How Fast Can Australian Shepherds Run?

How Fast Can Australian Shepherds Run?

If you are interested in Australian Shepherds, you probably know they love to run. Australian Shepherds are very active dogs and run whenever they can. If you are wondering what exactly are the speeds they can reach, today you will discover.

Australian Shepherds are fast runners. They run faster than the average dog breeds. Although there aren’t precise measurements, Australian Shepherds can generally reach speeds close to 35 mph. There are reports of Australian Shepherds going even faster. Some can even reach over 40 mph.

Knowing how fast an Australian Shepherd can run is essential. If you are planning to get one soon, you need to know what to expect and if he matches your profile. If you already have the dog, it is also quite helpful to know him more.

What Are the Fastest Speeds Australian Shepherds Can Reach?

Australian Shepherds are considered incredibly fast dogs. Many pieces of research include them in the list of the fastest dogs in the world. Australian Shepherds have speeds similar to other breeds, such as:

  • Border Collie
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Whippet
  • Dalmatian
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Vizsla

The maximum speed of an Australian Shepherd varies. Australian Shepherds are not born equal and each dog has its own physical attributes and abilities.

On average, Australian Shepherds can reach speeds up to 34-35 mph. However, there are even higher estimations. There are many reports of Australian Shepherds running faster than 40 mph.

Why Do Australian Shepherds Run So Fast?

Some characteristics explain why Aussies run faster than other dogs. First of all, we need to look at their history. Australian Shepherds were originally bred to be herding dogs. This means they worked a lot on farms.

Herding livestock is an activity that requires incredibly good energy. Dogs that perform this task need to love being outdoors. Also, it is crucial to have a good speed to stay within the animal pack.

These characteristics remained, and until now, Australian Shepherds are known for being energetic and fast friends.

Another feature that helps Aussies reaching high speeds is their body. First of all, they are a medium-sized breed. It is important to have a balanced body size to run fast.

If the dog is too small, he will have difficulties in reaching velocity. On the other hand, big dogs are heavier and less agile.

Australian Shepherds’ legs are perfect as well. Like in human beings, having small legs is a hurdle for fast speeds. Generally, the bigger the legs, the better. Fortunately, Aussies have this feature. This helps a lot in their speed.

Lastly, their body format is vital in this activity, as well. Aussies’ body shape is extremely aerodynamic. Displacing the air to reduce drag is very important to reach high speeds.

Cheetahs are an excellent example of this. Their anatomy is a defining factor that allows them to be among the fastest runners in the world. Aussies’ shape is similar to them.

Can Your Australian Shepherd Run With You?

If you are physically active like your Aussie, you may still ask yourself if he is capable of running as you do. The answer is exciting: yes, he does! 

Your Australian Shepherd is a really active dog. In fact, if you bring him to exercise in the park, it is more likely for you to get exhausted before him.

Taking your Aussie for a walk or running in the park is a dream for him. Actually, he is more interested in this kind of activity than you, no matter how outdoorsy you are.

Your Aussie is a fantastic company for any outdoorsy moment. If you want to play something that requires a lot of running with him, like frisbee throwing, that is perfect as well.

You can also take him on bike rides. Don’t worry about him being tired. Australian Shepherds are capable of going through any endurance situation you can imagine. People bring their Aussies to activities such as hiking, climbing and even adventures around entire continents!

Precautions When Bringing Your Australian Shepherd to Walk

In general, you don’t have to worry too much when taking your Aussie outside to play. He won’t run from you just because he sees a big and free space.

However, you can’t fail to be cautious. Remember, he runs a lot more than you. In case of any disturbance, he can run away, which will be a big problem.

Use a dog harness or lead: If your Aussie isn’t yet fully trained, you need to be able to control him physically. If he spots something that bothers him, he will become unrest and will try to run for it. In these moments, you need to keep him close to you, or it will be a big problem.

Due to that, use a lead or a harness to control him. The second option is the best one. It evenly distributes your force through his body. Leads center the power you apply on his neck, which can harm him if you pull too hard.

However, if the only thing you have available is a lead, go for it. The point is that you should not leave your friend alone. Nevertheless, if your Aussie has a lot of experience and is trained to walk alone, you can let him free. You need to judge what he is capable of.

Train him some basic commands: Basic commands are one of the first things every dog should learn. They are the most comfortable things for them to understand and are also the most useful for you.

Even if you walk your Australian Shepherd with a lead or harness, you definitely don’t want him to do crazy things on your side. To maintain control, you need to say to him to stay calm and behave adequately. To do this, you need to teach him instructions such as “sit,” “stay,” “follow,” and some others.

Actually, the street is one of the best places to practice these commands. At home, he is almost free, since there are no dangers of escaping. In the street, however, you need to keep him tidy and always on your side.

Train your Australian Shepherd’s fitness: That’s more of a tip for running rather than a safety measure. You need to condition your furry friend the first sessions of running with him. Although he is exceptionally sporty, it doesn’t mean he will run many miles the first time around.

The first step should be easy and straightforward. Bring your Aussie to a short and light journey. As time passes, you should increase the distance a bit every time you go out with him. After some months of practice, he will be ready to walk long distances.

What to Do If Your Australian Shepherd Is Destructive Inside Home

Due to their restless spirit, Australian Shepherds can bring their energy inside the home as well. And this can be very bad. If your Aussie runs a lot inside, he can cause a big mess and can even destroy some items. Due to that, you need to take some attitudes to prevent him from creating chaos.

The main reason that makes an Aussie behave like this is the lack of exercise. Physical activity not only keeps your friend in fitness but also mentally healthy. You need to provide him with the right amount of daily activity for him to stay happy.

Having a dog is similar to having a child. If you don’t meet their requirements, they will become sad and make a scandal. With your Aussie, it’s the same story. You need to play with him to maintain him satisfied.

You also have to make sure you are providing him with enough space. Since Australian Shepherds are very playful, they require a functional space. If you live in an apartment, for example, he may not be happy with that. 

Aussies originally lived on farms, with lots of open spaces. Obviously, I assume you don’t have the conditions to live like that. However, if you can, provide him with a reasonable house with a yard to exercise.

My Final Thoughts

Yes, Australian Shepherds are speedy dogs. The outdoorsy spirit is something written in their blood. This characteristic can be great if you are also energetic but may cause problems inside the house as they could accidentally destroy your items and furniture.

Walk him regularly and practice exercises. That’s the opportunity he needs to use his agility. However, be sure always to control the situation. The last thing you want is to see him disturbed and running away from you.

People Also Ask

Can my Australian Shepherd run a marathon with me? 

With training, yes! That is something your Aussie would love to do. However, you should start slowly. Don’t submit him to these activities if he is young. Start with something light and keep practicing over some months. Soon he will be able to go on a journey like this with ease.

Can I use my Australian Shepherd’s agility for anything else? 

Sure, you can enter related competitions, for example. It doesn’t need to be an official or complicated thing. You can start by searching in your local community. If you find any interesting tournament, consider registering him. Both of you will get very happy with the results.

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