Are Male or Female Cane Corsos Better Guard Dogs?

Male and female Cane Corso guard dogs

Cane Corsos are tough and diligent dogs who have the instinct to guard. They are cautious when around people that do not look familiar and tend to assert their authority in such situations.

They are very loyal and ready to go to battle for their owner. I have worked with Cane Corsos, and their willingness to guard and protect is astonishing.

Are male or female Cane Corsos better guard dogs? Male and female Cane Corsos are amazing guard dogs. While males are bigger and more territorial, females are faster and more agile. This makes male Cane Corsos better guard dogs for the home and female Cane Corsos do better with protecting individuals.

This is why some persons prefer to go for both genders. But if you find yourself in a position to pick either a male or female, it might be a hard choice to make.

However, this article will guide you thoroughly by presenting all the facts I have gathered from working with Cane Corsos. This way, I can help guide you towards making an informed decision over which gender you should pick.

Male vs. Female Cane Corso Guard Dogs

Cane Corsos are closely related to the Mastiff family and therefore comes as no surprise that they show some of the attributes peculiar to a Mastiff. They are a preferred choice for guard duty, personal protection, and are highly regarded by law enforcement.

They are well built with incredible muscles and not as bulky as the Mastiff breed. They are also good companion dogs who are affectionate and loving towards their owners.

While their history is quite murky, it is believed that Corsos are descendants of the Molossoid dogs that were common in ancient Rome. They became rare in the 1960s, and the present-day Corso was the result of a selective breeding practice carried out in the 1980s with the surviving members of the breed.

The male and female Cane Corso come with their advantage and although they have a lot in common, the table below points out each’s advantages. 

Advantages of Male Cane Corso Guard Dogs:

  • Male Cane Corsos are very stable, and their emotions are reliable.
  • They always want to be around you.
  • They are territorial and good in defense of their territory.
  • They are good with kids and can make great family pets.
  • They are very courageous and daring.

Advantages of Female Cane Corso Guard Dogs:

  • Female Cane Corsos are attentive, obedient, and easy to train.
  • They are quick runners, very agile, and swift.
  • They are very suitable for first-time dog owners.
  • They are also very territorial and courageous.
  • They are extremely comfortable around kids with an instinct to protect them.

Guarding People

Cane Corso females are very affectionate and show more care when compared with males. They are very calm, even-tempered, and always on alert when they encounter new faces. The female is very aggressive when they sense any potential danger and try to ensure the family is safe. 

They are easy to train and are usually recommended for first-time owners. The female is a better option for people because they are affectionate and love to stick to their owner rather than stay on their own.

The male Corso is also good at protecting people and is more prone to wandering off if not kept on a leash.

Guarding Property

When it comes to asserting dominance and control, the male Corso fits perfectly into the mix. Although this might pose a problem to their owners, it makes them the perfect fit for guard jobs, especially guarding properties.

Their heads are larger than the female and can grow as tall as 28 inches. This gives them an imposing and intimidating look. They are not afraid to use force if they sense an intruder.

The male Corso is keener on snuffing out danger than playing around with kids. Their ability to protect properties is unrivaled.

Female Cane Corso as Guard Dogs

If you are a first-time owner looking to buy a Cane Corso as your guard dog, then the female Cane Corso is the perfect one for you. Female Corsos are easier to train and not as dominant as their male colleagues.

They are hardworking, alert, ready to guard, and willing to defend their owners to whom they are easily attached. Although females are smaller in size, they have a strong build, and their structure is similar to that of the male Corso.

They are equally courageous, powerful, and can be very intimidating. These are good features you need a guard dog to possess.

They easily grow suspicious, and unless you are familiar to them, their protective instinct would most likely get the better of them and cause them to charge.

Do not underestimate their speed. Chasing down a perceived intruder is no problem for the female Cane Corso. They are more agile, and because they weigh less than the male, they are quicker and swift.

A female Cane Corso is very obedient. She listens to commands and is more likely to do what you tell her to do than the male. Despite its protective instinct, female Cane Corsos are good at ignoring things they feel they shouldn’t be concerned with.

From my experience, the female Cane Corso is generally calm and usually more careful with children. The female is very suitable for dog lovers who want a medium-sized dog with a mild temperament.

Male Cane Corso as Guard Dogs

Male Cane Corsos are preferred by a lot of people for guard work even though they do not have much of an advantage over the female. It is not hard to see why.

In regard to size, male Cane Corsos tower above the female in every aspect. He can grow as tall as 28 inches while weighing about 110 pounds.

The male Cane Corso is naturally aggressive and tries to establish dominance. If you are not careful, you could lose this battle of dominance to a male Cane Corso.

You must establish your authority at an early stage. This dominant nature makes it hard to train and control them. However, their aggressive attitude is great for guarding duty, but it can be dangerous if used on unsuspecting strangers. 

A male Cane Corso is more emotionally stable and bold. They are not in constant need of cuddling or emotions like females, even though they always want to be near their owners. This makes them perfect for guard duty, be it guarding humans or property.

Also, you must socialize your Corso and make them comfortable around family members. This way, their fear and suspicion are eliminated, so they don’t become unnecessarily protective against family members that mean no harm. For experienced handlers, this is the most suitable gender.

Why Cane Corsos Make Ideal Guard Dogs?

The Cane Corso is a loyal but fierce guard dog that is highly respected all over the world. Their very presence is intimidating, and their owners tend to feel secure with a Cane Corso around. The Cane Corso is a very independent dog. As a result of this, they always act restrained.

The beautiful thing about Cane Corso is that they are good for families with kids as they are very friendly and protective of kids in the home. If you have a home with kids, then the Cane Corso should be on your list.

