10 Best Pitbull Rescues for Adoption (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Pitbull Rescue for Adoption

Pitbulls are exactly the opposite of the aggressive dogs they are often portrayed as. However, many of these precious pups still end up in rescues because owners can’t live up to the full responsibility of owning one.

While buying from a Pitbull breeder is a safe option, it can cost you a lot of money. A cheaper alternative is to adopt from a Pitbull rescue. Aside from paying less, you are giving a dog a chance to have a normal life.

If you are already looking to adopt a Pittie, I’m here to provide you with the best Pitbull rescues in the United States. Let’s get into it!

Most of the Pitbull rescues in this list follow the same adoption process. If you want to ace your application, I suggest that you read our ultimate adoption guide which features key tips and techniques starting from choosing the breed to home introduction.

Top 10 Pitbull Rescues to Find Pitbulls for Adoption

It’s natural to feel skeptical about adopting from a Pitbull rescue. Many believe that rescued dogs are too sickly or have behavioral issues.

These claims, however, are proven false by testimonies of owners who got their Pitties from these volunteer organizations.

The Pittie rescues listed below are our top 10 picks that you can trust to find a healthy and well-tempered Pitbull for adoption.

1. Biggies Bullies – Pennsylvania

If you live two hours within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can reach out to Biggies Bullies for a Pitbull adult or puppy.

This Pitbull rescue organization has been helping Pitties since 2011 and after some years, they now finally have a headquarters of their own.

The founder, who used to work in a shelter, realized the harsh environment and treatment of dogs in these facilities.

This pushed her to work with a single mission — to give Pitbulls a new home regardless of their past situation and health condition.

For only $150, you can have a new Pitbull addition to your furry family. This fee already includes a bag of dog food, a harness, heartworm and flea/tick prevention, and even training lessons.

If you ever need support or advice, the Biggies Bullies family will help you throughout your Pittie’s lifetime.

Take note that you need to undergo a two-week trial period with your chosen Pitbull to assess if it’s a great fit or not. Once this evaluation is done and it shows satisfactory results, you can take your dog home.

Biggies Bullies Rescue Information and Details:

2. Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) – Oregon

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) started as a private rescue in 2007 and eventually became a full non-profit organization by the year 2011.

Having hands-on experience working with Pitbulls in shelters, the founder began her advocacy of rehoming these dogs to loving families.

All of their available purebred and Pitbull mixes can be viewed through their Petfinder page. The price of each dog varies depending on its age and breed.

However, you can be sure that the adoption fee covers all vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, deworming, sterilization, blood tests, dental cleaning, and microchipping.

A portion of this fee also goes to one of their side projects called ‘The Meximutt Project’ which aims to fund the spaying and neutering of street dogs in the rural villages of Mexico.

On average, they conduct 75 surgeries a month. They wish to increase this value to eventually stop unwanted dog pregnancies and significantly reduce the number of stray pups in Mexico.

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) Information and Details:

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3. Hello Bully – Pennsylvania

It’s no secret that Pitbulls are often used for dogfighting and however we look at it, this is a monstrosity that must be stopped at all costs. Luckily, there are dogs that still survive these cruel situations.

Hello Bully started in 2005 as a small rescue dedicated to saving American Pit Bull Terriers that were used for dog fights.

Over the years, they were able to learn how to slowly rehabilitate these dogs that were victims of abuse.

Like most Pitbull rescues, their process involves a series of processes involving home visits, background checks, and one-on-one interviews.

If you pass their screening, you can secure a Pitbull that is updated on shots and treatment, including prevention for Lyme disease.

Dogs that are younger than six months old require an adoption fee of $250 while older ones are priced at $200.

Since most of the dogs come from traumatic environments, Hello Bully offers extra support for those owners who have questions regarding behavior and training.

Hello Bully Rescue Information and Details:

4. Peace for Pits (P4P) – Illinois

Peace for Pits (P4P) is a foster-based rescue in Chicago that caters to all Pitbull breeds. Most of their dogs come from high-kill facilities like shelters, some of which were willfully surrendered by their owners.

The rescue team is composed of individuals that have significant experience with fostering stray dogs, especially Pitbulls.

