10 Best Boxer Rescues for Adoption (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Boxer Rescues for Adoption

Dubbed the “George Clooney” of the canine world, Boxers are loved for their good looks, intelligence, and temperament.

If you’re one of the many people looking to add a Boxer to your family, you should consider adopting one!

There are many breeders out there, but there are also many Boxers in need of a new home. Adoption would allow you to help save a dog’s life, plus it would cost much less than purchasing a purebred Boxer puppy.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the best Boxer rescues in the United States. Who knows? Your next family member might just come from one of these organizations!

Most of the Boxer rescues in this list follow the same adoption process. If you want to ace your application, I suggest that you read our ultimate adoption guide which features key tips and techniques starting from choosing the breed to home introduction.

Top 10 Boxer Rescues to Find Boxer Dogs for Adoption

We came up with this list after a thorough search for great Boxer rescue organizations in the United States. All the rescues listed here have a proven track record and are helping this beloved breed in many ways.

1. Adopt A Boxer Rescue (AABR) – Pennsylvania

Adopt A Boxer Rescue (AABR) has been helping Boxer dogs since 2004. They have helped thousands of Boxers in several states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Rhode Island.

Aside from rehoming and rescuing Boxer dogs, they also aim to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and care.

Because they have the welfare of the rescues in mind, an additional evaluation will be done for families with the following:

  • Other pets like cats, bunnies, livestock, or other dogs
  • Children under the age of five
  • A home with no fence

To apply for a Boxer from AABR, you need to be at least 21 years old and prove that you are financially able to support a Boxer for its entire life.

You need to register and login on to their website to fill out an AABR application form. The application will also require three personal references, a vet reference, and a home visit.

 Adopt A Boxer Rescue (AABR) Information and Details:

2. The Boxer Rescue, Inc. (TBRI) – Massachusetts

The Boxer Rescue, Inc. (TBRI) is an organization dedicated to helping Boxer dogs in the New England area. Their goal is to not only rescue dogs but also promote responsible dog ownership, support Boxer owners, and educate the public about the breed.

Most of their Boxers come from owner surrenders, but they also work with shelters to help find homes for canines in need.

They place their dogs in foster homes, where they learn about the Boxer’s specific needs and temperament. It then helps them match the dogs to compatible families.

Once you apply, a volunteer will reach out and conduct a phone interview within 48 to 72 hours. After that, they will arrange a home visit where all members of your household (humans and pets) are required to be present.

Once the home visit is done, you simply have to wait if you are an approved adopter. If you are approved, you will then be matched to a Boxer dog. Their adoption fees range from $150 to $450, depending on the dog’s age.

The Boxer Rescue, Inc. (TBRI) Information and Details:

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3. Boxer Lovers Rescue (BLR) – Idaho

Boxer Lovers Rescue (BLR) is a volunteer-run organization helping Boxers in the Northwest states. Their primary goal is to reduce the number of homeless Boxer dogs and promote public education about the breed.

Similar to other rescues, you have to submit an application form and wait for their call. They will conduct a phone interview to know more about you and answer any questions you may have.

After the phone interview, volunteers near your area will set up a home visit. If there is no volunteer near you, they may request pictures or a Skype call as an alternative.

If everything checks out, you just have to wait for the official approval and your Boxer match. The adoption fees range from $150 to $500, depending on the age of the dog.

Note that they require a martingale collar and a leash to be ready when you pick up your new family member.

Boxer Lovers Rescue (BLR) Information and Details:

  • Website: Boxer Lovers Rescue (BLR)
  • Address: PO Box 441 Kuna, ID 83634
  • Phone: 208-779-2114
  • Email: info@boxerloversrescue.com
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

4. Boxer Haven Rescue (BHR) – Michigan

Boxer Haven Rescue (BHR) has been helping Boxers and Boxer mixes find new homes since 2004. They are an all-volunteer foster home-based rescue, operating mainly in Michigan.

Their rescue helps strays, Boxer dogs from shelters, and those given up by their owners for various reasons. Boxer Haven provides foster homes, vet checks and does the careful screening of adoptive families to ensure that their Boxers get the best homes.

