How to Get Australian Shepherds to Calm Down?

How to Get Australian Shepherds to Calm Down?

Even though having an active dog is a pleasant situation, energy in excess can be a big problem. Australian Shepherds are one of the most physically active dog breeds.

However, if they exceed the limit too much, you may be dealing with a hyperactive pet. So, how to get Australian Shepherds to Calm Down?

To calm down your Australian Shepherds, first, you need to know why they are so hyper. You will probably need to provide them with tasks and exercises to calm them down. Generally, Australian Shepherds get agitated due to lack of activity. It is a sign that they want to put their energy into action.

Of course, an Australian Shepherd behaving like this is not what you want. So, in this article, I will show you some tips to fix this problem.

Why Do Australian Shepherds Behave Like This?

You may notice your Australian Shepherd can be a bit more unrest than other dogs. Well, you should know this is his natural spirit.

First of all, Australian Shepherds were originally bred to be herding dogs. They have a huge outdoorsy spirit and a lot of vitality. Staying home is a conflicting experience for his wishes. If they are “stuck” for a long period inside your home, he will probably not like it.

Australian Shepherds always want to play or go for a walk. Even in cold conditions, they don’t care. They have thick fur to protect them from low temperatures. There isn’t a bad time for your Australian Shepherds to go outside.

This lack of activity is one of the main reasons for them to stay agitated inside the home. However, they can be trained to be calmer dogs. In the following subtopics, I will show you how you can train them to clam them down by yourself.

Start by Teaching Him Commands

This is an extremely important step before starting it all. Your Aussie needs to understand basic commands. This is the first step for him to understand what you are trying to say.

Commands are a fundamental part of any dog training. The most common ones, like “sit” or “stop” are also the most crucial to train your Aussie to be calmer. You see, “stop” for example, is the command you would use to tell him to stop making a mess!

The good part is that they are easy to teach. The first lessons every dog learns are commands. That shows how simple this task is. In addition to that, Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs and will absorb information faster.

Ignore His Bad Habits

This may sound a bit rude and counter-instinctive, but it’s necessary.

Your dog loves you, and he will do anything to call your attention. In some cases, bad behavior can be one of these methods.

When your Australian Shepherd scratches your furniture, for example, you can get furious and start yelling at him. Even though you are upset, your dog will be happy because he achieved his goal: stay in contact with you.

That’s a really intelligent practice. It works out and you don’t even realize it. The more bad things he does, the more you are going to be next to him.

To avoid that, you should avoid bothering the moments he behaves inappropriately. He will see this doesn’t work anymore and it will reduce his bad habits.

Be an Example to Your Australian Shepherd and Be Regular

Another essential part of dog training is that you need to be an example to your Australian Shepherd. You are basically your dog’s leader. If you are always stressed in your life, your Aussie is likely going to act the same way, which is bad.

Make sure you live how you want your Australian Shepherd to do the same. Try to be relaxed, smile to him and always show him a positive lifestyle. If you do this, he is going to become a calmer pet easier.

Regularity is an important key as well. Make sure you establish a routine for your Aussie. Activities such as playing, eating and walking around the city need to be strictly timed.

If your dog is too messy, his schedule might be too. Organizing his routine will be very useful to try to make him calmer. 

As time passes, he will adapt to this routine. Also, he will replicate it in his behavior as well. That way, he will adapt to a more strict lifestyle. This is a crucial aspect to calm him down.

Exercise and Play With Him

Lack of exercise can be one of the reasons for him to be messy. Being an Australian Shepherd, he needs to put his energy into action. If he doesn’t have a chance, he will get very upset and will start to do this inside your home!

Due to that, never forget to go out with him. Australians Shepherds require a lot of exercise to be happy.

You need to do this task regularly. Your dog will miss this practice even if it is only a day. Also, exercise with him for multiple hours. Even if you think that they have enough exercise, probably it is not. 

Aussies have really long-lasting energy. The good part about the training is that both of you will be entertained. So long hours of this practice per day are incredibly healthy.

A Calm Dog Is Not Determined by Age

This is a common misconception among dog owners.

