How Much Does a Calico Cat Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Calico cat price and expenses how much does a Calico cat cost

Knowing how much calico cats cost and having an in-depth idea about the cost of owning one is very important when deciding to take home one of these felines. 

The good news is that the price of a calico cat is reasonable. The bad news, however, is that there are other expenses that you would need to spend throughout their lifespan. 

To help you determine if your finances can shoulder the cost of owning a calico cat, keep reading until the end of this guide as we tackle and break down the costs for you.

The Average Cost of a Calico Cat

Average cost of Calico cat

The average price of calico cats is anywhere around $400 to $3,000. Their price, however, highly depends on whether or not they are purebred cats or mixed breeds, including their lineage and overall pet quality. 

To set the record straight, the calico cat is not a breed. It refers to any domestic cat flaunting a tri-color coat pattern with a distinct coloration of white, black, and orange on its fur. 

Do not be confused, though, as they are not similar to tortoiseshell cats and tortie cats. You can refer to our article on the differences between a tortoiseshell cat, tortie cat, calico cat, and tabby cat for better understanding.

That said, the price of a calico cat partly depends on the breed you’re looking for. 

For instance, you should expect to shell out more cash if you are eyeing taking home a specific cat breed such as the British Shorthair, Persian, or Maine Coon with calico coloration.

Mixed breed cats with calico patterns should cost less than the breeds mentioned above. 

Regardless of the breed, it is important to remember that calico cats are generally not very affordable, so be wary of breeders selling calico kittens at a very low price. Chances are, the cat may have an undisclosed health problem.

Aside from this, you may also find male calico cats’ price tags way more expensive than female calico cats. A male calico cat worth is higher because they are extremely rare. 

The reason being is that almost all calico cats are female cats because the calico color is related to the X chromosome

For a male cat to show a calico pattern, it must have two X chromosomes or XX chromosomes from its mother and the Y chromosome from the father. 

Another factor contributing to the rarity of these male cats is that male calicos are born sterile, so they cannot be used for breeding. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Calico Cat

Have you ever wondered why there is such a wide price range for these calico kittens? Why were others able to spot one from cat breeders at an affordable price while the one you found was very expensive? 

As with any other cat, there are a lot of factors that may affect the exact price of a calico kitten, such as the cat’s quality, age, gender, bloodline, breeder’s reputation, and many more. 

Here are some of the major factors affecting the calico cats’ worth: 

  • Gender: As previously mentioned, it is very rare to find a male calico cat due to its genetics. In fact, only about 1 in 3,000 calicos is a male calico. Thus, expect to pay more if you are looking for a male calico kitten as male calico cats cost higher. 
  • Color: The cat’s color also plays a huge role in determining the calico cat price. If you are looking for calico at a lower price, you can opt for calicos with black and orange fur. This color is the most common fur color among calico cats; that is why it is cheaper compared to dilute calico and calliby cats or those with a mix of calico and tabby cats. 
  • Pedigree: It is a no-brainer that non-pedigree calico cats or mixed breed cats can be cheaper than pedigree cats. A pedigree cat or purebred cat, even though born sterile, is generally more expensive as they have been bred to look a certain way or to exhibit certain personality traits. 
  • Breeder’s Reputation: Reputable breeders with a proven track record in producing high-quality calico cats sell their litters at a higher price as they usually undergo a series of tests even prior to breeding.

The factors listed above are the ones that affect the price of a calico cat the most. Note that there are minor factors that may also cause the price tag of a calico cat to be more expensive, such as pet insurance and bundled freebies.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Calico Cat From a Rescue? 

Adopting a calico cat from shelters and rescue centers is not only a noble deed, but you also get to save a lot of money as adoption fees for calico cats only range from $100 to $250. 

In most shelters, adoption fees are fixed prices depending on the cat’s age. If you want a more affordable calico cat, there are shelters that waive their adoption fees, but that is if you are interested in taking home an adult cat. 

