Male vs. Female Dachshund: Which Is Better?

Male and female Dachshund standing on grass

We know that most dog owners commend Dachshund breed because of its versatility despite its height and size. Both male and female Dachshunds will make you a better owner if you decide to own lots of dogs.

Now, when you think of getting a Dachshund, you have to consider the differences between a male and female Dachshund. If you want to get a new dog, you must take important steps beforehand to determine which sex you want to get. Take priority on your own likes and dislikes and the sort of residence you live in.

Do you want a female or a male Dachshund? If you’d like a rather sleek and engaging dog that’s more amiable and fun-loving, then what you’re searching for is a male Dachshund. If you really want a puppy that is way independent and can be fixated on coaching, you may be more likely to choose a female Dachshund. 

Personally speaking, Dachshunds are the best dogs that I have ever owned. I have learned that it is about more than just the kind or sexuality of a Dachshund that you really have to think about. More so, you have to consider and include the willingness you have to get such a dog.

Male Dachshunds


Height: 8 – 9 inches (20 – 23 cm)

Weight: 16 – 32 lbs (7 – 15 kg)

Puppy Price: $500 – $3,500

Lifespan: 12 – 14 Years

Build: Muscular with stubby legs.


  • Friendly, curious, and spunky.
  • Adequate, stubborn, and quite territorial.
  • Easier to socialize with people.
  • Loves to please his owner.
  • Slightly more food motivated.
  • More aggressive.
  • More attention seeking.
  • Likes being babied.
  • More playful and energetic throughout life.
  • Reaches physical maturity quicker.
  • Reaches mental maturity slower.
  • Tends to protect a territory or whole family.
  • Clingy most of the time.
  • Tends to be a bit messier.
  • More maintenance required.
  • Harder to train him to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • Clumsy around kids.
  • Less suspicious of strangers.
  • Less likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • Easily get distracted and harder to train.
  • More likely to bond with all family members.
  • Gets along well with female dogs.

Female Dachshunds


Height: 8 – 9 inches (20 – 23 cm)

Weight: 16 – 32 lbs (7 – 15 kg)

Puppy Price: $500 – $4,500

Lifespan: 12 – 14 Years

Build: Deeper chest with shorter legs.


  • Friendly, curious, and spunky.
  • More tender, more caring, more enthusiastic.
  • A bit harder to socialize with people.
  • Slightly less desire to please her owner.
  • Slightly less food motivated (except when pregnant).
  • Less aggressive.
  • Less attention seeking.
  • More independent.
  • Tends to be less playful all the time.
  • Reaches physical maturity slower.
  • Reaches mental maturity quicker.
  • Tends to protect an individual (her owner).
  • Respects your time alone.
  • Tends to be cleaner.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Easier to train her to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • More cautious around kids.
  • More suspicious of strangers.
  • More likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • More focused and easier to train.
  • Tends to bond with one person in the family.
  • Gets along well with male dogs.

Physical Differences

I will say it over and over again that dogs of the same breed do not have big differences. They only have small and certain discrepancies when it comes to fur, coating, and perhaps, build.

You have to know that both male and female Dachshunds are very similar-looking. You also just have to find significant differences to be used to identify which is a male or female.


Male Dachshunds can grow from 8 to 9 inches, as we all know that they are breeds with shorter builds. Similar to females, males can also weigh from 16 up to the double size. Male Dachshunds appear to have mellower fur than their female counterparts.

Even though male and female Dachshunds have identical coat patterns and colors, male Dachshunds exceed more in physical charms, either narrow-coated or even if long-haired. If you want a lusher dog to snuggle with, then a male Dachshund is better for your type.


There are no significant differences between both male and female Dachshunds when it comes to their appearance. We can say that females have shorter and narrower coats than male Dachshunds and that doesn’t make them less cuddly.

When we talk about the differences in their height and weight, there is no way that we must compare these two. They have this miniature and standard built, which means to say, you just have to identify whichever your Dachshund belongs to.