They are knowledgeable about in-house dog management and force-free training methods that help puppies and dogs adjust easily to their new home.

Through their hardworking social media team, P4P is also able to conduct fundraising events for the betterment of their rescued Pitbulls’ condition.

Sometimes, they host meet-and-greet events so that potential adopters can bond with them and see if they are the perfect match.

The rescue’s ‘Respit’ program, launched in 2017, aims to educate the community about the true temperament of Pitbull dogs by socializing them with people in public facilities such as schools, nursing homes, and libraries.

Peace for Pits (P4P) Rescue Information and Details:

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5. New York Bully Crew – New York

This is another rescue that places Pitbulls into permanent homes in New York. They also take in other breeds but their main focus is to help Pitties due to the negative stigma surrounding them.

Some of their dogs are also suffering from grave illnesses or injuries and need immediate medical attention.

To qualify for adoption, you need to complete New York Bully Crew’s online form which should consist of your personal information, details about your vet and chosen Pittie, fostering capability, activities, and references.

Since a rescue volunteer will also be reaching out to your veterinarian, it’s best to talk to them ahead of time and ask them to share any medical records for faster processing. You can also choose to donate to those dogs in dire cases.

To educate yourself further about Pitbulls before adopting, they also have a ‘Facts and Myths’ section on their website.

New York Bully Crew Rescue Information and Details:

6. Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB) – Florida

Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB) rescues and rehabilitates Pitbulls around the area of Gainesville. After several years of operation, they have saved over 300 dogs from overcrowded shelters and dogfighting arenas.

Before you start searching for your next Pitbull, you should look into their adoption process requirements as listed below:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and above.
  • You must have a valid ID showing your current address.
  • All adults in the household must consent to have a Pitbull in the house.
  • If you are living in an apartment, the owner or landlord should approve having a Pitbull on their property.
  • If you have other pets, make sure that they are updated on vaccine shots and preventive medication. A rescue volunteer will verify this by contacting your veterinarian.
  • You must agree to a home inspection once you pass the initial screening.
  • You are required to sign an adoption contract and pay the corresponding adoption fee before the dog can be taken home.

When you experience any trouble while taking care of your dog, POPB will gladly offer any form of help. However, since they operate on a volunteer basis, their resources are often limited.

Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB) Rescue Information and Details:

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7. PittieLove Rescue – Massachusetts

PittieLove Rescue has been working with numerous animal shelters, animal control agencies, and other rescue organizations throughout New England since 2006.

They are focused on caring, understanding, and putting Pitbulls of all types into loving homes.

Their reliable volunteers make sure that all of their dogs pass their temperament evaluation before being placed in their foster homes.

After that, they are given proper medical care, training, and emotional support before adoption.

Potential adopters are provided with accurate details about the specific dog that they choose, as well as other dogs they can potentially match with.

This Pitbull rescue also prefers those that don’t have other pets, especially of the same sex to prevent aggression. You can balance this out by having a dog of the opposite gender.

Check out Pittie Love Rescue’s adoption policies or contact them directly for detailed information. Note that some of their strict policies may not be applicable to your case.

PittieLove Rescue Information and Details:

8. The Love Pit (TLP) – Texas

Founded in 2015, The Love Pit (TLP) started with a passion for helping stray dogs. The founder immediately knew her calling when she decided to adopt her first Pitbull.

Since then, the rescue grew in volunteers and many rescued dogs found permanent homes.

They ensure that adopting a dog from their rescue is like gaining a new family member.

Their adoption process involves the following steps:

  1. Completing the adoption application.
  2. Preparing for the scheduled interview and virtual home visit.
  3. Getting ready to meet your dog in the facility and at your home.
  4. Finalizing the adoption.

Pitbull puppies aged until four months old can be adopted for $350 while adults aged five months to 6 years old are priced at $300. Senior Pitbulls aged seven years old and above can also be adopted at $200.

Moreover, through their TLP’s Humane Education program, they can educate the public, especially kids about being compassionate to animals.

They are working to promote responsible dog ownership through events and training lessons across Texas.

The Love Pit (TLP) Rescue Information and Details:

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9. Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary – Maine

Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary is an organization that focuses on multiple advocacies.

