70+ Cute Baby Foxes to Brighten Your Day (With Pictures)

Pictures of baby foxes kits cubs

Baby foxes or cubs are far from looking vicious. In fact, they are unbearably cute! If penguins, turtles, and sparrows get a day of their own, baby foxes should be celebrated, too!

Whether you want to see a baby fox or just have FOMO, we’ve got you covered. Here are 71 pictures of baby foxes to brighten your day!

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71 Cute Pictures of Baby Foxes

1. Hello There!

A young baby fox in a forest

Seems like this baby fox is having a staring contest with the photographer.

2. Who’s the Favorite?

Family of red baby foxes drinking with their mom and begging

Cute little baby foxes vying for their mom’s attention. Who’s winning?

3. Striking a Pose With the Maple Leaves

Portrait of a cute baby fox in nature

What’s a great baby fox portrait without some nature in the background?

4. Which One’s the Eldest?

Three small baby foxes cubs near den curiously watching around

We have trouble deciding which one is the eldest among these babies. Can you help us?

5. Stare Into My Eyes

Baby red fox cub with blur background

The striking eyes of this red fox cub are mesmerizing to look at!

6. Sibling Love

Cute red baby foxes playing on green grass

Who doesn’t want a back hug from your sibling?

7. Wake Up, Dude!

Red fox cubs baby cuddling

Baby fox seems uninformed that they’re posing for a photo.

8. Dinner Spotted

A baby fox licking its nose

Seems like breakfast is ready for this baby fox.

9. I Said, I’m Nocturnal!

A joyful baby fox lies on a forest road and yawns

Red baby fox is spotted yawning in the morning. We COMPLETELY understand!

10. Stealth

Little baby fox puppy walking on fallen tree crossing water

This baby is extra cautious with his steps. We wonder why!

11. Move Over!

Two baby red fox cubs posing next to each other

Both babies want to be the center of the photo. 

12. Give Me Some Rest

Baby fox lying on green grass

This little cub doesn’t seem happy when someone’s lurking while he’s resting.

13. Daydreaming

Little baby fox Vulpes vulpes near burrow

What goes into the mind of this cutie? Probably food.

14. Besties

Two cute little baby foxes walking together

Nothing beats a morning walk with your bestie!

15. Morning Kiss!

A tender moment between sibling baby fox kits

Such a tender moment between siblings. Mom should be proud!

16. Clingy Baby

Red fox cub in nature on a sunny spring day

Lounging around with mom on a sunny spring day!

17. Let’s Go Visit Some Humans

Baby fox in small town subdivision

This baby fox is seen walking around a small town. Making friends, perhaps?

18. Am I Scary Enough?

A young fox baby in a forest

Where’s the best place to practice your growl? The forest!

19. On a Hunt

Adult fox with a baby fox in forest

Baby fox is helping his parent look for prey. That’s teamwork.

20. Alone Time

Cute red baby fox lying by the tree

This baby seems to be living his best life! Alone and lying in the grass.

21. Love You, Mom!

Fox family baby fox with its mother in green forest

Physical touch seems to be the love language of this baby fox.

22. I’m the Star

Two cute baby foxes in nature

Baby fox got in front of his siblings in time to be the center of attraction.

23. That’s Love

Baby fox kits at play

Playtime and clingy time between siblings. Let’s all say, “awwww.” 

24. Side Profile

Baby fox sitting and looking at the side

This baby fox is teaching us all how to slay the side profile.

25. Too Dreamy

Very cute baby red fox cub

Baby fox posing for a dreamlike photo, and we’re here for it.

26. What Game is This?

Three playful baby foxes playing in a forest

When mama and papa are out on a hunt, the babies play silly games.

27. Exploring the Woods

Baby fox in the woods

A stunning cub is starting to explore the woods. What will he discover?

28. No More Hollow

Twin baby foxes watching from a hollow log

The best place to rest and watch is inside a hollow log. Change our minds!

29. Side by Side

Two red fox kits standing side by side

We aren’t twins, are we?

30. Alert

A cute baby fox in backyard

Always looking out for danger when in a hooman’s land.

31. Where to, Next?

Family of baby foxes playing near the den

Cute little cub is planning where to go next while his siblings are busy playing.

32. Outside the Burrow

European baby fox cubs outside the burrow

Do mom and dad know their cubs are outside the burrow? Probably not.

33. Close Up

Close up of a baby fox stands in the grass

This baby cub is game for a closeup photo. Cool!

34. Where Do We Look?

Beautiful baby European red fox cubs near the burrow

Only the baby cub in the middle got the memo.

35. Camouflaging Failed

Lovely baby fox staring directly at the camera

It’s really hard to camouflage if you stand out like this lovely red fox.

36. Let’s Do the Jump

Two cute baby foxes playing on green field

Here’s a super active fox jumping over another cub. Two awesome balls of energy!

37. Let Me Sleep

Baby fox sleeping near the den

This is exactly how you sleep when you have financial freedom.

38. Am I Hidden Enough?

Baby fox hiding under wood log

An adorable red fox is hiding in the British Countryside. She’s not hidden enough, though.

