Male vs. Female Bernese Mountain Dog: Which Is Better?

Male vs. Female Bernese Mountain Dog

It is tough not to like Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are highly intelligent, affectionate, gentle, and caring dog breeds. Even though they are large-sized dogs and have plenty of strength, they are good with families and children.

Most of the people ask the same question if they should go for a male or female Bernese Mountain Dog. Well, both dogs have their pros and cons, and you should always make the decision based on the characteristics of the dog rather than gender.

Male Bernese Mountain Dog has the edge over the female. They can be more friendly and laid back. Training is easier for a male than a female because a female can be stubborn at times. Male Bernese dogs will always be looking to please you and make a perfect pet for families. However, early socialization is a must for males and females; male turnouts to be a slightly better option than females.

Male or Female: Does It Even Matter?

Most of the people ask that does it matter whether you get a female or male dog. After all, you have chosen the right breed for your home after doing extensive research, so does it really matter? The answer to this query is not so straight forward, and in two words, we can say “It Depends.”

For example, if you already have a dog at home, then choosing the gender of an incoming dog is quite important. As long as both dogs have been spayed or neutered, you should always go for the opposite gender.

It is a commonly known fact that two males or two females do not get along with each other, especially two females can be so aggressive that they can try to kill each other. There is a high chance of you getting injured when you try to break out a fight.

If you are planning to breed a dog, then, of course, a female Bernese Mountain Dog should be your choice. 

Every Dog Is Unique and Have Individual Personality

Every dog is unique, and you can not just assume one dog’s personality. It is highly possible that a female can be the best dog you could ask for, or a male could be a perfect dog you are looking for. Most of the dog’s nature and behavior is a combination of training and genes from his parents. 

If you are getting a dog from a breeder, then it is highly recommended that you should meet at least one of the puppy’s parents to get an idea about his behavior and traits.

Regardless of gender, a male or female can be aggressive if they are offspring of a fighting dog. Let’s dig in and find out in-depth the difference between a male and female Bernese Mountain Dog.

Size and Weight Differences

Like any other dog breed out there, male Bernese dogs are taller and heavier than females. Although both are quite massive in size, you can still notice the difference when you see a male and female.

Males are muscular and broader while females are thinner in build and structure. Because of their huge size, males and females do not stop growing until they are two years old.

Because of their size, precautions and safety measures are required inside the home, especially when you have young kids and family.

It is quite rare that a male or female Bernese Mount dog uses his strength against anybody. However, they can still hurt small animals or kids by knocking them over unintentionally.

Here we have a height and weight guide for a male and female Bernese Mountain Dog to give you a clue about their size at different stages of life.

6 Months Old

Height14 inches13 inches
Weight40 pounds35 pounds

12 Months Old

Height20 inches16 inches
Weight65 pounds55 pounds

18 Months Old 

Height23 inches20 inches
Weight97 pounds85 pounds

An adult, male Bernese Mountain Dog, can weigh around 120 Pounds while a female can be anywhere about 100 Pounds.

Size and weight guides are only to give you a hint, and it can any dog can be over or under the mentioned size and weight.

Spayed Female Bernese Mountain Dogs

If you are choosing a female Bernese Mountain Dog, then be ready to deal with an attitude problem and mood swings because of her heat twice a year.

A female Bernese Mountain Dog can be too much to handle when she in heat. If you do not want this situation, then getting her spayed at an early age is the best option.

Spaying will make sure that the female will avoid unwanted puppies and pregnancies. When a female dog is in heat, she can be quite aggressive, and the bloody discharge is another mess you have to clean.

She will attract male dogs, and keeping her away should be your priority in this season if she is not spayed.

A female dog does not have menopause, like a human, so they can get pregnant and produce litters all their life. This is not an ideal situation to deal with, and every breeder and vet recommend the same that you should spay your female dog.

Keep in mind that the spaying process is not cheap, and it is more expensive than getting a male neutered. Always calculate these costs before you decide to buy any dog breed. 

Neutered Male Bernese Mountain Dogs

A neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog is an ideal pet if he gets the right amount of training and early socialization. Male dogs of almost all breeds are known to mark their territory and develop the trait of humping. 

Many people believe that neutering a male dog can eliminate this issue. But what they do not know is neutering at the right time is most important, and if you neuter a male when he is an adult, the changes in his behavior will be minimal. 

It has been proven that neutering a male dog helps to reduce the habit of marking, humping, and aggressiveness.

An unaltered dog show signs of aggression and might be attracted to females when they are in heat. A chance of unplanned pregnancy can not be avoided when a dog is unaltered.

Neutering a male dog is cheaper than spaying a female, but it still might cost you a considerable amount depending on the location. 

Behavioral Differences


A young male Bernese Mountain Dog can be compared to a male teenager. They tried to be independent on time and may refuse to do what they are being told. They can be stubborn when they are not in the mood, and training can be a little bit tough when they are not interested. 

However, other than that, a male is quite caring and affectionate. When he is stubborn, you do not need to be harsh with him. A male Bernese Mountain Dog is sensitive despite his huge size. A change in your tone should be enough to keep him straight. 

Aggression towards other animals is another trait of a male Mountain Bernese Dog. But this behavior can be eliminated but providing correct training.

