Male Vs. Female Pit Bulls: What Are The Differences?

Male Vs. Female Pit Bulls: What Are The Differences?

After analyzing a lot of factors, you finally decide that your next dog will be a Pit Bull. However, there’s still one last thing you should determine: is it going to be male or female?

Curious about what are their main differences, I also researched this topic, and here are my conclusions.

Male and female Pit Bulls differ in some aspects. Their main contrasts are in relation to size, weight, and temperament. As in most dog breeds, males are bigger and heavier, while females tend to be more protective. However, males can also be aggressive when marking their territories.

Apart from that, there are other little differences between the two genders. In today’s article, you’ll know all of them in detail.

Similar Characteristics Among All Pit Bulls

Even though male and female Pit Bulls differ in some aspects, some things don’t change with gender. It’s essential to know them before getting into diverging points. Perhaps you don’t need to investigate much further if what you want is common among both sexes.

Let’s start with the most vital: friendliness. Despite many people claiming that Pit Bulls are the most dangerous dogs in the world, there is no scientific proof for that. This is mostly a preconception based on the strength aspect and historical uses of this type of dog.

If well-socialized and trained, this kind of dog is highly friendly with people. Even with strangers, they rarely can demonstrate aggressiveness. Pit Bulls are incredibly gentle especially with children.

One explanation for this carefulness is that these dogs are extraordinarily intelligent as well. Therefore, they understand kids need to be treated more kindly.

Pit Bulls are also known for being family dogs and very devoted to their owners. Allied with their developed mindset, it also makes them easily trainable dogs.

Terriers want to please their owners at any cost. So your dog will try to do his best to understand what you wish and obey your commands.

The Principal Differences Between Male and Female Pit Bulls

Let’s finally look into the differences between Pit Bulls’ genders, which are mainly:

  • Size and weight
  • Dog aggression
  • Mating and hormones
  • Bone structure

Size and Weight

The most explicit differences you would expect between male and female dogs are their physical characteristics. As in most other breeds, male Pit Bulls tend to be bigger and heavier.

The average withers height for a male Bull Terrier, for example, is 20 to 22 inches, while females measure approximately 18 to 20 inches. However, their overall height is about 27 to 29 inches for males and 23 to 25 inches for females.

Terriers’ body length may range from 31.5 to 38.5 inches. However, these dimensions will vary if they sit and the way they sit.

You need to consider how your dog stretches its legs and its tail. Knowing this can be valuable if you want to buy a cage for them.

As for weight, male dogs’ mass can range from 55 to 65 pounds. Females are typically 10 pounds lighter, with their weight ranging from 45 to 55 pounds.

Dog Aggression

The aggressiveness with humans and aggressiveness with other dogs are totally different things. Pit Bulls are an example of that. Although they are docile with people, they tend not to get along well with animals.

Aggressive behavior towards other dogs is more common among males, especially if they aren’t neutered. Neutering or spaying a dog, depending on their gender, is the process of removing their reproductive organs. This attitude generally makes them calmer.

Although less common, females may also show aggressive temperament. Remember that, on top of everything, they are all Pit Bulls.

Female dogs are also more protective than males. If they identify something that can hurt their puppies, they’ll do anything to protect them. Those cases are entirely acceptable and you shouldn’t worry too much about them.

If socialized and well trained since a young age, Pit Bulls are unlikely to act inadequately. If you have any further problems with your dog, try neutering or spaying it.

Mating and Hormones

Another aspect that differentiates males and females is their reproductive mindset. Both sexes have distinct copulation calendars and attitudes when they become attracted to other dogs.

The clearest difference is females’ periods of estrus or “heat.” They occur every six months or so and are the only window when girls are ready to mate.

Female Pit Bulls experience estrus for the first time when they reach puberty, which usually starts between 6 and 12 months of age.

In this period, they will look for a partner and will become more restless. Their bodies also go through a lot of transformations. It’s normal to see them urinating more frequently and bleeding from their vulva.

Girls will only seek partners during their estrus. Outside this period, they will be uninterested in copulating and will completely ignore boys that come over them.

The procedure of removing their reproductive organs is called spaying. You’ll probably want to submit your female Pit Bull to this procedure.

