Male vs. Female Corgi: Everything You Want to Know

Male vs. Female Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated in Welsh. They are known as Corgi, and it means Dwarf Dog, which describe them correctly. It is a perfect pet for families with children and loves to be in the company of people.

Getting a male or female Corgi can be quite tricky as you may need to understand many things before making a decision. I am going to help you in this article to choose the right gender for your home.

It is quite surprising that even with the smaller size and friendly nature, a Corgi female can be more dominant and independent than a male Corgi. If you are first time owner, then you should get a male Corgi as it will more comfortable for you to handle. Female’s dominant nature can become a hurdle in their training and lifestyle. 

Most people do not know that many Corgis have to be put down because their owners could not control them. It is a shame that dog lovers do not do their research before buying a dog.

Whether it is a male or female, a Corgi is a big dog packed in small size. They were used as herding dogs and are not a type of dog which can be carried in a purse.

There is some individual difference between each dog, and then there are variations between gender. The behavior and nature of the two dogs will not be exactly the same.

Genes of a dog play a significant role in male or female’s life. If you are buying a dog from a breeder, then it is good to ask him which gender is going to be suitable for your home.

Tell the breeder your preference, and he might be able to tell you the best choice you can make.

Keep in mind that a male or female Corgi can have aggressive nature despite training and care. If you notice aggressive behavior in your male or female Corgi, then make sure to take them to the vet or a trainer to correct their behavior. 

Male vs. Female: Size and Weight Differences

Corgi has a longer body, and height is quite small. A male Corgi is bigger in height and size than female, and a female Corgi tends to have a thinner structure, which represents its feminine side.

Both male and female Corgis are relatively smaller sized dogs, so keeping them in an apartment or condos should not be a problem as long as they get their daily amount of exercise.

There is not a big difference between a puppy or an adult Corgi. Their weight could be a big difference, but their height only changes a few inches. Here is detailed info about their height and weight over the different stages of life. 

At 6 months of age, both female and male Corgi has a height of 6 inches. Males weigh around 10 pounds while a female is about 9 pounds heavy.

At 12 months of age, on their first birthday, male and female Corgi both are 9 inches tall. And a male will have a weight of 15 pounds while female Corgi will weigh around 14 pounds.

When a male and female Corgi reaches the age of 18 months, they are about 10 inches tall with a weight of 24 and 23 pounds, respectively.

Spayed Female Corgi

Another advantage of getting a male is that they do not go into heat twice a year like a female Corgi. It is highly recommended that you get your male neutered and female spayed as early as six months of age. Spaying a female cost more than neutering a male, so keep that cost in mind when you are getting one Corgi.

The heating process of a female can last up to 3 weeks, and in this period, use safety pads to avoid a mess. Bloody discharge is quite normal in this period, and if the female is spayed, then you do not have to deal with any of it.

An unaltered female shows signs of aggression, and the most important thing is that she will attract lots of male dogs when she is in heat. It might be useful for you to keep her away from any dog’s reach if she is in heat. Unwanted pregnancies are quite common if your female Corgi is not spayed.

Mood swings are one of the biggest problems with an unaltered female. She can be quite dominant and independent, and you might not be able to tell the difference if she is trained or not as she will throw all the training lessons out of the window.

It can be quite crushing for first-time owners, and they might give up in the middle. That is why spaying at the right age is the best way to avoid any unwanted behavior in a female Corgi. 

Neutered Male Corgi

Male dogs are known for marking their zone by peeing over places. Almost every male dog develops a habit of humping. These two habits nobody wants in their dog.

The smell of pee will ruin your home’s environment, and humping can make you keep your dog at home instead of taking outside.

You can easily reduce or eliminate these habits by getting your male Corgi neutered once you get it done while he around 6 months of age. He is highly unlikely to develop any undesired habit or behavior. Neutered male Corgis are more friendly and have less chance of being aggressive. 

A male Corgi can take off when a female dog is in heat nearby. He will definitely do anything to mate, so you have to make sure that the place you keep your Corgi in is secured, and the chances of him to run off is none.

The most important thing is the age your male of female Corgi is being spayed or neutered. If you get it done after one or two years, then it can be totally useless as the habits would have already developed and there is no way you can reduce it now. 

Male vs. Female Corgi: Behavioral Differences


A male Corgi loves to be in the company of people. He is very social and does not like to be left alone. A male Corgi will be cautious of the strangers but do not rely on it to be the perfect guard dog. Because of his social nature, he might be friendly, even with strangers. 

Male Corgi is good with children and always ready to play. He might be into barking if not appropriately trained. A male Corgi will get along with other animals just fine because of his friendly behavior.

There is a chance of Corgi to become aggressive because of its genes, so be on the lookout if you notice anything unusual, professional training cannot be ruled out in that situation.


A female is more intelligent and smarter than male Corgi. Because of this smartness, she is more like to become an alpha dog within the pack. She has her own ways, and sometimes she can totally refuse to be trained or obey.

Do not be harsh on her when she refuses to train. Consistent and focused training is required to make her the best pet.

Female Corgi is more friendly to children than a male. It could be because of her mother’s instincts. She will be more careful in playing with kids and always care about them.

She is not likely to be around you all the time, seeking attention. She can be on her own and enjoy some private time, unlike a male Corgi.

