Male vs. Female Border Collie: Which Is Better for You?

Male and female Border Collie lying on snow

The Border Collie is one of the world’s most popular canine dogs. They always reproduce excellent offspring, even if they are more likely to work than to flirt, making them even more in demand.

Of course, you are here to discover more about the distinctions between a male and a female Border. Don’t fret though; I will help you see which one best serves your type.

Should you get a male or a female Border Collie? If you would like a rather outdoorsy and welcoming dog, then what you’re searching for would be a male Border Collie. If you wish to have a dog that is more focused on training, more loyal and attentive, then a female Border Collie suits best for your type. 

When you get a new dog, you should take into account the required measures and preparations beforehand, so that you can assess which sex you really need to get. Take priority over your own personal liking and the type of residence you currently live in.

This is not just about the characteristics or sex of a Border Collie that you have to think about. You also need to examine your capabilities in getting a really high-quality dog. Get a female Border Collie if you are serious about focusing on your future pet.

Male Border Collies


Height: 19 – 22 inches (48 – 53 cm)

Weight: 30 – 55 lbs (13 – 25 kg)

Puppy Price: $1,300 – $4,500

Lifespan: 12 – 15 Years

Build: Larger, more muscular body with fringed fur.


  • Affectionate, smart, and energetic.
  • Easier to socialize with people.
  • Loves to please his owner.
  • More aggressive.
  • More attention seeking.
  • Likes being babied.
  • Slightly more food motivated.
  • More playful and energetic throughout life.
  • Reaches physical maturity quicker.
  • Reaches mental maturity slower.
  • Tends to protect a territory or whole family.
  • Clumsy around kids.
  • Clingy most of the time.
  • Tends to be a bit messier.
  • More maintenance required.
  • More likely to bond with all family members.
  • Harder to train him to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • More stubborn.
  • Less suspicious of strangers.
  • Less likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • Easily get distracted and harder to train.
  • Gets along well with female dogs.

Female Border Collies


Height: 18 – 21 inches (46 – 56 cm)

Weight: 30 – 55 lbs (13 – 25 kg)

Puppy Price: $1,500 – $5,000

Lifespan: 12 – 15 Years

Build: Medium-sized with an athletic appearance.


  • Affectionate, smart, and energetic.
  • A bit harder to socialize with people.
  • Slightly less desire to please her owner.
  • Less aggressive.
  • Less attention seeking.
  • More independent.
  • Slightly less food motivated (except when pregnant).
  • Tends to be less playful all the time.
  • Reaches physical maturity slower.
  • Reaches mental maturity quicker.
  • Tends to protect an individual (her owner).
  • More cautious around kids.
  • Respects your time alone.
  • Tends to be cleaner.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Tends to bond with one person in the family.
  • Easier to train her to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • Less stubborn.
  • More suspicious of strangers.
  • More likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • More focused and easier to train.
  • Gets along well with male dogs.

Physical Differences


Male Border Collies can grow from 19 to 22 inches tall and can weigh from 30 to 55 pounds. They seem to be larger than female Borders but this is barely noticeable since both have the same physique.

Males, like female Borders, have muscular bodies and long fur around their chest and side bodies. The color and pattern of their body are the same as their female counterparts.


Female Border Collies can grow from 18 to 22 inches tall, one inch less than their male counterparts. But this measurement will not make them any less of a sturdy dog.

Both male and female Borders look the same and there are no significant differences when it comes to their appearance. Similar to males, female Borders can also weigh from 30 to 55 pounds. When well prepped, both look sleek and confident.

Temperamental Differences


Male Borders are much more committed and dedicated to their owners, particularly during their baby years. You would not have to take a long time to earn their confidence, though.

When you decide to get them and bring them home, they will see you as they recognized you so long ago. Sure, male Borders are gentle and loving almost all of the time, but cuddly males can cause them to become much sloppier than other breeds.

