Male vs. Female Shiba Inu: Which One Is Better?

Male vs. Female Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is among the oldest dog breeds in Asia. They are very bold, intelligent, and, most of the time, have an independent nature.

One thing that stands them out from other dog breed is that they are neat & tidy and avoids to get dirty at all.

So which one is better between males and females? Let’s find out in this article who is better and why.

If you are a first-time owner, then a male Shiba Inu is your best bet. If you are experienced in keeping a dog, then you can go for a female, but even then, a male Shiba Inu will be a more suitable choice. Male Shiba Inu is more playful and outgoing, even with other animals. Females have their minds and are very choosy with whom they will play or interact.

Females tend to be very moody and independent. You can call them a spoiled princess as they will show all the traits of it.

Of course, every dog has its personality and behavior, and there is an exception in many cases. Keep reading this article who knows you might change your mind about getting a female or male.

Size Differences

You can not get a more compact dog than a Shiba Inu. Their head is proportional to their body, and they have a soft and fluffy double coat.

You will not find a big difference between male and female Shiba Inu until they are one year old. In the first year, their height and weight remain almost the same. 

6 Months Old

At six months old, male and female Shiba Inu is nearly the same size and height. They both can weigh around 12 pounds, and their height will be approximately 8 inches. 

12 Months Old

Now they are one year old and surprisingly male, and females have the same height and weight still. Male and female will both have a height of 13 inches, and their weight could be anywhere around 16 pounds.

18 Months Old

At 18 months old, Shiba Inu is an adult dog, and now the difference between males and females is visible. Their weight will be much different, and you can notice the change in height as well.

Male Shiba Inus can reach a height of up to 15 inches, and females can be 14 inches tall. Male Shiba Inu is a bit heavier and can weigh 23 pounds while a female can be around 17 pounds.

Although Shiba Inu is a small dog, you should always consider the height and weight of a breed when you are thinking of bringing them to your home.

Like any other breeds, male Shiba Inu is heavier and taller than females, and if you are short of space, then you have to think about this.

Difference Between Intact and Neutered or Spayed Shiba Inu

Like any other dog breeds, Shiba Inu can have a considerable impact on their personalities by getting neutered or spayed. The dominant nature can be easily seen in intact male Shiba Inu.

They are more likely to get into the habit of humping and lifting a leg to mark the territory. These behaviors can be reduced once your male Shiba Inu is neutered.

The same goes for female Shiba Inu, spaying a female can change her nature and behavior easily. Aggression can be reduced, and you will not have to deal with bloody discharge once they are spayed.

When a female Shiba Inu is in heat, she can be a handful. She will behave like she never got trained, and her mood swings can drive you crazy. At the same time, male dogs will be attracted to her and would look for any chance to mate.

So be careful at this time as unwanted pregnancy is on the verge if your female is not spayed.

Who Is More Friendly?

It is proven that a female Shiba Inu is more distant, especially with strangers than a male Shiba Inu. You can put it this way as well that a female Shiba Inu is more cautious than a male. Now it is your decision if you want to take this as a compliment towards females or not. 

If you train and socialize your male Shiba Inu, he will be more friendly and playful to the family than a female.

If the training goes wrong or without training, a male Shiba Inu can be very aggressive and can have dominance in nature. Whether it is a male or female, training is a must and should be done correctly.

Who Is More Active?

Nobody knows exactly why and what factors come into the fact that male Shiba Inu is more active than a female. They are more lively and loves to play and have a good time with the owner. 

Keep in mind that if compare to other dog breeds, Shiba Inu is a far less active and playful breed. But when we distinguish between female and male Shiba Inu, a male will be more suitable to you if you have an active and healthy lifestyle.

This more activeness has a drawback. It means a male Shiba Inu can be more destructive and might chew on everything in the house. This small Shiba Inu will not hesitate to put anything in his mouth.

To eliminate this habit, provide plenty of toys to your Shiba Inu and make sure to teach what is right to put in the mouth and what is not. Proper training from an early age can eliminate almost every bad behavior. 

If you are not that active and loves to enjoy a good amount of sitting, then female Shiba Inu is a more obvious choice for you.

She will not be begging you to play with her, and she will enjoy her own space. A female Shiba Inu is more mallow and probably a couch potato.

Who Is Cleaner?

If you are a clean freak and love a tidy place around you, then Shiba Inu is the right dog breed for you. But let’s look into details and find who is cleaner between males and females Shiba Inu.

Female Shiba Inu is known to be cleaner than males. It is easier to keep female Shiba Inu clean than a male. Most of the time, a female will go out of the way to keep herself clean.

She will try her best to avoid any muddy surfaces or puddles in the way. Getting dirty is on her list, and you can call her a clean freak because of the amount of time she put in to take care of herself.

A male Shiba Inu might be less careful about cleaning. He might want to explore a puddle if he sees one. Playing on a muddy surface might not be on his list, but getting into one is not out of the question. 

Males are prone to marking everywhere, and you should consider this habit before getting a male. The process of neuter and training can reduce this habit from an early age.

A female Shiba Inu will have her periods that occur a few times a year. These situations can be messy and difficult to deal with.

Aggression in Male and Female 

Prepare yourself for some aggression as both males and females can have this trait, especially when they are not neutered or spayed. Aggression is in the genes of Shiba Inu, and you should not be surprised when you see this trait.

