Ragamese (Ragdoll & Siamese Mix) Info, Facts, Pictures, FAQs & More

Ragamese Ragdoll Siamese mix cat lounging on window

Are you torn between getting a Ragdoll or a Siamese cat? What if I tell you that you can get the best of both worlds in one feline breed? Yes, it is possible with a Ragdoll Siamese mix.

Ragdolls and Siamese cats have a distinct similarity in terms of their coat colors and patterns.

Sometimes, they are even mistaken as the same breed. However, it is still a given fact that they are separate breeds with unique traits and attributes.

If you’re curious about this designer cat breed, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to discuss everything you need to know about Ragdoll Siamese mixes. 

What Is a Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

A Ragdoll Siamese mix is a cross between a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat. This combination produces a cat that is affectionate, vocal, and intelligent. Even though their energetic streak makes them quite playful, they also enjoy a good cuddle session.

This hybrid cat is a dream for many cat lovers not only because of their looks but due to their lovable personality.

Their parent breeds might be polar opposites in terms of personality, but their mix is the perfect combination.

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are also commonly known as Ragamese cats, a convenient fusion of their purebred parents’ names. 

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Appearance: What Does a Ragdoll Siamese Mix Look Like?

Ragdoll Siamese mixes combine the lovely physical traits of a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat. 

They are most known for their moderately long hair that is soft, silky, and irresistible to touch. This deviates from the short hair of the Siamese.

Their coat generally has seal color patterns, ranging from white to cream. These color patterns look almost similar to Balinese cats, so they are always mistaken as one and the same. Their mask, ear edges, tails, and paws are usually a dark brown color. 

As kittens, Siamese Ragdoll mixes are typically born all white and as they mature, their mask, pattern, and other markings gradually increase in size.

Another notable fact about their coat is that it changes with the season and their body temperature. Their extremities, which are usually low in temperature, are darker than their torsos.

Their striking almond-shaped blue eyes complement their gentle face. Meanwhile, they also have a well-proportioned head and rounded muzzle. 

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are known to have medium-sized ears that are triangular in shape. Their necks are strong which extend to their large and long bodies. Apart from these, they may have blue eyes.

Another thing to note about their appearance is their long, slender legs with round, puffy paws. Their tail is also long and fully feathered with fur.

To see just how they look like, here is a video of an adult Ragdoll Siamese cat playing with its owner:

Penny the half breed siamese , ragdoll

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Size and Weight: How Big Do Ragameses Get When Fully Grown?

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are medium to large-sized cats. When fully grown, their height can reach between 8 and 12 inches tall. Their average weight falls within the range of 9 to 20 pounds.

Compared to other cats, they have a slow maturation rate. Most Ragamese cats become mature at four years of age just like Siamese and Ragdoll cats.

At this period, they would have reached their full height, weight, and length. As they grow older, you will need to monitor their weight regularly to prevent obesity. 

Siamese Ragdoll Mix Temperament and Behavior: Are Ragameses Good House Pets?

If you want a house cat that everyone will love, you should definitely own a Ragdoll Siamese mix.

Their extremely affectionate behavior as well as their docile nature matches their adorable appearance, making them the perfect family pet. They also do well with kids because they are quite calm!

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are generally calm and sociable but can also be hard-headed at times.

Owners should be careful in giving punishments over small things because they don’t take harsh scolding too well just like a pet dog. With a loving environment, they can grow up to be the most loyal companions.

Other than their irresistible fur, Ragdoll Siamese mixes are intelligent and curious creatures. Unlike Ragdoll purebreds, they can be very adventurous.

You might catch them rummaging through your drawer for some goodies or doing anything that can mentally stimulate them. They equally love cuddles and playtime.

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that your Ragamese cat is very vocal similar to Siamese cats. They like to have conversations with their owners to get their attention and show their fondness for them. 

This clingy behavior also makes Ragdoll Siamese mixes difficult to be left alone so it’s advised to have another cat in the household. They are very dedicated kittens, to say the least, which makes them great companions.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Lifespan and Health Issues: Are Ragdoll Siamese Mixes Healthy Cats?

Ragdoll Siamese mixes are generally healthy and can live for a long time. Their average lifespan is 15 years but can extend up to a few more years if they are in good health.