Unlike female Borders, male Borders are happier overall. They do not have that mentality which they prefer to distance themselves from. Male Borders, too, are a little bit or not mindful somehow of your personal space.

To them, the thing that you are struggling with does not really matter. But they can make great therapy dogs. Even when they are incredibly sweet and gentle, they are indeed personally detached.

They are nosy too most of the time because they really wish to get anything they want, whether it be your interest, snacks, or whatever they instantly like to have. Male Borders can move faster when it comes to outdoorsy tasks because they love working hard so much.

All you must do is to give them a wider place to play around. This helps them to get better at their job, and I swear that they will become excellent in field trials afterward. I expect you to note that male Borders are often confused by their belief that training must not be taken seriously. They are less intense and can make you feel discouraged at times.


Female Border Collies are expected to be more responsive and attentive to the happenings around them. Nevertheless, they are also competitive about everything they do and they like to get all that stuff done.

Talking about loyalty, the female tends to develop devotion between its owners somewhat longer. At first, they do not offer their confidence immediately, but it will be a wonderful experience to win their loyalty afterward.

Unlike male Border Collies, which appear to be personally detached, females are highly space conscious. Oftentimes, they are clingy, but they understand when to do or to stop something.

They are polite and courteous to their owners and have high regard for distance. Such aspects make them more appropriate when you really need a non-emotionally dependent companion.

In addition, female Border Collies may also become defensive and grumpy at times. Female Borders can also become unpredictable along with their strong aggression if they are not properly trained. If they feel inferior, and once they are protective, they may indeed become war freaks.

Female Borders have a greater chance of competing for supremacy. When triggered by several other dogs, they utilize their alpha card just to keep proving they are powerful.

Your Border Collie needs your company every day. You should be doing daily activities with your dog. You should realize that your pup or grown-up dog should never be raised in a yard. Upon doing such a thing, you will later understand the importance of a dog-parent relationship and you will never regret doing so.

John Carter –


Your Border Collie is indeed smart and intelligent. They are superb in obedience tasks and household instructions, but these will never be easy in their early years. Both males and females have messy days, they also have bad days, and you will surely have bad-tempered days! But what matters the most is that you have trained them in your most committed self.

You do not need to have a wide yard when you live with them. Border Collies are pretty suitable for small houses, apartments, condominiums, and rental houses.

A wider yard can make you feel exhausted after a long day of training, and you will most likely cage them when you cannot control or play with them anymore. A small place is great for Border Collies because they can walk with you all around the house and you can see them just near you anywhere and anytime.


Border Collies are breeds known for their agility and athletic nature, which are ideal for never-ending training. This also implies that they could be useful in other heavy duties.

Interestingly, due to their muscle strength, males are excellent at field tests and excel in Frisbees if you train them. They are slightly larger and more robust than most females are.  They can also be extremely careful too, like the female Borders when it comes to hunting and police work.

Relative to many other bigger dogs throughout their baby years, male Borders are much tougher to teach. They can get easily overwhelmed because they want to have fun and goof around.

But then again, do not worry because they seem to be more likely to become excellent in all dog tasks once they have mastered their behavior. They like to serve their masters and can do anything you tell them to do during their exercise just for you to commend them.


Perhaps female Border Collies are members of the women’s rights movement that cry out for equality of the sexes and have proved to the world that they can do what males can do just as well. When it comes to training, female Borders have no disparity to male Borders.

They may be sleeker and thinner than male Borders, but females are better at the job too. When we talk about dog tasks, they are much more likely to focus and smarter mostly in training.

Because they reach maturity faster than males, they could be more willing to take responsibility in the field of hunting. They do have extreme restraint which makes them particularly protective of their territory and human kin.

So if you train female dogs for basic cues of obedience, know that they can respond more effectively than male Borders do. They are calculated in all practice sessions but do not have a long attention span since they get easily bored, and they will be more likely to get their own way to the couch where they can lie down all day.