First of all, it stops her blood discharges, which mess up your entire home. But, more importantly, it completely prevents her from attracting males, blocking her from becoming pregnant.

However, you can’t submit her to this operation if you want to breed her. In this scenario, plan her pregnancy with anticipation and always pay attention to her activity.

Any moment of negligence from your part is enough for her to find a partner and engage in sexual activity.

The boys’ mindset is completely different. While the opposite gender has a strict period in which they can procreate, male Pit Bulls don’t have this restriction. They can mate whenever they want since they find a female in heat.

In this stage, a male dog will want to demonstrate dominance. He will start doing what is called “marking behavior.” This means he will start urinating to mark their territory and mounting females to show they rule the other gender.

If you want him to stop with this, consider neutering him. Removing his reproductive organs lowers his levels of testosterone. Apart from taking away his chances of reproduction, this act will also prevent him from having high libidos.

Be aware that this procedure doesn’t completely impede him from having sex! Depending on the organism of your furry friend, he may still have the desire to engage in this activity.

Bone Structure

Even if you didn’t expect this coming, yes, skeletal structures of male and female Pit Bulls differ in some ways.

These differences can be tricky to spot sometimes. However, the most apparent one is that boys’ heads tend to be slightly wider than females’. In addition to it, girls’ eyes are generally more separated from each other.

The female bone structure also changes the way their fur looks. They tend to have a higher concentration of hair around their mouths.

It’s hard to tell its gender by looking straight at a dog based on these characteristics. Nevertheless, the differences become more apparent when you put two dogs of different sexes side by side.

Spaying or Neutering a Pit Bull

Now you probably understand the importance of neutering or spaying your Pit Bull. This procedure is critical not only for them to become calmer but also to avoid any pregnancy problems. However, it’s also vital to understand how it is done and when you should submit your pet to it.

As I previously explained, neutering or spaying a dog is the operation of removing their reproductive organs. Its name changes according to your dog’s gender.

Spaying is when the vet removes the ovaries from female dogs. This will altogether disable them to reproduce and will also terminate their heat cycle. When the uterus is removed as well, the operation receives the name of ovariohysterectomy.

On the other hand, neutering a male dog is the removal of his testicles and linked structures. It generates similar effects to the procedure made in girls. There are alternatives, such as vasectomy, which is also done with humans. However, they aren’t as common as neutering due to their lower efficiency.

Several factors will determine when you should submit your Pit Bull to these surgeries. Perhaps the most important one is the contact your dog has with others.

If your furry friend mostly stays inside the home without any other pet living with you, there is less urgency to neuter/spay them.

On the other hand, you should be more aware if you are constantly playing outside and interacting. Obviously, they will be more exposed to the risk.

The typical age to perform the procedure is around 4 to 6 months old. However, vets recommend spaying a female specifically before their first heat cycle. This lowers the risk of her developing breast cancer.

My Final Thoughts

A universal rule to choose between both sexes doesn’t exist. What will mostly determine the best gender for you is the feeling of which fits you the best.

Just like male and female human beings, each dog has its own qualities and disadvantages. At the end of the day, that doesn’t matter too much.

Probably the aspect you will mostly want to take into consideration is the dog’s temperament. That’s where they diverge the most. In general, girls tend to be a little calmer and are less involved in attacks against people, which are already rare.

On the other hand, males will show their strength more vigorously. When in mating season, they are going to mark their territories, bark more, and be more aggressive with other dogs. In addition to it, unneutered boys are more likely to misbehave with humans.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is always going to be the case. You may meet a lot of incredibly timid male Pit Bulls and highly unrest females around.

My only strong advice is if you already own a dog and are planning to get another, pick the opposite gender. Know how human siblings from different sexes tend to get along a bit better than ones of the same gender? A similar case also happens among dogs!

Two Pit Bull siblings of different genders will develop a stronger sense of family. In a different situation, they are a bit more likely to compete against each other to determine which is the most dominant one.

However, if that’s going to be your first Pit Bull, then follow your heart! Choose what you think will be better for you. You should focus on comparing other aspects, your dog’s gender is not that important.

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