Will a Labrador Retriever Protects Its Owner?

Will a Labrador Retriever Protects Its Owner

Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly nature. They love playing around with people and certainly have an outgoing personality to go around with. But aside from their playful attitude, when danger arises, can they protect their owners?

The answer is yes, but to some degree. You need to give the required training to educate your labs. While Labrador Retrievers can protect you, they are not the best option if you want to have a dog to protect your security. 

Labrador Retrievers do love their owners so much. They want the best of affection for their owners. But what if their masters are in danger? Is it possible to train them to defend their owners? What do they have that makes them easy to be trained? What do they don’t have that makes it hard for them to be caught up from learning? Let us find out.

Labrador Retriever’s Nature

As everyone has been recognizing them, they are kind to strangers. They greet and play to the people around them, even it was their first time seeing those individuals. 

Those individuals include the harmful people that may trigger the security of the household. Labrador Retrievers has an affection for their family. With proper training, their affection will move them to defend you as harmful circumstances come around.

Part of a Labrador Retriever’s personality is loyalty. They knew where and whom to stand during difficulties. Labs consider you as their closest friend. Letting them identify the events that will lead to harmful results will help them to avoid it. 

Their breed came from Newfoundland, Canada, in which they work along with the fishermen. They are also being trained to be hunters, especially for attacking the birds. This shows that they will become what you want them to be as long as you teach them to be so.

What Makes Them Easy To Train

Labrador Retrievers possess natural abilities and skills that will make their pet owners happy. Labs can quickly grasp the needed traits to ensure it yields practice to protect their owners.


According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed chosen by the Americans. They are easily attracted to these Labs because of their personality to be easy to teach. 

Labrador Retrievers are attached to their owners. That will make them easy to follow your instructions. Since they are simply outgoing, these Labs love to learn wherever you want them to be trained.  

Besides, they can endure the winter. Being able to put the training into practice in all seasons will not make them easily forget what you have instructed them. 


They support their owner’s endeavors from small to big things. Labrador Retrievers see you when you work on things. For that reason, they will become familiar with what you do on a daily basis. 

When they identify these routines, they will become familiar with what you do and become attached to you. For that reason, spotting the unusual things may be easy to recognize when you train your Labs to protect them from any harm.

Being loyal is of long-term quality. Labradors will surely take into the long run as you give them instructions to provide security to your family.


Labrador Retrievers are fast learners. They get familiar with things so easy as they are getting exposed to different surroundings. 

They are known to be a guide with their owners. Blind people have them as they walk through the streets. Labrador Retrievers discern if there are dangers ahead by their senses, especially their paws. 

Mixing their loyalty to their owner, they will react to intrude into the scene to make sure his owner’s safety. They are intelligent enough to perceive the danger.

What Makes Them Hard To Train


Labrador Retrievers are close to children for a purpose. They are friendly and outgoing, which makes the kids love them.

Another reason for their child-friendly nature is because they do not bark excessively. This will make the young ones sleep peacefully without disturbance. 

However, since they are not prone to too much barking, they will not be able to give the warnings we need when such harmful incidents occur. 

For that reason, even if someone intrudes on your home, a Labrador Retriever may not bark–not even once.

Instinct To Protect

Labrador Retrievers are known for their intelligence and good at discernment about their attacks. They become successful in their hunting assignments.

The method of how they hunt is to keep quiet firsthand. Once they already take insight from their instincts, that’s the time they will use their strength to attack. 

However, when danger is coming, being quiet before moving is not the best solution to defend your security. Someone or something should give a sign of harm to alert everyone in the household. This will be a challenge if you will serve your Labrador Retriever to be your protector.

While they may be trained in this matter, this will not cause good health and might cause trauma for them. 


We all love Labrador Retrievers because of their naturally sweet and deeply-attached personality. 

There is generally a lot of sweet and loving kinds of dogs, but Labrador Retrievers take it to the full.

While they do that to their owners, they still are sweet from other people they interact with. That means when a snatcher invades your home, your Labrador Retriever may actually be playing around him. 

To sum it up, do not force your Labrador Retrievers to do something they naturally don’t have. Not unless they have been trained for it from the beginning of their growing up. Always keep in mind about their welfare.

Skills You Can Train

You can use your Labrador Retriever’s natural abilities. At the same time, you may control and add up some other skills you want your Labs to have. Such things will help you to ensure that you may be protected.


Labrador Retrievers are highly energetic. They may overuse their energy in different uses. 

The good news is, you may turn those energies to lead them to give you protection. Bringing them outside and playing and jogging with them will help them not only to get familiar with their surroundings but also to train them for defense.

Giving them the reward to be in your company will boost their desire to do more. You will control their abilities.

Fast Mobility

While it will not be easy for Labrador Retrievers to move around, training them on how to catch up about what is happening will help them respond immediately when dangerous circumstances occur.

When you train them with such ability, they will be able to take the initiative to respond when threatening events take place. This will boost their mental ability to sharpen in whatever situation they are in.


Being trustworthy also means to be reliable even during inconvenience. This will be shown when your Labrador Retrievers be left by themselves. 

While ignoring them is often used as a punishment for their misconduct, balanced use of it will help you check their trustworthiness if they are given such tasks. 

You may use clicker training to help them associate with their attentiveness and connections around them. This will give you confidence in their alertness when trained.

Some are the skills needed for defense:

  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Whining 
  • Potty Training
  • Social skills
  • Attentiveness
  • Horse training

When a Labrador Retriever Is Properly Trained

All pieces of training may increase and develop every needed skill for your Labrador Retrievers. It surely will have a positive impact both for you and your Labs.

Easy to Discern Between Word and Action

As time goes by, they will learn into practice the words you command them. By starting from the smallest move to biggest, they will register in their minds and will later master it on.

Closer Relationship With Your Labs

They get familiar with the surroundings and the command given to them. But most importantly, they will get more acquainted with one who trains them. 

Developed Discipline

Your Labrador Retrievers will sort right and wrong as you help them recognize the things to avoid and what is not. They will obey what you say. Developed control over what they do with their energy will increase. 

Final Thoughts

To gather everything, Labrador Retrievers are protective of its owner. But do not expect them to protect you to a large degree that triggers the security of your home. They may require a lot of training to do so.

If you want them to undergo practice, they are easy to teach because they are naturally obedient. They are loyal to their owners that make them easy to follow. They have a sharp memory to remember the commands you will about to present to them.

While there are traits that make them easy to educate, there are also factors that cause them difficult to learn. They are quiet most of the time that will not give you alerts when threats are coming.

 They have their own instinct to protect, which will be difficult to inform the household about the danger. Labrador Retrievers have the affection that will make them treat everyone as their friends.

By proper training, your Labs will learn a lot and will be able to have the protection you want them to be.

While Labrador Retrievers can be trained, they are still not the best option. It will also cause them trauma if you’re not handling correctly. 

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