18 Black Cat Breeds With Green Eyes You’ll Love (With Pictures)

Black cat with green eyes with tongue out

In terms of coat and eye color combinations, black cats with green eyes are among the most captivating variations in the feline world.

The elegance of their black coats seems to match the vividness of their green eyes perfectly.

However, the expression of these two traits in cats is independent of each other. Hence, having a black coat does not guarantee the existence of green eyes.

In this guide, we are going to explore the cat breeds that can have black coats and green eyes. If you’re thrilled to find out more about these, let’s begin!

Are Black Cats With Green Eyes Rare?

Black cat with green eyes sitting on a path

No, black cats with green eyes are not rare. In fact, most black cats have green eyes. These two traits are dependent on the cat’s level of melanin. As a rule of thumb, higher melanin levels produce darker colors.

In cats, having high melanin levels in their skin and fur is not considered rare. This essentially produces elegant black and black-derived coats in some cat breeds. However, this isn’t the case in their eyes.

Statistically, it is more common for the cats’ irises—the colored part of the cats’ eyes — to have low melanin levels.

This may result in green eye coloration, which may vary in shades, depending on their irises’ melanin concentration.

18 Black Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

As previously mentioned, most black cats have green eyes. However, this doesn’t mean that their fur and eye colors are directly related to each other.

Black cats may also have other eye colors, such as blue and orange. Moreover, there are different shades of green in cats’ eyes.

Sometimes, intense lighting can make the green eyes appear yellow, especially in filtered images. Also, despite being common, not all cats can have this quality.

Below are some of the cat breeds that can have black coats and green eyes:

1. Bombay

Black Bombay cat with green eyes

Descending from the American Shorthair and Burmese cats, the Bombay cat is an extroverted, intelligent, and tolerant feline breed.

It has a black nose and paw pads and short, glossy black fur that resembles the coat of a panther.

The eyes of Bombay cats are far-set with rounded apertures and typically have yellow to orange colors. Although Bombay cats can have green eyes, they are not accepted by the standard of the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Catch a glimpse of Simba—a green-eyed Bombay cat—in the video below:

Simba the Bombay cat

2. Sphynx

Black Sphynx cat with green eyes

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat, the Sphynx breed might be the best option for you. This hairless cat comes in a variety of colors, including black and gray.

According to the CFA’s breed standard for the Sphynx cat, this breed has large, lemon-shaped eyes which come in shades of blue, green, and orange. 

In terms of temperament, Sphynx cats are sociable, energetic, affectionate, and demanding of their owners.

3. Cornish Rex

Black Cornish Rex cat with green eyes

The Cornish Rex is among the most sociable curly-haired cat breeds, which appear to be nearly hairless.

This curious and bold cat has a low-shedding coat in shades of white, blue, black, brown, cream, platinum, and many more!

Although they can have green eyes, in the CFA’s breed standard for the Cornish Rex, solid black Cornish must have gold eye color.

Green eye color is only accepted for Cornish Rex with chinchilla silver or shaded silver colors.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Black Norwegian Forest cat with green eyes

The Norwegian Forest cat or Wegie is a playful, calm, gentle, and outgoing cat breed with a thick double coat that is suitable for cold climates.

This large cat can acquire many coat colors, including black, white, blue, red, and silver.

Based on the CFA’s breed standard for Norwegian Forest cats, the large, almond-shaped eyes of the Wegies may come in blue, green, copper, gold, and green-gold colors. Black Wegies have black nose leather and paw pads.

5. Devon Rex

Black Devon Rex cat with green eyes

Aside from the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex is another great option for pet parents who are looking for curly-haired cat breeds. It has a short suede-like coat that comes in shades of white, black, chocolate, and red.

It has big, wide-set, and oval eyes, which can have any color, according to the CFA’s breed standard for the Devon Rex. Behaviorally, this breed is known for its alert, sociable, active, and fun-loving nature.

6. Persian Cat

Black Persian cat with green eyes

If you’re into a pet with a sweet, docile, and quiet personality, the Persian cat might be the right breed for you.

Its long, silky, double coat can come in various shades of silver, brown, orange, grey, cream, white, cameo, and even black.

Note that black coats are relatively rare in this breed. Additionally, copper-colored eyes are common in Persian cats. Despite this, some Persians can still acquire green eyes, especially the silver and golden varieties.

7. Egyptian Mau

Black Egyptian Mau cat with green eyes
Image credit: onyx.theadventurecat / Instagram

Known for its naturally spotted coat, the Egyptian Mau is one of the most athletic and agile short-haired cat breeds. Black, gray, silver, bronze, smoke, and caramel are the possible coat colors for this cat.

Egyptian Maus are also notable for their eyes with gooseberry green coloration — a shade of green that is somewhat yellowish.

In CFA’s breed standard for Egyptian Mau, blue and other eye colors are not accepted.

8. Turkish Angora

Black Turkish Angora cat with green eyes

One of the ancient breeds of cats is the Turkish Angora. Although its long single coat color is typically white in color, the Turkish Angora can also have black, orange, gray, and cream fur.