It was created to fulfill the following missions:

  • To rescue animals from all situations, including shelters and areas where there is an abundance of animal neglect and abuse.
  • To rehabilitate and train the rescued dogs to become obedient and well-mannered so they can easily adapt to their new home setting.
  • To make the world a safer place for Pitbulls by educating the public about the breed and responsible ownership.
  • To provide training and support for rescue workers who are at high risk of overfatigue, stress, and other mental health issues due to the overwhelming nature of their job.

The Pitbull rescue strictly implements its policies so it pays to understand them all before you start filling out their adoption form.

Some of the most notable ones include condoning the use of electric collars and putting up invisible fences for your future Pitbull.

They will also require you to enroll your adopted Pittie in a positive training class so you can easily set boundaries and let them build their confidence as a new member of your pack.

Harsh training methods using shock equipment and other dangerous items are strictly prohibited.

Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary Information and Details:

10. Adopt a Pit Rescue, Inc. – Ohio

As the largest Pitbull rescue in Miami Valley, Adopt a Pit Rescue, Inc. prides itself with saving over 2,600 dogs since 2013.

They specialize in helping dogs that are deemed as hopeless cases and unadoptable due to their illnesses, injuries, and behavior.

If you are interested in one of their Pitbulls, you need to first make sure that you live within a two-hour radius from Dayton, Ohio where most of their foster homes are located.

They also don’t allow meet-ups before the adoption unless they have a scheduled public event.

Dog reservations are not allowed. If you have a strong profile that matches an available Pitbull, the volunteers can process your application smoothly. However, it will take longer if you provide insufficient details.

The adoption fee usually ranges from $200 to $250 but it may vary depending on the Pitbull’s case or breed.

Adopt a Pit Rescue, Inc. Information and Details:

Another thing that can help you significantly with your dog hunt is reading our ultimate dog adoption guide. This, alongside the Pitbull rescue options from our directory, will increase your chances of bringing home the dog you desire.

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Other Sources for Pitbull Rescue or Shelter for Adoption

Pitbull puppy for adoption

As mentioned, the adoption approval of the Pitbull rescue is not always guaranteed. In this case, it’s best to expand your options.

Luckily, there are other places where you can easily find a Pitbull with one click of a mouse.

The list of websites below can direct you to your new Pitbull best friend:

  • Petfinder – This is one of the easiest platforms where you can search for a Pitbull by manipulating the filters. You’ll never run out of options since they are partnered with over 11,000 shelters and adoption organizations across the United States.
  • Petango – Petango is a pet adoption website that exclusively offers a real-time update of available Pitbulls and other breeds from over 1,800 shelters. Just like Petfinder, you can easily set your location to find a Pitbull for adoption near you.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – Another popular website is Adopt-a-Pet which is considered the largest adoption website in North America. Their team consists of passionate and hardworking individuals that work together to make your search for a Pitbull a whole lot easier.
  • Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations – Your local shelters or rescue organizations may also have adoptable Pitbulls so it might be worth reaching out to them. It’s always better to support your local groups to promote more awareness.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about heartwarming dog rescue stories from these sources, so here is a transformation video of a rescued Pitbull:

Skinny Abandoned Pit Bull Gets Everything She Dreamed Of | The Dodo Pittie Nation

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Why Do People Put Pitbulls up for Adoption or in a Rescue?

Many Pitbulls end up in rescues due to abandonment and neglect of their owners.

However, there are cases when the circumstances just don’t permit them to keep their Pitbull. As hard as it is, they are forced to give them up for adoption.

Some of the most common reasons why do people put their Pitbulls up for adoption are listed below:

  • The owner can no longer support the financial expenses of their Pitbull.
  • It has become difficult to manage the dog’s behavior which often involves biting, unexplained aggression, and anxiety.
  • The owner is relocating somewhere where pets are not permitted by the landlord or owner.
  • The owner suddenly passed away and there are no friends or relatives that can look after the dog.
  • The Pitbull developed a serious disease that needs expensive treatment.
  • The owner can’t take care of them due to personal problems, work, and changes in lifestyle.

Because of the stated reasons above, it becomes imperative for future Pitbull owners to think and plan carefully how they are going to support and maintain owning a dog.