The adoption process in BHR is similar to other rescues. The process entails an online application form, a phone interview, and a home visit. If you pass all steps and get approved, they will arrange a meet-and-greet with the Boxer.

Once the final approval is given, you can finally take your new family member home. Note that they require the adoptive families to have a crate, bedding, food, food and water dishes, a collar, and a leash with ID tags ready before the pup’s transition.

Their adoption fees are $150 to $400. It covers several health expenses such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, flea and tick prevention, and a complete wellness exam.

Boxer Haven Rescue (BHR) Information and Details:

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5. Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) – Washington

Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) is another foster-based rescue committed to helping Boxers in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, and Washington. They only place Boxers in these areas so they can always assist the dogs that they rehome.

This organization works with volunteers and local vets to provide medical attention and temporary homes to the Boxers they handle. They also strive to educate the public about animal overpopulation.

To apply for a Boxer from NWBR, the first thing you have to do is to fill out the application form on their website. The application review process may take weeks, and they may need to contact you by email or phone to verify the information.

Once the review is done and they have a Boxer that fits you and your family, they will conduct a phone interview. If you pass the interview, there will be a meet-and-greet with the Boxer at its foster home.

Finally, if everything goes well, you can complete the adoption papers and take the Boxer home. Adoption fees from NWBR range from $100 to $550, depending on the dog’s age.

Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) Information and Details:

6. Atlanta Boxer Rescue (ABR) – Georgia

If you are in the greater Atlanta area, Atlanta Boxer Rescue (ABR) is a great organization to contact. ABR has been operating since 2008 and now they have more than 500 volunteers and over 100 foster homes dedicated to helping Boxers in need.

Their whole application process typically takes a few weeks to complete. It involves an adoption application form, a phone interview, a personal and vet reference check, and a home visit.

Once you pass all the steps, an adoption coordinator will help match you with an available Boxer. Their adoption fees are $250 to $300. This fee covers a physical examination, vaccinations, microchipping, as well as spaying/neutering.

Aside from rehoming Boxers, ABR also holds fun events such as the Monthly Boxer Bash, where you can meet other Boxer owners and let your Boxer interact with other dogs.

If you want to learn more about this breed first, they are also always open for volunteers.

Atlanta Boxer Rescue (ABR) Information and Details:

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7. Boxer Luv Rescue (BLR) – Arizona

Founded in 1998, Boxer Luv Rescue has helped more than 10,000 Boxers and Boxer mixes throughout Arizona. Aside from giving new lives to rescue dogs, they also aim to build resources to continue rescuing and saving Boxers.

All Boxers that come into their care get a complete health exam. If the dogs are deemed healthy enough, they are also spayed or neutered.

One great thing about BLR is that they also assess their rescue dogs for behavior issues. Volunteers and trainers work with these rescues to work on any identified problems.

Like most rescues, you will have to fill out an application form. If they deem you to be a good match for a Boxer, they will then send more instructions for the phone interview, a home visit, and an adoption appointment to meet the Boxer.

Adoption fees may vary per dog, but on average it’s around $400. Boxer Luv occasionally gets puppies, but adoption fees may be higher to cover added costs.

Boxer Luv Rescue (BLR) Information and Details:

  • Website: Boxer Luv Rescue (BLR)
  • Address: PO Box 47777 Phoenix, AZ
  • Phone: 602-530-5671
  • Email: info@boxerluv.com
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

8. Minnesota Boxer Rescue (MNBR) – Minnesota

Minnesota Boxer Rescue (MNBR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and giving Boxers a second chance at life. They operate mainly in Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Their adoption process also involves an adoption application, vet and personal reference checks, and a home visit. Once you are approved, an MNBR team member or the Boxer’s foster home will go over the paperwork needed.

Aside from the adoption contract, they also have a spay/neuter contract (when applicable) and an obedience contract that requires adoptive families to enroll the Boxer in obedience classes.

Adoption from MNBR will cost $250 to $500 depending on the dog’s age. This fee covers costs for complete health examinations, any medical treatment needed, housing, transportation, and other supplies needed to care for the Boxers.

