Orange Eyes in Cats: What Breed of Cat Has Orange Eyes?

Orange eyes in cats and cat breeds with orange eyes with pictures

Cats with orange eyes are considered rare. In fact, only seven cat breeds list orange eyes as part of their standards.

Although it is possible, there is no guarantee that other breeds will have orange eyes. For some cat breeds, orange eyes are a distinguishing feature, but they can also be inherited as a recessive trait.

We’ve created a list of 10 cat breeds that can have orange eyes. You may learn more about breed standards and details about each breed from this list.

Are Orange Eyes Common in Cats?

Three cat breeds with orange eyes sitting outdoors

Orange eyes are uncommon in cats. The low melanin content in a cat’s eye allows them to have light-colored eyes. When a cat has high levels of melanin in its eyes, orange eyes are possible.

A cat’s iris contains melanin-producing cells called melanocytes. The more melanocytes there are in a cat’s eyes, the darker it becomes.

In cats, amber or orange are considered dark, while yellow or gold is considered light.

10 Cat Breeds With Orange Eyes

There are seven breeds under the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) that allow orange eyes in cats. 

The definition of orange can be subjective; hence, in some cases, amber and copper are indistinguishable and may also be considered orange.

For a visual example of what a cat breed with orange eyes looks like, check the video below:

LOVELY CAT WITH ORANGE EYES- Bathing & Grooming 😻🛁✂️❤️

To help you get familiar with them all, here are 10 cat breeds with orange eyes:

1. American Bombay Cat

American Bombay cat with orange eyes

The thick black coat and muscular frame of American Bombay cats are widely known characteristics. These gorgeous cats have a reputation for resembling tiny black panthers.

Because American Bombay Cats’ eyes occasionally appear yellow, they are not officially recognized as a breed with orange eyes. Nevertheless, their full black fur highlights their beautiful orange-looking eyes.

There are two types of Bombay cats: British and American. American Bombay cats can be distinguished from British Bombay by their green eyes as opposed to the former’s orange color.

This lovely breed is adaptable to a variety of lifestyles and has a vibrant and loving disposition. They get along well with kids and other animals as well.

2. American Wirehair

American Wirehair cat with orange eyes

The joyful and devoted breed known as the American Wirehair can be distinguished by its orange eyes. This cat’s big, rounded, vivid orange eyes are officially acknowledged in its breed standards.

As long as its eyes match its coat color, any color is permissible by breed standards. In addition to orange eyes, American Wirehairs can also have blue or green eyes.

Moreover, American Wirehairs are well-known for having fur that has a wiry appearance, which is how they acquired their name. This breed enjoys being around its owners and will frequently follow them.

They are large-boned and muscular despite their medium stature, making them heavier than they appear to be.

3. British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat with orange eyes

The most recognizable orange eye color among cat breeds is found in British Shorthairs, which are distinguished by their big, round, orange eyes.

British Shorthairs, which are pedigreed variations of the typical British domestic cat, are among the oldest breeds in existence. Their round bodies are covered with thick, fluffy coats.

They come in different coat colors, but the blue-gray British shorthairs are the most popular for their captivating gold eyes. Blue or green eyes are common in British Shorthairs with different coat colors such as white.

Despite being loving and regarded as ideal family cats, British Shorthairs appreciate personal space and may not enjoy being carried around or cuddled without consent.

4. Chartreux

Chartreux cat with orange eyes

The Chartreux is a unique cat breed with short, thick, blue-gray coats covering a strong, robust physique. They are renowned for having stunning orange eyes in addition to their stunning coat.

Although its precise origins are unknown, it is thought that this breed had existed for a very long time, possibly as far back as the 18th century when it was a popular companion among the French Carthusian order.

Chartreux cats are chosen and carefully bred by Carthusian monks so as not to interfere with their meditation. This is because the Chartreux is known as one of the quietest cat breeds.

As they are at ease being alone, they are suitable companions for households with senior adults, singles, or first-time cat owners.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat with orange eyes

The Devon Rex, often known as the Pixie of the Cat Fancy, is distinguished by its elven-like face, huge ears, and big eyes. This cat breed has wavy coats and lean bodies.

Although the breed standard permits orange eyes, Devon Rex frequently has azure blue eyes, and orange is less common among this breed than others.

This cat breed’s disposition is in line with its elf-like appearance. Devon Rex cats have joyful, playful, and sociable dispositions that other cats rarely have.

They have dog-like characteristics and can be amusing with their antics. Families with young children or those who lead active lifestyles will find them to be a good fit because of their outgoing personalities.

6. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat with orange eyes

Japanese Bobtail cats are medium-sized, thin, and have tails that are more like those of rabbits than other cats. They are well-known among Japanese people as a lucky charm.

This cat breed frequently has two or three coat colors. Any color, even orange, may be present in their wide, oval eyes. Moreover, the breed standards of this cat formally permit orange and any eye color.

There are long-haired and short-haired variations of the Japanese Bobtail. Their long, slender legs and medium build give them the ability to jump extremely high.

Along with being lively, Japanese Bobtails are intelligent and are simple to train to perform tricks.

They are good for busy families and those with other cats and dogs because they are playful, affectionate, sweet, and loving.

7. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat with orange eyes

Large cat species like the Maine Coon are prized for their refined looks. Interestingly, Maine Coons are also among the breeds of cats with orange eye color.

Grey, tortoiseshell, orange, black, and other hues are just a few of the many colors available for Maine Coons. Orange eyes most frequently appear in Maine Coons with white or grey coats.

However, Maine Coons are permitted to have any eye color ranging from gold to green. Their eyes are generally large, oval, and extremely expressive.

Maine Coons are known for their outstanding personalities, in addition to their stunning beauty. They get along well with kids and other animals and are quite inquisitive and energetic.

8. Persian Cat

Persian cat with orange eyes

Long-haired Persian cats have distinctive round faces and short muzzles. They are obedient and elegant cat breeds with fluffy, thick fur.

Orange eyes are undoubtedly possible in Persian cats. However, the hue of their eyes is related to the color of their fur.

Orange eyes typically only appear on orange or grey Persian cats. However, if they have the recessive mutation for orange eyes, other varieties, such as white Persian cats, may also develop orange eyes.

9. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat with orange eyes

One of the few cat breeds with standards that permit orange eyes is the Scottish Fold. The eye colors of this breed can be orange, brown, or amber. These colors manifest due to excessive secretion of melanin in their eyes.

Scottish Folds are a hybrid of domestic cats and British Shorthairs. They were initially bred on various Scottish farms in the 1960s.

Scottish Folds are distinguished by their unusual eye colors as well as their folded ears. Cats with folded ears are more expensive than other cat breeds since they are quite rare.

You may check our price guide for more details on the cost of owning a Scottish Fold.

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10. Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat with orange eyes

The Turkish Van is possibly the only cat breed on the list that frequently displays orange eyes.

Originating in Turkey, this unusual cat breed is distinguished by its broad chest, colored head, and colored tail markings.

Turkish Van cats are extremely intelligent and, unlike other cat breeds, enjoy swimming and being in the water. This is likely because they have waterproof coats.

Turkish Van cats are known for their independence and distaste for the human touch, in addition to their imposing looks and swimming prowess. This breed differs from the typical lap cat.

Families with a laid-back lifestyle, those with senior elders, or first-time cat owners should consider Turkish Vans.

Cat Eye Color Genetics: What Determines a Cat’s Eye Color?

Melanin, a substance that produces pigment, determines the color of a cat’s eyes. The pigmentation of skin and hair, as well as photoprotection of the skin and eyes, are all caused by melanin, much like in humans.

The iris of a cat comprises two layers, each of which contains melanocytes, cells that create melanin. The intensity of a cat’s eye color depends on how much melanin these cells generate.

For instance, cats will have eyes that are darker in color, such as orange or copper, if their irides produce a lot of melanin. They get lighter eyes, such as yellow or blue, if their irides generate less melanin.

It’s challenging and uncommon to discover cats with darker eyes because melanin levels in cats’ eyes are typically low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cute kitten with orange eyes for sale and adoption

Do Orange Cats Have Orange Eyes?

Although orange cats might have orange eyes, not all orange cats do! This is due to the seldom correlation between eye and fur color.

Fur and eye color in cats are regulated by different genes. As a result, orange cats can also have blue, yellow, hazel, green, orange, or any other eye colors.

Can Black Cats Have Orange Eyes?

Yes, black cats can have orange eyes. Orange eyes can develop in black cats since different genes control the color of the eyes and hair.

The likelihood that a black cat will have orange eyes depends on the quantity of melanin in its eyes.

What Breed of Cat Is Black With Orange Eyes?

The possibility of a black cat with orange eyes exists in a variety of cat breeds, including the Bombay, Japanese Bobtail, Scottish Fold, Persian, American Bobtail, and British Shorthair.

According to breed standards, these breeds may naturally have orange eyes. Moreover, these cat breeds also exhibit black coat colorations.

What Breed of Cat Is Grey With Orange Eyes?

The Chartreux is the most common variety of grey cats with orange eyes. Other cat breeds, such as the British Shorthair, Persian Cat, Devon Rex, and Scottish Fold, occasionally have the option of having grey fur and orange eyes.

What Is the Rarest Eye Color for Cats?

Cats with orange or hazel eyes are the rarest. Felines naturally have lower levels of melanin in their eyes, giving them lighter eye hues like green, blue, or yellow.

Only a few cat breeds naturally have high levels of melanin, giving their eyes a deeper hue.

What Is the Most Common Eye Color for Cats?

The most common eye color for cats is yellow, green, or gold. The naturally low amounts of melanin in their eyes are responsible for these eye colorations. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, orange-eyed cats are stunning. There are several cat breeds that can have orange or amber eyes, albeit quite uncommon.

Cats can either be born with orange eyes as a breed standard or as a recessive trait from their parent breeds. The strong melanin content in the iris of an orange-eyed cat gives it its color.

Though uncommon, orange-eyed cats are no less attractive than cats with more common eye colors. These cat breeds must receive the same amount of affection and care that they deserve.

Are you a fan of these orange-eyed cats? Let us know your thoughts about cats with orange eyes by leaving a comment down below!

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