In terms of eye color, Turkish Angoras may have blue, yellow, amber, or green eyes.

Amid its semi-feral lineage, Turkish Angoras are relatively gentle, quiet, and sweet. They may also get along well with dogs and children.

9. Russian Black

Black Russian Black cat with green eyes
Image credit: mischatheblackrussian / Instagram

The Russian Black is a cat breed that is derived from the Russian Blue — a breed of Maltese cat.

Russian Blacks have dense, glossy short coats that do not shed a lot. These cats are playful and outgoing but not troublesome.

As Russian Blue descendants, Russian Blacks may also be hypoallergenic. They also have emerald green eyes which are also seen in Russian Blues. However, keep in mind that Russian Blacks are not recognized by the CFA.

Watch the video below to see Shade, a green-eyed Russian Black:

Meet Shade the russian black

10. Kurilian Bobtail

Black Kurilian Bobtail cat with green eyes

Originating from Russia, the Kurilian Bobtail is a cat breed that is relatively rare in the United States.

It has a semi-cobby body type and short to long fur, which comes in shades of black, brown, white, gray, orange, and cream.

Green, gold, and blue are the common eye colors of this breed. Kurilian Bobtails are sociable, playful, gentle, and child-friendly.

Although they are not recognized by the CFA, you can register them with The International Cat Association (TICA).

11. Japanese Bobtail

Black Japanese Bobtail cat with green eyes

If you want a Bobtail breed that the CFA recognizes, check out the Japanese Bobtail. This medium-sized cat breed has short to long fur, which comes in white, black, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, and cream.

The large, oval-shaped eyes of the Japanese Bobtails are commonly blue or gold in color, although they can also have green coloration. Japanese Bobtails are loyal, endearing, active, and highly intelligent cats.

12. Chantilly-Tiffany

Black Chantilly Tiffany cat with green eyes

The Chantilly-Tiffany or Foreign Longhair is a cat breed that was once thought to be extinct.

It has a long silky coat that was originally chocolate in color but is now found in shades of black, blue, lilac, silver, platinum, and fawn.

Typically, their eyes are gold in color which darkens as they age. However, some Chantillies have green eyes.

Behaviorally, this breed is known to be devoted, moderately active, and doesn’t like to be alone for long periods.

13. American Curl

Black American Curl cat with green eyes

Recognized for its uniquely curled ears, the American curl is a small to medium cat breed that can have short to semi-long coats.

White, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, silver, and golden are among its possible coat colors.

The American curl has walnut-shaped and moderately large eyes, which come in various colors, including green, blue, amber, and copper.

This is the ideal breed for those who want a cuddly, amiable, and adaptable lap cat.

14. Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon cat with green eyes

One of the largest and most popular domesticated cat breeds in the world is the Maine Coon.

This cat has a lion-like mane and medium to long fur in shades of solid black, grey, orange, white, and cream, and it can even have a tortie pattern.

Its large, wide-set, and piercing eyes are usually green, gold, green-gold, or copper in color.

Maine Coons are notable for their sweet, gentle, smart, and water-loving nature. They also get along well with kids, other cats, and dogs.

15. Siberian Cat

Black Siberian cat with green eyes

Hailed as the national cat of Russia, the Siberian cat is another long-haired breed that can have black fur and green eyes.

It is known to have a glossy triple coat that is relatively hypoallergenic and suitable for low temperatures.

Based on the breed standard of CFA for Siberian cats, non-white Siberians must have green, gold, green-gold, or copper eyes.

Siberian cats are extremely mellow, attentive, obedient, trainable, receptive, and can be good lap cats.

16. American Shorthair

Black American Shorthair cat with green eyes

The American Shorthair is a medium to large working cat breed that is slightly longer than tall.

It has a large head with a fully cheeked face and a dense, short coat in black, white, blue, red, cream, silver, and cameo tones.

Usually, solid-colored American Shorthairs have gold eyes. Meanwhile, those with silver and black smoke coats are preferred to have green eyes, according to CFA’s standard for American Shorthairs.

American Shorthairs are athletic, smart, loveable, and well-behaved cats that prefer chirping over meowing.

17. Manx

Black Manx cat with green eyes
Image credit: ima_baloo / Instagram

Due to their taillessness, Manx cats are considered one of the unique breeds in the feline world. This double-coated cat comes in shorthair and longhair varieties.

Black, white, blue, red, cream, and silver are among the coat colors of Manx cats.

The Manx cat has a well-muscled body, round head, and large round eyes which come in shades of gold, copper, blue, green, and hazel.

If you like a smart, people-oriented, and easygoing lap cat, the Manx breed is ideal for you!

18. Oriental

Black Oriental cat with green eyes

Notable for its long wedge-shaped head, the Oriental breed has two divisions according to CFA— Shorthair and Longhair.

Although their coat lengths vary, both the Oriental Shorthair and Longhair can have solid black or ebony coats.