Minnesota Boxer Rescue (MNBR) Information and Details:

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9. Houston Boxer Rescue (HBR) – Texas

Houston Boxer Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue organization dedicated to helping surrendered Boxers in Houston Metroplex and the surrounding areas.

Once you submit an application, they will contact you through email or phone. When your application is processed, a volunteer will then schedule a home visit with a fee of $25 deductible from the adoption fee.

If you are approved, they will give you a list of the available Boxers and each of the foster’s information. You will be the one in charge of contacting and scheduling a meet-and-greet with the Boxer you are interested in.

Adoption fees are $175 to $475. All Boxer dogs from HBR will be fully vetted, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. In addition, all dogs from their rescue are entitled to one free consultation with a professional trainer.

Houston Boxer Rescue (HBR) Information and Details:

  • Website: Houston Boxer Rescue (HBR)
  • Address: 1450 W. Grand Parkway S Suite G-439 Katy, TX
  • Phone: 832-582-2166
  • Email: info@houstonboxerrescue.org
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

10. Green Acres Boxer Rescue (GABR) – Wisconsin

For aspiring Boxer owners in Wisconsin, Green Acres Boxer Rescue (GABR) is a great organization to reach out to. Founded in 1999, they have helped hundreds of Boxers throughout the state of Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Most of their Boxers are from shelters or surrendered directly by owners. GABR also works with other rescue groups in the state. Once a Boxer is taken into their care, it is completely vetted, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.

Before you apply, check if you can comply with their policies:

  • All other dogs must be indoor pets and must be spayed or neutered.
  • Indoor cats must also be spayed/neutered.
  • If you have kids under six years old, you may be required to make two trips to meet the dog. They will need to observe the interaction of the children and the Boxer for an extended period.
  • If you are renting, you need to provide a letter from the landlord stating that you are allowed to have a large dog on the property.

If you can meet all their conditions, you can start the application process. It would also involve submitting an application form, a visit to the dog’s foster home, a home visit, and reference checks.

Green Acres Boxer Rescue (GABR) Information and Details:

  • Website: Green Acres Boxer Rescue (GABR)
  • Address: 124 W. Freistadt Road #563 Thiensville,WI
  • Phone: 608-561-7377
  • Email: Info@GreenAcresBoxerRescue.com
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

Another thing that can help you significantly with your dog hunt is reading our ultimate dog adoption guide. This, alongside the Boxer rescue options from our directory, will increase your chances of bringing home the dog you desire.

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Other Sources for Boxer Rescues or Shelters for Adoption

Boxer dog for adoption

Adoption will usually take some time, and approval is not always guaranteed. Aside from getting in touch with specific rescue groups, you can also try your luck on other platforms.

You can consider the following sites and services in your search for a Boxer:

  • Petfinder – Petfinder is a website that lists pets put up for adoption in different shelters and rescue organizations. You can search through hundreds of Boxers and Boxer mixes. When searching, you can apply filters such as age and gender, making your search easier.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – This website is one of the largest adoption platforms in North America. They advertise adoptable pets from over 21,000 shelters, rescue groups, and animal welfare organizations. You can search for pets by location, so you might be able to find an adoptable Boxer in your city.
  • Petango – Petango is another online platform where you can look for adoptable pets. They work with more than 1,800 animal welfare organizations all over the United States. They also have over a thousand listings for Boxer and Boxer mixes, so it’s highly possible for you to find one near you.
  • Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations – You can also check shelters and rescues from your community. Adopting a Boxer near you will make the whole process a lot easier and more convenient.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), around 3.3 million dogs are surrendered each year.

Even if it takes some time to adopt, do not give up! You are helping save a Boxer out of the millions of pets in need.

Check out how an adopted Boxer is transformed in this video:

Skinny Shelter Dog Has The Happiest Transformation | The Dodo Foster Diaries

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Why Do People Put Boxers up for Adoption or in a Rescue?

There are plenty of reasons why people surrender or give up their Boxers to rescues.

For others, it is simply a mismatch and they just cannot handle the dog. However, some owners have circumstances that make it difficult to care for the breed.

