How Much Does Burmese Cat Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Burmese cat price and expenses how much does a Burmese cat cost

The Burmese cat is one of the most expensive feline breeds to ever exist. Although the price of getting a Burmese may hurt your pockets, having them in your humble home is definitely worth every penny.

Many factors can affect the cost of a Burmese cat, and going through every financial detail about the breed before getting one is very important.

Reading this article will make it easier for you to budget your funds according to the needs of your Burmese cat.

The Average Cost of a Burmese Kitten

Average cost of Burmese kitten

The cost of a Burmese kitten is around $500 to $800. If you want to buy a Burmese cat from a well-known breeder, expect the prices to range from $850 to $2,000. Other factors, such as age, coat color, and pedigree, may also affect the pricing of Burmese kittens.

Looking for the perfect Burmese kitten is not as easy as it sounds. You need to look for reputable, responsible breeders who are serious about giving the Burmese kitten a new loving home.

Although buying from reputable breeders can be costly, you have the assurance that kittens from these breeders have complete health records, registrations, and vaccinations.

Adoption is also a good option if you wish to get a Burmese kitten and cut down on monthly expenses at the same time.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Burmese Kitten

Have you ever wondered why the cost of purebred cats differs from one breeder to another? It’s because breeders consider various factors in pricing their kittens. These factors may include coat colors, cat registration, and age.

Here is a detailed list of the factors affecting the cost of a Burmese kitten:

  • Age: Burmese kittens are cheaper than adult Burmese cats. However, it’s quite rare for a cat owner to purchase a fully grown Burmese. An adult Burmese cat would cost about $800. Getting a kitten is best when you want to cut down on initial expenses.
  • Color: Burmese cats come in different colors, and you may find that each color comes at different prices. Some Burmese cat colors are more popular than others. For instance, the blue-colored Burmese are ranked the most popular and have the highest price tag.
  • Registration: A Burmese with complete registration papers can be much more expensive than the ones who don’t. Complete registration documents allow full breeding rights and participation in cat shows.
  • Location: Your breeder’s location can affect the Burmese cat price. If your breeder lives miles away from you, there is a chance that they will charge you extra for transportation services.
  • Breeder Reputation: The more reputable and well-known your chosen breeder is, the higher their prices will be. Burmese cats that are in the pet shops are much cheaper than those from breeders. Getting your Burmese kitten from a reputable breeder is highly recommended.
  • Rarity: Burmese cats are rare felines and hard to come by; therefore, they cost higher than other common cat breeds. 

Aside from the ones listed, other factors that may affect the cost of a Burmese cat are gender, demand, appearance, and genetics.

Here is a short video of a cuddly Burmese cat in action:

Burmese Cats Chattering and Talking about Birds! Cute & Funny!

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Burmese Cat From a Rescue?

Despite their rarity and popularity, many Burmese cats still end up in animal shelters. Typically, the adoption fee for Burmese cats usually ranges from $75 to $300 depending on the rescue organization.

Adoption is the second best choice if you want a Burmese cat for a low price. Some adoption organizations opt to give Burmese kittens for free, but it usually depends on the health and quality of the kitten.

Not all rescue organizations have the same adoption fees for Burmese cats but expect the cost to be lower compared to the standard prices of breeders.

Initial Cost of Burmese Cat Ownership

Burmese cat initial costs

Having a Burmese cat is a long-term commitment and would require great financial stability on the owner’s part to keep their pet healthy and content. 

The expense does not stop at buying the Burmese alone. That’s only the beginning of your expenses. Bear in mind that your Burmese may need other necessities such as food, toys, and grooming kits.

Below are the initial expenses of owning a Burmese cat:

