15 Beautiful Grey Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Adopt

Beautiful grey cat breed portrait

There’s a lot to love about our feline friends, but we can’t deny how their color makes them stand out. We’ve seen superstar white and black cats flooding our Instagram feeds but somehow, grey cats remain underrated.

Grey is a pretty common color for some cat breeds that you might have never heard of. These cats are lucky enough to boast their shimmering silver and strong dark grey hues.

Whether they have solid shades or patterns, they can certainly pull off the grey coat in the cat runway.

If you want to be introduced or be reminded of the gray cat supremacy, I’ve listed the loveliest grey cat breeds you can have as your next pet.

15 Popular Cat Breeds That Have Grey Coats

In the feline world, grey cats are frequently referred to as blue cats. They are very easy to spot, but it’s no easy task to identify their breed. While some exist locally, others can be found across continents.

With this list, you can learn about some grey cat breeds and choose one that captures your heart.

1. Chartreux

Grey Chartreux cat

The Chartreux is a French cat breed that comes in a distinct grey color often described as silver.

They are easy to distinguish because they don’t come in any other color. Their coat is water-resistant with a wooly texture that helps during cold weather.

They also have striking bright orange, gold, or copper eyes, and their ears are short and upright. At first glance, a Chartreux may look soft and cuddly, but they actually have a muscular body.

As for their behavior, you can expect nothing less of a polite and well-mannered cat. They are considered quite sociable but also independent.

If you want to see how they really look, check out this video:

Cats 101 - Chartreux

2. British Shorthair

Grey British Shorthair cat

Although they come in several coat colors, the British Shorthair is popular for being grey, sometimes referred to as the “British blue.” Their double coat is very thick and dense. Like the Chartreux, their large, round eyes can either be orange, gold, or copper.

The British Shorthair cat is a medium to large-sized feline that loves the art of lying around. Despite the tendency to rest most of the time, this breed has a powerful build that makes them a very robust cat.

If you like a calm cat with a laid-back personality, a grey British Shorthair is a perfect choice.

3. Persian Cat

Grey Persian cat

The Persian cat is another blue or grey cat breed with a long coat. The color of their thick fur ranges from medium to light blue. They are also known for their round and flat face.

Another notable feature of Persian cats is their deep blue eyes, but copper is also a common color. Others can even develop heterochromia wherein one eye color differs from the other.

You will have no trouble getting along with grey Persian cats because they are extremely friendly and affectionate. They enjoy plopping down on the couch with their owner. 

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4. Russian Blue

Grey Russian Blue cat

One of the famous grey cat breeds is the Russian Blue cat. They are considered the medium-haired version of the Nebelung with a plush coat deemed to be hypoallergenic. The first coat is tipped with silver guard hairs that give the coat its luster. 

As kittens, they are born with yellow eyes that change into captivating emerald green as they grow up. Like the British Shorthair cat, Russian Blue cats constantly look awake and alert.

These gray cats with green eyes have pretty long legs suitable for running and catching small prey. Aside from being active hunters, the Russian Blue cat forms lasting bonds with its owners.

5. Nebelung

Grey Nebelung cat

Nebelung is a rare breed of grey cat that is found in Germany. The word “Nebelung” actually means “creature of the mist” in German, perfectly describing how they look. They are actually considered the long-haired Russian Blue version.

Their luxurious silver-tipped coat is a blue-grey color. This is the single coat color they can possess. Because they have long hair, Nebelung cats also have fluffy tails and manes.

Although they appear shy and reserved, Nebelungs love adventures. Owners often see them jumping on kitchen counters and even trying to drink from the faucet. They are playful and intelligent creatures indeed.

6. Scottish Fold

Gray Scottish Fold cat

Another mesmerizing grey cat with yellow eyes is the Scottish Fold. While they are popular for their cute folded ears, these cats also charm everyone with their round features and short legs.

Scottish Folds can either be long-haired or short-haired. The grey variation has a frosty-grey coat with a pinkish tone. Others come in different solid colors and color combinations, including white, cream, black, and brown. 

They are medium-sized cats that are incredibly playful, quirky, and sensitive. You will often find them lying flat on the floor and staying in funny positions, anything to get their owner’s attention.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

Grey Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is such a sight to behold for cat lovers. They come in a lavender-grey color, sometimes with silver-cream tipping. 

Originating from Northern Europe, these cats need a thick coat to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Unlike other breeds, they have a fluffy mane and chest, furry legs, and clumps of fur between the toes.

As large felines, Norwegian Forest cats have long legs and muscular bodies perfect for climbing and hunting. Despite their long hair, they are surprisingly low maintenance in terms of grooming.

8. Sphynx Cat

Gray Sphynx cat

The Sphynx is a hairless cat breed that can exhibit a grey color on its skin. However, grey Sphynx cats are often considered blue cats.

Aside from having no hair, they also have large ears and a wrinkled appearance. Their piercing stare also makes them stand out from other cats.

Because of their hair-free bodies, their skin is very sensitive. Owners must clean them regularly to prevent oil buildup and skin infections.

Even though they lack fur, Sphynx cats have full personalities. They are loving, energetic, sociable, and mischievous felines. Some owners even refer to them as clowns of the house.

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9. Devon Rex

Grey Devon Rex cat

Another unforgettable face among grey cat breeds is the Devon Rex, also known as the pixie cat. Their grey coloring can be in any pattern, including tortoiseshell, calico, tabby, pointed, and shaded patterns.

