum veracity. Usually, you can reach the sellers via either telephone or e-mail.

The website provides you with fantastic filtering options. Apart from the usual, you can, for example, filter the dog by its lifestyle. In this section, You may specify temperament, size, and even the purpose of the dog.

As well as any other website on this list, you should always be aware of puppy mills. It doesn’t matter how well a website combats them, there are always a few exceptions that find their way through the filtering.

The good part is that Puppyfind does a remarkable job of trying to combat puppy mills. They even have a section for buyer tips and an exclusive e-mail address for users to report scams.

It is highly unlikely that you are going to find puppy mills on this website, but you should never be disregarded.

Next Day Pets

  • Link: Next Day Pets
  • Risk: Moderate
  • Filtering options: Breed, state, gender, age, price

Incredibly similar to Puppyfind, NextDayPets is also an outstanding option for you to buy your Pit Bull puppy.

As with other websites, NextDayPets’ layout is also very straightforward. The first step is to enter your desired breed in the search box, and all the options will appear. Like the previous website, you will be provided with some basic info about the dog before the listings as well.

Perhaps the biggest con of NextDayPets is their lack of filtering options. You have only standard criteria, such as location, price, and gender of the puppy.

The website has some options for verifying sellers’ identification. The higher the number of verifications the breeder has, the better.

NextDayPets also shares with you some valuable tips to avoid scams. In general, the site is reliable, but always be aware of the possible failures in the system.


  • Link: Petfinder
  • Risk: Moderate
  • Filtering options: Breed, state, distance, name, size, gender, age, good with, coat length, color, and many more

Now let me talk about Petfinder.com. Unlike the previous sites on this list, this recommendation is actually a website for adopting puppies.

Petfinder is one of the most popular platforms for getting a dog in the United States. The site’s layout is highly modern, and using it is uncomplicated. They offer you a good number of filtering options.

Since the platform is only for adoption, it is near impossible to find puppy mills there. Only a complete lunatic would start a business for breeding dogs to offer them for a ridiculously low price or even for free!

However, be aware that you are likely not going to find professional breeders as well.

Most of the listings on Petfinder are from conventional people or rescue groups. Their intention is mostly to do a good deed.

Therefore, there isn’t much to worry about bloodline, whether the dog is purebred, or if they were raised in perfect conditions.


  • Link: Craigslist
  • Risk: High
  • Filtering options: City, distance

Craigslist is a widely known website in which you can find all kinds of things for sale. And pets are included in this marketplace. However, it is one of the riskiest places to buy a Pit Bull as well.

The vast majority of sellers on Craigslist are either backyard breeders or people whose dogs had puppies by accident. You’ll likely find some dogs from puppy mills there too but won’t find certified breeders at all.

That’s basically because Craigslist was not intended to be a pet marketplace. Sellers publish their dogs on the platform as any other regular product, and there are no official methods of including certifications. You need to trust the seller by their description.

Because the system is so primitive for selling animals, reputable breeders simply don’t advertise there! They know their customers are responsible people and won’t ever consider Craigslist as a safe place.

There are some positive sides to this website though. The first one is that it is one of the cheapest places to buy a Pit Bull. If you just want a simple animal, without worrying about your dog’s bloodline or any other tiny details, Craigslist may be a good option.

In addition to it, Craigslist can also be nice when you find an honest breeder. True, you won’t find certified and recognized ones there.

But, as I mentioned before, it’s possible to find normal people trying to sell their dogs for various reasons. For example, they may have had unwanted puppies, and the owners may want to sell them.

Lancaster Puppies

  • Link: Lancaster Puppies
  • Risk: High
  • Filtering options: Breed, state, registration, size, gender, price

Another dangerous spot to get a Pit Bull is Lancaster Puppies. It is yet another website to connect sellers with potential clients. Although it is a regular marketplace just like the others I previously mentioned, Lancaster Puppies has a slightly higher amount of lousy breeders.

Obviously, these sellers are prohibited on the site, and its staff always does everything they can to ban them. However, that’s not the only problem with Lancaster Puppies.

Another con is that most of the listings don’t give you valuable information about the dog. Instead of going straight to the point, they insist on saying how gracious and beautiful the pets are. At the end of the day, they give you little information about bloodline, origins, and other crucial aspects.

Lancaster Puppies also has a lack of Pit Bulls in comparison to other breeds. There are only a few breeds available, and an even smaller number of dogs for sale. You’d be incredibly lucky to find more than 10 Pit Bull listings on the website at a time.