A Cane Corso is easy to train if you can understand its temperament. When it comes to energy, the Cane Corso has a lot of it. They are equally powerful and strong enough to withstand cold weather.

Although Cane Corsos can be gentle and warm, they are territorial and are aggressive when an intruder steps into their space. You can barely find them relaxing on the job.

They are alert, watchful, and possess a powerful bite. This is a good asset when they are taught on when to bite and when not to. The mentioned characteristics are why Cane Corsos are an amazing option for guard work.

Cane Corsos are very cautious when unfamiliar persons come around. While they can also be used as sporty dogs, their assertive nature coupled with a resolute temperament makes them better guard dogs.

Training Your Cane Corso for Guard Work

Relying on your dog’s natural abilities in acting as a guard dog is not always advisable. You will need to train your Cane Corso dog to respond to certain commands.

Training a Cane Corso can be tough, as they tend to be imposing and intimidating. You will need to involve the services of an experienced handler who knows how to handle Cane Corsos.

There are also training schools for Cane Corsos if you are not comfortable with the idea of leaving your dog with an independent handler.

Training a Cane Corso can be time-consuming and is jokingly referred to as a full-time job within dog communities.

This is because Cane Corsos are natural guard dogs that are always in defensive mode, and to ensure they cohabit well with the family, they will need to undergo intensive training. This transition can be tough for Cane Corsos and will require a lot of time to perfect.

Before you commence training on your dog, it is advised you consult a behaviorist or a veterinarian. This will help you determine if your Cane Corso is healthy enough to undergo guard training.

These training sessions can get intensive, and not every Cane Corso can withstand this toughness. Also note that for training to be effective, it must be consistent.

Training Techniques

Alert Method

The alert method is geared towards teaching the dog basic commands and teaching them when and how to bark. Naturally, Cane Corsos will bark at the sight of any stranger. While barking can be an effective deterrent, this can be dangerous and extreme in cases where the stranger is family.

The best way to rein this in is to teach your dog basic commands like ‘stop’ ‘be quiet’ or ‘sit.’ Rewards will come in handy when the dog successfully carries out an instruction, letting him or her know an approved and accepted task has been carried out.

Use a volunteer to teach the dog when to bark and when to be silent. Stop the dog from barking when the volunteer is outside your environment and teach it to bark when the volunteer comes within your environment.

By doing this, the Cane Corso will know the area they are meant to protect and prevent unnecessary barking. Do not forget to reward them when they successfully carry out each task.

Defense Method

The defense method is another technique used in training a guard dog. This method involves teaching the Cane Corso how to advance without necessarily attacking.

For safety reasons, this method requires a leash and a lot of strength and should not be done in public. It can only be done around your home, and you will need a volunteer.

Have a volunteer, someone the Cane Corso is not familiar with, approach the house, and encourage the dog to bark. Do not release the leash, but loosen your grip to allow the dog to walk towards the volunteer without any freedom to attack.

After a few minutes, ask the volunteer to walk away gently without running. A Cane Corso might be encouraged to chase them if they run.

The defense method helps to enforce an effective guarding technique, letting the dog know the first step to responding to any perceived intrusion is not to attack suddenly, but to scare off.

Never release the leash unless you are alone with the dog in a safe space. Keep repeating the method regularly until the dog masters it. Do not forget to reward the dog when it does well.

Final Thoughts

You must have a good reason for wanting to own a Cane Corso. They are guard dogs, and using them for other purposes can be considered a waste of their abilities.

If you have a large family, try as much as possible to familiarize the dog with all of them. This can prevent unnecessary attacks on family members when they should be welcoming them

Owning a Cane Corso, just like every other dog breed, involves a lot of work. Training sessions are very important, and you should make plans to carry out regular training.

If possible, you should create a schedule and try to put in the time and effort to keep up with it. You can also hire a trainer/handler to care for the dog.

While this breed can be homely and friendly, please remember, Cane Corsos are guard dogs and should be treated as such.

Related Questions

Several times I have had to face questions from prospective dog owners and even breeders about the Cane Corso and how they function as guard dogs. I have decided to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

How often do Cane Corsos bark?

Cane Corsos are generally quiet. Unnecessarily barking and making noise is not something they often do. If and when they bark, it’s often because they are trying to draw your attention to something or wade off an intruder.

How does Cane Corsos react to strangers?

When it comes to dealing with strangers and perceived intruders, Cane Corsos are not the friendliest breed.

Their protective instinct kicks in when they meet an unfamiliar face, making it difficult for them to build any relationship with strangers. They do not trust easily and would rather stay quiet than build a relationship.

How expensive is it to buy and maintain a Cane Corso?

Honestly, Cane Corsos are expensive, not just the purchasing price, but also the cost of maintenance. They cost a lot to feed and training as you most likely will need to hire a special trainer.

When it comes to attention, Cane Corsos require a lot of attention that most people may not be able to afford unless you are rich and can afford to stay home whenever you want. It is safe to say that Cane Corsos can be expensive to maintain.

How easy is it to train Cane Corsos?

Cane Corsos are loyal breeds and tend to listen to their owner’s commands obediently. This makes training them easier than most breeds.

When they are around people they trust, they are happy to follow instructions, especially when the bond is very strong. They are quick learners and find it easy to grasp new skills easily.

Can first-time owners own and handle Cane Corsos?

Cane Corsos for first-timers is a daunting task. First of all, Corsos need a lot of training and excellent handling, the kind that only an experienced hand can offer.

Teaching him to socialize and obey commands is no small task and can prove unproductive if you have no experience. For first-timers, it is practically a NO unless you intend to hire a professional.

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