The adoption fee you’re paying usually covers your potential cat’s vaccination, neutering or spaying, treatment for fleas, deworming, and microchipping. 

Since calico cats are quite common, you can easily find them in shelters, especially if you are not looking for a specific breed of cat with calico coloration. 

Initial Cost of Calico Cat Ownership

Calico cat initial costs

The expenses do not end the moment you pay for your cat. In fact, it is just the beginning of the long and seemingly endless expenses of owning a calico cat. 

First off, you need to prepare for your cat’s initial expenses to ensure that its transition to its new home is smooth and comfortable. 

Below is a list of the common and basic necessities that a new calico cat owner needs to prepare: 

  • Foods and Treats: Although most breeders will give a few packs of initial food for your cat, it is best to prepare this in advance. It is important that calico cats eat high-quality dry or wet food to ensure overall growth and nourishment. Initially, you would need $20 to $50 for this.
  • Food and Water Bowls: Buying a good quality bowl will help you save money in the long run. Experienced pet owners suggest choosing stainless-steel bowls over plastic as these are sturdier and easier to clean. Not to worry, though, as a pair would only cost you about $10 to $25. 
  • Litter Box: The size of your litter box depends on your cat’s size, as it should be large enough for your cat to fit inside comfortably. That being said, the budget for litter boxes also depends on their size, but they usually cost $20 to $160. 
  • Litter Sand: It is important to invest in fragrance-free and dust-free cat litter to keep your home smelling fresh and prevent bacteria build-up. Depending on what kind of cat litter sand you’re getting, they typically cost $15 to $25. 
  • Collar and ID Tag: Investing in a good quality collar and ID tag is important as cats tend to wander and may get lost. This should only cost you around $5 to $20. 
  • Cat Bed: Another most important thing to invest in when you have new cats is their beds since this is their own space where they spend most of their time resting. For $15 to $30, you can already find a soft and durable cat bed for your calico cat. 
  • Cat Carrier: If you are the traveling type and intend to bring your cat with you, a cat carrier is an essential purchase. A good-quality cat carrier should cost you $20 to $60. 
  • Toys and Scratching Post: Most calico cats are playful and may need toys to keep them busy when their owners are not available for some playtime. Spending $15 to $70 for a set of toys and a scratching post is better than spending hundreds for repairing scratched furniture. 
  • Grooming Essentials: Calico cats are generally low-maintenance, but they also need grooming once in a while. That is why you need to prepare $25 to $35 for hairbrushes, combs, nail clippers, shampoo, and similar items that your calico cat may need. 
  • Initial Vet Visits: Whether you’re buying a calico kitten or adopting a senior one, it is important to have them checked by a veterinarian to make sure your beautiful cat is healthy so as to avoid serious health issues in the future. Vet visits can go from $100 to $250, depending on your location and the tests needed.
  • Initial Vaccine Shots: Though most breeders provide the initial shots, once your calico cat has already been rehomed, you must make sure to finish all vaccinations at your account. Vaccines typically cost between $25 and $50. 
  • Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications: Providing these medications to your calico cat will incur an extra cost but will also help you save tons in the long run, as this can prevent health problems. Expect to spend around $30 to $100 for these medications, and make sure to check with your licensed veterinarian first. 
  • Neutering or Spaying: Though this procedure may be optional, neutering or spaying your calico cat is highly recommended as it provides your cat with a lot of health benefits. This common and safe procedure costs around $200 to $500. 
  • Microchip: Aside from an ID tag, it is important that pet owners invest in getting a microchip implanted in their calico cat. With only $40 to $60, you are assured that in case your pet cat gets lost, authorities can quickly identify them, and you get to prove your ownership easily. 
  • Miscellaneous Supplies: In addition to the list above, the cat owner also needs to provide other supplies your calico cat may need, such as vitamins, harnesses, accessories, cleaning supplies, and other things. For these expenses, it’s safe to set aside $15 to $30. 