Above all, female Border Collies can guarantee you that you get the right choice. They also can climb highlands with you, swim with you and your family, go on walks, pick up explosives, and so on. They are so flexible due to their high sensibility and intellect.

Health Differences


Well, I want you to know that there is no important connection between the two sexes as to health concerns. Border Collies are particularly energy-disposable pets. Because of their larger body size and physical strength, they are much more likely to pursue routine workouts.

With little to no workouts, it can make your Border Collies distressed and unhealthy. Though there is no proof that sex and health problems can link together, still, some key factors regarding why they are prone to certain diseases are important.

Males tend to do intensive exercise because of their frame and activities, which is why they are often more likely to experience health problems. The bigger bone density of males increases susceptibility to injuries and joint diseases. However, male and female Borders do have the same lifespan, so worry not.


Female Borders are prone to intestinal and digestive problems. Moreover, skin diseases and rashes can be risky for them because they spend too much time outside, and other dogs may also infect them. It can be severe but note that both females are susceptible to these diseases.

Indeed, it is essential to have your male Border Collies’ muscles and joints always scanned. They are also highly susceptible to slight health issues, whatever their sex is. Like female Border Collies, males are susceptible to heart failure too.

Studies have also shown that male Borders are vulnerable to fractures that harm the shoulder joints. That too may be a problem aggravated by the Border Collie’s rapid growth pace.

You can travel easier with females since they are actively sporty but travels like hiking, trekking, climbing, and running so much can also cause accidents that may lead to injuries.

Always keep your dog safe even if they are independent enough to go on outings. Also, give your dog high-quality dog food and milk, strengthen their immunity, and nourish them more daily, regardless of their sex.

With Children


Honestly, male Border Collies seem to be more hyper than female Borders. This hyperactivity could cause injuries and accidents. Though they are known to be humorous, owners should never be apathetic with their children playing with their male Borders.

Generally speaking, male Border Collies are good with children, but there must be clever ways to impose leadership on your children beforehand. You know for an absolute fact dogs can be risky too if they are not well-trained with obedience training and socialization.

Border Collies are awesome to be around with children, both male and female. Male Borders are naturally playful. They can also be friendlier to new people they see, and I think your kids will like this male Borders character.

They will not have to worry about pleasing the dog that they want to play with. They are also gentle towards kids even if they sometimes don’t know what stop means. Sometimes, it is necessary to warn your kids about the maximum amount of playtime that they could tolerate so there will be no further damage.


Just like any other females in your house, sometimes, female Borders are extremely moody and grumpy. They are more likely to distance themselves when they do not feel like socializing. Due to their maternal instinct, they can be protective and more cautious of the tiny kids around them.

They are more careful when they play with kids because they know enough that kids can go beyond extremes and female Borders do not want to exhaust themselves.

Because of their intense focus and desire for space, they will not ask for your kids’ attention more often. They also do not want to be disturbed. You would be glad if they willingly volunteered to play with your kids.

That would mean that they feel comfortable being around those kids. Train your dogs to socialize, but also teach your kids to maintain healthy interactions with your Border Collie.

With Other Dogs


It is necessary for your dog to socialize often outside or inside your residences. Your male Border Collie should be friendly towards any other dogs because that is what they are.

Males are more likely to welcome new dogs in their territories, and even if they are males, they do not utilize their supremacy towards other dogs. They just want to play, hide, run, and climb with other dogs rather than win fights.

They can also be territorial and aggressive though. It is just up to you on how you will potty-train your Border, only if you’d like to get a male. Socializing them with other dogs aside from keeping them in your place is a great way to lessen their possessiveness and envious traits.


Sometimes, because of their intelligence and cleverness, they can get out of your sight when they are off-leashed. So, make sure that you have high fences around you to avoid this from happening.

Because if they are not trained to socialize well, there is a possibility that they will be more likely to fight for dominance and territories will surely happen. On the other hand, female Border Collies can get along with their male counterparts. This means that they like boys more than female dogs.