Many people think dogs calm down when reaching a certain age. This is not true. Obviously, older dogs tend to be less active than younger ones. However, this should not be an excuse for you not to react to your Aussies’ messy attitude.

The biggest fault is not providing enough exercise for him. Be it mental or physical, they need it. Australian Shepherds, especially, need it even more due to their nature.

For comparison, imagine spending several days without any work. Your mind is going to get a bit crazy, at least. To maintain good health, you will probably find something interesting to do. The same thing happens with dogs. When not active, they will create a big mess inside your home.

Dog owners tend to fail in those moments. You need to be an exception! Never let your Aussie constrained and provide him with the best quality of life possible. Don’t expect he will automatically be calmer at an older age.

Accept His Instinct

If, after all this training, your Aussie is still an agitated dog, no problem. He may just be messier than the average. In this case, you need to accept his behavior. Stressing out with him is only going to be harmful to both of you.

Don’t get angry and try to punish him when he does something bad. Instead, use these manners for your benefit.

If you don’t want him to throw your home into disorder, you can keep him outside a bit more. In the yard, an agitated dog will not cause severe damage.

When he starts to run like crazy, think about the good part beyond it. In those situations, he is delighted. Even though you don’t enjoy it as much as him, isn’t it good to know he is having fun? This may be a bit of comfort for you!

My Final Thoughts

I know dealing with an unrest dog is tough. When the situation involves an Australian Shepherd, it can be even more complicated. 

However, you should not panic. This is a situation that can be easily fixed.

The most important lesson is that Aussies are really energetic dogs. Your friend may be requiring more than what you can handle. To start solving the problem, exercise more with him. He needs several daily hours of activity to be happy and to calm down at home.

And don’t forget to exercise every day! This needs to be part of his routine. Other tasks also need to be organized to maintain regularity.

If you follow the steps and do everything right, you will see a massive improvement in your Aussies’ behavior.

People Also Ask

How much time does my Aussie need to calm down?

 It will depend on your dog. Generally, Australian Shepherds don’t need more than a year to become calmer. Your part is crucial in this process. You need to maintain a regular schedule for the process to be successful.

After you see the first results, don’t break the routine. This practice needs to be kept forever. Otherwise, he may turn into a messy dog again.

At what age will my Aussie calm down? 

The average Australian Shepherd doesn’t grow up until he is 2-ish years old. At this age, they start to settle down finally. However, as I mentioned, don’t wait for this time to see results. The key to a calm Aussie is a lot of activity. If your friend is too messy, don’t hesitate to take action.

What are the best exercises to do with my Aussie? 

He loves it when you take him outdoors and do funny things. Go for a walk with him around the city. In the park, play with him. Do activities he likes, such as running, frisbee throwing, hide and seek, among others.


Alex April 27, 2022 - 10:00 pm

Good info, and spot on! I have 2 and have never had a problem with them tearing up the house and they both have high energy that I try to burn off with physical exercise. This means frisbee or fetch with the chuck-it ball thrower every evening. They can go a day or two without the evening frisbee/fetch session but by the 3rd day, their excess energy is so high they are doing zoomies inside the house. Even on the 2nd day, you can see/sense the energy level building up in them. I have also had other Aussie owners ask me about naughty behavior or home destruction and my 1st question to them is how often do they exercise them, and I do not mean a walk around the block, I mean 30min of hard panting-type of exercise. Most will say Ah, Hmmm to which I respond by telling a good place to start would be to find some type of physical exercise outlet for their dog’s high energy done daily. I think some owners got an Aussie because of the dogs stunning good looks not realizing or researching the dogs needs, traits, etc. Some breed info articles on Aussies describe them as needing a job to do to be happy, or they will assign themselves a job (which you might not be happy with like customizing your furniture, lol), without really explaining what they mean by job. Where a job can be any type of physical exercise coupled with mental stimulation such as: herding, fetching, agility course, and running. Thanks for putting up the article. Hope this helps some prospective owners or current owners keep themselves and their Aussies happy and out of a shelter.

Lee gardner June 8, 2022 - 2:55 pm

He knows basic commands and he can really get it, he wants to me everyone and other dogs but gets really excited.


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