Temperamental Differences


Male Dachshunds regard everyone else as companions or buddies.  They seem to be even more cuddly, expressive, and joyful, as others have said. If compared to females, male Dachshunds are less grumpy and are much more loving to their family.

They even admire their family more than their female counterparts, making them more loyal. Through their way of seeing things, they have inculcated that they must dedicate themselves to everyone else, particularly the individuals with whom they grow up.

Males are much more reluctant to ignore other dogs, and this trait makes them appear to become amiable to all. Since all they know is to play for the whole day, this may be the factor why they can be so easily swayed almost all of the time, mostly during training.

They are often swiftly compelled by affirmations and motivational means. You can instruct them mostly by offering food or treats after a task is completed. The other side of this is that male Dachshunds behave like puppies throughout their lives. So, you have to lengthen your patience as much as it is needed.


Unlike male Dachshunds, females are not friendly to everyone. Although they are adequate and independent, this can sometimes trigger their aggression.

When you disturb their space, they can be territorial. Aside from these, they can also dominate other dogs very intensely. They are knowledgeable when it comes to balancing their power.

Yes, female Dachshunds are the type of dogs that you would like to have if you want a fiercer one. They are more confident and persistent than male Dachshunds. They are also smarter and wiser and can be totally clever when it comes to getting their own way.

If you are not affectionate enough towards animals, then a female Dachshund suits you best because they do not demand much of your attention because they also want to have their own space. Lastly, when you train them, they are less likely to be stressed out.

You know how bad separation anxiety is, right? Always prepare your things before you get a Dachshund. Ten days or one week of preparation is enough to get all those necessary things that your Dachshund will probably need. You do not have to get all the toys though; you just have to get the necessary things for his or her comfort.

John Carter –

Preparation is great when you really know that when you have to get your new dog, the dog will indeed be reluctant to leave its littermates and its mother.

Although they are not conscious enough about the things that are going on around them, obviously, they are more likely to become anxious about traveling and moving to a new home with new faces of people. You see, humans are not the only ones experiencing anxiety, dogs are also capable of such emotions.

The dog can be helped by a fluffy robe, curl up hound, crib, relaxing treats, and lots of cuddles and affection or emotional support. Do not wait for them to whine or cry. Just let them be and do not leave them. Know that when they arrive, it means they are adjusting in their environment and they need a little baby-care as they adjust themselves.



At home, teaching your Dachshund is generally similar for both males and females. But honestly, male Dachshunds are quite hard to train. Keeping them concentrated whenever you teach them tricks will become a struggle for you.

They like fun so much to the point that they believe you are merely messing along when in truth, you are already serious about showing those techniques.

You will need a lot more patience when you interact with them because they can be easily swayed. If you choose to coach them, know that one of their drawbacks is their free-spirited character.

Why would they need that much training? They seem almost tiny, but know that male Dachshunds have to be exercised frequently. Apparently, if they are trained well, they will not become unaware of their own instincts. They will become even more controlled than what we have anticipated of them.


As I have said, female Dachshunds are much more intelligent than their male counterparts. They may seem small, but female Dachshunds still need to work out on a regular basis and must excel in training. They are very clever and intelligent, and they love to learn about creating tricks as well.

Truly, they concentrate more on training and lessons as well, and they are less likely to be stressed with all those training. After feeling like they have enough training, they will walk out on their way to the place where they can find peace.

Also, female Dachshunds can become obedient only if they want to. Although they are affectionate and trainable at times, you just can’t control them if they do not feel like training. Do not worry just because they are uncontrollable.

Just note that these females are intelligent and easy to train with obedience tricks and clever exhibitions. You can easily instruct them with things after they have practiced things from your training. No doubt, they are good teachers to other dogs too because of their intelligence.

Health Differences


So far, there seems to be no pretty convincing research correlating health with the sexes as the grounds upon which healthier body condition is based. There have only been ailments that relate separately to their genital areas.