You should introduce your Bernese Mountain Dog to other animals and strangers when he is young. New challenges will make him friendly towards other people.

If you teach your male Bernese Mountain Dog that you are the alpha male and the leader, then it will take help you a lot in the long run. 


If you are concerned after reading the behavior of male Bernese Mountain Dog, then sorry to say it is not going to be a piece of cake with females either. While females can be easier to train than males because they are more mature, they can be highly independent. 

Females have a mind of their own and may become more stubborn than a male Bernese Mountain Dog. There are two times in a year when they get into heat. At this time, training is out of the questions, and she may as well forget what she has been taught already. 

Mood swings are prevalent in every dog breed, so it is the same with Bernese Mountain female as well. Their mood can change immediately, and they might behave in uncertain ways if they have not been spayed. 

While male dogs can show signs of aggression, their signs are only signs. They never go to rip apart another animal. But a Bernese Mountain female can go for the kill, especially when she sees another female from the same breed. 

Whether it is a male or female, the behavior will be highly dependent on the socialization and training you will be provided from an early age.

With the right amount of love and care and focused training, there is nothing you can not teach your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Male or Female: Who is Easier to Train?

It is one of the crucial things when people look for a male or female dog. There is a common understanding that female mature earlier than a male. While to some extent, it is true, but this does not apply to every dog breed. 

Female Bernese Mountain Dog reaches maturity before a male dog does. When a male is still playing and messing around, a female Bernese Mountain Dog is ready for business.

The only thing that stops females in training is their dominance and independence. They are still likely to be trained earlier than a male Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Female dogs are intelligent and smarter than male Bernese Dogs. They know precisely how to do something faster, but they are confused sometimes whether what they are doing is convenient for them or not. 

A male Bernese Mountain Dog might be distracted by so many things when he is getting trained. It is really hard for him to focus on one thing.

Because of his playful nature, he does not take everything seriously, and the most essential thing is maturity, which does not come so early in male Bernese Moutain Dog. 

Male or Female: Who is More Affectionate and Loving?

There is a common saying that a female Bernese Mountain Dog will love you, but a male Bernese Mountain Dog will be in love with you. It can be hard sometimes to understand what it really means, so let us explain it to you.

A male Bernese Mountain Dog is there to please you, and a female Bernese Mountain Dog is there to be pleased. This is the difference between their love and affection.

A male dog will always be with you and crave your attention all the time. A female can have her moods. She might be looking for your attention, but sometimes she will be on her own and would not want to cuddle you as a male dog will do.

A male is naughty while a female dog is a kind of serious. Male will be in your lap despite his size, while a female will not want to be touched at times. She will love her own private space, and most of the time, she does not want somebody to invade it.

Most people have this theory that the female Bernese Mountain Dog is reserved because she is saving all the love and affection for her puppies. But to be honest, it is just a theory, and nobody knows why a female dog behaves this way.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Male or Female Bernese Mountain Dog

There are some key points you should keep in mind before you make your decision about bringing a male or female Mountain Bernese Dog. Who knows, you might want to change your mind after you finish this article.


  • Male Bernese Mountain Dogs do not have seasons. They remain the same all year, and their behavior does not change as often as a female dog.
  • Male Bernese Mountain Dog is more likely to take off after small animals or something else. 
  • Male dogs are quite competitive. They want to be best at what they are doing.
  • Be ready to see some undesired behavior if your dog is unaltered. He might be peeing in places to mark or start humping.
  • Undesired behavior and traits can be controlled by proper training and getting your dog neutered.


  • They are less interested in everything and might be minding their own business. A female Bernese Mountain Dog is less likely to take off.
  • They can be extremely moody when in heat. Spaying female dogs is the best solution to change their behavior and character.
  • Unaltered female Bernese dogs can start breaking things or digging holes. They can be aggressive as well towards other animals and might be ready for a fight.
  • If you have two females at home, then the chances of war are maximum. When in heat, she can turn into a monster and may try to destroy another female dog.

Remember, regardless of the breed and gender, every dog is different and unique. Their personality can be quite different from each other, and only proper training and a healthy environment can make a dog perfect.

Common Health Risks in Bernese Mountain Dog

Due to the considerable size and genes of Bernese Mountain Dogs, both males and females are prone to some health risks. Obesity is one of the common health issues they face in their lifetime.

Mostly it is believed that because of their size, they should be eating more and more. This concept is wrong, and only the recommended quantity of portions should be given to your Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Significant health risks in male and female Bernese Mountain Dogs:

Minor health risks in male and female Bernese Mountain Dogs:

Make sure your dog is provided with all the necessary nutrients and proteins. Regardless of gender required amount of exercise should be given to every dog to ensure its healthy lifestyle. Occasional visits to the vet are the best solution to keep your dog healthy.

Final Thoughts: Who Is Better?

Since there is no scientific evidence or proof whether a male will turn out to be the best or a female, so the decision about gender is subjective.

Many different reasons can have an impact on your decision, such as previous experience with a male or female dog or other people’s pet, you may know. 

Now you are a little bit more informed about a Bernese Mountain female and male so the choice can be a little bit easier to make. However, whatever your decision is, be assured that it will be the best.

Choosing a breed to adapt is the hard part. When the hard part is over, choosing a gender is usually gut feeling, and whatever your heart says, you should go with it without thinking too much about it.

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