  • Food and Treats: A Burmese cat’s diet should include high-quality food rich in protein. Cats have a big appetite, so keep in mind to fill your Burmese’s food bowl consistently. Treats may also be given as a reward when training your Burmese. Quality cat food and treats will cost you around $20 to $50.
  • Food and Water Bowls: Plastic bowls are a good choice for your Burmese cat, but these can sometimes cause allergies. Stainless steel bowls are a better option when choosing the perfect food and water bowl. Always see that their food and water bowls are sturdy and safe. Food and water bowls are around $10 to $25.
  • Litter Box: A litter box is essential in your household, especially if your Burmese is an indoor cat. Make sure that your Burmese cat’s litter box is large enough for them to fit. Standard litter boxes cost over $20 to $160.
  • Litter Sand: You can get a bag of litter sand for your Burmese cat from $25 to $35. Be mindful that cats like keeping their environment clean, including litter boxes. Make sure to scoop out their excrements and change the sand regularly.
  • Collar and ID Tag: Collars and ID tags can be indicators that your Burmese cat isn’t a stray. It can even serve as a cute accessory for them, too. For $5 to $20, you can purchase a good quality collar and ID tag.
  • Cat Bed: Burmese cats spend most of their time lounging around when they aren’t playing or eating. A high-quality cat bed is a perfect spot where they can be at peace and cozy. Expect to shell out $15 to $30 for your kitty’s bed.
  • Cat Carrier: Always put your Burmese in a cat carrier when transporting it from your house to the vet or any place outdoors. This way, it will still feel safe and relaxed. Standard cat carriers can cost around $20 to $60, depending on the size and materials used.
  • Toys and Scratching Post: A Burmese cat’s first instinct is to catch anything that moves. Therefore, toys that stimulate their natural instincts are important to have around. Toys like the active feather teaser, a ball, or a cat tree can help them maintain a happy mental state. Toys and scratching posts cost about $15 to $70.
  • Grooming Essentials: Burmese cats are designed for self-cleaning, but they often get hairballs from grooming themselves. Having a grooming comb around can be helpful. Other grooming essentials such as nail trimmers and cat perfume cost around $25 to $35.
  • Initial Vet Visits: As a pet owner, you want to make sure that your Burmese is kept healthy and free from any type of disease. Regular visits to the vet can help monitor your Burmese’s health. A medical consultation would cost around $100 to $250, depending on the required procedure.
  • Initial Vaccine Shots: Finding out when to give vaccine shots to your Burmese cat would depend on your vet’s recommendation. Most felines have their initial vaccines as early as 6 to 8 weeks old. The costs of these shots can range from $25 to $50.
  • Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications: As a feline with a relatively short coat, your Burmese cat may be prone to fleas and ticks. It can also acquire internal parasites such as heartworms. Medications that eliminate these parasites would cost you around $30 to $100.
  • Neutering and Spaying: Studies show that spaying or neutering your Burmese cat has many great health benefits. By getting your Burmese spayed or neutered for $200 to $500, the risk of your cat developing cancer, breast tumors, and other uterine infections is decreased.
  • Microchip: Microchips are implanted devices that cost $40 to $60. Microchipping can help locate your Burmese cat if ever they get lost. It contains all the necessary information about the owner and the pet, which makes it easier for the pet to get rescued.
  • Miscellaneous Supplies: Aside from the listed items, your Burmese cat will also need vitamins, formulated cat milk, a litter scooper, and the like. Saving $15 to $30 is enough for miscellaneous fees.

The table below shows a breakdown of the initial expenses of owning a Burmese cat:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$20 – $50
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Litter Box$20 – $160
Litter Sand$15 – $25
Collar and ID Tag$5 – $20
Cat Bed$15 – $30
Cat Carrier$20 – $60
Toys and Scratching Post$15 – $70
Grooming Essentials$25 – $3
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $250
Initial Vaccine Shots$25 – $50
Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications$30 – $100
Neutering or Spaying$200 – $500
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$555 – $1,465

Before settling your Burmese cat into its new home, make sure all these essentials are ready. Remember to buy high-quality materials to avoid unnecessary repurchasing in the future.

Annual Cost of Owning a Burmese Cat

Burmese cat yearly and monthly costs

Burmese cats are easier to maintain than other pets. Nonetheless, a huge sum goes to their ongoing cost of food, entertainment, grooming, and medications.

Before owning a Burmese, assessing whether you can handle the yearly expenses is crucial. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending on these things in your cat’s lifetime.

Here is a summary of the annual cost of owning a Burmese cat that you can use in managing your finances:

Type of ExpenseYearly Estimate
Food and Treats$200 – $500
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Litter Box$20 – $160
Litter Sand$200 – $250
Cat Bed$20 – $30
Cat Carrier$20 – $60
Toys and Scratching Post$100 – $250
Grooming Essentials$100 – $200
Routine Veterinary Care$100 – $200
Vaccinations$50 – $130
Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications$60 – $150
Pet Insurance$360 – $600
Miscellaneous Supplies$30 – $50
Yearly Total$1,270 – $2,605
Average Monthly Cost$106 – $217

Keep in mind that the prices shown in the table are estimates only. Aside from the initial payment when purchasing a Burmese cat, you’ll need around $217 dollars a month and $2,605 yearly for its needs.

Being able to consistently meet the needs of your Burmese cat depends on how you manage your funds. This includes the potential expenses which will be discussed in the succeeding section.

Other Potential Expenses

Additional expenses may be unavoidable during the lifetime of your pet. Hence, it is best to have a few bucks saved for other potential expenditures.