Male Dachshunds are basically inherently healthy– reducing their susceptibility to obesity. Even though they may not be likely to be overweight, they also require constant physical exercise.


Female Dachshunds have a great risk of being pregnant, if not spayed. When they conceive, their nutrients will run out, thus making them feeble. Pregnancy contributes to the deterioration of the muscles and joints.

Girls are more likely to become susceptible to early dental decay and eye problems, so give them a proper diet. You need to be very careful when you supply them with dry food.

With Children


If you have children at home, know that males’ aggressive presence can be either an advantage or a drawback. And though they manage well when raised with children because of their fun-loving nature, when they don’t feel like playing, let them be.

Your kids should be well-aware of how to avoid your male Dachshund from becoming aggressive. This is not only true for female Dachshunds. They can be withdrawn sometimes, and not in the proper disposition to goof around.

Also, they are easy to play with and are less difficult to please. Tell your kids that they must be careful when they like to play around with your male Dachshund.

Extreme plays can easily turn them away and they may not quit playing with your children. Male Dachshunds typically grow more into becoming great friends with the people around them in a short period of time.


If your child wants a cute little female Dachshund, oversee her anticipations. These female Dachshunds are not adorable and affectionate in any way; they can also be headstrong and difficult to impress.

Most of the time, they are shy and introverted, and you will more likely feel the toughness when you interact with them as much as you would like to. Female Dachshunds are typically picky, may it be humans or food, so teach your children to be careful in feeding those treats, and be reminded to give them food only when they want to.

They do not like it when your children hold them. Your children may believe it’s alright to kiss and cuddle the female Dachshund; however, it is not. These females just need some space of their own.

If you annoy or compel them to engage with you, they are more likely to become aggressive. Though they also prefer having fun, it is indeed time for them to get isolated and seek their own harmony after starting to feel that they have quite enough opportunity to enjoy their playtime.

With Other Dogs


For owners of dogs, having several dogs of different sexes is something preferable for stable equilibrium. If you already have a male dog, I suggest you get a female Dachshund. If you already have a female dog in your home, then now is the time to get a male Dachshund.

Ensure to put a note on the age, it is recommended to have a two-year gap between the dog that you already have and the dog that you choose to get. Meaning to say, your first dog must be two years older than your Dachshund.

Whenever they see other dogs, male Dachshunds generally do not lash out. They are friendly and pleasant to many other dogs which makes them perfect for social activities. In their domains, they will normally allow other animals since they think it will be a good chance to play and run. Unlike female Dachshunds, males have no superiority problems.


Humans do fully understand that female Dachshunds are protective and self-reliant. Sometimes, they are bitchy when you start paying more attention to certain other animals than you do to them.

It is worth noting that female Dachshunds can be a little territorial toward any animals that come near you. They can be jealous at times and they are less likely to become friendly with others. The only way you must avoid this would be to socially interact with them more frequently in their younger months.

Most definitely, female Dachshunds hold the balance of power. They often like to be dominant, yet they still see you as the pack’s leader. They merely do not like it when other dogs display alpha traits toward them.

Besides that, as they become combative, it is unnecessary to push these female Dachshunds to start behaving and stay calm. However, female Dachshunds are best suited for any first-time owner.

Which Is Better for a Family?

Seriously, when it comes to family environments, there is no need to differentiate the two sexes. These Dachshunds are companion pets that make them ideal for households of any sort. You can reside with them in condos, apartment complexes, dorm rooms, etc. since they are small.

If you have a yard, then running and playing around is so much better for them. You don’t have to think more about the size of your house since it is tiny enough just to stay wherever you would like it to.

Advantages of Male Dachshunds in a Family Environment:

  • Love to be playing with children the whole day.
  • Ideal option for extroverted and adventurous families.
  • Equally associate with people within the family.
  • Pleasant enough to cuddle.
  • See you as the leader or the dominating one.
  • More easily adjustable in new surroundings.
  • Could become a confidence booster.