39. You Can’t Run, But You Can’t Hide

Two kit baby foxes playing in the wild

Who doesn’t love playing in the wild? Here are two foxes enjoying their playtime.

40. I Can Climb Now

Baby red fox climbing a broken tree

From hiding in the burrow to climbing logs in the woods. We love progress!

41. Tickle!

Two baby foxes playing in the woods

Innocent little fox doesn’t know his brother is coming in for a tickle.

42. Baby’s Affection

Baby fox cub cuddles mother fox

Who doesn’t love cuddle time with mom?

43. Follow Me!

Grey baby fox leads siblings out of den

This grey fox kit is leading his siblings out of their den. Sneaky sneaky little creatures!

44. I’m Stronger Than You

Two baby fox cubs playing outdoors

There’s no powerplay here, is there?

45. Is It Safe to Go Out?

A pair of baby fox kits coming out of a hollow log

These two baby foxes come out of a hollow log after hiding. But what are they hiding from?

46. Newborns

Newborn baby foxes in burrow

Believe it or not, these are foxes, not dogs or rats.

47. White as Snow

Baby Arctic fox full body portrait

American Eskimo? Nah. This fluffy-looking ball of fur is an arctic fox.

48. Lost

Baby grey fox in green grass

This baby gray fox seems lost. Hope he finds his way home soon.

49. Perky Ears

Baby fox in countryside

Who says Alaskan Malamutes are the only creatures with beautiful perky ears? Baby foxes, too!

50. Focus

Cute baby fox staying low on groung

Shh. Keep quiet. This baby fox is practicing his prey-hunting skills.

51. Tiny But Cuddly

Portrait of a baby fennec fox in an enclosure

This baby fennec fox will remain little forever.

52. Motherly Love

Mother fox taking care of her baby fox

Someone missed mom after being out all day.

53. Thanks, Hooman!

Tiny baby fox cub wrapped in a towel being held in hands

Baby fox wrapped like a burrito be get protection from the cold.

54. Time for a Walk

A fox baby comes out of the fox hole carefully

Although nocturnal, this baby fox is leaving the foxhole to do his morning walk.

55. Cuteness Overload

A group of cute baby foxes

A bunch of cute baby foxes serving us joy in one frame.

56. Is This How You Sleep?

Baby fennec fox or desert fox with big ears sleeps

Eyes asleep but ears awake for this desert fox.

57. Where’s the Third Brother?

Two adorable fox cubs looking at the camera

Next time, these baby cubs better tell their brother it’s time for a portrait.

58. Went for a Dip

Baby fox staring at the camera

This fox is definitely a water baby.

59. Red vs. Grey

Two baby foxes with different colors playing in the wild

Baby foxes fighting in the wild. Choose your bet.

60. Regal

Red fox cub baby in beautiful nature

This baby fox looks like a pet of the royalty.

61. Are the Paparrazis There?

Curious baby fox in nature

Baby foxes are afraid of flashes, too, right? Here’s one that’s extra cautious.

62. In Deep Thought

Cute red fox baby standing on grass

Lost in thoughts in the woods? Nah. Just hungry.

63. Will Mom Find Out If I Sneek Out?

Baby fox staying behind small wood

Well, little fox, get ready for some serious nagging later.

64. Ferocious Four? Nah.

Four baby foxes in New Jersey

We don’t smell trouble. Do you?

65. Kissie Kissie

Baby fox kissing its mother

At this point, we can conclude foxes love affectionate kisses.

66. I Can’t Sleep

A cute and cuddly baby grey fox

This baby fox is still wide awake. Guess someone’s having trouble with his body clock.

67. When Will Mom and Dad Come Home?

Portrait of two cute baby foxes

Two cubs are looking impatient for their parents to come home from hunting.

68. This Is My Territory

Kit fox sitting on sand in the wild

That’s a comfy mound you can rest on, little kit.

69. Let’s Go For a Hike

Two baby fox kits in national park

Race to the top little cubs! 

70. Can We Move Now?

Two tiny baby foxes in the wild ouside den

These cuties seem to be frozen in place. What have they seen?

71. Mom to the Rescue

Adult fox with its two baby foxes

Baby red foxes seek their mother’s comfort after being hunted down by vicious animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three curious small baby foxes near den

How Much Is a Baby Fox?

A baby fox typically costs between $500 and $6,000. However, purchasing one is highly discouraged because they aren’t naturally domesticated creatures.

What Does a Baby Fox Look Like?

A baby fox is either born with short brown, charcoal, or tan-colored fur, but this coat is replaced with red fur in just a few weeks. 

Their ears and snout grow longer eventually, making them look more like adult foxes even though they are still relatively small.

Do Baby Foxes Come Out During the Day?

Similar to adult foxes, some baby foxes also come out during the day, especially in springtime. Although they are predominantly nocturnal, they sometimes accompany the father fox in hunting prey.

Final Thoughts

Baby foxes are some of the most lovable young creatures you’ll come across. It’s no wonder they’re used as a “theme” for baby parties and even adult celebrations. 

We hope that through looking at the pictures above, we have satisfied your curiosity and put a smile on your face. 

If you want to share anything about baby foxes or maybe a picture of one, leave a comment or share the link to the photo below!

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