Female Borders have a better chance of demonstrating superiority over some other breeds. They are believed to be relaxed, although they do not like other people to take in their space.

Please, do not let your female dogs control the roost; they must also know when to obey you. They should not have to engage in brawls because it is pretty hard to hold them back.

Which Is Better for a Family?

This is a difficult problem that needs to be addressed in this article, although both are perfect for family settings. If you have a number of family members who are lively and outdoorsy, then it is about time to get a Border Collie.

If you’re part of that family who enjoys taking care of a dog, then there is really no difficulty selecting which Border fits your home. Below are some of the advantages of male and female Border Collies you need to know if you decide to let them stay around your family.

Advantages of Male Border Collies in a Family Environment:

  • With its tensile purity, children would most probably prefer having male Borders.
  • Fascinated with travel and recreational stuff.
  • Grow stronger and taller.
  • Funny and imaginative.
  • Frequently bonds with family than with people outside the home.
  • Pleasant and entertaining to teach.
  • Less frustrating when neutered.
  • More likely to perform some incredible work on security.

Advantages of Female Border Collies in a Family Environment:

  • Cautious and compassionate with babies.
  • Have a high regard for obedience in a family environment.
  • Fierce, powerful, and very defensive.
  • Inclined to be more protective in public places.
  • Can quickly adapt lessons.
  • Will surely get along with several household male animals.

If they are excellently-bred, you are not going to feel bad about getting a Border. You should and must not forget to instruct them when and how to interact socially with other pets and dogs, particularly to socially interact with random strangers regardless of whatever Border Collie you wish to have. Swear, they can definitely do very well in a home environment if they are well-trained.

Which Is a Better Guard Dog?

Border Collies are fine companion animals, both male and female, respectively. These Border Collies, which fit extremely well in the natural environment, are dependable in guard work, and will probably meet your expectations.

Even if they do not growl quite often, they can do so when they feel threatened. Working out your Borders regularly to enhance their endurance will make them capable guard dogs. Below are the advantages of getting a Border Collie when it comes to safeguarding functions.

Advantages of Male Border Collie Guard Dogs:

  • More alert.
  • Use the alpha card when sensing a threat.
  • Take edge on being strong and muscular.
  • Will only get into conflicts to shield you.

Advantages of Female Border Collie Guard Dogs:

  • Could easily pick up directions.
  • Intensely respectful for those around them.
  • Increasingly barking at strangers.
  • Don’t easily trust persons or animals they don’t know.
  • More vigilant if put in unfamiliar surroundings.

Border Collies can provide better protection when they are adequately trained. You need to be patient enough if you want to concentrate your Borders in guard dog lessons. But not only that, you do need to have enough experience to teach them lessons on protecting their human kin.

This site has all the details you need in case you want to learn more about how to train your dogs. Check them out if you have time!

Border Collies With Cats

Dogs and cats have particular characteristics, yes, but in order for you to choose better and live harmoniously, you have to remember that both have resemblances, but they are clearly different animals.

It is important to take note that in a household where you reside with both, these two animals are unique and therefore serve different purposes. Puppies have larger and heavier body structures whilst kitties have soft and simple bodies.

Male cats seem lighter than male dogs. While domestic cats are also often excited to play, they are much less likely to be messy than the male Borders.

Final Thoughts

You are not going to get a Border Collie just to have a friend or companion or a guard dog. As a fur parent, you will also be taking on a lot of responsibility to handle them well. Either of these two would surely make you a stronger and better human being.

If you choose to get a male Border Collie, ensure that they really do moderate exercises, and then you must also have high gates around your house. When you select a female Border, please ensure too that they are well-trained and socially interactive with other dogs and humans.

I published this article on this site because I care a lot for the whole of you, especially those who are a little less aware of the distinctions between male and female Border Collies.

I hope this article may somehow educate you because that is really my main goal. You may search for articles on this website for you to have a wider variety of breed choices, only if you do have time!


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