Here are some common reasons why Boxers are put up for adoption:

  • The owner can no longer support the Boxer financially.
  • The dog has issues such as biting, aggression, and anxiety which the owner cannot handle or address.
  • The owner is moving to another place where pets are not allowed.
  • The owner passed away and no one else can take care of the dog.
  • The Boxer is ill and the owners cannot handle the medical expenses.
  • There are changes in the owner’s lifestyle or jobs.

For owners in these challenging situations, surrendering their Boxer dogs may be one of the best options. With rescue organizations, their Boxers are cared for in foster homes, vet checked, and matched carefully to new families.

How Much Should It Cost to Adopt a Boxer Dog?

Adopting a Boxer will set you back an average of $150 to $500. In contrast, purchasing a purebred Boxer puppy can cost anywhere from $700 to $2,000. Puppies from reputable breeders will usually be at the higher end of the price range.

Considering the costs of taking care of a Boxer dog, adoption fees are very reasonable. You can use the money you will save in buying other supplies your Boxer might need.

Here are some expenses covered by the adoption fees:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
Vet Checkups$65 – $170
Spaying/ Neutering$50 – $450
Rabies Vaccine$5 – $30
DHPP Vaccine$10 – $40
Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Prevention$50 – $150
Total$217 – $820

These are just some of the basic things rescue organizations do for homeless Boxers. There may be other medical expenses especially for senior dogs or if the dog came to them with an existing illness.

On top of health expenses, Boxers in rescues have other needs such as food supplies, transportation, and shelter. These are usually covered by adoption fees and monetary donations to the rescue groups.

Is It Difficult to Adopt a Boxer From a Rescue?

Little baby boy with Boxer dog rescue on a couch at home

Submitting an adoption application is very easy. You can do it with a few clicks! However, the subsequent steps and requirements in the adoption process will take more effort.

As you may have noticed from all the rescues above, there are always a few steps to pass to get approved as an adopter. You will have to allot time for phone interviews, home visits, as well as provide references.

Even if you pass all the steps, it’s no guarantee you will get a Boxer immediately. It will still depend on whether there is a Boxer available that matches you and your household’s lifestyle.

With so many pets in need of a new home, you might be asking, why don’t they just allow anyone to adopt?

The answer is that all these evaluations are done to make sure that the Boxer will get a better life. They also want to ensure that you are ready for life with a Boxer dog.

5 Tips for Getting Approved by a Rescue to Adopt a Boxer

Although adoption is not an easy process, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting approved.

Here are some practical tips to help you in the adoption process:

  • Learn all you can about Boxers. Doing your research will help you gauge if Boxers are the right breed for you. It will also help you prepare yourself and your home. Rescues will want to see how much you know about the breed during interviews or visits.
  • Prepare everything beforehand. Since most rescues need personal and vet references, contact them even before writing them down on your application forms. If the rescues also need documents about your other pets, it would be best to have them ready even before applying.
  • Be completely honest in your application. All the information you give will be used to evaluate if you’re prepared to be a fur parent and to match you with the perfect Boxer. Your dog will affect the next years of your life. As much as possible, they would want your Boxer to fit your lifestyle.
  • Involve your household. If you live with other people, they will definitely be a part of the Boxer’s life. Everyone should be involved in the process. Rescue organizations will consider your whole household’s readiness for a Boxer, and this also includes other pets!
  • Ask questions. When visiting the foster home or talking to the volunteers, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is the best way to learn more about the specific dog you’re interested in. This also shows your enthusiasm and concern about the Boxer, and that would always be a plus for you.

Since Boxer dog rescues are mostly run by volunteers, some steps may take some time. If you are well-prepared, you can definitely make the whole process easier both for you and the rescue.

Final Thoughts

Boxer dogs are loved by a lot of people, but unfortunately, many still end up in shelters and rescues. When you adopt, you help alleviate the problem of homeless pets and support animal welfare.

However, getting a Boxer is a decision you cannot take lightly, especially when you’re adopting. Remember that when you adopt, you are giving Boxers from difficult situations a second chance at life.

Be sure that you are 100% ready and committed to caring for them. If you can give them a good home, I am sure that a Boxer will be a loyal and loving member of your family.

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