Gotti Pitbull: Why Is This Dog Becoming a Family Favorite?

A Gotti Pitbull can look very intimidating because of it’s notable physical characteristics, which is why it has gained popularity among Pitbull breeders and enthusiasts.

These dogs seem to draw a lot of attention whenever they are out because of their stockier body and broad heads. If anything, they look like your typical American Pitbull Terrier but on steroids. 

Unfortunately, because of their appearance, they are more likely to be used by criminals and dogfighters. But this perception about the Gotti Pitbull and Pitbulls, in general, is far from the truth.

So, together, let’s find out the real deal about this dog breed.

What Is a Gotti Pitbull?

Gotti Pitbulls are an extension of the American Pit Bull Terriers, so typically, they have the same look and temperament. If you’re well aware and informed about Pitbulls, you would know that they are the most misunderstood dog breeds.

They are feared for being aggressive when, in fact, they are a bunch of loyal and affectionate dogs that always crave for their owner’s approval.

The same can be said with Gotti Pitbulls. They might appear terrifying at first sight, but the truth is, they’re big sweethearts.

They also have the potential to make great family companions if you know how to raise them well. This breed thoroughly enjoys the company of their humans and would take all the love they can get.

Gotti Pitbulls are popular in the United States and have also been favored in other countries like Canada, Japan, and China. But before we dive deeper about this particular breed, let’s find out how the Gotti Pitbull bloodline started.

History of Gotti Pitbulls

The Gotti Pitbull bloodline started in 1997 after Richard Barajas bought a dog named “The Notorious Juan Gotty” from Grey Lines Kennel owner, Tony Moore. Barajas was prompted to buy “Juan Gotty” for $1,300 after his sire “Raider” passed away.

“Juan Gotty” was just seven months old at that time and eventually sired the first pups that would become the start of the Gotti Pitbull bloodline. These dogs were intentionally created to produce unique looking type Pitbulls that could easily be identified from the rest.

Since then, the Gotti Pitbull line has bred about 900 United Kennel Club registered dogs, all traced back from one sire – “Juan Gotty.”

Watch this video to learn more about the history of The Notorious Juan Gotty.

The History of The Notorious Juan Gotty in Under 5 Minutes!!! - Gottiline Pitbull - American Bully

Now that we know more about their history, it’s time to talk about the details that make a Gotti Pitbull. Are they that different from the traditional Pitbull? Do they have a good temperament? How long do they live? These and more, you will find out as you keep reading.

Appearance, Build, and Life Expectancy

While other people can quickly identify if a Pitbull is from the Gottiline, some find it hard. Firstly, Gotti Pitbulls tend to look shorter and stockier than traditional Pitbulls. They also have this “bulldog appearance,” which makes them look more distinct.

Their heads are broad as well as their cheeks. Their necks are well-defined and muscular, and their chest well-sprung. They have round eyes that can be any color except for blue.

Because of their bulky build, they can be very tolerant of physical injuries and carry on as normal. This is why they need regular visits to the veterinary clinic to ensure that they are well despite any gash or wound.

Generally, these Pitbulls live from 10 to 15 years, which is a lot of time in a dog’s calendar.

What to Expect From Gotti Pitbulls?

Some people get Gotti Pitbulls as puppies and eventually use them in dog fights.

While they are fully capable of engaging, it’s not in their nature to initiate an attack. They might seem big and scary, but these dogs are definitely not born aggressive.

Because Gotti Pitbulls are so motivated to please their owners, this is the reason why they can easily be manipulated if the wrong person trains them.

This unfair prejudice of Pitbulls has been going on for many decades, and it’s time to debunk the myths surrounding them.


They love being around their humans. Whether it’s walking in the park, lounging on the couch, or just playing with them in the garden – these dogs will never get enough of family time.

They are so attached to their humans. And, like what was said earlier, they will quickly follow commands because of their eagerness to please.

Family Dog

They are typically good-natured and will interact well with children, other family members, strangers, and other pets. When you shower your Gotti Pitbull with love and affection, they’ll happily reciprocate.

However, if Gotti Pitbulls are left neglected, they can develop separation anxiety, leading to a change in their behavior. These changes can prompt them to urinate in places they shouldn’t or display destructive tendencies.


Similar to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, Gotti Pitbulls are incredibly loyal to their owners.

Once they recognize you as a member of the pack, they will always be devoted to you—another reason why people with bad intentions can easily exploit them.

Gotti Pitbull Health

Just like other dogs, Gotti Pitbulls can face several health problems as they grow older. Some of these illnesses are due to several factors like genetics, lifestyle, and the environment.

If you’re thinking about getting a Gotti Pitbull, it’s best to be well aware of these possible health risks.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a common health defect that might come up as your Gotti Pitbull matures. This breed is prone to obesity if they are not exercised regularly.

They need to remain active to make sure they don’t pack on unnecessary weight and keep their muscles strong.

Additionally, because Gotti’s are already top-heavy, being overweight can add more pressure to their hips and elbows.

Heart Disease

Gotti Pitbulls are prone to congenital heart defects and other irregularities, which is mainly caused by poor diet and lack of exercise.

