Male vs. Female Beagle: Which One Is Better?

Male vs. Female Beagle

Beagle is known as one of the most friendly and easy-going dogs in the hound family. They love to chase and follow their nose. They are born to be a companion and lifelong friend of yours.

Excellent pet indoors and outdoors, great with children, and a tolerant nature are just a few of his qualities. Now the main question is, should you go for male or female Beagle? Which one is better?

In most of the dog breeds, males love to play and enjoy their time with family. However, this is the opposite in Beagle. Male Beagles are generally laid back, and female Beagles are non stop fun. Most of the owners recommend male Beagle because of many reasons, which will layout in this article. Females can be overwhelming sometimes, while males are easier to handle.

Keep in mind that both males and females have their pros and cons. Keep reading to find all the information on male and female Beagle, which might help you to make your decision.

Male vs. Female Beagle Puppy

Well, nobody can indeed tell the difference when your Beagle is only six weeks old. Their personality has not developed yet, and it is far too early to predict if a male or female puppy is the right choice.

The only thing you can notice at this age is the difference in size. Males tend to have more height and weight than a female puppy.

Size and Weight Differences

Beagles are a small-sized dog breed. They make a perfect lap dog; hence they are ideal to be kept in apartments and studios. Male and female Beagles can have their differences when it comes to size and weight.

Like any other breed, male Beagles are going to be taller and heavier than the females of the same breed. 

The difference between male and female Beagles in size and weight is not going to be huge as they are both small dogs. 

6 Months Old Beagle

At this age, you might not feel any difference between male and female height as they both will be around 8 inches tall. Their weight will be slightly different, and a male will have a weight of 13 pounds while on the other hand, the female will weigh around 12 pounds.

12 Months Old Beagle

This is the time when male and female Beagles start to look different in terms of height and weight. At 12 months of age, male Beagle can reach up to a height of 13 inches. While the female can be up to 12 inches tall. 

Their weight at 12 months will be slightly different as well. Males can weigh around 21 pounds, and females can have a weight of 20 pounds.

18 Months Old Beagle

At 18 months, your Beagle is an adult dog, and he might stop growing in size and weight at this stage. Males can have a height up to 15 inches, and females can be around 14 inches tall.

Male and female Beagles will start to look different surely when they are an adult as male will have a weight of around 26 pounds, and female will have a weight of 23 pounds.

It is crucial to remember that this size and weight guide is only for general knowledge and does not guarantee the weight or size. Every dog is different, and a lot comes into factor when they are growing. One thing is for certain that males are always going to be bulkier and taller than females.

Behavioral Differences

Behavior is one of the most important things to consider before you buy a dog. You will be surprised to know that even a male and female dog from the same breed can show different behavior towards people and animals. 

While Beagle is a friendly dog, it still has some differences in temperament and traits when it comes to gender. Most of the people do not take the gender into consideration and look only for the right breed. Narrowing your search to the gender might be more beneficial to you and your family.

Female Beagle

A female Beagle is going to be hyper and greedy. She will not stop begging for attention even after a long session of play. You can spend time with a female beagle one on one for hours, and she will still look for more. This behavior might be too much for the owners who want to have their own time as well.

Female Beagle is always looking for kisses to pamper them. You can say that they want to be entertained rather than entertaining their owner. Females tend to dig more than males when they are in the backyard or outside.

However, all these behavior traits can be changed once your female Beagle is pregnant, and after litter, you will surely notice some significant changes. If you are not planning to breed the Beagle, then expect most of this behavior for most of the time.

Most of the owners have seen changes, and there are some cases when even after pregnancy, a female Beagle’s behavior remains the same.

Male Beagle

There is no doubt that males are fond of attention too, but they have their limits and know when to stop. Once their petting sessions are over, they would be quite happy to spend time on their own.

When you are busy, or after spending time with the male Beagle, he will entertain himself easily. He will not need you round the lock to pamper and play with him.

Males do not have mood swings like female Beagles, so you do not have to worry about males giving you an attitude or refusing to listen to your command. Males will not be in your face all the time, while females will do it consistently.

Most people are worried about the males marking their territory. Guess what, and females do that too. While this unwanted trait can be eliminated by the right training from an early age, you should not think that if it is a male or female, he or she won’t hike her legs.

Remember one crucial thing about the behavior of any dog breed. Their behavior depends highly on the environment and training they get from an early stage.

You can minimize or eliminate any unwanted traits by providing the right training at the right time.  

Hormonal Differences

The hormonal change should be considered by families who are planning to buy a Beagle. 

Female Beagle

Female Beagle is going to be in heat two times per year like any other dog breed. If you are getting a Beagle for breeding purpose, then the female is the obvious choice for you.

Other than that, you should seriously give a thought about getting a male or female because of hormonal change in them.

During the time of heat, a female beagle will have a bloody discharge, and male dogs are going to be attracted to her at this time of the year. The discharge is going to be smelly and messy, so you might want to use a dog’s diaper just to protect your carpet or furniture.

Female beagles should not go for a walk outside, especially when she is in heat. She might attract male dogs, and they can become aggressive in order to mate with her.

Unintended pregnancy should be avoided at this time by keeping your female Beagle in a secure area. Male dogs can jump even a fence to be mate with the female.

A female beagle will show signs of hormone changes as well. You might notice a sudden change in her behavior, and it may seem like she has forgotten all her training when she is in heat.

While these signs are not visible in every female Beagle as every dog has a unique personality. But if it does happen, then it is going to be a little too much to handle for the owner.

Male Beagle

Male beagles do not have seasons where they can sexually active instead. If they are not neutered, they can be active throughout the year.

Once a Beagle reaches to the sexual maturity, he will start to show behavior changes. He might begin to roam around in search of a female or try to mount one if found. 

