40+ Pictures of Baby German Shepherds to Brighten Your Day

Picture of happy baby German Shepherd playing with a toy

The charm of a baby German Shepherd puppy is simply irresistible. This is to be expected since the breed is tagged as one of America’s most popular dogs. 

If you haven’t seen a baby German Shepherd before, today’s your lucky day! We curated the cutest baby German Shepherd pictures on the web to send you some good vibes.

Fair warning: you might find yourself contacting a German Shepherd breeder once you finish checking out these snaps!

Cute Pictures of Baby German Shepherds

1. Extra Treats, Please!

Baby German Shepherd puppy

Who wouldn’t fall for this doe-eyed baby? Cautious about giving treats, though!

2. Is This Spot Nice?

Baby German Shepherd pup in the grass looking up

It seems like this pupper wants a photo with a nice background — he even found a spot with flowers!

3. How Do I Look?

Baby German Shepherd in the garden

This baby German Shepherd is casually posing for its paw parent. 

4. Clingy Time

Love between baby German Shepherd and her mother

This little doggo seems to be enjoying its mother’s company.

5. Not a Picky Eater

Baby German shepherd puppy in the grass

Are baby GSDs allowed to eat grass? Probably not. But this one didn’t get the memo.

6. Black Glory

Cute black baby German Shepherd puppy lies on the grass in spring

Stunning coat color. Curious eyes. Who wouldn’t want to own this pupper?

7. Besties

Baby German Shepherd puppy embracing tiny kitten on green grass

They say dogs and cats are archenemies. Well, not anymore!

8. All Ears

An adorable and alert baby German Shepherd female puppy

This baby German Shepherd seems ready to transition into adulthood. Ears already perked up like a true herder.

9. Sibling Love

Two baby German Shepherd dogs posing outside

It is hard to choose a favorite among a litter of GSDs. But not for these cute baby German Shepherds. 

10. What Are You Staring At?

Adorable German Shepherd baby posing in summer

It seems this German Shepherd isn’t happy being the subject of a photo.

11. Who’s Hungry

Three puppy German Shepherd babies paying in the yard

These puppers look like they came from a walk and looking for a meal. 

12. Where’s Dad?

German Shepherd dog with little baby GSDs

This would’ve been a perfect family photo if dad was present.

13. Tongues Out

Two little baby German Shepherd puppies sitting on the lawn

These goofballs seem to be enjoying tongue-out Tuesday!

14. Don’t Bother Me

Baby German shepherd puppy lying down in the grass

This baby German Shepherd loves basking in the sun and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

15. Let’s Race!

Adorable German Shepherd babies posing in summer

Is it too early to prepare for the agility competition? 

16. Where Do We Look?

Female German Shepherd dog with three baby German Shepherds

Only mama listened to the photographer in this one. The GSD babies seem to be looking for a spot to play on.

17. Chilling with the Bestie

Portrait of a nice two baby German Shepherd puppies

These charming puppies sit on the grass for some rest time.

18. Playtime!

Playing puppies of baby German Shepherds

The best place to play with the sibs is always on the grass.

19. The Closer, the Better

Nice baby German Shepherds sitting on meadow

A whole litter in one snap. So hard to choose which one is the cutest.

20. Hey, Autumn

Three German Shepherd babies peeking out a puppy fence in autumn

These three baby German Shepherds are peeking out their fence to strike an autumn pose.

21. Run!

German Shepherd baby dog running

How do you run when it’s lunchtime? Here’s a baby GSD demonstrating!

22. Portraits

Adorable baby German Shepherd puppies in nature

All these puppies seem to communicate “pick me!” through their eyes.

23. Belly Rub

German Shepherd baby in the garden

Would you give this baby German Shepherd a belly rub? It’s ready for one!

24. Comfy Basket

Cute little sweet baby German Shepherd puppy sitting in a basket outdoors

Why use a crate when you can use a basket instead? This baby German Shepherd knows better than all other doggos.

25. No Mower, No Problem

Cute little German Shepherd baby on a walk on the green grass

When its owner forgot to mow the lawn, this baby GSD took matters into his hand.

26. Cutesy Paws

Cute beautiful little baby German Shepherd breed puppy

The little doggo ain’t gonna hide its cute paws inside the basket. They deserve some flaunting!

27. Out and About

Three baby German Shepherd puppies playing in the yard

These three baby German Shepherds are heading somewhere, that’s for sure!

28. Black and Tan Supremacy

Baby German shepherd puppy dog outdoors

The stunning coat of this baby German Shepherd looks even better when hit by natural light.

29. Flower Picking

Cute baby German Shepherd puppy in the summer on the grass

This baby German Shepherd is ready to pick flowers for its owner, but striking a pose with ‘em first!

30. Toy or Leash

Baby German shepherd puppy playing with a toy

A Black and tan baby German Shepherd enjoys tugging with the leash more than its duck toy.

31. Serious vs. Goofy 

Two German Shepherd babies sitting

Which do you like best? The one with the tongue out or the one with a poker face?

32. Meal Time

Three baby German Shepherd puppies eat all together

A litter that eats together stays connected forever.

33. Goin’ Solo

Baby German Shepherd puppy outside

Here’s a baby German Shepherd delighted that he finally got a solo pic.

34. Fluffy Goodness

Walking cute baby German Shepherd puppy

This super chunky baby German Shepherd is out for a walk in the grass.

35. Wait Up!

Three baby German Shepherd puppies in the grass

Look at this baby German Shepherd yawning while its siblings get ready to play. 

36. Too Cramped

Five baby German Shepherd puppies in a basket outdoors

This litter definitely needs a bigger basket to play on! The pups barely fit this one.

37. Scoot Over

Funny little red or brown baby GSDs playing in the garden

They made it work, y’all! With a bit of scoot scoot, they’re all enjoying their tiny basket.

38. Who’s the Tallest?

Group of four little baby German Shepherd puppies

Someone got the most mother’s milk among these pooches! 

39. Not Camera Shy

10 weeks old baby German Shepherd

The little doggo looks like he’s about to tackle and play with the camera!

Frequently Asked Questions

Picture of nice two baby German Shepherds

How Much Is a German Shepherd Baby?

A baby German Shepherd typically costs $800 to $3,500. However, show-quality puppies can amount to $6,500 to $10,000. 

These prices can still vary depending on several factors like the breeder’s reputation, the demand of the breed in the area, gender, etc. But you can expect that baby German Shepherds are more costly than adults.

Check out our German Shepherd pricing guide to learn more about the factors affecting the price of a GSD pup.

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Are German Shepherds Good With Babies?

Yes. German Shepherds are generally good with babies thanks to their loving and protective nature. They even treat babies as part of their pack when they are socialized together right from the get-go.

Nevertheless, don’t rush the introduction of your German Shepherd to your baby and vice versa, as this can make the GSD anxious. 

Are Baby German Shepherds Easy to Train?

Yes. Baby German Shepherds are relatively easy to train. They won’t be one of America’s most popular dogs if they aren’t. Their ease of training actually has a deeper root — they were primarily bred to be working dogs and sheep herders.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that a baby German Shepherd is one of the cutest creatures you’ll ever see. We hope that through the photos above, we were able to put a wide smile on your face today.

On the same note, if you are motivated by the photos to adopt or buy a German Shepherd, visit our blog for more helpful articles about the breed!

Also, leave a comment below on which of the baby German Shepherd snaps we shared you like best.

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