13 Orange and White Cat Breeds You’ll Love (With Pictures)

Orange and white cat breed sitting on the street

Cats with an orange and white coat color are some of the most iconic felines out there.

Because of their eye-catching appearance, these cats quickly became Hollywood favorites. Garfield and Puss in Boots are just some of the most famous cat characters with orange and white coats we know.

In this article, we will introduce you to 13 different cat breeds with orange and white coats. 

This guide will also show some photos, useful information, and exciting facts about these fancy felines. Read along if you’re ready to know more about orange and white cats!

13 Cat Breeds That Have Orange and White Coats

Orange and white cats, also called “orange tabbies,” are among the most famous felines one can find.

While going through this guide, keep in mind that there isn’t just one shade of orange. Orange in these cats can range from light cream to dark tan.

Read through this list of 13 different orange and white cat breeds below to see which cat breed is perfect for you!

1. Turkish Angora

Orange and white Turkish Angora cat

The orange and white Turkish Angora is a fabulous-looking cat that is quite hard to find. This rare kitty is known for its soft, thick fur.

Orange and white Turkish Angora cats usually sport a big patch of orange fur on top of a mostly white coat.

The orange on the Turkish Angora cats ranges from light cream to dark orange. Regardless of their orange patches’ shade, they are easily noticeable thanks to their rich white fur.

These medium-sized felines have a graceful gait and overall welcoming energy. They are one of the friendliest orange and white cats on this list!

Aside from orange and white, these cats also come in other colors, such as blue, black, solid white, and gray.

2. Persian Cat

Orange and white Persian cat

Persian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. People love these cats, especially the orange and white variation!

Some of the standout features of the orange and white Persian are their fluffy coat, cute ears, and big, round eyes. These kitties range from a ginger-like orange color to a vibrant red-orange.

It is also common for orange and white Persian cats to have a more pronounced white patch near their neck and chin.

Other than their color, these cats are also adored for their medium-sized, thick bodies and signature flat faces.

However, you should know that orange and white Persian cat ownership is quite expensive! If you want to learn more about this, read our guide on how much Persian cats cost.

3. Maine Coon

Orange and white Maine Coon cat

The orange and white Maine Coon is a large cat that is undeniably good-looking. These cats often sport an “M” marking on their foreheads, similar to traditional tabby cats.

Aside from this marking, orange and white Maine Coons also have a subtle striped pattern on their legs and tail.

Moreover, these cats will often have a large patch of white fur near their belly and on the lower part of their forelegs.

Alongside their orange and white coats, these cats sport one of many different eye colors. Usually, you will see orange and white Maine Coons with blue or green eyes.

One interesting thing about orange Maine Coons is that they come in six different types! One of these types is considered rare — the solid orange Maine Coon.

Want to see an orange and white Maine Coon? Watch this video:

Merlin the Maine Coon - 4-52 WEEKS COMPILATION

4. Munchkin Cat

Orange and white Munchkin cat

The orange and white Munchkin is pretty unique from other cats on this list. This is thanks to their standout feature — their short, stubby legs!

Orange and white Munchkins are undoubtedly charmers in the cat world. These kitties come in all shades of orange, from light ginger to a reddish-orange color.

Some common features of the orange and white Munchkin include a striped tail, an “M” marking on the forehead, and white fur around the mouth and chin.

An important thing to know about Munchkins is that the breed is relatively new. This means you might find it challenging to come across one, especially the orange variety.

In addition, the popularity of Munchkins is rapidly increasing, so expect their kitten prices to go up.

5. Exotic Shorthair 

Orange and white Exotic Shorthair cat

Does the cat above look familiar? If your answer is yes, that’s because the orange and white Exotic Shorthairs are cousins of Persian cats.

Notice their flat faces and triangular ears — they’re almost exactly like the Persian!

However, orange and white Exotic Shorthairs have a more defined color separation between their orange fur and white fur.

Often, these kitties will sport orange fur on their back and white fur on the bottom part of their body.

Because of their shorter coat, Exotic Shorthairs are pretty easy to maintain and groom. Personality-wise, these cats are warm, affectionate, and docile.

They are slightly more active than Persians, but they enjoy lazing around with their families.