When diagnosed, some symptoms are just mild and can easily be treated while some require major surgery.


When they start being whiny, destructive towards household items or show signs of aggression, it might be a sign that your Gotti Pitbull has anxiety.

This is common among dogs with poor social and mental state due to lack of attention or proper training. Having anxiety can affect a dog’s emotional and physical health as well as their social skills.

Why Are Gotti PItbulls So Popular?

Gotti Pitbulls are not only popular in America, but they have also gained the attention of breeders and dog enthusiasts in other countries such as Canada, Japan, China, and the Philippines.

They are sold as premium breeds, which somewhat adds to their charisma. Let’s face it. There are a lot of people who like certain breeds because of terms like “premium” and “exclusive.”

However, there are also other people who are looking for dogs whose temperament they can match. This is another reason why Gotti Pitbulls are increasingly popular.

They have a better temperament compared to the regular Pitbull. These dogs love to please their owners and are always seeking approval.

They’re loving, friendly, intelligent, and can be funny sometimes, which is why they are becoming a favorite among families who are looking to add a dog into their homes.

Are Gotti Pitbulls Good Family Pets?

As mentioned previously, Gotti Pitbulls are great with kids, strangers, and other pets. They thrive on the love and affection given to them by humans. So, that’s a quick way to say that they will do well in family settings.

However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t worry at all and act carelessly when it comes to a dog’s interaction with small children and other pets in the house.

If you have little children, they should avoid playing with Gotti Pitbulls. Because they are heavy and big, little children could get hurt. The same goes for smaller pets in the house.

Most people assume that because of their vicious look, these dogs can be lethal and aggressive. But always bear in mind that you should never judge a dog by the way it appears from the outside.

If given enough love, care, and attention, Gotti Pitbulls will turn out to be one of the most loyal and good-natured furry companions for you and your family.

Where to Find Gotti Pitbull Puppies for Sale?

As a general rule, only buy puppies from reputable kennels. This ensures that the puppy you’re getting is of premium quality. Also, make sure that the kennel adheres to the standard of proper breeding.

This also guarantees that the dogs are being taken care of, unlike situations in puppy mills where breeders are only after profit and neglect the dogs’ welfare.

New England Gotti Line

This reputable kennel located in New England breeds American Bullies and American Terriers but is better known for its primary bloodlines: Gotti Line and Razor Edge.

On their website, they assure their customers that their breeding program is done selectively to produce only the best puppies. They also make sure that none of their dogs are sold for illegal purposes.

The NEGL kennel offers to ship to various states in America. They can also ship internationally.

Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls

Since 2004, the Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls have provided quality Pitbulls across America. The kennel wishes to debunk old myths associated with the breed.

They have a BullyCamp in South Carolina, where you can meet some of their friendly Pitbulls. They also take pride in producing only 100% Gotti Line Pitbulls. Their dogs are also UKC and ABKC registered.

Double L Kennels

Double L Kennels is a small kennel located in Kansas. Just as they are picky with the dogs they use for breeding, they are also selective in the houses that their dogs go to.

Some of their dogs have been featured in magazines like Atomic Dogg Magazine and Stackd Up Magazine. Like the other kennels mentioned earlier, they also make sure that none of their dogs or puppies is sold for illegal purposes.

Is a Gotti Pitbull Right for Your Family?

Now that you know more information about Gotti Pitbulls, the question remains, “Should you get one?” It’s probably best to weigh a few things before making a call to a kennel and placing a bid on one of their puppies.

Is your house ready?

Keep in mind that Gotti Pitbulls need ample space for them to play around. They need to be exercised regularly, and if you don’t have enough garden or lawn area, then there’s no place for the dog to remain active.

Do you have children at home?

You have to consider the children’s size and age before bringing in a Gotti Pitbull in your home. Because of their build, they’re not ideal to be around small children that might accidentally get hurt when they start playing.

Ideally, children should already be big enough to play with a dog the size of a Gotti Pitbull.

Are you ready to have a dog?

Getting a dog means that you are fully committing yourself to raise and train it properly. It’s not the same as getting a fish that you don’t have to interact with and only feed twice a day.

It would be best if you’re able to make time for training and exercise. You also need to nurture it with the utmost care and positive reinforcement. More importantly, you need to be financially ready when something terrible happens, and they need emergency care.

Final Thoughts

Making a final choice on what dog breed you want to bring home is not as easy as it seems. But if you have chosen to go for a Gotti Pitbull, bear in mind that the stigma attached to Pitbulls is there.

People will judge because you chose a dog that others see as “dangerous.” Even if you present them with facts, there will still be people who will look at your dog as if they’re wild beasts.

However, if you’re fully set on Gotti PItbulls, the good news is that the myths about them are not valid. They are not vicious. They are not aggressive.

In fact, they are total sweethearts and bred to be the perfect family companion. These are loyal, gentle, and intelligent dogs that thrive on their families’ affection.

In the end, the choice is yours alone and if you decide to get a Gotti Pitbull, make sure that you’re committed and fully ready to shower it with the affection it rightfully deserves.

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