10 Places to Find Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

10 Places to Find Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

If you are planning to purchase a Siberian Husky, then it is a superb choice because this breed is going to be very loyal, and you are going to love it. But first, you need to do some research to find the most suitable place to purchase this breed.

You will find a lot of online sources that are selling Siberian Huskies. But you need to be very careful because all web sources are not reliable. You need to dig deep into it and find a reputable vendor with a good track record.

This article is for those who are living in the United States. You will get to know some places where you can find a healthy Siberian Husky for sale and avoid any scam.

5 Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Before purchasing a dog, you should consider some points to avoid any scams. You can take advice from a person who is experienced in buying a dog. There is a certain attitude you need to adopt to purchase a dog.

However, being a first-time buyer, you can make some common mistakes which can cause problems after purchase.

So, here are some points to be considered to avoid such errors:

  1. Choose a pet store wisely
  2. Do some research on the dog breeder
  3. Prepare questions to be asked to the seller
  4. Purchase from reputed online sellers only
  5. Find a reliable online marketplace

#1 Choose a pet store wisely

You will find dozens of pet stores in your area; however, it does not mean that all of them are reliable. You have to do some research to select the pet store that can meet your needs.

Generally, pet stores that can provide after-sale services are highly recommended because you can check on them after the purchase. However, you should avoid purchasing a pup from a physical store because you cannot check whether the dog is raised under high-quality standards.

The biggest reason to not go for a pet store is that they generally sell pups from puppy mills. They are not going to provide any warranty as well. There is a high possibility that the pup is a stolen dog or carrying some disease.

But there are some positive sides to purchasing from a local pet store. Siberian Huskies are cold-weather dogs. So, buying them from a local breeder will ensure their survival in that environment. You would not have to take care of special care of the temperature.

#2 Do some research on the dog breeder

Before visiting a dog breeder, always do some research on the breeder like 

  • For how long the breeder has been in the business?
  • Does the breeder have any certification?
  • Recommendations from the previous buyers.
  • Is the following ethical breeding practices?
  • What the bestselling dog?
  • Any recommendations from the vet?
  • Is he providing proper vaccination to the pups?

These kinds of information can give you a clear idea about the capability of the breeder and the quality of pups he is offering. Some research is essential to get a perfect Siberian Husky puppy.

#3 Prepare questions to be asked to the seller

You should be prepared to ask a lot of questions about the breed to the seller. A good breeder or seller knows their pup in and out. They are ready to educate the buyer about the buyer and help them to find the perfect dog according to the buyer’s personality.

Plenty of educated questions will give a signal to the seller that you are a serious buyer, and if they give a cold response, it is an indication that they lack the knowledge of the dog. In that case, you should avoid the seller because he is there to sell the product only and does not care about the quality.

A good seller will invite you to visit his breeding facility so that you can make sure there is nothing unethical in the breeding process. They also provide health and life guarantees for their puppies. They can also ask personal questions in order to make sure their puppies are going in the right hands.

#4 Purchase from reputed online sellers only

A good breeder or seller is not that hard to find. There are a lot of experienced and reputed sellers in the market. You can ask for help from people who already own a Siberian Husky. The best way is to attend dog fairs and connect with the sellers.

A good seller or breeder always shines out through word of mouth or any other source. They will always invite to their facility to visit so that you make sure they are following best and ethical practices. They possess a lot of knowledge regarding their breed and will love to help you choose a dog.

#5 Find a reliable online marketplace

If you are planning to purchase a Husky through a website, then it is recommended not to go for it without personally seeing the puppy. Because many websites can do scam. They show a picture of a healthy and happy pup and deliver an exact opposite one.

You must visit the place and check the condition. If the shape of the place is not right, then you should avoid purchasing from that breeder, because it is an indication that he is involved in unethical practices.

However, if the place looks okay, then you are good to go. It is recommended to pick up the puppy by yourself because private dog delivery might harm your puppy. So, you need to take charge the moment you purchase your Siberian Husky.

10 Places to Find a Siberian Husky Puppy

Here is the list of 10 sites where you can find a Siberian Husky puppy. The list is arranged from best to worst based on my personal opinion after doing in-depth research on each of the sites.

  1. Adopt a Pet

It is a perfect website, even if you know nothing about a Siberian husky. The site provides all the necessary and essential information about the breed. The best part is the “fun fact” section in which they give you reasons for adopting this pup.

It is a non-profit pet adoption website, which means most of the pets are free of cost, although you might need to sign a pet care bond with them and share some information with them.

All the frequently asked questions are stated and answered. Although you might need to google for better answers because the information is quite necessary to keep the webpage simple, however, it gives you the foundation for your research.

The layout of the website is very engaging and encourages you to scroll down. There is a search bar in which you can search for your pet per your area, desired gender, and age. They are providing a lot of options, so you get the best pup.

They provide all the information about the pet, like where this pet was used before, what is the temperament, dos, and don’ts. So, if you are going to adopt a pet for the first time, this website is an excellent choice for you.

  1. AKC PuppyFinder

It is another excellent site to look for a puppy online. You get all the essential tools to search for the desired puppy; however, the layout is a bit dull. The user interface might bore you.

But you can get all the necessary information required for a pup. This website is designed for those who are already familiar with the breed. They provide the option to search for the puppy in your local area as well, through your zip code.

