Belgian Malinois Shedding: A Comprehensive Guide

Belgian Malinois Shedding

People look for many things when they are planning to buy a dog. One of the common things they look for is shedding. Usually, because they like to keep their home neat and clean, and they do not want to find hairs lying around on their floor and couch.

Do Belgian Malinois shed? If so, how much do they shed?

Belgian Malinois do shed. They shed moderately throughout the year and some heavy shedding during spring and autumn. Their considerable amount of shedding is mainly due to their dense, waterproof double coat. They are often compared to German Shepherds, but their shedding is less than them.

A Belgian Malinois is not the worst dog when it comes to shedding; some breeds shed more excessively than Belgian Malinois. But still, the amount of shedding is considerable, and you should prepare yourself to deal with it accordingly if you decide to bring this dog breed to your home.

Belgian Malinois Coat

One of the reasons for a considerable amount of shedding in Belgian Malinois is that they have a double coat. Their undercoat is soft and dense. The outer coat consists of straight hairs that are harder than the inner coat. Belgian Malinois coat is weather-resistant and waterproof. 

One thing you might not know about Belgian Malinois is that they have a black tip on each strand of hair. They have black ears and a black mask on the face.

Shedding in Spring and Autumn

Brace yourself during spring and autumn as these are the seasons when your Belgian Malinois is going to shed heavily. This is a standard and natural process from which almost every dog breed goes through. 

Shedding becomes heavy in these seasons because they prepare themselves for the upcoming seasons. In summer, they do not require a heavy coat, so they shed most of the winter coat. In the same way, they need to protect themselves from cold weather, so they shed their summer coat in autumn.

Is Belgian Malinois Hypoallergenic?

No. Belgian Malinois can not be put into the category of hypoallergenic. They shed moderately and can carry allergens through their shedding. If you are allergic to dogs, then keep in mind that this dog can make it worse or will most likely trigger an allergic reaction.

They keep on shedding all year and heavily two times per year. This shedding is not going to help at all when you are allergic. 

How To Reduce the Shedding of Belgian Malinois?

While Belgian Malinois shed less than a German Shephard, his shedding might become overwhelming if you do not stay ahead of it. Leaving your dog on its own throughout the year and hope everything will work out is not the solution. You have to take steps to keep your dog’s coat healthy and reduce his shedding. 

Here are a few of the things you can do to deal with the situation. Nobody likes the hair flying around the house, and we are going to help you to combat this shedding. Read carefully all the tips below and try to implement as much as you can.


Because of short and thick hair of Belgian Malinois, they are easy to groom and do not need a lot of time to be spent on their coat. It is a relatively simple process overall compared to some other heavy shedder dog breeds. 

Belgian Malinois needs brushing two times a week. Brushing frequency should increase in spring and fall when you see shedding increased. At this time you should brush your Belgian Malinois at least 4 to 5 times per week.

Brushing is required to remove dead and loose hair that is about to fall on your furniture and floor. If you pick up this hair while brushing, it means you won’t have to clean from the floor later on. Brushing makes your life much easier when it is done consistently. 

An oval shape pin brush is the best tool to use on your Belgian Malinois. Most owners recommend using a shedding blade in spring and autumn to deal with heavy shedding. Both grooming tools are readily available in pet stores.

You can brush your dog outside of the house in shedding seasons. Brushing outside means no mess of hair in the house. You might want to run it through with your neighbors first because the strands will be flying outside, and it is a possibility that hair might land on your neighbor’s clothes and backyard.


You should bath your dog only when it is required. Although bathing will help to reduce shedding, it should not be done often as it is unhealthy for Belgian Malinois if you do it repeatedly. You can give your dog a sponge bath when he really stinks or covered in mud or dirt.

Use a brush on your Belgian Malinois before bathing him. Brushing will help untie any knot present on your dog’s coat, and it will help you maintain a healthy and beautiful coat of your dog. Brushing after bathing is also necessary for the same reason.

Use canine shampoo on your dog and not the shampoo that is designed for humans. Shampoo for a human can cause irritation in your Belgian Malinois. Always buy high-quality, grooming products. A conditioner is a good idea to help your dog’s coat soft and tidy.

Should You Shave Your Belgian Malinois?

You should never shave your Belgian Malinois unless the vet advises you to do so. Some owners shave their dogs to reduce the shedding. This concept is totally wrong and unhealthy for your dog. Shaving a dog might reduce a little bit of shedding, but it is never good for your dog.

Just because you don’t want to deal with hair in your house, you should not shave your dog. These are things you should have thought before buying a dog that sheds. 

Shaving your dog will only disturb his natural process of insulation. Dogs regulate their body temperature in their own way. Cutting his hair and shaving can be the worst thing for the whole process.