Neutered male Beagles show these signs as well, but there are not as severe. The instinct of a male dog to mate is quite strong, so you will have to take precautions. You can put your male Beagle on the leash and secured the area where he stays.

Change in Behavior After Beagle Is Spayed or Neutered

You may not know this, but when a dog is spayed or neutered, he shows a surprising change in behavior and sometimes develops undesirable traits.

Here are some of the critical points if you are still unsure whether to neuter or spay your Beagle:

  • Spaying and Neutering make Beagle more affectionate and better companions.
  • Dogs show signs of aggression and change in moods when they have not been spayed or neutered.
  • Many aggression problems can be avoided because of this process.
  • You can avoid many health risks in the Beagle by getting them spayed or neutered.

A female dog can be hard to handle when she is in heat and in the same way, male tend to run towards and gets attracted by a female dog at this time. If you think you can not keep up with this situation twice a year, then think about getting them spayed or neutered.

It is vital to get your Beagle spayed or neutered between 4 to 6 months of age, whether it is male or female. Dogs who go through this process at later stages will still show undesirable behavior.

If you want to consider the cost, then it is good to know that it is more expensive to neuter a male than spaying a female beagle.

Are Male Beagles Harder to Train Than Females?

Male dogs are ahead most of the time in sports as compared to female dogs. But it is not so simple as it sounds. You might want to dig deeper to find out which gender is easier to train. 

Male Beagle might be quicker in learning new techniques and tricks, but a female dog is more focused. Hence it is easier to train a female dog than a male from the same breed.

There is one more reason for easier training of a female beagle is that they are not distracted easily and eager to learn. While the male dog can be distracted more easily and might not focus on the training as they should. 

Female dogs mature far earlier than male dogs. This maturity plays a significant role in training. 

Friendliness With Other Dogs

If you are already a pet owner and have a dog at home, then it does not matter whether you bring a male or female Beagle to your home. There are few things to remember which are above the gender.

If you have an aggressive breed at home, then do not bring another dog to your home. It might be dangerous for the new arrival.

It is proven that the opposite sex of dogs gets along with each other rather than the same-sex of dog breeds. So if you have a male dog at home, bring a female beagle, or if you have a female at home, it would be a good idea to bring a male. 

It is not a bad idea to check whether there is a dog in your neighbor or not. If there is an aggressive dog breed present and you bring in the same-gender dog that they might jump over the fence to get into a fight.

Remember, male fights are usually not that big and might be stopped after some bruises, but females tend to fight more aggressively and go for the kill.

Friendliness With Kids

The good news for your male or female Beagle is that both are highly trustable dogs when it comes to children. They can be even used as a baby sitter, and you do not have to worry. They are very tolerant and can tolerate most of the rough plays children.

Beagles are affectionate and outgoing dogs that are very friendly to kids and babies. This is a perfect dog breed for you if you have children and babies; they can be your kids’ best friends.

Health Issues In Male and Female Beagle

Male Beagles can get testicular cancer, but the process of neuter can prevent this. While the process of spaying kills the chances of mammary cancer in female beagles. 

There are some other diseases that both male and female beagles share, and you should be on the lookout for the symptoms of any health issue. Regular check-up and vaccination can ensure your beagles healthy and lengthy life. 

Both male and female Beagles have a major risk of developing the following diseases:

There are some tests recommended by the vets that should be taken from time to time to diagnose any health issues in an early stage:

  • Eye 
  • Hip 
  • Heart 
  • MRI 
  • Full-body physical examination

Barking Behavior Differences

Unfortunately, this is one drawback you have to deal with if you are getting a male or female beagle. They are loud barkers and might bark at anybody moving outside of your home or anything suspicious to them.

Females and males both have this habit, and it might be possible that some dogs are not that vocal, but generally, this is the case, and you should prepare yourself accordingly. 

Who Is Better for Family?

Close your eyes and pick any of the beagles. It does not matter whether it is male or female. Both are a lovely companion for a family, especially with the children. Their qualities make them a perfect pet for families with children and the elderly.

Independent Nature in Male and Female Beagle

While the independence they get is from their genes, a female can be a little bit more stubborn than the male beagles. It would be highly recommended to train and socialize your dog from an early age, and even then, a female beagle can show signs of independent nature.

A female might want to take charge when the owner is weak. Male can be stubborn too, but they have less tendency to show this trait and are much easier to control and handle than a female beagle.

Remember that both males and females are easily motivated by food, so use this trick to your benefit.

Final Thoughts

You can not ask for a better dog bred than a Beagle, especially when you are looking for a small-sized dog. Their friendly and easy-going nature will win you over, and you will love them like a family member for sure.

You should do your research and look for your self if male or female suits your lifestyle and family. Last but not least, whether you choose male or female, you will not regret it.

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Anthony Root April 20, 2022 - 3:33 am

I agree with you about Beagles being a friendly breed. Our Beagle who crossed the rainbow bridge a month ago at age 15 and 1/2 taught us a lot. When he was a year old, we bought a male Cocker to be a companion for him in hopes of curing his separation anxiety. It worked. The Cocker was his younger brother. Every time the Cocker had eye drainage, the Beagle will lick his face even though the Cocker wasn’t happy about it. The Beagle would put his paw on the Cocker’s rip cage to hold him down so he could clean his face. As the years tick by, the Cocker got used to it and would lay still so Sam could clean his face. I discovered Beagles are pack animals. They like to be around other dogs and their humans. Sam was very sociable. He would walk up to other dogs as long as he thought they were friendly. He was the same with humans. Someday, it is my hope to get another Beagle after our 14 year old Cocker and 11 year old female CockerPoo cross the rainbow bridge.


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