Here are some of the other potential expenses of owning a Burmese cat:

  • Genetic Testing: DNA testing helps identify if your Burmese cat has genetic abnormalities that may be passed on to their offspring. Getting your Burmese tested should also alert you in case it needs treatment as well. Genetic testing costs around $38 to $70.
  • Medical Emergencies: Accidents and unforeseen sicknesses may happen at any time. Setting aside extra funds for medical emergencies may save your Burmese’s life. An emergency consultation may cost around $50 to $1,000, depending on the treatment and health assessments administered.
  • Cat carriers: Putting your cat in a cat carrier when transporting them from one place to another is very important. It allows them to feel safe and secure while being away from their safe space. For $10 to $60, you can get a good quality pet carrier from your local pet shop.
  • Cat Accessories: Sometimes, owners just can’t help themselves but spoil their cats. If you are this kind of pet owner, you might find yourself spending around 20$ to $50 for cat clothes, designer collars, and other pet accessories.
  • Cat Sitter: There are instances where pet owners are required to leave their house for a long period of time. Thankfully, cat sitters are available to accompany your Burmese cat. Hiring a cat sitter costs about $20 to $40 per session.

As you can see, a lot of expenses come with owning a Burmese cat, and it is a huge financial responsibility. Hopefully, this guide has helped you determine what it takes to be ready to raise a Burmese kitten.

Take note that these prices may be higher or lower depending on your location, chosen veterinary facility, and the quality of the items you purchase.

Places to Find Burmese Kittens for Sale and Adoption

Burmese kitten for sale and adoption

Due to its rising popularity, it is now easier to look for a Burmese kitten from legitimate sources.

Getting one from a reputable breeder ensures that the quality and health of the kitten are highly prioritized. However, it is still best to research thoroughly what each breeder offers so you can get the most out of your deal. 

Here is a list of breeders where you can find Burmese kittens:

  • Bon Marché – Bon Marche is a California-based, award-winning cattery that has been raising high-quality Burmese cats since 1998. They usually have sable, champagne, platinum, and blue Burmese kittens. The kittens in this cattery are fully vaccinated with a two-year health guarantee.
  • Bermusing – Located in Abington, MA, Bermusing is a small cattery exclusively breeding pedigreed, CFA-registered Burmese kittens. Every kitten from Bermusing is raised with love, kept in good health, and molded to have an affectionate personality.
  • Okeydokey – Okeydokey is a Burmese kitten cattery founded in 1980 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The kittens are shipped and released at ten weeks old with two vaccinations and basic training.

Meanwhile, if you would like to adopt a Burmese cat, here are some rescue organizations and sites you can look through:

  • National Alliance of Burmese Breeders (NABB) – Established in 2000 in Georgia, NABB is an organization that caters to finding good homes for Burmese cats and kittens. Despite the popularity of the Burmese breed, NABB usually gets numerous requests yearly for Burmese cat adoption and surrender.
  • Pet Finder – Pet Finder is a searchable database that caters to pet owners across the United States. Their wide reach includes a network of about 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations, making it easier to find the Burmese cat for you!
  • Rescue Me! – Rescue Me! is an online database with the goal of finding caring homes for rescued pets, including Burmese cats. They have an updated list of rescued Burmese kittens across the entire country that is arranged per state, making it easier to find the Burmese cat nearest you!

Aside from the options mentioned above, here are some effective ways to find free kittens for adoption in your area. This will increase your chances of finding the Burmese you want without impacting your budget too much.

Money-Saving Tips for Burmese Cat Owners

Extra expenses are impossible to avoid. You may find yourself spending on things that are not on the list of Burmese cat essentials. That being said, saving your money for unexpected situations can be a big help.

Here is a list of money-saving tips you can try:

  • Purchase high-quality essentials. Buying the right brands for your Burmese cat can save lots of bucks. High-quality products are much more sustainable, safe, and sturdy. Purchasing quality supplies can keep you from buying the same essential over and over again, thus saving more money.
  • Make homemade meals for your Burmese cat. Homemade meals are undeniably cheaper than store-bought cat food and treats. Making your Burmese cat’s food at home helps you regulate the freshness of the ingredients you use and, at the same time, monitor the cost.
  • Groom your Burmese cat at home. Burmese cats are low-maintenance pets and generally do not need a lot of grooming. But if needed, grooming them at home is better than going to a grooming salon. If you want to save money, learning to groom your Burmese cat at home can be a great way to cut down on additional expenses.
  • Buy food in bulk. Buying cat food in bulk is also a good way to save. Sellers usually give discounts on bulk purchases, making it easier for you to budget in the long run. You also don’t need to worry about buying food too often.

These tips can enhance your creativity as an owner and even tighten your bond with your Burmese cat. Being thrifty can be fun too! Just make sure not to neglect your Burmese cat’s needs when trying to save money.

Final Thoughts

Burmese cats are intelligent, expressive, and fun felines. These medium-sized felines are one of the most adorable breeds in the world. Their characters and cute appearances make pet owners fall in love with them at first sight.

Spending a few hundred bucks on a Burmese cat might sound intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of budgeting, you may even find yourself spoiling them!

Hopefully, this article has guided you to prepare financially, not just for the cost of the cat itself but also for the budget you need to consider for the health and maintenance of your beloved pet.

No matter the price of your Burmese cat, you will never regret the joy of having one in your humble home. We would love to hear how this article has helped you! Please leave us your comments and suggestions!

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