6. Bengal Cat

Orange and white Bengal cat

The orange and white Bengal cat is one of the unique cats on this list. For one, these cats are descendants of domesticated cats and wild Asian leopards. Aside from that, these kitties sport a pretty unique coat pattern.

The orange and white coat of a Bengal resembles a leopard pattern — big, dark, and circular patches on top of a lighter base coat.

In terms of coat length and texture, the orange and white Bengal has a short and soft coat.

Usually, most Bengal cats come in an orange, white, and black combo. While it’s rare to find just orange and white Bengal, this kind of cat is out there.

7. American Bobtail

Orange and white American Bobtail cat

If you want an orange and white cat with dog-like traits, the American Bobtail is for you. Orange and white American Bobtail cats come in a wide range of shades.

You can pick up a light ginger or a darker orange and white American Bobtail cat, depending on your preference.

That said, all orange and white American Bobtail cats sport an “M” marking on their foreheads.

Aside from that, a striped pattern on the forelegs of these kitties is also pretty evident. They also have some of these markings near their belly and back.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

Orange and white Norwegian Forest Cat

Also called ‘Wedgies,” the Norwegian Forest cat is another breed that comes in orange and white coat colors. These cats have long and thick coats that have well-defined color separation.

Usually, the orange and white Norwegian Forest cat will have a solid orange backside and a solid white coat along its belly up to its chin. Moreover, the paws on these cats are almost always covered in white fur.

The large stature of these cats, coupled with their bright orange coat, make them truly eye-catching felines. Aside from this, their voluminous manes and tails are also a few of their most striking features.

9. Oriental Shorthair

Orange and white Oriental Shorthair cat

The orange and white Oriental Shorthair is a slender-looking cat with large ears and prominent cheekbones. These kitties come in a golden orange and white coat color combo.

Orange and white Oriental Shorthairs have short coats that sit close to their body. You’ll often see these cats with a noticeable striped pattern near their chest and along their legs.

Other striking features of these orange and white cats are their piercing eyes and triangular heads.

Unlike other cats on this list, the orange and white Oriental Shorthair has a pretty intimidating appearance.

10. Devon Rex

Orange and white Devon Rex cat

The orange and white Devon Rex may be one of the most adorable cats you’ll ever see.

Interestingly, unlike most cats on this list, the Devon Rex has curly hair. In fact, their coat is almost comparable to a newly trimmed Poodle cat.

In terms of color, orange and white Devon Rex cats range from ginger to bright orange. They usually have white striped markings across the body and a solid white patch near the neck.

These medium-sized cats have slender bodies and triangular ears. They are quite active and demand attention most of the time. Aside from that, they are fantastic and unique pets!

11. Scottish Fold

Orange and white Scottish Fold cat

The orange and white Scottish Fold is an irresistibly charming cat. Despite having a very subtle orange on their coat, these cats are still major head-turners!

That said, some orange and white Scottish Folds can sport a punchier orange in their coats; however, they are pretty uncommon.

Most of the time, you’ll see these cats with a light brown coat color with subtle hints of orange.

Orange and white Scottish Folds can sport different coat patterns. These cats can have a well-separated coloration, like other orange and white cats, or a thorough mix of orange and white, similar to the Munchkin.

Unsurprisingly, Scottish Fold cats are rare; hence, they are expensive, especially for the orange variety.

12. Manx Cat

Orange and white Manx cat

Manx cats are native domestic cats to the British state, Isle of Man. As expected, these cats also come in orange and white coat colors.

Orange and white Manx cats usually have darker shades of orange near their backside and lighter shades near their belly.

An “M” marking on the forehead and a few striped patterns on the forelegs and tail are other telltale features of this cat.

The orange and white Manx cat has an overall rounded shape. However, they are still among the lean-built cats on this list.

Cat fanatics often refer to Manx cats as rabbit-like because of the way they move both hind legs simultaneously when walking.

13. Cornish Rex

Orange and white Cornish Rex cat

If you are looking for an orange and white cat with an almost golden hue, the Cornish Rex is the one to look at. This regal-looking cat is an undeniably attractive and elegant kitty.

Like its cousin, the orange and white Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex sports a similar coat texture. Usually, orange and white Cornish Rex cats have curly coats that feel velvety to the touch.

In terms of coat pattern, these cats have a striped orange and white marking. This is especially noticeable during the kitten stage of the Cornish Rex.

