Male vs. Female Pomeranian: How Are They Different?

Male and female Pomeranian in summer

Can we all agree that Pomeranian dogs are one of the best breeds in the canine world? They make a great litter and produce the best family pets.

Both male and female Pomeranians can make you feel magic in the air. The first thing you need to do is to study their differences. You might regret it if you have not done it before you get a Pomeranian.

Do you want a female or a male Pomeranian? If you’re going to own a Pomeranian that is less needy, independent, and way smarter than the other dogs, a female suits you best. If you want a fun-loving, playful companion, and amusing to play with, perhaps a male Pomeranian is what you need. 

This article will help you decide which Pomeranian would suit you best by giving specifics on the distinctions between male and female Pomeranians. More so than any other dog, anyone thinking of having a Pomeranian has a lot to focus on.

So now, let’s delve into information on the variations between the two sexes of the Pomeranian.

Male Pomeranians


Height: 7 – 12 inches (18 – 31 cm)

Weight: 3 – 7 lbs (1.4 – 3.2 kg)

Puppy Price: $500 – $4,500

Lifespan: 12 – 16 Years

Build: Slightly larger built with more muscle mass.


  • Inquisitive, bold, and lively.
  • Loves to please his owner.
  • Slightly more food motivated.
  • Likes being babied.
  • More playful and energetic throughout life.
  • More aggressive.
  • Reaches physical maturity quicker.
  • Reaches mental maturity slower.
  • Tends to protect a territory or whole family.
  • More attention seeking.
  • Clingy most of the time.
  • Tends to be a bit messier.
  • Easily get distracted and harder to train.
  • Harder to train him to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • Gets along well with female dogs.
  • Clumsy around kids.
  • Less likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • Less suspicious of strangers.
  • More likely to bond with all family members.
  • Easier to socialize with people.
  • More maintenance required.

Female Pomeranians


Height: 7 – 12 inches (18 – 31 cm)

Weight: 3 – 7 lbs (1.4 – 3.2 kg)

Puppy Price: $5,00 – $4,500

Lifespan: 12 – 16 Years

Build: Slightly smaller built with less muscle mass.


  • Inquisitive, bold, and lively.
  • Slightly less desire to please her owner.
  • Slightly less food motivated (except when pregnant).
  • More independent.
  • Tends to be less playful all the time.
  • Less aggressive.
  • Reaches physical maturity slower.
  • Reaches mental maturity quicker.
  • Tends to protect an individual (her owner).
  • Less attention seeking.
  • Respects your time alone.
  • Tends to be cleaner.
  • More focused and easier to train.
  • Easier to train her to walk off leash and stay close to you.
  • Gets along well with male dogs.
  • More cautious around kids.
  • More likely to get along with other dogs or animals.
  • More suspicious of strangers.
  • Tends to bond with one person in the family.
  • A bit harder to socialize with people.
  • Less maintenance required.

Physical Differences

At first sight, male Pomeranians may have a similar appearance to female Poms. Honestly, there are only a few distinctions between both sexes when it comes to physical appearance.

Both are small in stature and have foxy-like faces. They both have sparkling, deep almond-like eyes and erect ears. All this is what makes it both very difficult to identify whether it is male or female.


Male Pomeranians can grow to be at least 7 to 12 inches tall and can weigh 3 to 7 pounds. They are that tiny compared to other breeds like Doberman, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, and any other sturdy-looking dogs.

Although small, male Poms also seem to look compact and strong. Male Pomeranians do not have much difference compared to their female counterparts.


Female Pomeranians can grow from 7 to 12 inches taller, just like male Poms. They weigh 3 to 7 pounds, but other Pom owners say that they can only weigh up to 6 pounds.

Unlike males, female Pomeranians seem to weigh lighter. Similar to male Pomeranians, females are also compact and sturdy-looking and have upright ears.

Temperamental Differences


Male Pomeranians, as many have said, tend to be more affectionate, playful, and exuberant. They treat everyone around them as playmates or friends. Compared to female Pomeranians, male Poms are less moody and more compassionate towards their owners.

They are also more respectful to their human family, making them more obedient than their female counterparts. It is instilled in their way of thinking that they must devote themselves to people, especially to the people whom they grew up with.

On the other hand, male Poms are more inclined to accept other animals, making them look like everyone is their friend. This is also the reason why they can be so easily distracted most of the time because all they think about is to play all day long.

They are also quickly motivated by signal and verbal encouragement, most especially by giving them treats after finishing a task. Take note; male Poms are more likely to behave like puppies throughout their lives.


You have to stop believing in myths about female Pomeranians that say they are affectionate and gentle towards their kin. Most of the time, they are not. You have to be aware that female Pomeranians are territorial, independent, and intransigent.

They are independent oftentimes to the point that they are close to being stubborn. They are the ones controlling the roost, and it’s none of your business.

Female Poms know how to balance their alpha games. They can be very dominant and resourceful to obtain the thing that they want to have in their own ways. Given the fact that they are most likely to come for attention, this attitude is not always present in their nature.