However, Ragdoll Siamese mixes aren’t safe from contracting illnesses common to Ragdoll and Siamese cats.

Here is a comprehensive list of the diseases that target Ragdoll Siamese mixes:

  • Urinary Tract Disorders: Your Ragamese cat can experience problems in the urinary tract including the bladder, urethra, and even their kidneys. Some of the most common issues include urinary tract infection, cystitis, and feline lower urinary tract disease.
  • Digestive Problems: As a semi-longhair cat, Ragdoll Siamese mixes can suffer from digestive problems due to the accumulation of fur in their digestive system. If these hairs remain for a long time, your cat can experience vomiting, frequent gagging, and regurgitating.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): This is an inherited condition that causes the formation of cysts in the kidneys. These pockets of fluid eventually grow larger over time, resulting in kidney failure. Before buying a Ragdoll Siamese mix, make sure that their parents are not carriers of PKD.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): A cat that has HCM will have thickened heart muscles that cause the heart’s performance to decline significantly. Some clinical signs of this condition include rapid breathing, breathing through the mouth, and general lethargy.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This general term refers to several degenerative diseases associated with the disruption of the eye’s photoreceptors. The early onset of PRA called retinal dysplasia is marked by the abnormal development of the photoreceptor cells. This can later result in blindness.

These diseases are both common to Ragdoll and Siamese cats so there’s a high chance that your mix can suffer from these illnesses.

However, you can easily prevent this by purchasing a kitten from a reputable breeder that provides genetic testing for congenital diseases.

How to Take Care of Your Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

Having a cat is one thing but taking care of it is another. It’s not all about cute Instagram photos and funny videos. Owning a Ragdoll Siamese mix means bearing the responsibility of being a cat parent.

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your cat’s general well-being in check.

Feeding and Diet

Similar to other cat breeds, a good feeding routine paired with a healthy diet is ideal for your Ragdoll Siamese cat.

You need to make sure that the cat food you give is appropriate for their age, weight, nutritional requirements, and overall health condition.

When they are still kittens, they should be fed at least three or four times a day with kitten-approved food.

Once they reach about six months old, you can reduce their meals to twice a day. Always consult your veterinarian for cat food suggestions and giving the correct portion.

Ideally, their food should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, have moderate fat, and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Obesity is also pretty common in Siamese Ragdoll mixes so it’s best to refrain from giving extra treats.

You can replace these artificial treats with natural ingredients or homemade ones. Vegetables and fruits are also advised to incorporate into their diet.

Cleaning and Grooming

Ragdoll Siamese cats are known for their extremely soft and fluffy fur. To keep their coat healthy and shiny, it’s important to know how to groom them properly.

Their medium to long hair should be brushed at least twice a week to prevent tangles and matting, as well as minimize shedding.

While grooming your cat, examine if there are any lumps or small wounds present on the skin.

Examine the ears, eyes, and paws for any sign of abnormalities or infection. Clean these areas carefully with a soft, damp cloth.

Having a scratch post is essential in maintaining your cat’s claws. However, you should also trim their nails twice a week for better maintenance. Make sure only to cut the sharp point of their claw.

For dental care, use a cat-friendly toothpaste that you can rub on their teeth and gums. This should be done at least three times a week to remove plaque and prevent early cavities.

Training and Exercise

Unlike dogs, a number of cat breeds can be a lot harder to train. The key to training your Ragdoll Siamese cat is patience and proper discipline.

Never punish your cat or force them to obey your commands. Mild correction is enough. In addition, always use positive reinforcement like cat treats as it goes a long way.

Get them accustomed to using the litter box by placing it in an accessible but private area of the house.

Let your cat examine and sniff it once they arrive at home. Place them in the box whenever you observe that they need to go potty.

When it comes to exercise, your Ragdoll Siamese mix can stay in shape through active play. By using toys, you can get them running and jumping around the house.

The classic laser toy and cat wand can definitely get them working. You can also buy cat trees so that they have their own space for playing. 

How Much Is a Ragdoll Siamese Mix? Kitten Prices and Other Expenses

The average price of a Ragdoll Siamese mix falls between $1,500 and $2,500. This can increase up to $4,000 depending on the cat’s coat color and markings. But of course, this price will vary depending on the breeder you choose.

If you’re not a first-time owner, then you know that the expenses don’t end after purchasing your pet.