People who are selling the pups are the members of the AKC society, and they rated according to their selling performance. They provide the puppies who meet the proper health testing standards and participate in continuing education.

Generally, reviews about this marketplace are positive by dog buyers. They also provide grooming facilities for dogs. If you are facing some behavioral problems with your Husky, you can get their help to improve it through their training program.

The payment plan is quite flexible. You can either pay for service in one single payment or break it down in multiple installments. However, you might see there is limited diversity in this marketplace, which is an indication that it is not a scam.

  1. PuppySpot

It is another excellent website to get a Siberian Husky puppy. The layout of the site is simple, with help options available on the top so that users can get any support. You can search for any dog breed from the search bar option.

The list of dogs can be sorted in any arrangement through filters available on the top. They provide original pictures of the puppy, along with its age and gender. This is the basic information and knows more about it; you need to click on the “learn more about me” option.

You will also find feedback from the previous buyers and the ratings they gave in according to their experience. You will also find pictures of the owners with dogs in the feedback section, which indicates that this site is free of any scam.

  1. PuppyFind

This website provides a lot of information about the puppy, i.e., history, size, coat, character, and required training. There is a long list of desired puppies available so you can get the best option.

They provide a search bar to find almost any breed. The website also claims to ship worldwide. However, you should not consider this option because the delivery companies generally are not aware of the needs of puppies and can harm the little creature.

It is recommended to visit the place yourself and check the puppy if it meets your requirements because this website does not provide any customer feedback option.

  1. Greenfield Puppies

The layout of the website is very attractive. They provide information about each breed, like temperament, adaptability, and health. The user interface of the website is very pleasing. You can find your desired breed from the search bar option on the top right corner.

Each dog is given some pseudo name along with its location and price. They have a huge list of Siberian Huskies. The best part is that they provide health guarantees and also ship to the doorstep. You can also ask them to visit the puppy before purchasing it. 

  1. Next-Day Pets

A very reliable source to get a new pet. The layout is userfriendly. The stats about the dog are given for each dog breed along with some basic information about it. 

They give the median, average, and top quality prices of Huskies. You can also find the user feedback section in which users have shared their experiences. They do not hide the negative feedbacks as well, although there are not many negative reviews. 

Original pictures of the dogs are attached, and prices are quite reasonable. You can find a puppy from 2 weeks to 18 weeks old.

  1. Puppies For Sale Today

A good website for those who want to purchase a puppy but do not want to spend money in one go. Because they offer a financing option. You can take your puppy home and pay easy installments monthly.

The layout of the website is user-friendly. They give the basic information of the breed you want to purchase, and then there is a huge list to choose from. Puppies are vaccinated and vet checked. They provide free microchip activation and 12 years of life insurance warranty.

You can also get a starter food and vitamin kit for your puppy to make sure the new member of the family is getting enough nutrients.

  1. Keystone Puppies

The layout of this website is very attractive and easy to use. They provide necessary information about the dog breed in a very user-friendly format. There is a customer feedback option available which is connected to google maps.

So, the website cannot control the reviews, and the reviews are honest. Therefore, it is not a scam. They provide the facility to ship the dog at our doorstep and give the health guarantee of the pet along with health insurance. This makes them a viable option because you do not have to worry about arranging a vet for your dog.

  1. Breeders Club of America

It is an online dog selling portal, where you can find almost any breed. However, the format of the website is dull and boring, which might not excite you. The information about each dog they are selling is authentic and can be verified by dialing their helpline number. 

You can also visit the site to confirm that the puppy is in a healthy situation, and it is not a scam. This web portal also provides easy installment plans for those who do not want to spend money in one go.

However, the prices re reasonable, and they also provide the health guarantee of the dog. It is a one-stop-shop for dog lovers because you can also find the essential dog supplies in their Supplies tab.

  1. Lancaster Puppies

The layout of this website is very friendly and full of options. You can apply any filter regarding price range, birthdate, etc. they provide a very dynamic range of prices. So, if you have a little budget, you will still end up finding a puppy that fits into your budget.

You can find any desired breed through the search bar option on the top of the page. The puppies on this website are even below $300, and you can also submit a testimonial for your pup.

As far as shipping is concerned, this is a marketplace in which different breeders sell the puppies, so Lancaster does not take the responsibility of shipment. The buyer is responsible for arranging it through the breeder directly.

My Final Thoughts

To buy a puppy is a compassionate decision for a person. Therefore it is very critical of where to purchase the dog. In this article, I have tried to guide you to make the most calculated decision. You need to do a lot of research on the desired dog breed.

So, you can make sure that it is the right fit for you. Try to visit dog fares and interact with dog breeders. Prepare questions and ask further about the dog. Avoid breeders who are involved in unethical breeding practices or who have little knowledge about the breed they are selling.

Never purchase from a puppy mill because they have cruel breeding practices. They try to make the maximum profits from the puppies and not concerned about the health of the dog. If you are going for an online purchase, always visit the puppy yourself.

Check the online ratings by previous buyers and compare the prices with other market places. If the physical space of the breeder is not in good shape, never purchase the dog.

Try to go for the website which provides health guarantees of their puppies. Some sites also offer certificates of vaccinations of dogs.

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