Many ads don’t have certification. Conversely, some breeders are registered in official associations, giving them some reliability, which is something you won’t find in Craigslist.

However, even with this feature, Lancaster Puppies can be more dangerous than the other website.

On Craigslist, there’s still a chance of finding healthy dogs from honest people, even if unregistered. But anything bad you find on Lancaster Puppies will almost certainly be a puppy mill.

Caution With Puppy Mills

Perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to the places to buy a puppy is puppy mills. These are places where people breed dogs with the lowest quality possible. Puppies’ health is completely unconsidered in order to sell the dogs for a dirt-cheap price.

The worst part is that, in most cases, puppy mills are not illegal. In most states of the US, breeders can keep hundreds of dogs in the same cage since they provide them with the minimum amount of food and water and a simple shelter.

What that means is that puppies in these places live like in prisons. Although they have some resources, they aren’t even close to the need for them to grow happily.

Despite trying to be a fantastic act of compassion, it would be even worse if you bought from a puppy mill. That’s because your purchase will motivate them to keep on with their business and will actually make them thrive.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pit Bull

I’m assuming you’re looking for your puppy at online websites. They are the most practical and broad option for you nowadays. However, before agreeing on a deal, always visit the breeder in person to check their physical quality.

Here are the basic aspects I’ll consider when telling whether a place is a good option or not to buy a Pit Bull:

  • The prices of the dogs
  • The site’s overall appearance
  • Breeder skills and knowledge
  • Breeder reputation


I couldn’t start by speaking of anything other than the listed dog prices. That’s clearly the most important thing for you to analyze and the easiest one as well.

A dubiously low price indicates you that the puppy you’re looking for is probably from a puppy mill. However, an insanely high cost doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the best puppy also.

In fact, this seller may be a lousy one, but they still price their dogs high to pretend they’re reliable.

What you want to do is to look for a reasonable offer. For Pit Bulls, this price should range from around US$500 to US$1000.

This amount applies to most of Pit Bull’s breeds. There aren’t absurd differences between them. Only a few (if any) breed of this type of dog may be considered rare or have any special features. If that’s not the case, their prices should be highly alike.

Site Appearance

If a breeder wants to show reliability to you, the most crucial thing he has to do is have a great overall appearance. Assuming you’re probably searching online, you must split this analysis into two things: the website’s look and the actual seller’s aspect.

The majority of online resources to buy puppies are platforms that connect breeders and customers. The companies themselves generally don’t offer any animal for purchase. This functionality is very similar to eBay, for example.

So, if some dogs are a scam or come from puppy mills, it probably won’t be the website’s fault. The platforms normally verify the seller’s reliability and frequently undergo check-ups to establish the best experience possible. However, some bad listings may still surpass this control.

Therefore, it’s vital to analyze the seller’s listing appearance. Check their description, photos, the puppy’s expression, and other primary qualities.

If you find anything too sketchy, better move on. Going for a risky deal is not what you want in this situation.

Even though the website isn’t likely going to be a problem, always check it as well. If its overall look seems questionable, be careful. Disregard with appearance may also mean poor quality verifying the listings.

Breeder Skills and Knowledge

An authentic breeder knows in detail the puppies they sell. The higher the dominance they have about the breed, the more trustworthy they will be.

Apart from checking the description, contact the seller directly. Ask them some general questions. Start with the most basic and advance a little. If their answers seem to be incomplete or they feel nervous, suspect.

Breeder Reputation

As you can imagine, the more popular the place you search on, the more reliable it tends to be.

Also, look for the number of reviews the site has. You shouldn’t opt for places that don’t have an excellent reputation among customers, even if it is famous. I would never be crazy enough to buy my dog on a website like Wish.com, for example. And I hope you won’t as well!

Another thing that adds a pinch of trust to the breeder is whether they have relations with the American Kennel Club. Some sellers are directly affiliated with the AKC, while others have badges of approval.

The more linked to the institution they are, the more likely their service will be the best.

My Final Thoughts

After reading this article, I hope you have a better idea of where to buy your Pit Bull puppy. Although these are my personal recommendations, there are also a lot of other options.

If you know someone with strong knowledge in the process of buying a dog, their word may be valuable. In addition to it, another good alternative is to check renowned classifieds or breeders in your local community.

Be extremely cautious when buying your furry friend. This is a decisive moment in your life. Ask the seller every question you may have and always seek legit verification. Even if you don’t have the expertise, buying your puppy will be simple, taking the needed precautions.

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