The eyes of Oriental cats are almond-shaped, slanted towards their nose, and are typically green or blue in color.

This breed is highly intelligent, chatty, highly trainable, and requires regular exercise to curb its destructive tendencies.

How Much Does a Black Cat With Green Eyes Cost?

Many black cats with green eyes follow the regular selling price of the breeds where they belong which costs around $400 to $4,500. This is particularly true for Persian, American Shorthair, and Oriental Shorthair cats.

However, this isn’t always the case for some breeds. For example, Sphynx, Manx, and Maine Coon cats with black coats may cost you more due to their rarity and purebred status.

Meanwhile, Bombay cats and black Cornish Rexes with green eyes may be sold at a lower price by some breeders. This is because green eyes aren’t accepted by the CFA and are considered grounds for disqualification.

Places to Find Black Cats With Green Eyes for Sale and Adoption

Black kitten with green eyes for sale and adoption

Finding a reputable breeder who raises black cats with green eyes is relatively easy as they are very common in the feline world.

However, before searching, it is important to determine first the cat breed that you want to avail.

To help you in finding a reputable cat breeder who offers green-eyed black cats, check out the following catteries listed below:

  • Luxury Doll Face Persian Kittens – This CFA-registered cattery from Missouri has been breeding healthy Doll Face Persian cats since 1989. In the past, they’ve already sold some green-eyed black Persian kittens.
  • Nocoatkitty – Located in New Jersey and Florida, the Nocoatkitty is a CFA and TICA-registered cattery that focuses on breeding Sphynx cats. Some of their Sphynx kittens have black coats and green eyes.
  • Skogberg Cattery – This CFA and TICA-registered cattery based in Colorado exclusively breeds Norwegian Forest cats of various colors. In fact, they’ve already sold some green-eyed black Wegies in the past.

If you want to pay less and help a homeless or abandoned cat find a forever home, you may opt to adopt a cat from any of the rescue shelters listed below:

  • Black Cat Holistic Rescue (BCHR) – The BCHR is a California-based non-profit organization that rescues black cats from high-kill shelters and the streets of Los Angeles. They enlist all their adoptable black kittens directly on Petfinder.
  • Black Cat Rescue (BCR) – Located in Massachusetts, BCR is an all-volunteer group that provides foster care for abandoned and homeless black cats, including those with green eyes. You can see all their adoptable black kittens on Adopt a Pet.
  • Binx’s Home for Black Cats – This foster-based and non-profit group is dedicated to rescuing black cats around Buncombe County in North Carolina. They also offer trap-neuter-return services for some rescued cats.

Aside from these, you may read our guide on some ways to find free kittens in your area. It’ll surely help you in finding a black kitten with green eyes without breaking the bank.

Cat Name Ideas for Black Cats With Green Eyes

Giving your green-eyed black cat a name offers your feline companion a sense of identity. But for some pet owners, coming up with a suitable name for their cat can be a real challenge.

To help you out, here are 20 name suggestions that are ideal for black cats with green eyes:

  • Toothless
  • Obsidian
  • Emerald
  • Ravenia/Raven
  • Blake
  • Tamala
  • Umbra
  • Orpheus
  • Morrey
  • Chartreuse
  • Jade/Jaden
  • Olive/Oliver
  • Onyx
  • Shadow
  • Panther
  • Melanie/Melanio
  • Hunter
  • Cosmo
  • Mao Mao
  • Felix/Felice

As you can see, all the names listed above are related to things with black or green colors. You can utilize this method to come up with more cat names if none of the names on the list seem to fit your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black cat breed with green eyes laying in basket at windowsill

Are Green Eyes Rare in Cats?

No, it’s not. Green eyes are fairly common in all cat breeds. Originally, most kittens are born with no melanin in their irises, giving them beautiful blue eyes.

However, as they age, many cats acquire a small amount of melanin in their irises, which changes its initial color into any shade of green.

What Is the Rarest Eye Color for Black Cats?

The rarest eye color for black cats is orange or hazel. In fact, there are only a few cat breeds where their black-coated varieties have a higher chance of having orange or hazel eyes.

Among these are Bombay, Persian, and Scottish Fold cats. Orange or hazel eyes are present in cats with higher amounts of melanin in their irises.

What Eye Colors Do Black Cats Usually Have?

Black cats usually have green, blue, or yellow eyes depending on the amount of melanin in their irises. Higher melanin levels in irises produce darker shades of the said eye colors.

Bear in mind that pheomelanin is primarily responsible for the cats’ eye colors, whereas eumelanin produces their black coats.

Final Thoughts

In the feline world, black cats with green eyes are fairly common. Although black cats can have any eye color, most of them have green eyes.

There are various cat breeds that can have black coats and green eyes. Hence, each green-eyed black cat is unique in terms of appearance and personality. However, bear in mind that some of them are not recognized by the CFA.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this guide, which among the previously discussed black cats with green eyes would you want to be your furry feline friend? Leave a comment below with your top pick!

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