Here’s a summary of the initial expenses of owning a calico cat: 

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$20 – $50
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Litter Box$20 – $160
Litter Sand$15 – $25
Collar and ID Tag$5 – $20
Cat Bed$15 – $30
Cat Carrier$20 – $60
Toys and Scratching Post$15 – $70
Grooming Essentials$25 – $35
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $250
Initial Vaccine Shots$25 – $50
Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications$30 – $100
Neutering or Spaying$200 – $500
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$555 – $1,465

New owners need to shell out around $555 to $1,465 to provide for the initial expenses for your new cat’s needs. 

The list may be long, but everything above is important for your cat to thrive and adjust better to a new environment. After all, that is part of your responsibility as a pet owner to keep these cats healthy and provided for.

Still thinking twice about this cat? This video might make you rush to find a breeder: 

Why Are Calico Cats So Awesome

Annual Cost of Owning a Calico Cat 

Calico cat yearly and monthly costs

If you think your cat expenses end after paying for your cat and buying the initial expenses, you got it all wrong! You also have to consider the annual cost of owning a calico cat. 

The list below will help you determine if you can maintain and afford the yearly expenses of owning these calico cats before you decide to own one.

The table below shows the summary of expenses you should prepare for when owning calico cats:

Type of ExpenseYearly Estimate
Food and Treats$200 – $500
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Litter Box$20 – $160
Litter Sand$200 – $250
Cat Bed$20 – $30
Cat Carrier$20 – $60
Toys and Scratching Post$100 – $250
Grooming Essentials$100 – $200
Routine Veterinary Care$100 – $200
Vaccinations$50 – $130
Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications$60 – $150
Pet Insurance$360 – $600
Miscellaneous Supplies$30 – $50
Yearly Total$1,243 – $2,605
Average Monthly Cost$103 – $217

As you can see from the table, the estimated yearly cost of owning a calico cat is around $1,243 to $2,605, with an average monthly expense amounting to $103 to $217. 

Investing in good pet insurance that will cost you between $360 and $600 will greatly help you with unexpected vet bills in your cat’s lifetime. 

It may seem costly at first, but your pet insurance would help cover most of your vet bills if ever your calico cat gets sick or has health emergencies. 

Other Potential Expenses

Aside from the ones listed above, there are other potential expenses that you should look into. Most of these expenses, however, are not necessarily high-priority items and may just be optional. 

Below is a list of other things that your calico cat may need: 

  • Cat Sitters or Daycare: For busy individuals, it is best to always have a cat sitter to look after your calico cat, especially since not all of them enjoy a lot of alone time. You can also opt to leave them at cat daycares when you need to travel without your cat. Cat daycares and sitters usually charge $15 to $60 per day, depending on your location and terms. 
  • Emergency Medical Treatment: Despite our efforts to keep our pet cats in tip-top shape, there will always be medical emergencies that are sometimes unavoidable. Thus, we need to prepare for this and set aside a budget for these treatments, usually costing around $500 to $1,000. 
  • Pet Accessories: As cat lovers, chances are you would want to spoil your calico cat with accessories to make them even cuter. Such accessories include costumes for Halloween and Christmas. For these items, expect to pay about $10 to $50. 
  • Pet Fee/Pet Deposit: For owners renting a house or an apartment, the landlord may charge a pet fee or pet deposit to help mitigate the risks and cover the cost of pet mishaps. Deposit fees vary depending on which state you are in and the type of pet you have, usually at around $200 to $500.
  • Grooming Services: Though most domestic cats are well-equipped for grooming, taking your cats to a professional groomer is essential, especially for standard calico with white coats to keep your cat’s fur healthy and shiny. Grooming packages range from $50 to $70. 

These added expenses are optional but will surely make your and your cat’s life more comfortable. After all, these expenses are incomparable to the amount of happiness that your calico cats can contribute to the family. 