When they have already felt enough attention, they are most likely to stop and find solitude anywhere in your house to avoid you. They usually have control over their members of the family.

How do you know if a Pomeranian is happy to live with you? Here is the tip: Always initiate contact in the eye and they will get used to making eye contact with you. You will see the significance after trying many times. If not, then there is a problem with how you treat them.

John Carter –

If a Pomeranian is glad to feel your presence, they will be more likely to come right in with you, without you asking them to do so. You will also know if they are delighted to see you.

They mostly jump right in front of you after hours of not seeing you. A Pomeranian is happy when you are also happy, so if you are feeling stressed, they will also feel the same way.

You will know that they are happy when they snuggle your things. Soft things like pillows, blankets, towels, and plush that belong to you will make them happy. They know that you own them, and they want to play with those to feel what it feels like to have one.

Also, if they pay attention and react to everything you communicate, then they are obviously happy. Most importantly, they are happy by simply showing you how gentle they are to you, and how badly they want to pursue your attention.



Training your Pomeranian at home is basically the same for a male and female Pom. But in the case of male Pomeranians, they are more difficult to train. It will be a challenge for you to keep them focused every time you train them. They love fun so much that they think you are just playing around when in fact, you are already serious in teaching those tricks.

They can be easily distracted, so you will need a lot of patience when you deal with them. Their carefree personality is one of their disadvantages when you decide to train them.

Do Pomeranians really need training? They may seem small, but Pomeranians, especially males, need to be trained regularly. Through this, they will not become ignorant of their own senses and they will become more disciplined than what we have expected of them.


Female Pomeranians are way smarter than their male counterparts. Female Pomeranians, though small, always need daily exercise and prosper in training. They are really smart and enjoy learning and doing tricks. They focus well and less overwhelmed in training. Female Poms are too good to be true for small training, aye?

Given a slight independent streak, female Poms perform well in obedience exhibitions. As they get older, they are more likely to be lap dogs. But remember, they are holding their power very well.

They can dominate you and you can do nothing about it when you ask them to behave. An untrained or ill-trained Pomeranian girl can get straight to an object in your house quite as easily and pee at it.

Health Differences


There are no legit studies so far that correlate health and the sexes as the basis on which has a better body condition. There are only diseases that link to their genital organs respectively. Male Pomeranians are naturally active, making them less prone to obesity.

Even if they are not likely to be prone to obesity, they still need regular daily exercise. These exercises should not exhaust the hell out of them; they should be minimal since they are tiny dogs to begin with.

Their lightweight build can harm them too. It could be the reason why they experience misalignment and malnutrition. You have to keep them fit and well-trimmed to avoid such health problems. Nevertheless, their activeness makes them sturdier.


Female Pomeranians, if not spayed, have a higher chance of getting pregnant. Pregnancy results in the weakening of the muscles and bones. Females are more likely to be prone to early tooth loss and eye cataracts. You have to be extra mindful of providing them dry food.

Usually, female Poms that are not yet spayed get a puffy vest shedding a few months after a season. Be ready for far more grooming to extract fur as it sheds throughout this time span.

After spraying, female Pomeranians are more likely to encounter mammary glands and cancers in the uterus. Do not worry; they have the same lifespan as male Pomeranians.

With Children


The active nature of male Pomeranians can be both an advantage and a disadvantage when you have kids at your home. Although they manage just fine when raised with kids, they must not trigger these male Poms when they do not feel like playing.

Otherwise, they may be reserved and not in the mood. They like to play with kids, yes, because all they want is to have all the time playing and tripping around.

Male Poms are easy to play with and they are not hard to please. Children must take caution whenever they play with male Pomeranians. They can be easily carried away by hyper activities and might not stop playing with kids.

Male Pomeranians usually develop in a short span of time into becoming best buddies. It is necessary to tell young kids that these tiny Poms may not be quite as strong as large breeds, and that should be monitored.


If your kid wishes to have a sweet little Pomeranian girl, manage her expectations. These female Pomeranians are not at all sweet and loving; they can be aloof and tough to please.

They are quiet and reserved most of the time, making it more difficult to play with them whenever you want to. Female Poms are usually picky eaters, so tell your kids to feed them treats only if they crave it.

They also do not want to be held. Your kids may think that it is okay for Pomeranians to be snuggled, but it is not. Female Poms want their own space.

They become aggressive if you disturb or force them to interact with you. Although they also like to have fun after feeling like they have enough playtime, it is time for them to become distant and find their own peace.

With Other Dogs


It is somehow advisable for dog parents to have few dogs with different genders for a balanced harmony. If you already have a male dog breed, I suggest you get a female Pomeranian. If you already have a female breed dog in your home, then this is your time to get a male Pom.

Remember when you have one, take note of the two-year gap between the dogs that you want to have. Your senior dog should be at least two years older than the Pom that you would like to get.

Male Poms do not usually freak out whenever they see other dogs. They are friendly and amicable towards other animals, making them ideal for socializing. They would usually welcome other dogs in their territories because they would think it is high time to play.