There is a famous saying that a male Corgi usually asks the owner, what can I do for you? While a female Corgi asks, what can you do for me?

Male vs. Female Corgi: Who Is Easier to Train?

In most of the dog breeds, a female is easier to train, and when it comes to Corgi, this theory still stands. A female Corgi is more focused on training and smarter than a male. Keep in mind that the females reach maturity earlier than a male, so their easy training should not come as a surprise.

However, if the female Corgi is not spayed, then her training will be of no use when she in heat. Sometimes she can be stubborn as well and may refuse to take orders, but this habit can be found in both male and female Corgi.

Consider a male Corgi as a child, he will listen to you, but there are so many things going through his mind that his concentration cannot be in one place.

His childish nature can be a hurdle to train him, but still, people who are going to be owning a pet for the first time then should go for a male Corgi because they are less stubborn and may not refuse to take orders. 

A male Corgi is looking for ways to please you, so if the training is making you happy, he will do it while a female Corgi will be looking to please herself. If she training is what she wants, then okay, otherwise she will move on to something else.

Male vs. Female Corgi: Who Is More Friendly?

A male Corgi might not be a stranger to anyone. He can behave in a way that he has only friends. His friendly nature is one of the biggest positives when you compare him to a female Corgi. He would be willing to love everyone in the family and makes a special bond with each person. 

A female Corgi can be a little bit reserved and might not be so social. She can be cautious of strangers and might keep a distance. A female Corgi is picky and will not socialize with everyone she meets.

This trait can be seen inside the home as well as she might bond with one person more than anybody else. She is friendly with all the family, but the handler will be her favorite.

Male vs. Female Corgi: Who Is More Social?

If you are a person who takes a dog to other people’s houses, then this section is especially for you. When you make a male Corgi to someone’s house, he can start marking the place, so keep that in mind before you decide anything. He can pee in places to remind other pets that it is his territory now.

A female Corgi will be more sophisticated in other people’s houses. She will not pee anywhere else than her usual spot. Suppose if your standing in the rain and waiting for a Corgi to do her business, then a male Corgi will be finished within a minute while a female can take her time to find the right spot.

Both males and females are social, but the ways should be kept in mind in which they behave. A male corgi is more social than a female, but once he is in somebody’s house, his behavior could be devastating for everybody. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Corgi

A few points you should remember before you decide to take a male or female Corgi into your house. Who knows, you might want to change your decision after reading this article.

  • If you have a dog already at home, then always chose the opposite gender to bring at home. Two males do not usually get along in most cases. There are cases where two males are best friends. However, two females generally end up fighting and hurting each other.
  • Keep the area secured and fenced, especially if you are planning to bring a female at home. A female in heat can attract male dogs, and it is common for male dogs to find their ways to be the female to mate.
  • If you are allergic to dogs, then male or female, both will be no good to you when it comes to Corgi. Unfortunately, Corgi is not a hypoallergic dog breed.

Importance of Socialization

Corgi is a breed that is known to develop aggressive behavior. So if you are planning to bring a male or female at home, remember that early socialization is a must to control unwanted traits.

Expose your Corgi to new animals and situations so he or she will learn to accept others from the start.

Remember, once the bad habits develop, it is pretty hard then to control them. So try to control undesired behavior before it becomes a part of your dog’s character.

Common Health Risks in Female and Male Corgi

For most of their life, Corgi is a healthier breed, but like any other breed, they are too prone to some severe health conditions. It does not mean that what I will mention here your Corgi will develop.

The chances can be more but your dog may never have an issue with any health risks. It all depends on your dog’s mental and physical health, diet, and exercise.


Cystinuria is a Corgi health issue that causes extraordinary levels of a protein called cystine to be emitted into the dog’s urine. Stones may build up because of this condition, and it is profoundly painful for your Corgi.

Unfortunately, a male Corgi is likely to be affected by this condition more than a female Corgi.

Reproductive Difficulties

It is evident by the name of the condition that is only going to affect female Corgi. A female Corgi’s pelvis might be too small to pass the offspring head. In this situation, a C-section is required to ensure the safety of the puppy and Corgi. 

If you are going to use your female Corgi for breeding purposes, then you should consult with a vet first to be on the safe side. If your female Corgi has been spayed, then you do not need to worry about this health risk.

Here are some other common health issues that can affect both male and female Corgi:

Keep the note of your dog’s diet and exercise to make sure he or she is living a healthy life. An occasional visit to the vet and some tests can ensure that your dog keeps his health in check. 

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, every dog is unique, and you should make your decision based purely on gender. A female or male can both be the perfect pet for your house.

Always make the choice based on your gut feeling. It is not rocket science, as you have chosen the breed, male and female are not going to be opposite in behavior. A slight difference might be noticeable.

Regardless of the gender, Corgi is a beautiful dog who will fit in any home. With proper training and the right amount of care and love, you can keep this dog like a perfect companion to your self and for your children.


Helen Simmonds March 8, 2022 - 6:39 pm

Thank you, I’m just starting research, but this helped me so much.

Cheri March 21, 2022 - 3:05 am

Thank you. My son had a female that they had to put down 13 years later for loss of back legs and pain. Now he has a male and I wasn’t sure what to get. I have 2 female labradors. One is older. I got her in 2016 and the other in 2019.


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