Advantages of Female Dachshunds in a Family Environment:

  • Probably hates clutter and grit.
  • Ignore game times when they do not feel like playing around.
  • Often cuddly, sometimes not.
  • Fiercer and much more cautious toward people they love.
  • Do not easily confide with outsiders.
  • Really respectful to everyone around them.
  • Less discipline-stricken and instructive.
  • Can be easier to get along well with when surrounded with dogs of the opposite sex.

A little insight that I would like to tell you, if you’ve got a larger and closer family, you should get a male Dachshund. They are great for humans and animals because in that case, they enjoy even more publicity.

Suppose you live alone or even just living with a companion in a tiny house. In that case, a female Dachshund is best suited to that kind of environment. Female Dachshunds would indeed be content to live in a calm and peaceful place where they can really have space for themselves.

Which Is a Better Guard Dog?

We need to evaluate the various characteristics of a male and female Dachshund to address that problem. If you would like to have a direct answer, then I am going to tell you that neither of them would become best guard dogs, and since they are regarded as companion dogs, they are not ideal with that kind of task. They could only seem to be charismatic but they do not match up for hard responsibilities.

Here are a few attributes of male and female Dachshunds as guard dogs that you need to know about.

Advantages of Male Dachshund Guard Dogs:

  • Easy to spot strange people around.
  • Unfriendly to those they do not like.
  • Will probably bark at people who will attempt to touch you.
  • More likely to use the alpha card when trouble is assumed.
  • Will be much more likely to go along with you.

Advantages of Female Dachshund Guard Dogs:

  • Have a keen sense of consciousness.
  • Territorial and protective most of the time.
  • Do not trust other people and pets that quickly.
  • Make an awesome watchdog.
  • More likely to be cautious and prepared.

If you want to train your Dachshunds to become excellent gatekeepers, there are several other posts on this site that you can check. I provide insightful and beneficial articles that will undoubtedly make your Dachshunds happier than they would otherwise be.

Dachshunds With Cats

Owning both cats and dogs in your household must not become a predicament. However, when you decide to go get a Dachshund, remember that these two vary considerably at a certain level. In certain situations, cats get along well with male Dachshunds.

Even so, there seem to be moments when they do not get along at all, due to diverse characteristics. Dachshunds can often be as gentle and loving as cats, but they too can be as unapproachable as them.

The same with female cats, female Dachshunds try to seek their own space in a household. They appear to become more discreet, more selective and they often shed a lot of coats.

Unlike female cats, female Dachshunds want to have self-control, causing them to become quite grumpy than female cats. Male Dachshunds and male cats, on the other hand, are both engaged and fun-loving, both wanting to live together peacefully.

Note, while both seem to get along well with each other, your last step will be like this: find a suitable pen or area for one of them because then, it will be easier to hold them apart.

Final Thoughts

I aim to publish this blog in the intention that doing so will help you determine which gender of Dachshund fits ideally for you, as well as your circumstances.

Also, keeping the details you have acquired from here will be advantageous whenever you wish to get a Dachshund. So, do not hesitate to follow all the suggestions I have written here. You are the one who will pick for your own happiness and fulfillment and I’m only here to help.

I have previously informed you that if you’d like a low-maintenance Dachshund who can always interact with you, you can get a male Dachshund. You will never miss the entertainment this male Dachshund give to your family.

You may want to get a female Dachshund if you’ve got a limited environment if you only prefer to purr her at times and if you just want to live in silence and peace, just like what a female Dachshund wants.

Dogs shouldn’t get you upset; they must leave you feeling nice, conversely. If you are still not prepared to buy a Dachshund, always consider taking your moment to reflect on which of these two suits your type strongest.

The dog community has given you a lot of options for any breed you choose to get, fortunately, with wider varieties. For even more detailed information on certain breeds of dogs, please browse this site. It is all about your preference. Have fun choosing!

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