Male Poms do not have any dominance issues, unlike female Poms. They are most likely to invite other dogs from the neighborhood and you will find yourself scratching your own head.


We all know that female Pomeranians are territorial and independent. They are feisty at times when you pay more attention to other dogs than them. You should be reminded that female Poms are a little bit jealous of any animals coming near you.

The only thing that you have to do to avoid this is to socialize with them more often in their early years. Although they are jealous of dogs, they do not always like to befriend other dogs.

Female Pomeranians are most likely to hold the power balance. They want to be superior at times but they always see you as the leader of the pack. They just do not like it when other dogs are showing them alpha tendencies.

Moreover, you do not have to force these female Pomeranians to behave and calm down when they become aggressive. Nevertheless, female Pomeranians are the best fit for first-time owners.

Which Is Better for a Family?

Really, there is no need to compare these two sexes when it comes to family settings. These Pomeranians are toy dogs, which makes them suitable for any type of household. Because they are tiny, they can live in apartments, condominiums, dormitories, etc.

If you have a lawn, then it is much better for them to run and play around. You do not have to worry about your place’s size because they are small enough to live anywhere you want them to live.

Advantages of Male Pomeranians in a Family Environment:

  • Love to play with kids all throughout the day.
  • Best fit for adventurous and outgoing families.
  • Bond fairly to anyone in the family.
  • Fun to snuggle with.
  • Treat you as the leader of the pack.
  • Easier to adjust to a new environment.
  • Can become a stress reliever.

Advantages of Female Pomeranians in a Family Environment:

  • Dislikes dirt and messiness.
  • Avoid playtime when they do not feel like it.
  • Affectionate at times but not always.
  • Fiercer and more protective of their family.
  • Do not easily trust strangers.
  • Very loyal to the people around them.
  • Less tough to discipline and instruct.
  • Easier to get along with the opposite sex.

Just a little advice, if you have a bigger and extended family, then you can get a male Pomeranian. They are good with people and other animals. They love attention so much, though.

If you are living alone or just living in a city apartment with a partner, a female Pomeranian is suitable for that kind of setting. Female Poms would be happy to live in a quiet and serene place where they can have their space.

Which Is a Better Guard Dog?

To answer this question, we have to dissect the different traits of male and female Pomeranians. If you want a straightforward answer, then I am telling you that none of them can become better guard dogs, and they are not suitable for that kind of work because they are classified as toy dogs.

They can only be charming in your eyes but not fit for heavy duties. If you really want them to be both pets and guard dogs, why not? Below are the advantages of male and female Pomeranians when it comes to being guard dogs.

Advantages of Male Pomeranian Guard Dogs:

  • Easy for them to identify strangers.
  • Not amiable to people they do not like.
  • More likely to growl at people who will take advantage of you.
  • Use the alpha card when they sense trouble.
  • More likely to go out with you.

Advantages of Female Pomeranian Guard Dogs:

  • Have a high sense of awareness.
  • Protective and territorial.
  • Do not easily trust other people or animals.
  • Make a great watchdog.
  • Composed yet still vigilant.

If you want to train your Pomeranians to become excellent watchdogs, you can scan for many other articles on this site. I provide you with informative and helpful articles that will surely make your Pomeranians become better pets than they ought to be.

Pomeranians With Cats

Some of you have cats in your home and when you decide to get a Pomeranian, always remember that these two differ at some point. In most instances, Pomeranians get on well with cats.

However, because of their different temperaments, there are times where they don’t. Sometimes, Pomeranians can be as affectionate as cats but also, they can be as aloof as them.

Just like female cats, female Pomeranians have the tendency to find their own space in their homes. They tend to be more reserved, picky, and shed a lot of furs too. Unlike female cats, female Pomeranians like to control themselves, making them more feisty than female cats.

On the other hand, male Pomeranians and male cats are both active and fun-loving, making them more likely to get along with each other. Remember, although both can get along well together, your last resort should be like this: keep both apart and find one of them a nice cage or space.

Final Thoughts

I intend to write this article in hopes that this will help you decide whichever Pomeranian best suits you and for your environment.

Always carry the information when you decide to purchase a Pomeranian, and do not forget to apply all the necessary advice that I have written here. You are the one who will choose for your own good and for your own happiness. I am just here to guide.

Going back, I already told you that if you want a Pomeranian who is low-maintenance, energetic, and can always vibe with you, get a male Pomeranian. You will never regret the fun that they bring to your home and to your kids.

If you also have a minimal lifestyle, need to purr sometimes, and want peace and quiet living, maybe you want to get a female Pomeranian. This tiny pet is not for all types of dog works. Just look upon them and you will realize that you get them because they make your life more meaningful and less stressful.

Pets should not make you feel disturbed, they should make you feel warm, and vice versa. If you are not yet ready to get a Pomeranian, just take all your time to ponder which of these two best match your likings.

For wider and broader options, the canine world has offered you a lot of choices to whichever breed you would like to get. You can visit this site for more information and details of other dog breeds. The choice is all yours.

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