According to a few experienced breeders of Shiba Inu, intact females can be horrible for other female dogs. A female Shiba Inu will try to destroy and kill another female in the family or pack. 

Aggressive behavior does not stop in males as well if they are not neutered. They can show some severe signs of aggression and can be highly protective of their territory. 

It is vital to socialize your Shiba Inu, whether it is a male or female from an early age. You should expose your dog to new challenges and other animals when they are as young as six weeks old. The more early you start socialization, the easier it will be for you in the future. 

Trainability Differences

As mentioned earlier, a male Shiba Inu is a suitable dog for first-time owners. Because of their outgoing personality, they are easier to handle. Male Shiba Inu will be more eager to please you rather than being pleased. 

Training of males is easy as compared to female Shiba Inu. But if you are an experienced owner of dog breeds, then you should not underestimate a female of this dog breed. A female Shiba Inu is a highly intelligent dog and can learn some amazing tricks which might surprise you.

The only problem is the female dog has its own attitude and moods. She might not let you boss her around, and she can try to become more dominant than a male. If you think you can handle this kind of situation, then you are very welcome to own a female Shiba Inu.

Marking and Unwanted Behavior in Male and Female

Peeing and marking is a trait where you can really tell the difference between a male and female Shiba Inu. An unaltered male will make a habit of peeing and marking everywhere in the house.

He might be peeing on some places where the smell will bother you. It is a pretty horrible situation to live in when this trait kicks in.

You will be finding the smell of pee more when you have a male Shiba Inu. A female dog is not going to do the same thing and might stay away from this unwanted behavior. Neuter your male as early as possible to reduce marking traits.

When it comes to destructive behavior and chewing on stuff, male and female both takes the trophy. However, a female can push you over the edge. Make sure you train them accordingly to make your life a little bit easier. 

Physical Differences

We have already mentioned that a male will be taller and heavier than a female. This means a male will require a little bit more amount of daily food. 

Male Shiba Inu comes with a broad face while a female Shiba Inu will have a softer appearance on her face and body. Their faces are quite different, and usually, you can tell the difference between gender straight away.

Typical Behavior in Male and Female Shiba Inu

Female Shiba Inus are highly protective of their personal space, and they might not like it when you try to invade it. Although it is a small-sized dog, it does not make it a lap dog like other breeds out there.

If you are expecting that after a long day your female Shiba Inu will cuddle, then you are living in a dream. There can be some exceptions, but generally, they do not like to be really close.

It is common for a female Shiba Inu to bark or warn you if you try to invade their personal space. Do not be surprised if they do that. A male Shiba Inu can be more suitable if you like to keep your dog near to you. They are more eager to please you and might join you on the sofa. 

If you hear a Shiba screams, you will never forget it. Male and female can be both pretty dramatic when things are not going their way. A little trimming or bathing can make scream like they are in so much pain. Do not panic in this situation and wait until their tantrum subsides. 

A Shiba Inu will test the boundary of screaming when he is 14 weeks old. Be ready for it and remember that females are more of a drama queen than a male.

With Other Dogs

Most of the owners of Shiba Inu wants to bring in another dog from the same breed. It is all good when you bring in the opposite sex of the Shiba Inu. Most dogs will be good unless they are of the same gender. A female Shiba Inu is going to be the boss for sure if you have another dog.

If you have another dog at home, then do not bring a Shiba Inu. This will not end well. Shiba Inu is not good at getting along with other animals.

They can be very aggressive and might fight with other dogs. Always socialize them first then plan to bring in two dogs to your home. Again, make sure that dogs are from the opposite gender.

With Children

Whether it is a male or female, Shiba Inu is not a perfect dog with a family with kids, and you should really give a thought before deciding to bring them in a house with kids. 

If you have children at home, then Shiba Inu might not be the right dog breed for you. A male or female should never be left alone with kids, and you should always keep an eye on them.

They are not very friendly towards the kids, and you should take precautions just to be on the safe side.

You should teach your children how to approach and deal with a Shiba Inu. Make sure that socialization begins at a very early age to reduce the chances of any aggression towards children. 

Health Issues in Male and Female Shiba Inu

Both male and female Shiba Inu are healthy dogs and live a life without any health issues as compared to other dog breeds. However, they both can experience some of the health risks in their lifetime.

Some common health concerns of Shiba Inu for both male and female are:

You can click on the link above to find more information.

You should take care of your dog by providing an ideal environment, whether it is a male or female. Make sure to visit the vet occasionally and do the following test to keep their health in check.

  • Hip 
  • Knee 
  • X-Rays 
  • Physical Examination 
  • Allergy Tests

Who Wins? Male or Female Shiba Inu?

The final answer depends on which gender suits your lifestyle more and who can be easy going for you. Shiba Inu is an intelligent and devoted dog breed, but it has its drawbacks, including signs of aggression and aloofness.

If you are looking for a challenge, then proper training and socialization can make this dog breed a perfect pet dog. 

You will need lots of patience and consistency in training sessions to achieve desired results. Do not panic if things are not going your way. Be patient, and keep your focus.

Be assured that once you see the final results of your hard work on Shiba Inu, you will not turn to other dog breeds.

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