How Much Should It Cost to Adopt a Pitbull?

The typical range of a Pitbull rescue’s adoption fee falls anywhere between $100 and $650. If you’re lucky enough, you can even find a rescue that will give them for free given that you pass their requirements.

Compared to breeder prices which are generally $1,000 to $3,500, adopting is much cheaper.

As you can probably guess, there’s a lot that goes into taking in a Pitbull. Most of the dogs that rescue groups take come from near-kill situations.

They might be carrying serious illnesses or trauma from their previous owners.

If the rescued Pitbulls have certain health issues, they need to be treated before they can be put up for adoption. Vet consultation and treatment add up to the cost of bringing these dogs back to their normal selves.

Most rescue organizations cover the following expenses for their saved Pitties:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
Vet Consultation$65 – $170
Spaying/Neutering$50 – $350
Microchipping$20 – $75
Rabies Vaccine$15 – $20
Core Vaccines$75 – $100
Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Prevention$50 – $150
Total$225 – $865

The cost of rescuing a Pitbull is oftentimes more than what the rescue charges. In other cases, surgery is required for those with grave injuries or conditions.

However, some Pitbull rescues can also waive some of these medical expenses if the dogs already have them.

Of course, the volunteers also need to feed and foster the Pitbulls for some time and this also incurs other expenses.

Is It Difficult to Adopt a Pitbull From a Rescue?

Pitbull rescue by the sea

Now that you have a list of Pitbull rescues, finding a Pitbull is just one search away. But don’t be confident about it just yet!

You need a lot more than a phone and internet connection to successfully adopt a Pittie from a rescue since it can be a difficult process.

As you may know, Pitbull rescues require a series of steps that you need to pass in order to get their sweet approval.

If you’re a busy person, you should think twice about pursuing this endeavor because it will take a lot of your time.

You need to prepare for phone interviews and home visits once your initial application gets the green signal.

All of these efforts are necessary so that these precious dogs won’t have to deal with the same trauma they dealt with.

Adopting is not easy but it’s worth every ounce of effort you put in after you see the big smile on your Pitbull’s face.

5 Tips for Getting Approved by a Rescue to Adopt a Pitbull

You’re probably wondering how you can ace your Pitbull adoption. There’s no way you can ensure that you’ll get it the first try but with these tips, you can definitely increase your chances of being approved:

  • Learn all you can about Pitbulls online. A little research about Pitbulls can go a long way. Your case manager will greatly appreciate your effort in gathering facts about the breed. This information can help you during the interview and house visit.
  • Read their policies and prepare their requirements. Every rescue has its own set of adoption policies, guidelines, and requirements. You need to read them carefully to make sure that your qualifications fit perfectly. Do this before you proceed to apply to any Pitbull rescue.
  • Be detailed in your application form. In filling out the application form, do not leave out any important information so that it will be processed faster. For questions that require you to provide reasons for adopting, be very precise and convincing in your answers.
  • Involve your household in the process. Whether you have a family, partner, or roommate, you need to involve them in each step of the adoption. Their approval and support will help a lot during the house visit that the rescue will schedule at some point in the screening procedure.
  • Be curious and ask questions. During the initial interview, make sure to appear genuinely curious by asking questions about the Pitbull you are interested in owning. Volunteers know when you are forcing it so it’s best to sound enthusiastic during your conversation.

After the arduous process, all you need to do is be patient and wait for the results.

It can be nerve-wracking and sometimes the results are not what you expect, but don’t let the rejections dishearten you. You can always try your luck in other rescues.

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Final Thoughts

Pitbulls are generally feared by a lot of people because of their reputation as violent dogs.

However, there is no established evidence to back up this claim and most Pitbulls are actually friendly, affectionate, and loyal companions.

Choosing to adopt a Pitbull is a very noble act that costs you a lot less than buying from a breeder.

Just remember that these dogs are mostly rescued from unwanted situations that caused a great deal of trauma and distress.

With patience, love, and commitment, you can help your Pitbull begin a new life with you. I’m sure you won’t experience any trouble if you embrace all the responsibilities at the beginning of your adoption journey.

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