These gorgeous felines look straight out of a sci-fi movie because of their alien-like appearance. They have large ears, high cheekbones, and big eyes.

Their bodies are also slender with long legs. Unlike other cats, they have curly fur that can break easily with brushing. For grooming, you can use a cloth and gently rub it on their coat. This should be done weekly.

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10. American Shorthair

Grey American Shorthair cat

The American Shorthair cat is believed to be the direct descendant of the cats brought from Europe.

They are stocky and athletic cats with a short, dense, and somewhat hard coat. They come in a range of colors, including pure grey and grey tabby pattern.

An American Shorthair is often confused with a Domestic Shorthair. While they do have similar physical attributes, a Domestic Shorthair is not considered a purebred cat due to its mixed ancestry.

If you want an adaptable and independent companion, an American Shorthair cat is the most suitable breed for you.

11. Ragdoll

Grey Ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are one of the most admired cat breeds due to their cute and fluffy appearance. They have semi-long hair, silky coat that comes in a variety of colors. The Ragdoll cat above has a grey-brown color pointing.

Most Ragdolls have bright blue eyes, but not all of them have blue eyes. Some kittens may be born with blue eyes but develop different eye colors as adults.

This cat breed is also loved for its sweet and gentle demeanor. They like to be picked up by their owners and are very relaxed with strangers.

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12. Siberian Cat

Gray Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat sits next to the Maine Coon for being the largest cat breed. They have a thick, luxurious triple coat designed to overcome extremely cold weather conditions in Russia.

Grey is a prevalent color for this breed which can be in solid, spotted, ticked, mackerel patterns.

Most long-haired cat breeds are double-coated, but you’ll be surprised to know that Siberian cats have triple-layered fur. They are also strong and agile cats with distinct gold or green eyes.

As pets, they are very devoted cats that grow very fond of humans. When socialized early, they will gladly be in the company of children and even other animals.

13. Korat Cat

Grey Korat Cat

Following our list of grey cat breeds is the Korat cat. They have a gorgeous grey or blue coat with silver tipping, giving them a shimmering appearance. Their round eyes are a lovely shade of green.

They are small to medium-sized cats that have their roots in Thailand. This breed is also hailed as one of the oldest cat breeds in existence.

They are sometimes referred to as “the cat with five hearts” because of having heart-shaped marks on five areas of the body.

Korat cats are generally quiet, and they prefer a pleasant environment. They are aloof with strangers but form lasting bonds with their owners.

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14. Oriental Cat

Grey Oriental Cat

Both the Oriental Shorthair and Longhair cats come in a grey variety. They are separate breeds that are both closely related to the Siamese cat. Both have a unique and slender body frame that gives off an elegant impression.

The only difference between the two cat breeds is the length of their fur. However, they can both come in a short, sleek, and shiny grey color. They both have elongated, thin faces that are instant eye-catchers.

Orientals are very talkative and expressive cats. They require a lot of cuddling and attention from their owners.

15. Turkish Angora

Grey Turkish Angora cat

The Turkish Angora is denser on the chest, which gives them a royal image. The earliest records of this breed were found in Turkey during the 16th century.

Aside from having long hair, they also have long, slender bodies, long furry legs, and long plumed tails. Their single coat can come in a silky, beautiful coat with a gray to an almost lavender shade.

Despite being known for their friendly and gentle nature, Turkish Angoras also possess a frisky side that is curious and adventurous.

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Gray Cat Name Ideas

After knowing which grey cat breed suits you, it’s time to do the overwhelming task of naming your feline friend. 

For some grey cat name ideas, refer to the list of names I’ve come up with below:

  • Ash
  • Cosmo
  • Earl
  • Elsa
  • Lavender
  • Luna
  • Misty
  • Moon
  • Nimbus
  • Pearl
  • Smokey
  • Shadow
  • Vader
  • Ziggy

These are just some of the name suggestions that will fit any grey cat. As an owner, you are free to get creative with the name that your pet will have until old age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Grey Cat Called?

A grey cat is generally called a Maltese cat. This refers to any cat with a completely gray or blue coat. The use of this may have resulted from the fact that most cats in Malta have grey fur.

Are Grey Cats Rare?

Grey, also called blue, is not a rare color for cats. Many breeds can have grey coats. Some cats are even known to only exist in this color.

Are Gray Cats Friendly?

Some studies show that grey cats are friendlier, more affectionate, calmer, and gentler than other colors. However, it remains that a cat’s capacity to socialize depends on the training given by its owner.

What Is the Rarest Cat Color?

The rarest cat color is chocolate. The only breed that can exhibit the true chocolate color is the Havana Brown cat. It is a result of the dilution of the gene for black fur.

Do Grey Cats Shed?

All grey cats shed, but not all of them are heavy shedders. Sphynx cats, for example, still have a fine layer of fuzz that feels like suede even though they are known for being hairless. The degree of shedding depends on the length of the cat’s hair.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new kitty with stunning color, then you should get a grey cat. While famous cats like British Shorthairs, Persians, and Scottish Folds all come in this color, some lesser-known cat breeds also exhibit a grey coat.

You can choose from a variety of short-haired or long-haired cats. If you or any of your family members are allergic to fur, it’s advised to ask for veterinary advice to know which breed is hypoallergenic.

Since some breeds can be frisky, it’s also best to seek some training tips to know how to handle your grey cat. With some veterinary guidance, you can start your journey as a fur parent with ease and confidence.

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