To ensure that your new kitten will be comfortable and right at home, you need to purchase some necessary items before bringing your Ragdoll Siamese mix kitten home.

The table below shows the estimated initial cost of owning a Ragamese kitten:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
High-Quality Cat Food$100
Collar and ID Tag$20
Scratch Post$20
Cat Tree$55
Food and Water Bowl$12
Grooming Essentials$44
Total Initial Cost$321

You can get your creative juices flowing by following tutorials on how to make a DIY cat scratcher or a cardboard cat house. It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money to make your cat happy.

By keeping your cat healthy at all times, you can also save a lot from veterinary services and treatment.

Most owners also invest in pet insurance for unexpected illnesses and injuries. This will cost a lot less compared to the regular cost of vet bills.

Places to Find Ragdoll Siamese Mix Kittens for Sale and Adoption

Nowadays, everything is accessible through the internet — even your next cat. If you are one of those cat lovers who are already 100% sure about getting the cross of Ragdoll and Siamese cats, you should know exactly where to purchase one. 

There are two ways for you to have this lovely hybrid cat. You can either buy from breeders or adopt from rescues.

If you think purchasing from a breeder is the best option, check out this list of trusted breeders: 

  • LC Mountain Cattery – This is a family-owned cattery in Virginia that specializes in breeding Ragamese kittens. All of them are litter box trained and socialized with each member of their family. They provide a contract to be signed by the owner upon adoption.
  • Aphroditian Cattery – Aside from the purebred Ragdoll and Siamese cats, this cattery also offers Ragamese kittens. They are affiliated with The International Cat Association which adds to their credibility as a breeder.
  • Angel Girl Ragdolls – If you are from Virginia, you can get your Ragdoll Siamese mix from this cattery. Although they specialize in various varieties of Ragdoll cats, they occasionally breed this adorable mixed cat. They provide Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) testing and other health tests for all their kittens.

If you want to adopt, reach out to these adoption sites to find available Ragdoll Siamese mixes for adoption:

  • Adopt-a-Pet – This is one of the most leading pet adoption websites not just in the United States but in all of North America. Since they are supported by over 21,000 organizations, shelters, and agencies, you can surely find a Ragdoll Siamese mix in your location.
  • Petfinder – You can also easily search for a Ragamese cat and other cat breeds in this popular pet directory. With over 11,000 shelters and rescues registered, there’s no doubt that you will have your cat companion in no time whether it be a Ragdoll cat, a Siamese, or a mix of the two.
  • Kitten Rescue – This is a non-profit organization devoted to finding permanent homes for unwanted cat purebreds and mixes around Los Angeles, California. Since their operation in 1997, they have rehomed over 20,000 cats so there is a high chance that your Ragamese companion is already up for adoption.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you choose to buy or adopt. Your commitment as a cat owner will dictate how your cat will grow up. Just make sure that you put their health above everything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Siamese Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, Siamese Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic cats. Allergic owners can still suffer greatly, especially if they take on the coat of a Ragdoll cat.

They can also transfer allergens through their saliva and skin secretions. If the cat has shorter hair like a Siamese cat, you are less likely to suffer from allergies.

Do Ragdoll Cats Have Siamese in Them?

Ragdoll cats are a separate breed of cats with no Siamese genes present in them. However, both of these breeds are often confused with each other due to their similarities in terms of coat colors and patterns.

Both of them can have white or cream-colored bodies with dark brown masks, ears, tails, and mittens.

Siamese vs. Ragdoll Cats: Which Is Better?

Choosing between the two will depend on several factors and of course, the preference of the owner. If you want a cat that you can easily train, you should get a Siamese cat.

However, if you want a cat that requires less attention, you should consider owning a Ragdoll. Both are affectionate, so you wouldn’t go wrong choosing one over the other.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get a Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

Ragdoll Siamese cats require an owner who is willing to keep up with their antics and give them lots of affection. Aside from a cuddle and undivided attention, they also need regular maintenance for their long coat.

Much like any other cat, a Ragdoll Siamese mix is prone to diseases that they either inherit from their parents or get from an unhealthy environment and lifestyle. It’s important to make their well-being your top priority from day one.

If you think you are the perfect fit for these cats, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get one at your local breeder or rescue.

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