Shaving makes your dog more exposed to fleas and parasites. It is more likely that your Belgian Malinois will be bitten by these insects when the skin is exposed to them. These bites can cause skin infection and can lead to hair loss in the dog.

In hot weather and summer, your dog is more likely to get sunburn because of shaving. The coat and fur will not be there to protect him from scorching heat. Last but not least, the hairs might not grow back in time, and your Belgian Malinois might be without his coat in the winter. 

Hair Loss in Belgian Malinois

Unfortunately, Belgian Malinois can suffer from hair loss like any other dog breed. You can avoid hair loss in your dog by following the simple steps. First, have a look at the conditions your dog can have in his lifetime. 

What Is Hair Loss?

Partial or complete hair loss is common in almost all of the dog breeds. While the causes can be different, any dog can suffer from this condition. Hair loss can be caused because of allergy, skin infection, poor diet, or because of parasites.

You have to make sure that you understand the difference between shedding and hair loss. Shedding is heavy in two seasons, and loss or hair is reasonable. On the other hand, hair loss can be a total loss of hair on any part of the body. 

Hair loss can affect any dog at any age. This condition does not differentiate between breed, age, and size of the dog. If you notice any symptoms of hair loss in your dog, then it is vital to take your dog to the vet immediately. 

Symptoms of Hair Loss

If you are having a rough time understanding hair loss, then look for the following signs in your dog. 

  • Thinning of the hair in your dog.
  • Loosing of hair around eyes and nose.
  • Complete hair loss in some places of the dog’s body.
  • Hair loss in the same place of both sides of the body.
  • Itchiness.
  • Dry skin near the area of hair loss.
  • Inflammation of skin and redness around the area of hair loss.
  • In the worst-case scenario, bleeding can be seen in the area of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss in Dogs

Hair loss in dogs can be caused because of several reasons. Some are common in most breeds, and some are rare. Here we are going to mention all the possible reasons.

  • Too much use of a collar can cause friction, which will lead to hair loss.
  • Stress in dogs can cause hair loss. This stress can be because of a number of reasons.
  • A female dog is most likely to experience hair loss after giving birth to a litter.
  • A bacterial infection is a common cause of hair loss.
  • A fungal infection like ringworm is responsible for hair loss in many dog breeds.
  • Attack from fleas or mites is common and more likely to happen if your dog is shaved.
  • Medical conditions like Alopecia and Thyroid disorder are the most common reason for hair loss in Belgian Malinois.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Let’s discuss how you can prevent hair loss in your dog. There might be some tricks to save your dog from this condition.

  • Make sure your dog is happy. Mental health is essential, and poor mental health can cause stress. 
  • A diet full of nutrients and vitamins guarantee a healthy life and can save your dog from hair loss.
  • Supplements like Omega 3, Omega 6, and fish oils are proven to help in the condition of hair loss.
  • When brushing, check your dog’s body thoroughly for any sign of skin infection.
  • A regular visit to the vet for a medical check-up will ensure the health of your dog.
  • Try to avoid home remedies if you find any sign of hair loss. Always visit the vet at your earliest. It is crucial to diagnose the problem in the first place.

How to Deal with Shedding in the House?

For dog lovers, hairs and their cleaning is just part of life. It is part of the package, and in return, you get a lifelong friend who is ready to die for you.

You can not underestimate the importance of cleaning tools of hair when it comes to your dog. Here are a few of the cleaning tools that are most likely to make your life easier on a daily basis.

Lint Rollers

The perfect tool for cleaning fabric and clothes. It is not expensive and easily available everywhere. The only downside of the lint roller is they are not suitable for cleaning the whole room.

It is more suited to do smaller jobs. Wonder if there was big enough roller to clean hair from everything. How great it would be.

De-Shedding Gloves

It can be used as a grooming or cleaning tool. All you have to do is pet your Belgian Malinois dog with the gloves on, later on, just pick the hairs from the floor by merely petting on them. This simple glove will do magic on your dog’s coat and will help you massively in picking up the hairs.

Heavy Duty Vacuum

Invest some money in a heavy-duty vacuum. Believe it or not, you will need it if your dog is shedding all year. It is far better than sweeping the floor. Sweeping is a never-ending job when you have hair all over the house. 


Buy some cover for your furniture. When you do not have time for cleaning and guests are coming over. These cover will come in handy. Just toss them in the dryer, then there you have furniture free from hair.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter which dog breed your thinking to bring home. Lifestyle changes will have to be made accordingly in order to accommodate your new pet.

Choosing the right dog breed for your home is important, spend time to do your research and make up your mind by looking at all the pros and cons.

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