Places to Find Calico Kittens for Sale and Adoption

Five Calico kittens for sale and adoption

Though there are several popular cat breeds with calico fur patterns, you might still have to do some hunting to find a breeder specializing in producing them. 

Fret not, though, as we are here to help you make your search easier and bearable with our list of calico breeder and shelter recommendations. It is, however, recommended that you do your own research about these places.

Here are a few calico kitten breeders you can get in touch with: 

  • Pelaqita Persians – If you are looking for a purebred calico cat, you may consider this Persian breeder specializing in producing some of the most popular colors of the Persian breed, including calico, tortoiseshell, and tabby Persian cats. You can be assured of the quality of the cat produced by this breeder as they have already been in the industry for over 20 years.
  • CatsNow — This website has over a hundred listings of both purebred and mixed breed calicos, including dilute calico cats. There are helpful filters such as breed, location, and distance, which can help you find a specific breed of calico cat in no time. 
  • GoKitty! – GoKitty! is another website that offers a directory of available calico cats in the United States. You can input your city and zip code to find a calico cat near you. Be careful, though, as there may be scammers and bad breeders on the website. 

If you haven’t found the calico cat of your dreams in the places above, you can also opt for adoption. Aside from saving a hefty amount of money, you also get to give a cat a new chance in life. 

Here are some places calico adoption websites and rescue centers where you can look for rescued calico cats: 

  • Chewy – With its wide range of shelter and rescue networks, Chewy has over a hundred calico cat listings that are up for adoption on this website. They have both random-bred cats and pedigree cats with calico patterns available. 
  • Adopt-a-Pet – Adopt-a-Pet partnered with a lot of rescue organizations, so there will surely be a calico cat waiting to be adopted by you on this website. The best thing about this website is that they have an option to search for cats up for adoption that is within your location. 
  • APSCA Adoption Center – Established in North America, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (APSCA) is now one of the largest humane societies in the world. They have a lot of cats available for adoption, depending on your location, so you might be able to find your calico cat in this center. 

If you have already tapped the places above and still haven’t found the cat for you, check out our Maine Coon breeders and rescue recommendation since there are Maine Coons with standard calico coats.

Money-Saving Tips for Calico Cat Owners

Taking home a calico cat can be expensive, but it should not have you running out of funds. That being said, sometimes, you need to be creative in taking care of your cat so you can give yourself and your wallet a breather. 

Here are some money-saving tips that can help you cut back on your calico cat expenses:

  • Get pet insurance. You might be tempted not to purchase this expense since it can be pretty expensive at first, but if you think about it, it will save you hundreds if a medical emergency happens to your cat. 
  • Make homemade treats. Buying commercial treats can cost you a lot, especially if you love spoiling your calico cats with them. There are a lot of treat recipe tutorials available on YouTube. Aside from saving a hefty amount of money, you are also assured that what you’re giving your cat is healthy and natural. 
  • Invest in high-quality cat supplies. Buying high-quality supplies for your calico cat will cost you quite a lot at first, but that also means you get to use these things for years. Too much saving and buying cheap but low-quality items will only cost you more in the long run. 
  • Buy cat supplies in bulk. Buying your cat’s essentials, such as its dry and wet food and litter sand in bulk, will help you save a lot as most pet stores give great discounts on large orders. 

Owning a pet is a trial and error method. As you gain more experience as a calico cat owner, you will eventually learn how to spoil your calico cat without ending up broke. 

Final Thoughts

Depending on what cat breed you’re after, the calico cat price is generally not as expensive compared to other cats. However, one must remember that there are tons of other expenses that owners need to take into consideration.

Taking care of these money cats is a lifelong responsibility than involves financial matters. It’s best to study and contemplate if you can sustain having one, especially if you find the expenses of calico cats expensive. 

Regardless of whether you got a pedigree or non-pedigree cat, adopted or not, calico male or female calico, you will realize that every penny spent is worth it as this breed of cat will surely light up your home with their sassy attitude. 

Are you ready to take home a calico cat? Let us know in the comments. 

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