5 Interesting Facts About Orange and White Cats

There are plenty of surprising facts about orange and white cats. In fact, it’s impossible to tackle all of them in just one guide.

Lucky for you, we have rounded up the five most interesting facts about these kitties. Read along to learn more!

1. There are more male orange and white cats than females

Male orange cats are greater in number than female orange cats, and this is backed by statistics. Studies show that the ratio of male to female orange tabbies is 80 to 20.

The reason behind this population difference is that the sex-related gene that gives cats their orange color is located on the X chromosome.

Male cats carry one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, while female cats carry two X chromosomes.

Therefore, male orange cats only need one X chromosome to become ginger, while female orange cats need two.

2. Orange and white cats tend to be lazy

The rumors are true. Orange tabbies are generally lazy cats with low interest in hunting or strenuous activities. You will often see orange and white cats taking a nap or eating away.

However, this isn’t a universal truth as some breeds of orange and white cats are naturally energetic, like the Devon Rex.

The environment and background of an individual cat will also play a role in its overall behavior. But in general, orange and white cats are lazy!

3. You can search the world, but you won’t find a solid-colored orange cat

Orange coat colors in cats will always be coupled with another color. Often, it will be black or white, while sometimes, it’s a shade of green or brown. 

You will also notice how orange and white cats have different coat patterns. In fact, there are at least four coat patterns for orange and white cats, which include the classic, mackerel, spotted, and ticked patterns.

4. Orange and white cats are the human counterpart of red-headed humans

Orange cats and red-headed people have a couple of things in common. In fact, the pigment called pheomelanin that causes the light cream or bright red color in cats is also found in humans with natural ginger hair.

5. Orange and white cats’ favorite pastime is eating

Orange and white cats have incredible appetites! If you’ve seen Garfield, you know how far he would go for food, and it’s the same case with your orange and white cats (in general, at least).

Usually, orange and white cats tend to overeat if left unsupervised while eating. This is why strict feeding times and proper food portioning are imperative.

Orange and White Cat Name Ideas

Now that you have an idea of the different orange and white cat breeds, it’s time to think of a cute and fitting name.

Check out our list below for some interesting name ideas for orange and white cats:

  • Tiger
  • Pumpkin
  • Ginger
  • Poppy
  • Chester
  • Maple
  • Rusty
  • Leo 
  • Sandy
  • Goldie
  • Reed
  • Ollie
  • Ruby 
  • Whiskey 
  • Blaze 

These are some of our suggestions, but you may feel free to think of other names that will suit your orange and white cat.

Get creative, and make sure you give them names that will bring justice to their adorable appearance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Two orange and white kittens for sale and adoption

Are Orange and White Cats More Affectionate?

Interestingly enough, orange and white cats are more affectionate! Studies show that feline coat color can be correlated to their behavior.

Gary Weitzman of the San Diego Humane Society, a veterinarian with over 25 years of experience, proved this in National Geographic.

Are Orange and White Cats Usually Male or Female?

Orange and white cats are usually male. This is thanks to their genetic properties, which allow male orange and white cats to be produced more than their female counterparts.

Male orange and white cats make up 80% of the orange and white cat population.

Are Orange and White Cats Mean?

No. Orange and white cats are the exact opposite of mean. Their coat color is believed to be responsible for their personality. Orange and white cats are considered to be some of the friendliest cats out there.

Are Orange and White Cats Rare?

No. There are several breeds of cats whose coat comes in an orange-and-white combination.

Some of these cat breeds are rare, while others are fairly easy to find. In general, though, orange and white cats are not rare.

What Is the Rarest Color for a Cat?

Pure chocolate is believed to be the rarest color for a cat. Only the Havana Brown cat is known to show a pure chocolate color. It’s a consequence of the diluted black fur gene.

Final Thoughts

Orange and white cats are the best pets for people who like friendly and outgoing pets. Since there are several cat breeds with orange and white coats, you are free to choose the breed of your liking.

Choose a short or long-haired cat depending on your willingness to groom and maintain them.

Keep in mind that picking a cat is more than just looking at its coat colors and looks. Instead, you should get a cat for its quirks, personality, and its compatibility with you.

With that in mind, trust that you can never go wrong with these charming and lovable orange and white cats! In the comment section below, let us know your thoughts about these cute orange and white cats!

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